BBL Dr. Llorente Jan 2017, 37yrs, 210lbs, 3kids - Miami, FL

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I've though about Lipo and now a bbl is a plus. I...

I've though about Lipo and now a bbl is a plus. I see this journey as 3 stages. 1st getting close to my ideal weight and being my strongest for this procedure and the recovery, 2nd the procedure & 3rd the recovery. Let's get the party started I need a new life. I still can't believe I'm doing this!

-20lbs b4 sx

4 weeks at the gym, good eating and some running. 8lbs gone 20 more to go or at least 15. I understand the 4Lfat removal limit and want to get the most fat out of my 360, right now my stomach alone will give 4 litres.

fat burners???

5lbs just won't leave me alone. Just keeps coming back.

Hope everyone is ok.

I wouldn't want to be at a RH and have to evacuate at this time in FL. Really hope all the dolls that had sx in FL this week are fine.

Negative Weight loss

The last 6 weeks has been awful, I lost 8 lbs and then gained 12 lbs. This is so frustrating, 8 weeks to go gonna try again, yes .. even through the Holidays. Starting my supplements this week to do my blood work in 4 weeks. Iron tonic, Folic Acid & Vitamin C. Whats a substitute for HEMAPLEX?

Starting supplements 62 days until..

I was so happy to find Hema-Plex instore, don't see why I need a iron tonic, folic acid and vit-C... this huge tablet has it all. But I got them all starting them today.

-ve weight loss :(

Some days I'm excited some days I think twice about sx. The past few weeks have been very busy and stressful, I've put on wiegth and even more frustrated. Today was a think twice day, then I got an email from my surgical coordinator... 5 weeks to go, this is getting real. Btw... Happy Holidays everyone.????????????

surgery ready

I have been mia for a while, just busy with year end and new year work, kids.. haven't been able to train as plan. I tripled up on supplements a month b4 blood work. Blood work was good with hemo of 13.2 I stopped all fat burners only my supplements, I am at 200lbs i stared a lchf diet 6 weeks ago but the weight loss was slow, i feel alot better though, well my Sx is on Tuesday. So I'll see Miami on Monday.

Haven't met him yet. He seems very straightforward, serious and focused. No frills. I appreciate that!

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