BBL Dr. Llorente Jan 2017, 37yrs, 210lbs, 3kids - Miami, FL

I've though about Lipo and now a bbl is a plus. I...

I've though about Lipo and now a bbl is a plus. I see this journey as 3 stages. 1st getting close to my ideal weight and being my strongest for this procedure and the recovery, 2nd the procedure & 3rd the recovery. Let's get the party started I need a new life. I still can't believe I'm doing this!

-20lbs b4 sx

4 weeks at the gym, good eating and some running. 8lbs gone 20 more to go or at least 15. I understand the 4Lfat removal limit and want to get the most fat out of my 360, right now my stomach alone will give 4 litres.

fat burners???

5lbs just won't leave me alone. Just keeps coming back.

Hope everyone is ok.

I wouldn't want to be at a RH and have to evacuate at this time in FL. Really hope all the dolls that had sx in FL this week are fine.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met him yet. He seems very straightforward, serious and focused. No frills. I appreciate that!

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