Revision w/ Dr. Hasan 3/31

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I have been stalking this website for about a year...

I have been stalking this website for about a year and decided to do it. I am so nervous, but I know I will look amazing. I am looking for a buddy to share a room with. My date is July 2014. I am looking for reviews of past and current clients of Dr. Fisher. Tell me everything to expect. I have the hips just need the bubble butt.

Put down my deposit

So today I put down my deposit and I plan on going in July. I am extremely nervous and still looking for a partner. I have picked Dr. Fisher. Any updates from new clients.

Nervous wreck

So my surgery is in less than two months and my nerves are all over the place. I haven't found a buddy, one girl on here said her body is absorbing the fat, and I need help finding a good Faja online. Help me!!!

Something fishy???

I called vanity yesterday and they told me Dr. Fisher would be off the entire month of July. Has anyone else heard that or have a date in July? That just sounds so weird. It also makes me even more nervous about having a procedure at a place that would lie about something like that.

Need to switch dates

I am now scheduled for August 18 and I need to go in July 31 or the first week of August. Someone please switch with me. I need to be healed by the start by school.

****Surgery date July 31 ******

So my date is now July 31 and I am freaking out. I thought I was ready. I am so nervous. What supplies do I need ? I still haven't found a buddy or a place to stay. I need to get it together. I stop working out and I'm about five pounds from my goal weight.

4 days until sx

So my surgery is this Thursday and I'm not prepared. I do not know where I am staying, I don't have my faja, I am completely lost. I am really excited. Does anyone know how much vanity sells their garments for? I will update more to let you guys know how it goes.

Very switched less than 24 hours before

I called my coordinator and found out that Dr. Fisher canceled today for all appointments tomorrow. How unprofessional?!?! I was already nervous, now I'm freaking out. I'm coming from michigan and everything was paid for( flight, condo, nurse) I can't get my money back from that. Then the alternative is Dr. Has an for the same price. I am not liking this at all. I have decided to go with Dr. Has an but I don't really want to. Im starting to ramble, so I will update more when I land tomorrow.

4 hours post op

So I went in today at 1:30 straight from the airport and went right back. The surgery center is in a strip mall but the inside is very nice. Dr. Hassan was very polite and informative. I don't remember laying on the table. I received anesthesia standing up and then I was out. I woke up in the recovery room shaking like a leaf. After two hours I was ready to go, but they kept me for four hours. I'm in minimal pain but it's difficult to walk around and get up. I'm going to take something to knock me out and update more in the morning.

3 days post op

So much to say in this review .I had two massages by Marian and they were very painful. The first day I thought I was going to pass out but I've made it through it. Right now I'm in a lot of pain mainly just in my stomach area where the lipo was done. My butt has no pain. It's still hard to get up and move around by myself, but every day gets a little easier. The pain medicine they give you which is Tylenol 3 is definitely not strong enough. My drainage has a minimize too little or none at all. I can feel myself feeling better. The things I didn't like about vanity was on my first day postop appointment Dr. Hasan did not see me and the nurse just changed the gauze pad. The center itself is very white and stark it has the looks of an old clinic. You can tell they do a lot of surgeries per day and it's almost like they rush you in and out to get to the next person. The service is not personalized and it is definitely not high tech. If things do not go right with this BBL I would definitely not be doing it again it's too much pain.

6 days post op

So yesterday I flew home and it was horrible. I could not get comfortable and it was hot. The pain is starting to get better. No thanks to the Tylenol 3. Here are some updated pics from today. The only problem I have is my stomach has a lot of loose skin. I hope with a waist cincher it is tights up. It looks worse than before the surgery but hopefully that's just swelling. I love my new curves and my a$$ is amazing!!! I'm able to get around a lot easier but the real test will be tomorrow sitting down for 10-12 hours at work. Anyone else have loose skin after surgery ? What did you do?

3 weeks post op

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and the swelling has went down and so has my butt. :( . I have lost about 50 percent. I love my stomach and back though. My curves are amazing. I just wish my butt would have stayed longer. I didn't sit flat for two weeks, I guess my body just didn't do well with the fat. I will post new pics soon.

Going for round 2

So it's been a minute since I have been on here. My body was CRAZY for months. I still love how much he sculpted my back and stomach, but two things happened: my butt went down and then I gained weight. I think this procedure does take a lot mentally. I got to comfortable and started back my bad eating habits. I gained about 25 pounds. So of course I said I will just have the surgery again. This is my last get out of jail free card. I now know what it takes to maintain my body. My revision is scheduled for March 31 exactly 8 months after the first surgery.

So nervous....

So my surgery is Tuesday and I'm nervous. I have to lose 2-3 pounds before surgery. I have been eating healthy, exercising, laxative, sauna....everything. I know Dr.Hasan is very strict. I'm coming from out of state and my nerves are wrecked. Anybody else have Dr. Hasan and was close to being over on bmi ?

3 days post op

I couldn't write a review until now because I've been very weak. This was def harder than the first time. My eyes were swollen pretty bad and I was bleeding a lot. My body is really sore and I'm not sure if I will be ready to go home tomorrow. Please keep praying I get better.

Admitted to hospital

Last night my heart was still racing and I was still feeling weak so I went to the er. When I arrived my heart rate was 166 and my hemoglobin was a 7.1 . I lost a lot of blood and my heart was fatally fast. I'm not getting a blood transfusion and I can't leave until Monday. I really thought I was going to die. And I don't want to stay here until Monday. Keep me in your prayers.

Almost three wks post-op

Wow a journey ! I'm sorry that I hadn't updated sooner but it has been a long recovery for me. I was in the hospital in Miami for four days and then I came home to Michigan and was in the hospital for another four days. My hemoglobin was not going up and I was very sore and swollen. I particularly did not like the massage that was done at vanity. She did not drain me at all I wish I would have went back to Marian. It was so awkward being in the hospital in Michigan and so many people having questions to the point the nurses brought people to me to hear about the surgery. I can say My body is amazing but I am steel heart in some areas. It is awful still hard to lay down and sit down so I carry my Boppy pillow everywhere. I am in love with the results I just wish the recovery would ev I am in love with the results I just wish the recovery with end.

3 weeks post op pics

My stomach and back are still hard and swollen, but I think it looks amazing. I can't wait for my stomach and back to soften so I can see the final results.

I haven't talked to the doctor yet only the coordinators.

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