BBL with Dr Hasan Wanted in June 2016. Miami, FL

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I'm so glad I found this site. With all of the...

I'm so glad I found this site. With all of the information here my dream of a BBL can become a reality. About me: I'm 35, 5'3", 178lbs, no kids, and a seriously flat butt. I've always been teased and received negative comments about my butt. For the longest I've wanted to move my gut to my butt lol, now I'm looking to make that happen. I've been so scared of surgery but with all of the updates and pics I'm seeing on RS it's easing my fears. I'm in Chicago and made a consultation with Dr Shifrin but BBL with him will be $10,000. I love Dr Duran in DR but I'm afraid to go out of the country. After reviewing profiles it looks like Dr Fisher in Miami is a winner. He has great results at a great price. I'm concerned about dealing with Vanity as many reviews of the customer service has been negative. I was quoted for 5000 last week but a special on the website was 4000 for BBL. i was also told I had to book by the end of January to get the deal while the website said by feb 14 for booking. I will call this week to see about the differences. I also would like a online consultation with Fisher before I book to know if I should lose weight or not. I don't plan on telling anyone I know about the surgery because I don't want to hear anyone's opinion and I will be traveling alone so I will need a recovery house or private nurse. Excited and nervous about this journey.

Hasan or Fisher

so I've been stalking pics and reviews on RS and Dr Hasan has caught my attention. He has positive reviews and gives ladies nice results. He is $1000 cheaper than Fisher. However he doesn't use drains and Fisher does. Do drains make a difference in results? Who should I go with?

Vanity payment

For those going to or have had their surgery at Vanity in Miami how did you pay to reserve your surgery date? Did you wire money to their account or did they let you pay with credit card? My coordinator told me they don't take credit cards but she can ask the manager if they will accept my card.

Switched to Hasan

It's official! I put my deposit down for Hasan! I originally wanted fisher but after looking at so many BBL pics Hasan gets his women snatched! I need aggressive lipo and all of it transferred to my extremely flat booty. I don't have hips but I feel Hassan's contouring can give me what I want. Haven't scheduled a date but want the sx in June. Trying to figure out what works best with work. I'm so scared hope I won't back out.

Chicago consultation and weight loss

I went to a BBL consultation here in Chicago with Dr Shifrin. He is the top BBL surgeon in Chicago. The cost will be 11k. Um no I'm going to Hasan in Miami for half the price. I did talk about weight loss and his assistant mentioned the HCG diet. Has anyone tried it?

Recovery house booked

I booked with Moni at New Body Recovery. I've read a lot of great reviews and talking with her she seems very knowledgeable about the procedure and surgeons. After I sent her a deposit she emailed me a list of items to get and websites that I can order them for cheaper. I will be staying with her the full 7 nights. I live alone at home so I wanted to have help as long as possible. Also I am coming in the day before so that takes away 1 night post surgery.

Date change

I switched my surgery date from June 14 to June 3. I'm leaving for Miami as soon as the school year is over, I'm a teacher. I want to heal as soon as possible to enjoy summer. No need to delay.

Did Hasan retire?

The lady at the recovery house I plan on staying at after my BBL emailed me today saying she heard Hasan has retired! Retired?!?! Vanity keeps saying he is out for a family emergency and coming back in April. Other girls have said he is not coming back. I'm not scheduled until June so I have some time to wait it out and see what happens before I switch, but I really don't know what to think now.

Thinking about switching doctors

With Hasan MIA and no one knows for sure when he is coming back I'm thinking of switching docs. The obvious choice would be to go to Fisher. However I'm thinking of going to the Dominican Republic. Duran is my first choice. I called her office this morning and she is booked until July so I just requested a quote for yily. The girls from the DR look amazing but I'm scared to have the surgery in a different country. Tough decisions.

Confused about doctors

So it really looks like Hasan is not coming back. I'm scheduled June 3. Vanity said if I stay booked with hasan and he doesn't come back then I will get fisher for my original date. I don't know if that's true because I've read some people who were booked with hasan were asked to switch to mcadoo. But if I cancel with hasan and switch to fisher then I can't get in until July. So do I wait to see if they give me fisher and keep my original date or just switch to fisher?

Surgery in U.S. Or Dominican Republic

Since it looks like Hasan is out of the picture I'm looking for another surgeon. I'm deciding between Fisher in U.S. Or Duran in DR. After reading reviews I found out patients get an epidural for anesthesia in the DR. That may be the dealbreaker for me. I don't want any needles in my back! I'm scared about long term back pain, paralysis, spinal headaches, spinal bleeding. Not sure what to do?

Pre-surgery weight

For ladies who have had BBL what was your height and weight at the time of surgery? I'm currently 5'3" and 175. I've lost 10 pounds ready and want to lose more weight but not sure how much more.


Does anyone have thoughts about Dr Balgobin in Minnesota? His BBL looks nice on Instagram and he trained under Dr Miami. I've decided I am not going to DOminican republic. Hasan is missing and I don't know if vanity will let me switch to fisher. Plus idk if I want to continue to be involved with the vanity drama. I'm looking for an alternative surgeon. I have a consult with Balgobin this week.

Vanity Refund

Anyone have issues getting a refund from Vanity since Hasan is gone?


Does anyone have experience going to Colombia for a BBL?

I requested my vanity refund

I've been looking for another doctor since Hasan is MIA. I decided I'm going to Colombia! Called vanity this morning and my coordinator insists he is coming back in May so he will be available for my June date. I don't believe it anymore. She is saying May, I've heard other girls say July, and some have said he isn't coming back at all. I am not going to sit around and wait and then have to make alternative last minute plans when they tell me he won't be there. Also she said Hasan schedule is booked until August. I'm interested to see how things go with the Hasan situation but I'm not going to risk not getting my procudure. I also cancelled my recovery house in Miami. Hopefully it won't take long to get my money back.

I'm going to Colombia and Philippines for surgery

Hey dolls it has been a while since I last posted. Plans have changed but I'm happy with the decisions I made. Requested my refund from Vanity because Hasan is MIA. I am going to Manila in the Philippines for ethnic rhinoplasty with Dr Yappy. He is one of the best surgeons in the world for this procedure and cheaper than any U.S. doctor. I am also going to Cali, Colombia for Lipo/bbl. I haven't picked a surgeon yet but deciding between Paz, Plazas, and Florez. I will be having all of my procedures in June 2016. I am mostly on Instagram now and you can follow my journey @newmecolombia.
Miami Physician

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