BBL with Dr. Calva - Miami, FL

So I'm scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Arnaldo Valls...

So I'm scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Arnaldo Valls at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami on October 19... I'm suuuper nervous and can't believe it's only a few week away!

A little background on me.. I'm 25 years old, 5' 7" 168 lbs. I've never really been ashamed of my body and actually have been pretty proud of it. I'm not really overweight- except for the fact that I gained some weight for this surgery to ensure that I get the booty size that I want- but I always felt that I could use more booty.. and a smaller waist wouldn't hurt :)

I'll be posting before pics soon and will make sure to keep you guys posted...

My only purchases so far...

Post op update

The pain is unreal guys. This is not something I mentally prepped, like I'm still unable to walk without pain or feeling like I'm going to black out..

Anywho, like I mentioned in an earlier comment, I ended up having my surgery done by Dr. Calva instead of Dr. Valls due to him not being comfortable about me being on birth control pills- btw no one had to told me to stop taking it. Anyways the office manager offered me Dr. Calva for just $500 more and I'm so glad I went with him. He was very clear about what plan he had for my body and from what I can see, he delivered! Although I have yet to take off my faja.

Keylas recovery has been a LIFESAVER. Like seriously guys I don't know what I would've done without her, she is the sweetest thing ever and I highly recommend her. The other girls that are staying here too have been super helpful and kind.

2 days post op

Plantation Physician

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