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Hey everyone. I decided to finally write my first...

Hey everyone. I decided to finally write my first post after doing research on RealSelf for Dr. Fisher. I am 23 years old and ready to put in work to finally get an ass lol. Well to give a little history of myself I have always struggled with my weight since I was a child. I have done so many diets and work out plans but I never have reached my ultimate goals for weight loss. I always start off great but then fall off and gain all my weight back; however it is time for a change. Some months back I went to Dr. Miami's office to try to get a consultation, however, I was turned away because my BMI was too high. I knew I had to lose some weight but I just wanted to put a down payment and lock in a date so in the mean time I can lose the weight in the process but they didn't allow that. So of course I felt bad but I focused on my other priorities while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle so I could eventually lose the weight and go back to Dr. Miami. But as time went on I realized it was going to be too hard to have Dr. Miami do my surgery because he became so popular, his prices were super expensive and going up and don't even get me started on his waiting list. So I threw that dream out of the window. During all of my days being so stuck on Dr. Miami, my sister was alwayssssssssss talking about her big booty dreams and how she is going to have Dr. Fisher from Vanity do her surgery. We would look at pics together and she would tell me how she would stalk RealSelf lol. So I have always had Dr. Fisher in the back of my mind but it wasn't until my sister actually got her surgery by Dr. Fisher that I realized that he was a great surgeon. Pictures really don't serve justice. She looks incredible. That helped me confirm that I needed to put my trust in Dr. Fisher to do my surgery. I was informed my a friend that Vanity has a BBL summer package deal for $5,300. Originally I was informed by a vanity rep that I couldn't make a deposit until I lost 30-40 pounds so I was like ok I will just wait, but then someone from Vanity contacted me and told me that was not true. So tomorrow morning i will be going to Vanity to ask some questions and hopefully make a down payment of $1,000. Even though my BMI is high (37) I can make a down payment and lock in a date, I just have to lose the weight before then because honestly money is not the issue. I am excited and nervous about tomorrow. I feel like this will motivate me to get on the grind and lose this weight to finally get another dream crossed off of my check list. I am ready to feel better about myself. I am 5'7, I have good wide hips and a nice dent above my butt (God just didn't bless me with the cheeks because he knew if he did it was going to be trouble because I wouldn't know how to act lol). If anyone has been in or is in my situation please comment and share your advice/story. I will most definitely inform everyone how tomorrow goes :)

Sooo... I have a set date!

Hey everyone. So last week Wednesday, Aug 3rd I went to vanity and met with my coordinator Angie. My mom and best friend were there for support. Angie was very nice and most of all PATIENT!. I wasn't playing any games because I had so many questions like: What is the nearest hospital, do you guys have a back up generator just in case the power goes out, resuscitation equipment, will I have a consultation with Dr. Fisher prior to my surgery date (because some ppl said they didn't meet him until the day of their surgery and I am not having that) etc. I know some of the questions were kind of obvious but now a days you have to ask because it's your life that is on the line, not theirs, so me and my peeps wanted to know. Angie answered all of my questions honestly and for the ones she did not know she found out from her manager. She told me I would have to get down to 190 pounds for my BMI to be acceptable for surgery. So basically I would have to lose almost 50 pounds to do this, which is not a problem to me because I rather be safe than sorry, however, I still rather have him see me when I am around 200 pounds so he can see my body type and what I am working with. Of course I am going to listen to whatever Fisher says. So I got the $5300 special. i PUT $1,000 down and will put more money down along the way. Honestly money is not the issue, it is losing the weight that is. But as long as I see the weightless progression I will start paying more money off. My date was Jan 17, but Angie asked me today if I could switch it to Jan 19 so I said ok. I feel excited about it, like this is really going to happen but I think I will be more excited when the weight comes off, it will feel more real. If you guys have any advice please feel free to let me know. I am going to add some wish pics on here. My boyfriend loves Delishis from flavor of love lol and she has grown on me. He told me she is 5'7 just like me so if I got a big but like hers it won't look bad compared to others lol. I will update my progress as time goes along. Later :)

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