BBL with DR VALLS - Miami, FL

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So I decided to give back to real self and show my...

So I decided to give back to real self and show my results. Also DR valls is not mentioned much on real self, so I'll share my experience.
I've already booked my surgery for 8/11/16, I'm so nervous. I have to take a plane back to my home town ( 4 hr plane ride with lay over) five days after surgery and I'm hoping I'll be ok because I'm also taking my new baby with me. My sister will care for her while I'm in surgery and help me till she goes back witch is a day before me.

Dr valls before and after pics

Due to request more before and after valls

Go my bbl pillow for the flight back

Got the inflatable curve cure chair. I chose it because it has a supportive back and supposedly doesn't touch your butt. I couldn't get it online ( it was sold out) so I luckily got it on eBay . It's suppose to be here Thursday so I'll let you know how it feels .

Tomorrow seeing dr valls for review

I'm so scared!!!! Tomorrow is the day before surgery. Going to vanity to se dr valls and get an idea of what we are doing. I'm nervous and excited. Nervous because I love all my kids and I just had a three month old baby that needs me, so hope nothing happens to me. Excited because I can't wait to have my dream body again....
Wow so many emotions !!!!

Tomorrow is the day and I'm nervous!

So I go in at 5pm, completely sux!!!!
I just want this over with. Please dolls pray for me tomorrow to return to my kids. I hope the anesthesia doesn't kick my ass.
Go the garments , foam and board.
Emotions going crazy

Had surgery last night

I will start off saying that everyone's experience is different. I felt like they rushed me out but in all reality, I don't know how long I was there. The pain was unbearable, almost put me to tears and I can't take pain. It felt like ( FOR ME) like someone stabbed me up. Also I got Vicodin and antibiotic. Make sure you try to get them filled before surgery because I'm Miami I had to go to three different pharmacies and none had them, and their not allowed to call and find out which pharmacy has them in stock. After surgery in really bad pain, we went to a 24 hr Walgreens and got them..... Thank GOD! And I'm someone that never takes pain meds unless dying. I still have a bottle of Percs at my house from when I gave birth. The Vicodin took the edge off. I'm feeling better but bleed through three huge bed protectors, and my whole garmet is socked. Still having trouble walking. Dr valls asked me to put new clothes on and not take a shower till he can evaluate me.
Pros..... My ass and hips look very round! He had told me that I didn't have a lot of fat but he would do the best he could, so can't wait to see it without the garmet. But with the garmet WOW!

Dr valls found fat lol

Very sore but getting better

3 days after

I'm still not up to travel so I'm extending my hotel stay for another 5 days. I have a baby so, I need to be able to travel with her. I had no idea, I'd be in this kind of pain. But I'm getting better and stronger everyday .

Update 8 days post

Well I definitely have cures, ass and small waist. Dr valls did a really good job. 2 days ago I had the drain pulled out, very weird feeling. It burned a little and was sore coming out but definitely tolerable. Leaving tomorrow 9 days after surgery and I'm terrified how I'm going to handle sitting. It is so painful to sit and I have the bbl pillow and I've tried a Bobby pillow and a rolled up towell. I'm going to take some options with me and see which is the best and hopefully I'll be able to with stand it for two hour flight , one hour layover and 2 hour flight. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears

2 weeks after

It's 2 weeks after surgery, I've been sitting on a Bobby pillow and on a special bbl pillow on my sofa. Haven't seen a huge decrease in fat cells but can't wait till the swelling is completely gone. I personally would prefers less ass lol
Still very sore and dissolvable stitches still there. Swelling has gone down a lot from my stomach but still some left. I've been not wearing the garment at night during bed and then wearing it all day.

Months latter

Real 4-5 month

Miami Physician

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