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Ok sooooooo I've finally decided that I am going...

ok sooooooo I've finally decided that I am going to document my BBL journey because honestly this site and all the girls that post their reviews has helped me soooo much. I want to be able to help the girls looking to get this procedure done like the ones that HAVE documented have helped me:-) also I find it really hard to find reviews of small girls. I'm sure plenty of petite girls have gotten BBL but not everyone documents it. Although I'm not out there with the surgery and have only told my mother and my boyfriend, I'm not ashamed or afraid of telling people. I'm just a private person in general and don't put my business out there. I wouldn't deny it because in all honesty we're females and I'm sureeeeeee even the ones that judge and talk shit would change at least ONE thing about their bodies if not multiple things. So I've decided that I AM going to document it and am not going to delete pictures (like I see a lot of girls doing on here) because to be honest I don't give a fuck who sees or judges. I'm here to help not just myself but other girls as well. Ok sooooo a little about me I'm 25 years old and have a 4 year old daughter. I have wanted a Brazilian butt lift since before I knew they were doing them haha no but I've always wanted to do something with my butt. I've always had an obsession with curves. I am 5 ft 3 and currently weigh 121 lbs although it varies day to day. Today I'm 121 tomorrow I'll be 123. I've always been fit and petite but I gained 50 lbs with my daughter and even though I hateddddd it (I looked like a square lol) everyone complimented me on my big butt and thighs. I've always had really good legs/thighs but was never blessed with a derrière lol I would have liked my butt and thighs after my daughter if I could have shrunk my belly waist and arms WITHOUT losing my butt and thighs but no that didn't happen I went on an all organic raw diet a year after having my daughter and after 6 months I was even littler than I was before having my daughter. Good thing was I lost my stomach and had a nice waist line. Bad thing was I lost alllllll my ass and hips :-( I've tried going to the gym and squatting heavy and although it has made my but a little bigger it will never give me the hips and butt that I ultimately want. I've always gotten compliments on my body and its not like I'm embarrassed of it or hate it I just want to add to the little bit of curves that I do have. I will post as many pictures as I can because I notice a lot of girls don't post many before and afters. Like manyyyyyy of you I have stalked this site night and day researching doctors for about 6 months now. I have finally decided to go with fisher because I see he delivers the best results for the best price. I was thinking salama but he is much more expensive and have came across a lot of girls who have gotten really bad burns :-/ I do nottttt want that to happen. I've never had any surgeries and have never been under general anesthesia. So although I don't have a date yet I have had a virtual consultation with dr fisher and was told to gain 10-15 lbs which I intended to do anyways. I am going to pay for the procedure in the next couple of weeks and hope to get a date as soon as possible. Possibly something late April early May. I know it's so soon but i will keep my fingers crossed that a spot will be available. If not I don't mind waiting. I am getting this BBL one way or another. I will document my attempt at gaining weight also (although it's really difficult for me)

Current pics

Soo I'm gonna post as many before pictures as I can so you get an idea of how my body looks. Pictures can be deceiving and Ive definitely mastered the art of making my back side look as flattering as possible lol. I'll post the honest ones though, no sucking in or poking out. I don't know if anyone else can notice but I have indents in my hips/butt. Although I want a nice heart shaped butt I think I'm gonna go with somewhat of a shelf because I have no fat or volume on the top of my butt. And definitely hips hips hipssssssss. From what I've seen and compared results from I'm thinking I want anywhere from 1200-1400 cc in each side. Don't know if that includes the hip too lol I'll post more wish pics so you get a better idea of what I'm looking for. Hope my wishes are realistic lol. Keep in mind I still need to gain about 15 lbs. Hope I can do it!! It's been super difficult for me to gain weight.

Areas to be lipoed

Forgot to mention in my last post I only want my back flanks stomach and sides lipoed. Although I carry a good amount of fat in my arms and upper thighs I do not want to lipo these areas. So hopefully they can get enough fat out of my mid sections for my desired results.

Wish pics

Love the heart shaped look. Looks very natural. But I also like somewhat of a shelf. A lot of my wish pics are women who have had BBLs but don't come out and say it. I feel like I've been researching so long and thoroughly I could probably name their doctor haha

Me at my lowest and highest weight

So these pictures are pictures of me right after I had my baby and two or three years after, when I was dieting around 114. I was 147 lbs right after I had her. I am looking to be 138 at time of surgery. The first pictures I posted of myself are the most current ones where I am 123 lbs. These are just a reference to weight gain and weight loss. Wanna post as much pics as possible because not many people do.

Me now vs what I HOPE to look like

altered with the plastic surgery app. These might not be realistic but we will see. Keep in mind the altered pics are a little disfigured. It's hard to get it perfect when your editing.

Trying to gain weight

so I need to gain weight for the bbl and just in general I want to be thicker. I've tried a lot recently and in the past. I don't like ensures too much and to be honest sometimes I don't really have much of an appetite so it's hard to gain. So I've heard of a syrup called APETAMIN it is supposed to make you feel hungry. I've seen a lot of success stories with this stuff. I bought a bottle but have yet to use it. I will review it after I try it. I have however used a bunch of different protein powders/food replacement meals. I'm not a fan of ensures because they are expensive and taste like Chalk. I'm not a fan of drinking the organic raw protein powders that I've tried in the last because they too are expensive and only have 200-300 calories per serving plus they taste like SHIT and I have to force myself to keep it down --not fun. I found something though that I think is PEFECT FOR ME. I've only been using it for a week or two now and have gained one or two lbs. I will review more when I am done with the first bottle which by the way is HUGE. ok so it's called naked mass and is a powder. I bought it for 65 dollars. It is amazingggggg. First off I'm not into chemicals and eating unhealthy. This product only has three NATURAL ingredients and one serving which is 4 scoops is 1250 calories!!!!!! Seriously more then I've ever seen on any protein powder. So what I actually just started doing and it's made it 1,000x easier to consume twice a day is mixing it with ice, water, and Nutella and seriously guys it tastes like the best ice cream! So what I'm trying to do is drink 2 of these a day which are really easy to drink when mixed with the Nutella and then eat regularly how I would (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Hopefully I can gain the weight...I'm sure I can. Well just wanted to share it with you guys. I will continue drinking it even after my bbl because it is thattttt good. Haha I sound like I'm marketing this stuff but I'm just excited is all lol


Posting more pre op pictures

124 lbs Before gaining 15lbs

prob won't post more pics until I gain more weight

I wonder

I have dimples in my lower back. Will lipo get rid of them. Might be a silly question but I like them and don't want them to go away lol.

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