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This is my new review since I changed surgeon. My...

This is my new review since I changed surgeon. My original plan was to go to DR but my family got all cray-cray one month before ( my husband told them) so after a family intervention, I was left to find a surgeon in the USA. I was so upset because I spent over a year doing my research and the thought of staring all over was upsetting because I wanted to do it this summer. I did my research on this amazing site along IG I was able to find few doctors that my husband did approve : Dr Hanabergh, and Dr Llorente. I was so excited to see that they had a package for out of town folks that would include recovery house.
After reviewing reviews and his IG I chose to send a inquiry to Dr Llorente at New Life Plastic office follow by my husband who wanted the make sure that I was going to be safe. To my husband , his big issue was that I was going alone so when looking for plastic surgeon the after care or recovery house was as important as the surgeon itself. After sending my pictures with what procedures I was wanted done, I was contacted by a wonderful coordinator named Elina. She was so awesome to call my husband as well .The only set back was that Elina informed that Dr Llorente doesn't do BBL and BL at the same time so it was a bit of a compromise because my heat was set to have my breast done at the same time. But I guess I understand his reason. Any who, my husband paid the $500 deposit and I got my day set for July 19th. All this happened in May so I have 2 months to get ready: got my 2 weeks vacation at work approved and I also got my ticket.
As the time approach, things got a bit bumpy. 3 weeks before my dates my surgical assistant quit but Elina as a superhero coordinator took care of everything. I was so nervous because I hear so many stories about clinics in Miami that your deposit and they don't return your calls. But this was not the case!! My coordinator Elina texed me and my husband lol! almost everyday to make sure that everything was in check. In fact, right after Elina got my hemo results (which was 11.2) called me to let me know and advised me to take floridex and iron and to get retest in one week. As you can imagine I was devastated with this bad news almost 2 weeks before my date!! I can't thank enough Elina for her support!!! After taking the supplements for almost one week, my hemo is 12.6 yay!! I cried! I know that everything happens for a reason but I had my heart set to do it this summer since I had to gained 15 pounds to have enough fat for the graft! Ugh!!
I am packing now as I am writing this review. I can't wait!!

I made it to Miami early

My fight was early this morning. I couldn't sleep at all. I left home at 6 am and i arrived to Miami airport at 9 ish and Anita's daughter was there waiting for me to take me to the clinic. I am glad that I made it there early to the clinic because like Elina warmed they are busy. But I didn't have to wait long before Jennifer took care of my pre-op pictures and consent forms. Shortly after I met with Dr. Llorente at one of his rooms for a evaluation. Like others mention before about dr Llorente, he is not one to over promise you something that is unrealistic. He is polite and strait forward. I told him what I wanted and he listened follow by a detailed and smart remarks that made me feel at ease: I know that I am in good hands! Right after his evaluation I went to take care my balance and I was taken to the recovery house around 12ish. I can't not tell how excited and nervous I am. Surgery is tomorrow at 10; God is good!!


After not sleeping I went to surgery at 10. Right now still in some pain so later I will detail my journey.

My first massage

I went today to do my first massage that was included in my package. Omg!! I thought I died!! It hurst so mad eve though Ariana was wonderful I count not help to get dizzy. The pain meds are making me nauseous so I need to stop it, only Tylenol. I hope tomorrow will be better! Ugh!

Second day- have massage at 10!!

I haven't been able to take my pain medicine because it make sick so am taking Tylenol:-(. Ladies get a big bottle of Tylenol and Tylenolpm because seeping is not a easy.
This was my breakfast, they are amazing!

Third massage

In my way to the clinic , hopefully I don't faint! I have the lipo board and the two boards one on the side along foam on back.

I survived my massage!!

The pain wasn't as bad as yesterday. Ariana the massage therapist is so awesome!

I couldn't sleep

Even thou is getting less sore my back is killing me not to mention my neck. I try so many yoga positions at 3 am on my bed to relive my back but it's useless. Another must thing to have for BBL is a selfie stick!! The stragglers to take a butty pic is serious


I hope it comes down soon because I feel is too high up and big

Shower time????????????????

Omg who knew that a shower could be sooooo good!! Well after 4 days of no shower today Ana gave a bath! I felt like a baby. She help me to get my garment off and gave a nice gentle bath. I am so lucky to be here because I feel I am in good hands


So I had my BBL last Tuesday and I have used the bathroom . Even though I wish to use the bathroom but I am afraid to take something. How are you supposed to do #2 with this faja? Take off? How do you sit? Ugh

Sleeping is soooo uncomfortable

Sleeping on your stomach like a mommie is hard: your neck hearts and your back hurts too. After they put my lipo board and the back foam sleeping is so uncomfortable I am not able to sleep more than 3 hours straight given that I Tylenolpm ( hope my liver survive this) yesterday I laid on the couch and I felt in love so I spend the night there and I slept so much better!!!

Post- massages

I reached out to this lady to do my post massages and she offers this $600. But a Colombian friend recommended this Colombian lady that only does massages by hand and brains for $250 for 10 sessions. I don't know what to do!????????

I am glad that my butt is going down! Yay!!

Day six! Ready to go home tomorrow

After many sleepless and uncomfortable nights, last night was better. Some told me to use a pillow on my belly and place my hands under my thighs so my arms don't get numb. Also, since I can't take my Percocet because it makes me sick I am taking one Tylenol pm 500mg and one regular 500 mg before I go to sleep so am able to sleep for 4 hrs ! Yay!

Getting ready to see dr Llorente for post op and final massage

Going back home????

As I leave today, I wish to take a minute to reflect upon this unforgettable journey: life is about making bridges, connections with another human being in order to find spiritual enlightenment. I, for one believe that everything happens for a reason. I want to give thanks to my massage therapist, Arianda also my coordinator Elena at New Life who were extraordinary amazing. I am so grateful that everyone in the clinic was beyond kind to me. Going throw this away from my loves one was hard but Anita was like a sister to me: I never felt like a patient but like family. Her care can't be pay with money because it comes from her heart. And lastly, I want to give a special thanks to everyone on Realself and IG who were kind to help, in particular Llorente_kendoll who was an amazing bbl roommate; I am so humble to have your friendship!!

The best $ I spent by upgrading to business class

My butt and I made ok! Yay!

Why no one told me this?



I had my third massage today

I had my third massage today and still draining on the right side . I don't know why the rider 10 minutes I always get dizzy and I feel that I am going to faint. It's not that painful but still feels swollen and sensitive. I guess it's getting better

Fourth massage m, still draining

Fourth massage


Still swollen

6th massage; almost 2 weeks post op

I had my faja tailor since is getting lose. She charged me $15 :--)!! Yay! I have to wash the other one and get it fix too. Tomorrow back to work;-(

Pictures update

17 days!:-) still swollen and sensitive but most of my bruises are gone

My 8th massage

9th massage

I had to wash my faja so I had to wear this

Before picture and now

I stopped exercising to gain weigh for my BBL 6 months before. I was 147 pounds still watering size 6 but when I gain weigh I get ugh!!


Less swelling ! Yay

Essential for sx

Almost 4 weeks!! Yay

Another must for bbl

4 weeks post op and 2 weeks to go yay!!

Ultrasound massage


Got new faja it's so comfortable

Taking sexy pictures for my husband

I order this lateral lipo boards

On my bbl package from new life clinic they included all the boards which is great but they get soil as you drain nonstop for days so I highly recommend to buy this one while you wash the other ones.



Calendula cream

6 weeks post op

My massage lady is the best!!

She is 30 minutes away from me but she amazing. She really cares about her patients

How to make a triangle for your back using the foam

This is the best to help with swelling even thou it's a pain,literally

I am 7 weeks

8 weeks ! Yay

9 weeks

I love how my body looks sideways

Dr llorente at new Life Plastic center

I need to take a moment to speak regarding my surgeon Dr. Llorente. As someone who did a lot search when I was seeking a surgeon there are two things that mattered to me: did he have any death? Is he board certified? Then, of course money comes third because a botched surgery can scar you forever not only physically but emotionally. I was planning to go to DR but my family opposed it and, now looking back, I am glad. So I did a lot search in the states, and I followed on IG a few surgeons like dr Llorente. I hear a lot stories on Realself of how many ladies give their deposit and the coordinator get lost so I was very wary about this clinic. I am glad that I found New Life ; Elena my coordinator was God send, she was always available before and post sx. As far as Dr Llorente, he is a perfectionist. Nothing in life man made is 100% perfect but I felt that he is smart and ethical who doesn't sugarcoat his treatment plan to please unrealistic expectations so I felt that he was the right surgeon for me. When I chose dr llorente,a few ladies brought up the fact that dr Llorente has some personal legal issues back in 2013 for which he was cleared since. My personal opinion: I don't care about his personal issues but about his professional career. His education speaks volume about career: certified board surgeon without any fatality or negligence . However, when you google his name and an article news shows up regarding a lady who died last May on a clinic called "Encore" for which dr Llorente previous worked. I questioned it because he not longer works there so it makes no sense. In fact the article doesn't name dr llorente as the dr who operated on this young woman but wrongly name the doctors who provided surgical services at this clinic. As his patient, I couldn't be happier about my results ( some days my butt is too big others it's right ;-) healing is a bipolar journey at times) so I plan to do my boobs next year.So ladies , do your research and got with your gut! And ask questions

New faja

Love my curves

Sometimes I feel my butt is too big

Sunday laundry outfit? ;-)


New waist trainer

I am still sore and I have to wear my faja during the day to avoid swelling

Still strangler to find the right faja

I love how I look on this dress

Christmas party

I still wear my faja!

I love my small waist!!26" ;-)

Seven months already?

Love Eva Mendez collection

My waist is smaller , love it

Waist trainer

Waist training! It's my worse enemy

Waist training on top of my faja is hard but it's has helped me shape more. I still wear my faja 6 days at week while work ( 10 hours at day)

After a few months reaching out to dr Llorente to fix my stomach, I feel that I am wasting my time

After 8 months post and over 2k down the drain trying to fix my stomach, the only solution is to do more lipo to fix it or a tt. As you can see on pictures, my stomach is uneven because fat was left and it created scar tissue. I told my coordinator but she told me to give time.i did. I did everything from ultrasound cavitation, I lipo, and nothing works. Not to mention how good I am with my faja. I am jealous when I see other ladies with nice stomach and I can't show mine to my husband because it looks horrible. After weeks reaching out my coordinator, I felt that I was getting the run around. See, mime husband wanted me to stay in the USA because if something happened the surgeon could be responsible but that was a naive thinking. After following a lot ladies in IG I noticed that I am not only one dr Llorente patient unhappy and dealing with this issue. Once they have your money, they don't really care about your results. I will start a new search for someone that can fix this mess and do my BL too.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Like others mention before about dr Llorente, he is not one to over promise you something that is unrealistic. He is polite and strait forward. I told him what I wanted and he listened follow by a detailed and smart remarks that made me feel at ease: I know that I am in good hands!

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