5'0'' 128lb bbl with dr. fisher april 2017 booked!!! - Miami, FL

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"BBL 2017 with Dr. Fisher booked! I have been...

"BBL 2017 with Dr. Fisher booked!

I have been looking for a great doctor to perform my BBL. As most people, I have been doing extensive research to find the right MD for me. Intentionally I really wanted to have my procedure done by Dr. Duran or Dr. Robles but they are in the Dominican Republic although they have outstanding results, I did not feel comfortable traveling to a foreign country when i actually rationalized it in my head. I am from NY but the doctors here in NY are very conservative and don't understand the concept that i want a curvy vixen shape! I decided I should go to Miami because the doctors there deal with a lot patients who want the same results as me. After shopping around and receiving various quotes I decided Dr. Fisher was the best for me. His results look outstanding and I actually watched a video one of his previous patients made and she looked GREAT! I got set up with the surgical coordinator Amy who was super sweet. She told me to take a few photos of myself so we could do an online consultation and she got back to me within an hour or so and gave me a price quote of $5300 (that was the current special they had going on for 12 areas + BBL) she told me basically it would be my whole upper body (upper and lower abdomen, whole back including bra line, waist, and love handles) some how that equals 12 areas she explained it to me and it made sense I forgot how the doctor actually divided it to equal 12 lol. I was originally anticipating having the procedure done in Feb. 2017 but due to my school and work schedule I have to wait until April 2017. In order to lock in my surgery date I would have to make a down payment of 1,000 (which goes toward the surgery) I just completed my downpayment as of last week! Its official APRIL 2017, HERE I COME!! Once I paid, I got a receipt VIA e-mail as well as the confirmation for my surgery. After I was officially locked in, I was switched from dealing with Amy to dealing with Ana who works in the pre-op department She said although my lab work is included in my deal, I should get it done in NY 3 weeks before surgery since I am coming from out of state because if there are any problems, I can get it fixed before my surgery where as if they do it the day before my surgery and they find any problems my surgery will get cancelled and I will have to re-schedule (she said anything longer than 3 weeks isn't recent enough and will make my results void) As far as the remaining balance, I can pay whatever is comfortable for me as long as I have the surgery paid in full 2 weeks before my surgery."

My Pre-op Photos

Weight gaining.

Does anybody know any efficient ways to gain weight with 4 months to go I honestly feel like I've only gained about 8 lbs I want to try and gain 8-10 more lbs I have made a few payments to my surgical coordinator and I haven't had any issues so far. I paid in cash directly to the bank (BOA) and I got a receipt for all payments. Sometimes it takes them a little while to e-mail the receipt, so I made sure I gave a call just as a friendly reminder and they send it right away. I am making my next payment tomorrow. I have made a monthly schedule of payments for myself to ensure I get all the money in on time. I still haven't booked my flight yet and it is too early for me to get my blood work done. I was told 1 month prior to my surgery date. I know I will have to eat a lot of greens and take iron pills to make sure my hemoglobin levels are good enough for surgery! This is all starting to feel so real to me I can't wait until my procedure!!!

Surgery date moved

Ok so I got a. All from my eres plastic surgery coordinator saying dr. Fisher is going to be away on the day of my procedure. They gave me the option to reschedule to another day. I picked April 6th. So I'm going in 4 days earlier. I'll be flying in April 5th and most likely staying At Miami escape recovery home. I also asked if i could have dr. Hasan do my surgery but they said no bc he's renewing his license. I hope everything else goes smoothly from this point on.

Weight gain update.

I'm really trying so hard to gain more weight. I don't own a scale so I weigh myself once in a while with the scale at my job. Last month I lost weight. I was only 128, being that I'm only 5 feet I definitely have belly fat to transfer at this weight but I definitely need more. I just hope after the some fat cells die I still have a good result. I've been drinking ensure and boost + trying to eat more fatty foods and carbs hoping to be atleast 135 before surgery. I just hope I get a tiny waist and a huge butt like I want. I truly want the body of a video vixen. My last bbl was horrible and I'm very anxious about this one. The doctor was way too conservative And gave me no post op instructions. I know fisher knows his stuff but when I go in for my consult with dr. Fisher I'll be sure to tell him I was dramatic non conservative results lol. I will weigh myself today and hopefully I'll be above 130 again.

Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) 325 mg tablet and Vitamin C 500 MG

Hello Dolls! 53 days out!! Last week, My surgical coordinator Anna sent me the prescription for blood work/labs. It is dated for 3/10/17 because I have to go a month before my surgery date. (anything further out than 4 weeks is invalid). To make sure my hemoglobin levels are okay, I started taking Iron pills (325 mg) 2x a day along with Vitamin C (500 mg) 2x a day for absorption. Ive read that Iron pills and Vitamin C pills can be taken up till the date of surgery ( I will call my coordinator after I get my labs taken and confirm with her)

3 weeks and 6 days left ! Dr Miami booty buddy

He dolls with only 4 weeks left I've been continuing my iron pills and trying to gain weight. In addition to that I purchased the doctor Miami booty buddy. Although I've seen alternative BBL pillows such as "BBL Pillow, Booty Buddy®, BBL Bum Booster, etc." I went with Dr. Miami's booty buddy mainly because it's very discreet and has no labeling on it and it also has a back support cushion so people are most likely think it's for lower back support rather than be questioned on why I have A pillow just under my butt. For my previous BBL I purchased around inflatable doughnut and I think that was one of my worst mistakes. Granted it has Air in it which is supposed to relieve pressure me sitting on it inflated it even more so it was really hard and it definitely killed that cells in my bum. The doctor Miami booty buddy comes in a regular FedEx package and it doesn't say who the sender is just an address. Discretion was highly taken into consideration when thinking of the packaging! Lol. It's soft but a little akward feeling to sit on. I think any butt pillow will feel weird to sit on though since the pressure is going on the lower thigh's rather than directly on my but. I could also take the back part off but I think I like it better with it on. Im bringing that thing everywhere I'm not playing with my results lol! I also went to LabCorp today to get my blood work done hopefully all of my levels are good so I don't have any problems moving forward. I made sure to ask the phlebotomist if they are going to send the results directly to the doctor and she said yes it takes about three days so I will give eres a call to follow up and make sure they have gotten my blood work if I don't hear anything back from them by Tuesday I can't believe how close my date is. I'm super excited!

Today is the day!

I AM SOOO EXCITED TODAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! So I arrived yesterday because I Had a Pre-op appointment the day before my scheduled surgery. I actually missed my first flight and eres was so cool about me coming in later. When I arrived to eres the girls were nice, the preop consisted of them taking my weight. My blood pressure. Me speaking to the nurse practitioner and signing my chart. As I was waiting I noticed there were a few girls coming for their post op and they ALL HAD THE CAKE. Have I landed my self in the cake factory!?!? Hopefully I will look just as good! I was told to be there at 5 am. Hopefully I'll get in early I'm wearing a sun dress just so I can get in it easily after my surgery. Wish me lock everybody xoxo!!! I'll keep you posted after ??

BBL post op review with pix. 5'0" 131lbs day of surgery

Hi dolls! I know youve been waiting to hear from me. All went well with my bbl. Dr. Fisher was super sweet and such a funny guy. He told me I had great skin and a good body type to work with so he knows I'd have amazing results. He did say I may still have rolls around the bra line but that's just skin (which I'm not seeing as of now). I pretty much told him use all the fat he can and put it in my butt lol because I done have that much fat. He didn't rush through the consultation at all he took his time spoke with me, made a couple of jokes and I felt really comfortable and at ease. he's super handsome and super charming which is always a plus! I would definitely recommend him to anybody. Although I'm only three days postop I'm truly loving my results my shape looks great and I was told him extremely swollen around the midsection so my waistline is going to go down even more I'm sure my butt will go down a little bit as well. But I am highly impressed as of now I will know my final results after six months but after one month I should have an idea of how I'm going to look. I had to go the next day for my follow up appointment and I got a post surgery massage I forgot to ask how many cc were put into each cheek and of course they're closed for the weekend so I'll keep you updated tomorrow.

1week +5 days.

I am one week and 5 days post op. I still walk a little funny but I feel much better. Dr. Fisher told me no sitting until 3 weeks. My swelling is going down and my waist has shrunk even more. My stomach still has hard areas due to the lipo but some spots are beginning to soften up. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my results Dr. fisher is amazing

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