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Hello Realself! I've been constantly on here...

Hello Realself! I've been constantly on here almost everyday looking at the gorgeous bodies their doctors have created. I almost didn't make this page but I'm finding it hard to talk to people about my upcoming procedure because they aren't very supportive. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been thinking of having a bbl for a while now (years!). Last year (April) I was going to go to Strax in Ft. Lauderdale. I did my blood work, took the time off of work and all. To my surprise, a week before the surgery I decided to take an at home pregnancy test because I didn't get my period in a couple of months. I just thought I was nervous for the surgery and that's the reason it didn't come on but to my surprise I was pregnant. Fast forward to now. My beautiful, healthy daughter is a bundle of joy and just 3 months old. Having her has not stopped my dreams from having the body that I want and know I can have. In fact, it's only made me want it more. I've always had love handles but since the baby it's become really bad in my opinion. I had been so used to wearing sweat pants when I was pregnant that I never noticed how bad my body was until I tried a tight dress on. On top of having love handles, I have no hips and dents in my non existent butt lol. (I'm 5'8 150 lbs.) So obviously I got my money back from Strax last year but was thinking about going back to them so I made a consultation. On my way home from picking my daughter up from the sitters, I noticed a billboard for vanity saying that they had a special on the bbl for $3000. I immediately called and spoke with Jessica who informed me the price would be $3500 with Dr. Hasan for lipo on the full stomach, love handles and waist. She recommended him because of my body type and told me to check SHAY08 and her profile to see her results. Jessica believed our body types to be similar but I don't see it. Shay08 actually has hips and a nice shape to begin with; I'm starting from scratch. Based on her profile and some other pictures I seen of his work I decided to go with him. And the price wasn't bad either lol. I'm a single mother and I'm the only one that supports my daughter as well as myself so i try to save as much as possible. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Hasan after paying a deposit. Jessica was extremely warm and sweet and assured me thAt she would be in the office when I came in for my consult. Of course when I showed up she wasn't there lol but it didn't matter to me because Sheila was there and supposedly they work together. Everyone there was pretty nice; the only thing I didn't like was that I was there at 9am and didn't actually see the doctor until 12:15. The office was hella nice though but it bothers me that not everyone in there speaks English (idk its a pet peeve of mine--we live in AMERICA ijs). Anyways, when I got into the room with the doctor, he wasn't the friendliest person. He didn't shake my hand or even ask me to Sit down. He went right into asking me to put my pants down to examine me. Now, I'm sure he's a nice person etc but I do believe it's not what you say it's how you say things. Mind you, I just gave birth to my baby 3 months ago. He went on to say I didn't drink enough water when I was preggo and my skin was horrible. I appreciated the honesty but do believe he could of been nicer with how he talked with me. But whatever, I'm a big girl so I didn't get upset. He gave me realistic expectations and suggested I get the TT instead of the bbl. I didn't want a TT because I'm only 24 and although I'm not having more kids anytime soon I do want more in the future. More then anything I want a flat stomach and my love handles gone but I do want a bigger butt and some nice hips since I don't believe in wasting anything lol. After my consult with Hasan I talked to Sheila and she kept reassuring me that I'll be fine and I'll love my body after I'm done with everything. Idk. The closer I get to the date the more I'm becoming more and more nervous. Monday I paid more money and set my date officially for March 27th. I have not bought anything for the sx but I have requested the time off of work. The only thing now is I don't have the luxury of taking a full month off of work. I'm planning to return to work in exactly 7 days. It takes me 1 hours to travel to work in the morning and the same driving home so I'm trying to find someone like a friend or transport service to drive me to work once I go back because I don't want to lose or deform my investment. I work in the home with patients and basically do what I please for the 12 hours I'm there. I just have to try and hide it from my patients parents because I don't like ppl all up in my busniess. I haven't thought of an excuse yet as to why I would be able to sit on my butt but I have some time to think. Once they go to work I can lay on the floor, kneel and do what I need to do. I just hope I'm not too sore because my patient is a baby and spoiled so needs my constant attention. I do need to buy some things to make my time there a little easier though. I have my second consult with Hasan Saturday just to make sure we're on the same page about things. I just learned that he isn't board certified which concerns me and I was reading up on an incident he had with his license so I just hope he explains these things in a way that I feel comfortable because my life and the life on my child is literally in his hands. Wish me luck!

Quick question, did anyone start pre-op pills before hand? If so which ones? Jessica's recommendation is i leave myself natural both before and after the surgery. I was a smoker but I have now stopped because I don't want anything going wrong and I want to heal properly.

I hope that the women on here will encourage me and provide me with the guidance and strength I need to get through this. I'm so nervous about everything and hesitant. I have faith that I will find that here ;)

Here goes nothing...

Ok so I finally got approved on RS lol. I've been debating with whether to post pictures up but it's only fair and I want you all to enjoy this experience with me. My mother always says "if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all". We all have imperfections and impurities that makes us who we are. With that being said, I know my body isn't perfect and I don't need to be reminded of that. We can all use some improvements, some more than others but we're on here to empower eachother, not bring each other down like catty little girls ????.

(Btw: I've been having second thoughts about Hasan. I still have my consult with him Saturday and pray I feel more comfortable but just in case I'm going to call Jessica and schedule a consult with Dr. Salas as well. I've read great things about him; hopefully he's more personable then Hasan. I'll of course keep you all posted!!)

Switching to Salas

So yesterday I went in to vanity for my second consult with Hasan and first with Dr. Salas. I wish I never went because now I'm more torn then before lol. It was almost as though Dr. Hasan was another person. He was so warm and friendly unlike our first consultation lol. And Dr. Salas cute self was just as good. They're both more than qualified to be my surgeon but based on comfort I have switched to Dr. Salas. Some of the reasons being he went to Harvard medical school as well as Barry university which are both well known institutions. Also, I will be Dr. Salas' only patient on the 27th. With Dr. Hasan, he tends to have 4 surgeries a day so to him I'd just another number but with Salas I will have VIP treatment lol. Also, the difference in price between the doctors is only $300 and with Salas I'll be getting 12 sections of lipo, not just 6.

I'm sooooo excited for my surgery you all just don't understand!! I'm so grateful to have you ladies to share my thoughts with! Tomorrow makes 24 more days until the big day!! I'm starting to buy things little by little and I started taking vitamins and iron supplements. I go to my primary care physician tomorrow for a check up to make sure I'm at my best before going under! I'll keep you posted!!!

Almost there I can taste victory lol!!!

Hey dolls! I wanted to update you on what's going on with me. Firstly, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be getting my surgery in less than month!!!! I've been wanting a life change and I'm finally stepping out on faith and making it happen. I've been getting ready for this sx and buying everything I need for it. I wanted to buy a special chair I seen on a bbl dolls page sold by a doctor to sit on when I return to work but I can't remember the girls page or sn for the life of me lol. Does anyone know the doctor that sells this chair I'm talking about? He's here in miami...I'd really really appreciate it! Salas didn't ask me to get clearance for my sx from my pcp but for my peace of mind I scheduled an X-ray and blood work to be done this Saturday. I did an EKG and it came back normal so I'm happy about that. I'm nervous to go under anesthesia because I'm a nurse and I've seen and heard of too many horror stories lol. Like what if I can feel everything that the doctor is doing but can't communicate with him because I'm unconscious lol. I know I'm weird but I think about things like that all the time. But I have faith in my doctor and his team and most importantly in God and I pray everything goes smoothly. I've been going back and forth with whether I just want lipo and skip on the bbl. I don't want a big butt, I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm working with but I really really want the lipo so my body can be contoured and sculpted. (Decisions decisions lol). I'm going to schedule another consultation with Salas right before my sx and ask for his opinion. My fear is that I'm going to have a big ol butt that looks unnatural and people will notice the huge difference. I truthfully want it to just look like I worked my ass off at the gym and recieved my dream body versus going to a ps and achieving my results lol.

Well I have 22 more days until the big day! Please keep me in your prayers!!! I need as many as I can get lol!!! Thanks for being here for me when my family and "friends" aren't!!! Til next time!!!

Update :)

So I thought I'd update you ladies on what's going on with me as of late. Well I got blood work, a chest x-ray and an EKG done. My chest x-ray and EKG came back normal but my iron level is low (hemoglobin level 10.7) and my pcp requested I come into the office before my surgery to make sure everything is everything. I'm very big on everything happening for a reason so at this moment, if my anemia is going to hinder me from getting this surgery as planned then so be it. My pcp thinks that I should be fine if I start taking iron supplements 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Btw, my sx is in 2 weeks!!! I can't believe time has flown so fast! But I'm so excited for this change it's unreal. Hopefully everything will work out.

I've ordered all my supplies for post op care and for the most part I should have everything in my possession by next week. Vanity was charging way too much for the lipo foam, ab board and faja so I purchased it online for a fraction of the cost. Please do your research before you agree to pay them anything. As for the massages, I was originally set up to do 10 massages with vanity for $550 but thinking about it, I wouldn't even have the time to do all 10 since I get off of work at 7pm everyday. And most of the girls I talked to did no more than 5 massages so I figure I'll be fine. I decided to buy 5 massages and hopefully I can start them the day after my sx and use them consecutively until they are complete. I'm planning on buying a hand held massager and just going to massage any hard area I have beyond that myself and save the rest of the money. I was also going to buy an additional faja for $120 from vanity because I wanted a clean one for when I'm cleaning the soiled garment but I found the same exact faja for $64 on eBay and $60 in a faja store by my house. I just have to wait until after surgery to see how small my waist is and what size I'll need.

All and all I'm excited!! 2 weeks and counting tomorrow! Drs appointment for this anemia Monday! Next time you hear from me will prob be the night before my sx!!! Til then babes!!!

Counting down!

Hey ladies. So I know I said I wouldn't update until my sx date but I've been so stressed lately that I had to come vent to someone lol. Last Wednesday I got my test results back from my blood work and I found out that I was anemic. So I was so depressed this weekend because everyone I talked to doubted I would be able to raise my hemoglobin level in 2 weeks. I called vanity and Jessica told me it at least has to be at an 11.5 in order to go through with the surgery. So I prayed and prayed and yesterday went back to my pcp for a follow up pre-op appointment. Thank baby Jesus my hemoglobin level is at exactly an 11.5!!! I'm so f**n excited I can't take it. Things are a go!!! I've been getting packages everyday in the mail in preparation for the sx. My time off request has been approved and physically I'm ready for this change. Mentally...well that's something else lol. But I'm trying not to overthink things because I'll just be a wreck if I think about it to much.

In other news, I've been trying to contact Jessica or Sheila to pay my balance for this sx and haven't been able to contact either one. I'll try again today and hopefully reach them. I just don't know whether I should just do 10 massages instead of 5 because honestly I don't have the time, patience or energy to find someone that does lymphatic massages and I refuse to go to massage envy, pay a membership fee every month and still have to pay for lymphatic massages. The 10 massages basically equates to me spending $55 per massage with vanity and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get that anywhere else but I don't know if I need all 10. What do you all think??

Seriously speaking, I'm going to TRY and not post anything else until the day before my sx!! Thanks for the support!!

Less than 2 days!!

Hey dolls!! I'm less than 2 days away from my surgery and I'm soo excited! Actually I'm nervous, excited and scared at the same damn time lol! I just pray that I firstly wake up to see my beautiful daughter again, that's there's no complications and that my butt isn't too big it looks fake. If I can have those 3 things this surgery will be a success. I go in for my blood work with vanity later today. The only thing I'm disappointed about is my cousin, who was supposed to come down to Miami and take me/pick me up from surgery as well as be my caregiver for a couple of days isn't going to be able to make the trip down. So yesterday I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find a transportation/nurse service that can accommodate me for Thursday. I meet with them today at vanity as well. I still have to find a ride there but I think I'm just going to drive myself there, leave my car and pick it up the following day when I go in for my follow up and 1st massage. I've got everything I need for this surgery but I was wondering, has any of you Alls doctors required you to bathe using hiblicens soap before surgery or is dial antibacterial soap good enough? And if I take a laxative to 'clean' my system is that going to do more harm than good? I'm going to try and see if Jessica can squeeze me in to have a quick consult with Dr. Salas to answer all these last minute questions hopefully today! No one in my family knows of this surgery and I'm trying to keep it that way. The man I'm seeing right now knows I'm having a surgery but not a bbl so I hope it's not too obvious when it's all said and done. My daughter is with my dad in Orlando so I can focus on getting better before she returns Saturday. I miss her so bad! I think that'll be the hardest part, not being able to spend time with her before I go in for this surgery. That and the reality that anything can happen and I would hate for my child to be an orphan. But I have faith in GOD and he hasn't failed me yet so I doubt he'll start now. I WILL be fine, both literately and figuratively lol!!

It's only 2 days away!!! Omg!!! This time Thursday I'll probably be staring at my big ol booty and small lil waist! I pray everything goes well and I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes from you ladies!!!

Almost time

Its the day before my surgery! It's tomorrow at 11:30am!!! In excited af and nervous but I have faith that everything will be fine. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get this done. My cousin which is almost like my sister was supposed to care for me and pick me up after my surgery but she decided to wait until the very last minute to tell me she couldn't come anymore. I tried calling nurses and home are agencies yesterday to try and find transportation and someone to stay with me but it was so short notice I couldn't find anyone to do it at a reasonable price. Soooo I had to resort to asking my child's father for his help. He surprisingly said yes so I'm happy that he's going to be here for me. I just hope he doesn't get any ideas once he sees all this ass working with because I'm trying to cross over that part of my life. I took my labs yesterday at 3 and still haven't gotten word on what they were but I'm assuming they had to be good since the nurse called me with my surgery time. I'm so excited!!! I don't want to go through pain but hey, sometimes beauty is pain lol!! I'll update you all tomorrow before I go under!!! :) ;)

I'm here!

I'm here! I nearly slept least night, mostly because my ex was over :) I'm grateful he's here for me to reassure me and I know that if anything happens to me he will take great care of our daughter. I'm semi nervous. I've asked God to show me a sign that this isn't the right procedure to do and so far the day has gone without a stitch. I feel good, just hungry!! I can't wait to get this over with! I'll update as soon as I can!! Please keep me in your prayers ladies!

Sorry for the typos!!!

I barely slept last night**

I made it!!!

Firstly, thank you sooo much ladies for the support and prayers today. As I was reading your comments through my email before the surgery I was crying my eyes out! It's amazing how ppl that don't even know me want the best for me!! Words can't explain how grateful I am to each and everyone of you all!! I'm feeling good. No pain at all in my stomach, it doesn't even feel like lipo was done there but my ass is killing me!! It's almost throbbing lol. My ex didn't go get my prescriptions filled while I was in surgery so I'm literally taking them now. Everybody was super nice, I go there at 11:30 went to the back at 1pm and was on the table at 1:40p. I was in the car driving home at 6:45p. I took before pics last night that I will upload and of course I will upload pics of my new investment in the morning. I'm having my 1st massage tomorrow after my follow up appt. I think this oxycodone is kicking in now. I will post pics tomorrow I promise!! Ttyl!


I go in for my post op at 9 and my 1st massage soon after. I love my results so far. You can't really see my shape because of the swelling but I know it'll only get better. The skin on my stomach is a little loose and saggy as well but I know it'll improve. Here are the pics I took pre op and this morning. Can u believe I got my ass up by myself at 5:30a took a shower and washed my garment. I haven't felt nauseous at all and minimal pain. That's all for now, I'll update again a lil later ;)

Massage and post-op appt done

Hey ladies! I'm just coming back from my 1st massage. It was really nasty seeing all the fluid drain out of my body. My massage therapist had me stand up while she drained what she could. I had my ex fanning me and all because I literally felt like I was going to pass out. I had to lay down several times but she was able to get a lot of fluid out. At my post op appt I didn't see the doctor, just the nurse and she removed one stitch and some fluid. After the massage I put on my ab board and lipo foam and I have to say my stomach is hurting now. It's so wrinkled after the massage too but he therapist said it'll retract back and that I was healing very nicely. I can't wait to get home, eat, pop a pain pill and go to sleep. Some lady at vanity called to check on me which I thought was very nice of her. I promise to post more pics probably at 5 days post. I plan on getting a massage daily, probably 6-8 of them. Thanks for all the well wishes ladies!! Update you all soon!!

3 days post

Hey ladies! I'm 3 days post bbl and feeling pretty good. The first day was good but the second day was hell I could barely get up out of bed let alone walk. The pain meds didn't really help either, I was just miserable lol. But I'm better now thankfully! I've been getting my massages daily and my therapist is truly the sweetest! She's usually closed on the weekend but opened just for me and she's giving me all kind of tips!! I recommend her to anyone in the miami area! And she's inexpensive but very thorough!! My baby is back from my dads! I've missed her so much and with her being here it makes me push myself that much more. I'm still taking it easy though. I can't wait to get these stitches removed. I'm not draining through my incisions anymore but the therapist said I'm expelling it through my urine. My stomach is a little lumpy because of the fluid and still a little loose but I'm sure it'll get better. If not, I'll get a mini tummy tuck after my next kid lol. At first my butt was throbbing but now not so much. I really think a lot of the swelling has gone down which makes me nervous because I don't want to lose any of it lol. Has this happened with any of you ladies? Is it the swelling that's going down or am I losing the fat??! I haven't been sitting or doing anything to jeopardize my investment so I pray not. Also, is it ok for me to stretch? Sometimes I get on all 4's and stretch my back and stand up straight on my toes to stretch. Is that good or bad in terms of losing the fat in my butt?? I'm still the same 42 inches the last time I checked. I hope I don't go below 38 or I may just cry. Any advice would help! I'll update with pics soon.

8 days post op

So I'm 8 days post op. Stomach is retracting so well I couldn't be happier. My faja is too big so I'm getting another one today. I'm wearing foams and boards in the meantime. I have some discomfort in my butt. It literally feels like the cells are dying if that makes sense lol. My butt was bruise free a couple days ago but now I have a handful of bruises on my butt. They are sore to touch. Has anyone else experienced this? My measurements are 37-30-42. I want my waist to come down to a 27/28 so I will start waist training today. I hope and pray I don't have any fat necrosis. But if I do does that mean it'll only be hard or will it be lumpy?? I pray its nothing but I get really paranoid sometimes lol. I'm sleeping on my sides now and eating like normal. I love rice and I know its horrible to eat but I just can't let it go. We have a bond that's real lol. I read on some girls page that we should consume more then 2000 calories for the first 3 months daily so our butts will get bigger? If I eat more will that compensate for whatever I'll lose? When is my butt going to soften up??! Feeling helpless!! And last question I promise lol, when I stand too long my butt gets so sore and it almost feels like the bottom half of it is flatter then the top and sinking inwards (kinda like if you were to squeeze your Butt in) Is this normal?? The hardest part of this surgery is not knowing what to expect. Anyways, here are some pics. Enjoy!!

Emotional rollercoaster

Emotional rollercoaster. 2 words to sum up how I feel. Simply put: I'm not too happy about my results right now. Today I worked an 8 hour shift on my feet the entire time. I was relieved to come home and relax. I decided to wash my garment, take a shower and try some clothes on. I found the tightest of tight dresses and threw them on. (Looking in the mirror) MY ASS LOOKS SO FAKE!!! Im so unsatisfied with my body. I asked for natural but this big ass (literally) looks anything but natural!! I have no hips and a huge ass. Where they do that at? At first I enjoyed my ass but now I wish I would of just did lipo. I'm sure that's what men like but I don't want to be that girl walking around and you can automatically tell I got my ass done. I at least want to keep ppl guessing!! I want to know if there are any procedures you know of ladies that I can do to decrease the size just a bit so it can look more natural? I'm thinking of waist training to bring my waist size down so my non existent hips can be more prominent. Would that work?? I need opinions please!!


I've been dealing with so much that I've neglected RS and my ladies. Just a quick update, I'm almost 1 month post op (Thursday). I no longer have pain in my butt, my stomach and back are also less sensitive and I can actually feel the sensation returning. I started driving short distances after 2 weeks but for the most part I stay off my butt. I sleep on my sides and stomach still. My butt is very soft on the bottom and softening daily on the top. It giggles when I walk too lol. I know 10 days in I was a lil emotional and going crazy lol but I couldn't be happier with my body. It does seem like Dr. Salas forgot a little area of lipo in my love handle area but besides that I'm happy. I'm thinking about doing laser lipo for that because I feel like you can tell its there even though no one else can see it. This Saturday is going to be my 1st official night out since the surgery and I'm going to be sitting down without support. In nervous but ok with it. I switch between sitting with my boppy behind my back with a rolled yoga mat rolled in a blanket and kneeling down. I have a sling Cain chair that I use at work but I barely sit down because my job is flexible and I lay down almost all day. All and all this experience was worth it. My measurements are at 37-28.5-41. I've been waist training a little bit and it's been good for the most part. Oh and I take off my garment for about an hour a day but the other day I feel asleep without it and prob did have it on a total of 12 hours. I'm still swollen, stomach is looking a mess because of all the fluid that is still there. I haven't gotten a massage in over 2 weeks because I've been extremely busy with working everyday 12 hour days for 2 weeks straight. I'm going to try and post pics later tonight but everything literally still looks the same! Thanks for the support of all those that actually follow my journey! Smooches!

Pics 1 month post

Better late than never...
Miami Physician

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