BBL - Dr Fisher 9/30/2016 - Miami, FL

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Tomorrow is the big day for me ladies I've been...

Tomorrow is the big day for me ladies I've been told to arrive at Vanity at 12pm. I'll put up a full post and honest review of the entire procedure once I'm on the other side. This is my 3rd cosmetic procedure (I've done breast augmentation with lift May 2011 and Tummy tuck March 2015) so I'm not as anxious or excited. I will probably start to get anxious tomorrow on the way to Vanity. For now I've arrived in Miami heading to the movies since I won't be able to do that for awhile and then to bed. Will keep all u ladies posted on my outcome and will post pictures soon!

Sitting here at Vanity waiting to go back

Well ladies I'm here at Vanity was told the day before to get here at noon then got a call at 8:30am to come at 10am and then another call later was told to be here at 11am. So I get here and EVERYONE is super nice and I got my free garment they said that was included and there was no hassle there. Booked my massages signed a ton of paperwork (every surgeon makes u sign a lot) took my pre-op photos and now sitting comfortably in a reclining chair with a blanket watching tv and waiting for my turn. Here's some pre-op pics for everyone that I took his morning - I'll post my results on the other side!!!

Day #1 is so painful

So here's an update on my experience - first I've never had any issues with the Vanity staff throughout this entire process which I'm grateful for. All the girls are super sweet and helpful. Went to the surgery center at 11 but didn't go back to surgery until around 4. Let me tell u when you've read from other girls that you wake up shivering uncontrollably it's insane. The recovery nurse did put a heater hose blowing hot air under my blankets for me. The shivering is quite painful and yes u wake up on ur back and butt. I did opt for cell saver it cost me 550.00 and I think it was well worth it. I haven't bleed out like I've read and heard and even dr fisher said it would look like a murder scene during recovery but less than 24 hours and I've almost stopped bleeding completely.

Now the pain on day 1 is unimaginable so mentally prepare yourself for the pain I almost broke down in the car on the way to vanity for my first massage today. Everything hurts even a slight brush against my skin makes it super painful. I will post more tomorrow ladies!! Here's some photos it was hard to get these but I'll post more tomorrow

Day #2 - already feel better

So I'm 30 hours after surgery and finally able to move around on my own without help. A lot of the pain is subsiding and no the pain killers don't offer a lot of relief I think the cell saver and also the proper post op care is crucial to a speedy recovery.

Here's some must have items and what I would have done differently:

1. Straws for water - you sleep on the bed face down and it's REALLY tough to get off the bed so when u need water straws help u and also u drink more water with straws.

2. Be prepared to have the clothes u leave the surgery center in full of blood. I wore my favorite black tank top and black capris albeit they were black it was ok when I washed them but I didn't think about the blood could've ruined a nice outfit

3. U absolutely need a female urinal u won't be able to sit the first day after surgery it's a life saver

4. A back scratcher u have no idea how many times I've had to scratch my butt or other places and I can reach them!

5. Socks and light cotton hood jacket - though this is Miami and it's still warm here inside my hotel room it's pretty cold I sure wish I brought those two items.

I'll update with more pictures later today ladies!!!

Side by side picture

Feeling better every hour so more photos

I really think the cell saver has helped a lot because the recovery hasn't been as bad as I've heard but definitely the first 24 hours are hell. Imagine being completely helpless in excruciating pain - I have my husband with me which has helped tremendously. I now have projection!!! I love my new shape and loving my belly button - my dr who did my TT in 3/2015 left me with a LATGE belly button but with the lipo I just did it looks more normal now

How to sleep comfortably ?!?!

So I found the key for me to find the most wonderful position to sleep in and watch tv in while I recover. I put a slightly fluffier pillow under my chest and a little less fluffier pillow for my head so my head is slightly lower than chest when laying on my stomach. I also found the use of my sons toddler pillow to use for my head very comforting as it's not a full size pillow and it's easily foldable and easy to manipulate to give my head just the right amount of support in the right places. I bought my sons toddler pillow off of Amazon some time ago to use while we travel on planes or cars, so glad I brought it for me

Leaving MIA 2 days early

I left MIA today earlier than normal since Hurricane Matthew is on the way and I'm healing really well. I made it back to Tampa this morning and back in full force with my two young kids. My advice to any future BBL sisters is that take as much time as you possibly can to heal and focus on recovery without the kids if you have the option to. I realized after today that though I'm recovering well my body is not completely healed and regular day to day activities especially with young kids is that I am so exhausted ????.

Day 7 Post Op

OMG is all I can say I haven't posted for a couple of days - this recovery is no joke....I've had my breast and lift done I've had a tummy tuck done and this is my 2nd BBL but for REAL get ready ladies if ur doing this procedure. I have zero strength or energy at all and this is day 7. I keep hydrating eating protein and constantly take vitamins to get my body energy back. Good luck to all my future BBL sisters!

2 weeks Post

Well I made it the 2 weeks and finally starting to rerun back to normal. I over did it today by taking a long car ride to the DMV and then standing and waiting so long took all my energy away from me. I feel like my butt is shrinking but I'm still very happy with my results I sure hope I don't lose much more booty!

3+ weeks Post Op

Ok I'm 3+ weeks Post op and the lipo sensitivity is still there with a fury!!! Touching my back and sides are still sensitive. My skin is also hot to the touch where the lipo was done does anyone know if this is normal?

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