PICS! BBL with Dr. Miami (Michael Salzhauer). Getting Rid of This Belly, Back, Waist, Arms, and Hump Back! Miami, FL

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I have been on this site for years searching for...

I have been on this site for years searching for the right location and surgeon and debating if I could even do this or not. Just a backstory - I am in my early 20s and since I was young I have never been happy with my body, weight, or shape. Over the years I have been ridiculed and made fun of and it has led to me becoming very insecure even as an adult. I am married with no kids but am still ashamed of the way that I look even though my husband is fine with it. I have been wanting to get a BBL since I heard of it because I am tired of the way I feel about myself. SO! With the sob story aside, I have finally found the courage to have the surgery and stop making excuses! I recently got a new job and it is very hard and very stressful. On top of that, I just recently bought a house and got married. I have been having a hard time figuring out how I will take 2 full weeks off from work since the job that I am at does not have sick days or paid time off soooooo I am praying that I can take off the 2 weeks without losing my job. I am debating when I should put in my request.... I have over a year to go so the sooner the better maybe? I hope so. Since I just got my foot in the door I will wait a few months to mention it... at least until after my probationary period is over! LOL. Anyway---- to the good stuff! I have chosen to have my surgery done by Dr. Salzhauer, aka - Dr. Miami - the plastic surgeon that makes people feel better about themselves that we watch snapchat his way through .... everyday! *Side note- love him!* I went to Miami and got a free consultation with him. He said that I would be a good candidate and that I already had a "good" butt, really nice skin, and a good waist (after he got rid of my back rolls of course! HAHA, I literally almost died when he said that! LOL. Exactly what I was thinking!) I am 5'2 165-170 lbs (seriously, thats a lot of weight since I'm so short!) so I asked how much weight I should lose and he said that he wanted all of the fat so not to lose more than 5-10 lbs if any at all.... of course, I feel like I want to lose ALOT more than that! SOOOOO we shall see! I trust him, but I don't want to be wide, short, and stubby. This is the biggest I have ever been and I'm just not comfortable staying at this weight especially for another year and some months soooooo Dr. Miami will just have to find some fat at a lower weight. I believe in him, I know he can do it. lol. So after a few months after my consultation I decided that even though I have bills and credit card debt (YIKES!) I can't keep putting this off if this is something that I really really want! I just got this new job so I went from making NOTHING (I was in school) to a nice chunk of change to where I've worked it all out so that I will have everything paid off (hopefully by the end of this year- credit card debt included. SO! I put my $1000 down and got my date after emailing Monica (the coordinator) back and forth about dates. So my date is 6/16/17, yay! It's a #FatBootyFriday.... how awesome is that?! I needed it to be on a Friday for the sake of my taking off for my job. For my BBL, it is costing me $7745 for lipo of my abdomen, flanks, and full back. I added another $1000 for my arms (they are huge and he said it before I even could--- he keeps it real ladies! But in a kind way of course!) and I will be adding another $1000 for my "buffalo hump" that I forgot to ask him about but I saw on snapchat that he does those so I'm going to call and add that later on if I don't get rid of it before then.... that's another story for another day though---- sigh. I am bringing my husband with me for the two weeks in Miami, we are flying there. I am still looking for a place to stay. I would prefer a hotel only because I like the fact that someone can come and clean your room and change your linens when you need them to, which would be one less stress on my husband. Then again, I would need to make sure that the hotel had a washer and dryer and a fridge/stove?.... maybe it would be best if I rent a condo? I need you ladies' help! Especially if you have had surgery with Dr. Miami! I want somewhere with a very short drive to the office, but overlooking the beach would be nice (for my husband's sanity) even though I will probably be in bed allllll of the time! He will be working with his computer during our stay and he would enjoy the view so I'd really like to rent somewhere with an oceanview front if possible. Any suggestions? In addition, they told me I would need to at least stay 10 days... Anyone out there that has recently gotten their surgery done with Dr. Miami that didn't stay as long? I'm sure I can swing an extra $200/night if I absolutely have to, but there is no place like home especially when you are in pain! :( Speaking of pain - -- I am the WORST. I have no tolerance for pain so I already know this is going to be a LONGGG journey for me. I'm also bad about taking medication - lose-lose situation, I know. I will be updating pictures soon *YUCK* but I am having to work the next few days and I have to edit some tattoos out first. lol. I would love for anyone with any information they would like to share to please do so! If not, I will be stalking all my Miami dolls shortly haha. Good luck to everyone on their journeys!


Ughh.... my husband wants a child... I do too, I won't lie, but I don't know when I should plan for one. Should I try to have one before my surgery next summer or wait until after and mess up my results? :( I don't know what to do. If I wait, my results will end up being undone. If I do so now, will I make the BMI cutoff??? I'm scared of gaining a ton of weight and not being able to lose enough to have surgery next year. I guess it's all in God's timing right? I've been off of BC for almost 6 months now and nothing --- because at that time, I figured I would have time to have a child, and lose the baby weight that I put on... but now if I do happen to get pregnant in the next few months, let's say April - I would have the baby in January and only have Feb-May to lose whatever weight to get back down. On top of that, I'm not in the best shape now (AT ALL) and I don't work out and I've heard that you should never start a new workout regimen while pregnant so what on earth could I do to stay healthy. So much on my mind lately. I'm not giving up though on this surgery. I deserve to feel happy about myself and my body.

Feb 2016 pics ????

Current pics. Tried to blur out tattoos, nipples, and background. Lol. Definitely wanting to lose like 25 lbs before surgery! He said 5-10 max but these photos are disturbing ???? lol my measurements are bust 35.5 waist 35 hips 44. Wanting to go down in the waist like 8-10 inches lolllll that would be lovely! Haha.

NOT wish pics?

Anyone have any "NOT" wish pics? I'm wondering if I can show Dr. Miami these photos of some girls that have similar shapes to mine that came out looking a shape that I absolutely do NOT want!!! I wish I could find like 10 people that he has done with shapes like mine... I need to do some more research, it's just hard to find me being so short!

Sooo sad! :(

Dr. Miami's office called today saying there was a cancellation for NEXT MONTH and asked did I want dibs... But of course, I'm now pregnant *sigh* I would have jumped at the opportunity otherwise!!! ???????? I'm so ready for next year its ridiculous. Come on 2017!!!!!! Ladies if youre looking for a late June appointment call Monica asap, she may be able to still fit you in!

More photo edits!

Sooo feeling extra pregnant but still cant stop thinking about next June!!!! So ready to get my body back and more! Decided to take some photos I took a while back and edit them as "wish pics". Obviously they arent perfect and you cant lipo on them lol but I would love you guys' opinions on if you think dr salz will be able to do this or if im "reaching" lol

After baby body pre surgery of course

Just an updated pic. Same weight as before pics but this is post baby. Ugh.

Changing my mind?

Oh Dr. Blinski!!! Whyyyyyy!!! I want to change so bad, should I do it guys?? Helppppp!

Dr. Miami it is!

So, yesterday I posted about thinking about switching to blinski! .... that was short lived! Spoke with him... he's very arrogant which I realize many doctors are but he let his arrogance in the way of directly answering my question.... I need to be able to fully communicate with my doctor having my questions fully answered... I don't need someone to beat around the bush. So I'm just going to take it as a sign and stick with dr. Miami and pray for the best. I've really only seen a few dolls who didn't turn out so great but their body types (well, one person in particular) were close to mine so it had me worried. Ughhhh. Idk. But I do know I am NOT going to Blinski! Wish I had it in me to blast him but I just don't have that type of character. Gonna continue to look up dr Miami dolls to try and get some good ones to make myself feel better ????.

Thinking of switching to dr Alvarez!

Pretty consistent booties with only a 3500 price tag... it's looking nice his way.... thoughts??

I have only had a consultation with him thus far, but he seems very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. He is very professional and opens up to the world everyday on snapchat. You can't get much better than that.

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