BBL with Dr.Fisher 2017

Ok so I have a review on my breast reduction and...

Ok so I have a review on my breast reduction and lift that i just had done on September 2 of this month and i decided to just write a new review for just my bbl i was trying to combine the reviews but then i just decided to do bbl review by its self. Ok so ive wanted to do this for a while so in doing it my sx date with Dr.Fisher is January 30 2017 paid in full I didnt just make a deposit i paid the whole thing because there was a end of summer special when paid in full so I wired the 5300 a little over a week after my breast reduction . Margaret is my surgical coordinator and shes nice i have been saving every email every txt and i have my wire recipt from the bank because i hear all the stories about vanity and I pray I dont have to go thru any of it.i have a patient portal and I filled out the medical questionaire i already made my appointment with my pcp for medical clearance its for January 13 @8:15 am and i will be getting my labs done at the appointment as well. My plastic surgeon who did my breast reduction and lift here agreed to see my after my bbl if i have any complications once i get back to Pittsburgh my hospital also has a wound center where i will be getting my lymphatic massages hopefully my insurance will cover the massages after my sx. I called them but they said Dr.Fisher or his office would have to call and give them some kind of code before they could see if they would pay for the massages or not. My bbl is in January seems so far way but I know it will come before I know it. Im suoer excited. I am 5'4 and a half and im not as big as I looked since I had breast reduction but now my stomach looks even bigger because my boobs are smaller im not a big person im just fat in all the wrong places.I wasnt always like this I had a beautiful body and was in shape even after I had my daughter who is now 8 she'll be 9 in November .i started to gain started to gain weight when she was 3 and i couldnt get rid of the belly fat or back rolls my arms and legs and thighs stayed nice but the top of my body was getting big and i hated how i look i was very self concious and i still am. I can not wait until this surgery. Well I was orginally gonna go with yily and then i pretty much got quotes from damn near every doctor in the DR I ended up just staying here i felt more comfortable and I didnt want to deal with the language barrier and after the pain I went thru after I woke up in recovery room after breast surgery I couldnt imagine dealing with that pain and someone not being able to understand me and I have terrible asthma and I just thought it would be better for me to stay in the states. But I am excited and I will start buying supplies soon and im going to order bbl pillow I habent booked hotel or got plane ticket but I will do that sometime in October.

Wish pics

I have been looking at big bootys all day everyday online and all i know is I want a round booty and alot of projection but i want it nice and shapely i want Dr. Fisher to Just do what he does best i want my waist snatched no bra rolls or back rolls i want a stripper booty im even thinking about adding chin lipo Margaret said it would be extra 500. But soon when I find the right wish pic I will post it.

My wish pics

Ok so i came across a few wish pics but I know all body types are different and everyone will not look the same but here is a few I really like I want a stripper booty. I hope to be someones wish pic once Dr.Fisher is done with me lol.

Flight booked

Flight is booked Miami here I come.

So Anxious

Everything is takin care of my flight is booked my motel is booked. I am staying at sunnyside motel for 8 days it will cost 646 its two queen beds a kitchenette and a washer and dryer having a washer and dryer is really important so thats why we are staying there it has all the things we need stove fridge and washer and dryer with two beds and free parking. Its like now that everything is booked and surgery is paid in full i just need supplies for my recovery while im there i will get that stuff soon and i get two massages at vanity thats included but im more than likely to book with marian and continue the lymphatic massages when i get home. I did get a boppy pillow already for the plane ride home. I just want January to hurry this is a dream come true Ive always wanted a big ass and a small waist and now im going to get it. I really wish i didnt have to wait till January but I wanted to wait till holidays were over with first because I have a 8 year old daughter and her birthday is next month on the 17th so im planning her birthday party for her and then Thanksgiving is after her birthday and then Christmas. And she has a Halloween party coming up on the 22nd this month so i had to wait to get my surgery until January because of the Holidays and having a kid. I got so much going on right now I am a stay at home mom but Im very busy with my daughter and I have tons of other stuff going on so January was better for me. I have saw Dr.Fisher work on this site and on IG Im happy with my Dr.Fisher being my doctor I am very confident in him but I wonder if there is any facebook groups for Dr.Fisher if so I would like to join. I am 5'4 1/2 and i weigh 179 (last time I checked) my boobs are still very swollen from surgery and Im not sure of the exact size right now but im a 38C but after swelling not sure yet. I will post pics before and after my bbl .

Never flown before

I am a little nervous about flying Ive never been on a plane in my life. I called vanity today but anna in pre op was with another patient so they said she would call me back. I dont want to have a panick attack or something so I wanted to know if I could take xanex or something but with my surgery being the next morning after we get to Miami Im not sure if I can take something for anxiety. I hope all goes well and I wont need to take anything I just have to wait until pre op call. Is there anyone who traveled for surgery and never flown before and if so how did you deal with it did you have a panic attack or anything if you did were you able to take meds?


So vanity gives me a call back from when I called earlier today and then goes on to tell me that Dr.Fisher reviewed my medical questionnaire and I have to also be cleared by my neurologist as well because i had a seizure disorder as a child i have not had a seizure in 9 years without medication my neurologist says I grew out of them but mlI dont have a problem seeing my neurologist but vanity should of told me that before they took my 5300 dollars i paid the whole amount not just deposit So now Im going to make a appointment with my neurologist and have them fax over medical clerance like maybey they should have you fill out medical questionnaire before they take your money thats all im saying.

Appointments scheduled

After talking to vanity pre op yesterday I called and scheduled a pre op appointnent with my neurologist its on January 3rd 2017 for medical clearance I have not seen my neurologist in years I have not had a seizure in 9 almost 10 years I had a mild seizure disorder as a kid but my neurologist says I grew out of them I even drive now he cleared my driving permit years ago thats the last time I saw him.Vanity told me I could see their neurologist but I prefer to see my own because I am doing all my testing here in my home town I want everything done before I get to Miami so I know everything is fine and I dont waste my time. Vanity also told me I could schedule my appointment in December but my surgery with Dr. Fisher is on January 30 so I wanted everything done within that month. My appointment with my pcp is January 13 so all I do know is wait. I am only taking what I need at the motel and plane ride I will take supplieles for recovery but only what I need at the time nothing extra nothing less the scar cream and all that extra stuff can wait until I go home.

Just Waiting.

So I started taking my vitamins and I am not on birth controll because I was on depo and it made my breast grow and they wouldnt stop growing and I had a lot of bad side effects from depo and Im 2 months post op from my breast reduction and I refuse to get back on depo so i figured after my bbl I will discuss birth controll with my doctor I have 1 kid she will be 9 this month and i already started my plastic surgery journey so I dont want any more kids so Im thinking about getting my tubes tied because I really dont want no more kids and im fixing my body.

So yesterday I went shopping for something to wear on Thanksgiving I am going out of town to visit family this year. I hate shopping its really depressing to me because how I am shaped I have nice arms legs and thighs and breast but my ass is flat and stomach is huge and I hate it and It takes forever to find something because I have to look right and not sloppy it needs to fit well I need to feel confident and I need to cover up and cover my flaws.It was even worse before I had my breast reduction and lift but now i have small boobs and big stomach so that sucks too. I really just cant wait until Jan 30 I have 85 days to go. Time is flying but not fast enough I wish I took a earlier date but I wanted to be ok for the holidays and plus I have to much going on right now but January will be here before I know it it feels like yesterday that I paid for my sx but its been 2months so that went fast.So now Im just waiting and hoping my sx day hurrys the hell up.

All set

Today I spoke with Ana from Eres formerly Vanity cosmetics. They changed their name for some reason so they are no longer Vanity but Eres. She was very helpful and super nice she answered all my questions I was worried about sitting on the plane ride back dont want to mess my but up and I asked about the massages like how many will I need she said 5 but my package covers only covers 2 so I just need 3 more whether its from them or marian I just know I need 3 more. Dr. Fisher now drug screens his patients which is fine with me but you have to pay $50 and they have to do it I asked if I could get it done at my pcp and my insurance would pay for it but Ana said no it has to be done there. I have 78 more days to go and my sx is all I think about its a dream come true Im very happy.I am doing this surgery for no one but myself not my man or anyone but myself I am a very attractive women and I need a bangin body to fit my face and personality. After child birth my body changed but not even right away slowly but surely it did. My breast got even larger but firm but saggy but they were full but I got them fixed so now im focusing on my bbl I never had a ass but I had small waist flat tummy and im getting that back but I get to get a ass too. I remember when I didnt even have enough fat for this procedure at one time. I plan to get the body of my dreams and after my bbl Im going to get my tummy tuck. Last January that passed I had my bunion removed at toes straightened out my foot still dont feel normal that was a tough recovery but I still have to get my other foot done and I will probably before the tummy tuck not sure its just I dont feel like going thru that again but I have to get it done I cant be walking aroing with 1 cute fixed foot and 1ugly foot with a bunion lol. So im going to take care of it just taking a break and fixing other stuff first. Also I forgot to mention Dr Fisher recomends the cell saver its a extra 500 when you get lipo you lose blood and its when they clean your blood and put itbback in you so yiu dont need a transfusion. Its your own blood being cleaned and put back in you but I dont have blood issues anf Im only 29 I dont think Im at risk so I wont be getting it I know there are risk but Im not concerned and Im not paying 500 for something I dont think I will need. i will be posting pics of my body before my bbl and after.

Massage help please....

Does anyone know a masseuse in Miami that will come to my hotel room and if so who and what is their info please I would greatly appreciate it because I rather someone come to me then have to travel to the clinic or somewhere to get them.

Weight loss

So i had resent pictures to the pre op department because I had a breast reduction and lift and ana tell me that Dr Fisher says to try to lose just a little weight before my surgery because I have too mach internal fat in my stomach and to get the best results I should lose some weight im not a big woman l just have stuborn belly fat. Well it would be nict to know all of this in the begining before I paid in full. Dr.Fisher says I have time to lose the weight but he didnt say how much to try to lose ana says he wasnt specific. So I called vanity/Eres and spoke with ana because had more questions because the weight is in my stomach and I plan to get a tummy tuck a few months to 1 year after this bbl so she said she asked Dr Fisher and then she would email me. I am giing to try to lose at least 10 to 15 pounds so today i will look up meal plans and even make a appt with a nutritionist so wish me luck ladies

No nutritionist needed.

After i spoke to vanity and updated my review I did call my doctors office and spoke with her nurse and i actually was just there 3 weeks ago and my doctor says i dont need to see a nutrionist i just need to portion control and cut out sweets and sodas i have to try first. And dr fisher wasnts me to lose 10-15 pounds nothing major so I can do it I have until jan 30. My pcp mentioned the Mediterranean diet but i think I may do the military diet also my brother was in army so he said he would give me a good meal plan also. I am starting this diet the day after thanksgiving i will do portion control starting tomorrow i will keep you updated and post pics.

72 days left

Yesterday Eres called me asking me to do a google review I did even tho I didnt have sx yet but it was based on customer service which has been good no long wait periods questions are being answered i havent had any problems like some of the reviews I read and I hope I dont.
My massages are booked with Mrs. Laura she works with jocelyn she will be coming to my hotel room i only need her for 3 days because I get 2 massages at vanity so thats 5 massages while I am there. And I will continue at home. I went to school for massage therapy myself and I have a friend who i went to massage school with we been friends for 9 years and she said she would do them when I get home if I need her too so thats good.
I also talked to pre op again because I was worried that if I didnt lose the 10-15 pounds would Dr Fisher reject me because my plane tickets are paid for my sx paid for hotel is booked and should I switch doctors because i need to be ther on the 30th of january. She put me on hold and spoke with her manager she said Dr Fisher is not rejecting my case at all he just suggested i lose some weight but she mentionef I am getting a tummy tuck late 2017 or early 2018 to him i am not big all around just my stomach i have alot of internal fat. But i started dribking detox water yesterday lemons cucumber water no soda no juice.


I have 69 days left Im going to take a break from looking at my portal I just really hope January hurry the hell up Im so ready for this this surgery its all I think about it. I feel disgusting like im tired of hiding my body and feeling ashame of this flat ass and gut. I just want to feel confident.

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I had a Doctors appointment and I was weighed I weight 187.5 and I am 5'4 1/2 I was 189 3 weeks ago so Im making a little progress I am losing at least 10 pounds before my bbl on January 30 but if I can lose more great but I am aiming for 10 pounds. I stopped drinking soda pop and juices koolaids just drinking water or lemon cucumber water and im eating smaller portions but I want to try military diet and see if it really works.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving dolls I am thankful for my family and friends and I am Thankful for this site as well because I would be lost without it in my bbl journey. I have to becareful I dont gain 10 pounds with the upcoming holidays and dinners and baking cookies and pies and ginger bread houses but I will manage because this is so important to me and I want the best results I can get so I dont have a choice but to eat small portions and no alcohol or sodas or sweets. But Happy thanksgoving dolls and I will update soon with before pictures only 68 days to go.

Facebook group

Happy Thanksgiving dolls. Does anyone know how I can get added to a group for fisher dolls if so please let me know if you know of any or can add me.thanks

Change of plans

The plane tickets are already purchased but I need to take my now ex off the ticket because i broke uo with him and dont want him to come with me the plane tickets are non refundable and non transferable what a waste but its cool my cousin said she can come and i have a friend who can come so im not worried if I have to buy another ticket so be it o well I did call a few recovery houses i called Keyla recovery house and I called dolls getaway also so i will make a decision on if im going to buy another plane ticket or just stay in a recovery house i just dont got time for his shit im so over it and i deserve way better new year new body new man.

Cell saver

I spoke with margaret today and I decided to get cell saver im terrified of having to get blood transfusion and i dont want to end up in hospital because they will put you on your butt so i thoughy about t it and cell saver it is also im adding chin lipo and jowl lipo margaret my coordinator will be sending me before and after pictured of chin and jowl lipo done by dr fisher. And aIm not staying in recovery house after all ill be taking a loved with me so i will be ok but I have a nurses number on hand if we need her to come to hotel room. 61 days left yall.

Round booty or upside down heart?

Its getting closer to my sx date and now Im thinking about what shape to get round or upside down heart I want a nice big booty and alot of projection so im not sure I will adk doctor fisher what he suggest I want whats going to go right with my body frame. What do you ladies think?

Recovery house it is

I decided to stay in a recovery house its just too much I have friends and family that say they will come with me but I decided to stay at a recovery house because I rather just stay somewhere will be better taken care of oyher numerous reasons.
I will be staying at Claudias recovery house I booked with her she required no deposit down all I had to do was give her the time that I arrive in miami so I can be picked up from airport .Well here are the pics she aent me of her recovery house she takes 4 to 6 girls at a time but it depends on the day . claudia 305 496 5110

Day 1

Today is my first day starting the military diet I alread lost a few pounds without being on but I still want to do it so I can lose more im picky but thet have substitutes for some foods on the plan wish me luck.
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