BBL with Dr. Fisher Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies! I'm original from Ft. Lauderdale...

Hello Ladies! I'm original from Ft. Lauderdale relocate to Tampa,FL in 2011. I love going to go shopping in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Okay , let me start l had tummy tuck last year 9-16-14, am happy with the problem now l need a booty to go with my tummy and a ? shape to match. I'm 34 weight 162 and height 5'7 1/2. I have 3 kids (18,14,10) . Dr. Miami waiting list is all the way to 2017 ???? , l can't wait that long l want my surgery for my 35 birthday it March 7. So l been looking for another doctor so l came as cross Dr. Fisher at Vanity. I will post pics. If anyone can help with information please. ????

Questions About Dr. Fisher?

Hello Ladies, anyone who had a BBL with Dr. Fisher many drains would l have?

Does anyone know Financial Company that approve ppl with poor credit?

Hello Dolls, does anyone know a company the will approve ppl with a low credit score? Just in case for back up for me. But this is my last result but just in case.

Anyone hear of Care Credit Finance.

Hello RS Sisters, so run across a company call care credit finance to get you approve thru care credit. This sound fishy someone help?

Supplies That I Will Need

Hello RS Sisters, can someone please give a list of things that l will need and use for Dr. Fisher at Vanity, I seen a lot of ladies saying that they don't need half of the stuff they purchase. I'm all about buying what l need.

On 9/16 will make a year l had my tummy tuck.

I can't believe it's going to be a year l had my tummy tuck on 9/16. And it still looks amazing.Next step is my BBL with Dr. Fisher in March. Later in Sept 2016, l will have my breast lift maybe with a small implant. Then l be finish with my body makeover.


Hi RS Sisters, l don't what to do a part of me wants to go to Dr. Miami but he's book until Spring 2017 the cost for everything is $12,000 which include BBL and breast lift. Then its Dr. Fisher he does his BBL good too like Dr. Miami and his cost is $4,500. Maybe l should do my BBL with and leave Dr. Miami do my breast and any extra lipo if l need it at the time. Please help me.

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