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I have been on this site for months now trying to...

I have been on this site for months now trying to figure out what doctor to go to for my bbl. I'm 5'2 and weight 135 pounds. I've had a bbl before but i'm unsatisfied with my results. I'm very large in my upper body and wanted to get lipo on my entire back and flanks and then the more I thought about it I figured I might as well use the fat and do a bbl.
My family is very supportive but I do have a 1 year old that I hate to be away from. It makes me so sad to even think of leaving her. She will be staying with the hubby, my parents and our nanny.
My first consultation was with a very well known plastic surgeon here, in Maryland about a year ago. I know he does a good job but I didn't like how pushy he was. He wanted to lipo my knees and there is no way i'm letting that happen. So I decided to search and consult with others. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Jimmerson in Dec. I also bought my air ticket the same day and its nonrefundable so I will be going to the consultation regardless.
This site is so addictive that I kept reading reviews and searching for other doctors.
The other doctor that caught my attention was Dr. Fisher. He does amazing work from what I can see. I also saw a youtube video of him explaining the bbl procedure. After watching the video I just liked what I heard and he seems to be the right surgeon for me. Impulsively I called vanity and locked down a surgery date because he is in high demand and I want to get this done by early next year. My coordinated is Isa and she has been helpful so far. It took a bit of persistence to get my receipt (called her twice) after paying for half of the procedure but she got it done. I have everything in writing now.
I am planning on going to Vanity and meet Dr. Fisher in Dec or Jan. I was also told that he does his consults in between surgeries so I expect to wait. I' a bit nervous about some reviews I've been reading in the past could of days. I've read how terrible Vanity is but is it really? Part of me is willing to deal with the clinic just because I know that I'm going to get the results that I'm seeking with Dr. Fisher but then I again I don't wan't to be mistreated. My only benefit in dealing with Vanity is that I'm fluent in spanish so there isn't a language barrier.
Anyhow I'm still having doubts on which doctor to have surgery with. I hope that after both consultations I will know who to go with.

Vanity Vanity Vanity

So the date has changed. Apparently even though I paid 2,500.00 dollars to lock in February 2 it was never locked in. I got a long ass explanation about why it wasn't booked. >:(
I have insisted that I get my invoice with the surgery information in it. I did get one but only with the amount that was paid and the date of the surgery, it didn't state the doctor's name... so before I pay this off i'm making sure everything is on paper.
My new date is February 10th. I wanted to spend Valentines day at home but I guess that won't be happening. :(
I have also booked to stay at the Recovery House. I'm doing this on my own and I know I'm going to need all the help I can get. We will see how things carry on from now until February.

I'm having second thoughts on keeping my consult with Dr. Jimmerson. Some days I decide to stay with Dr. Fisher and just plan for surgery with him and some days I just love the way Dr. Jimmerson sculptures the booty that makes me second doubt going to Vanity.

Don't Schedule with Dr. Jimmerson

This is ridiculous I called to cancel my consult with Dr. Jimmerson and they are telling me that the 100 dollar consult fee is not going to be refunded. You mean to tell me that you are charging me $100 dollars no matter if I see the doctor or not?? I was never told that! Blood sucking leeches!! I'm disputing this with my credit card company. This is ridiculous!

Booked my flight.

I spoke to Isa this morning and she was so helpful. She stayed on the phone with med for more than 20 mins answering all my questions. That helps a lot. I was feeling a little unease about Vanity but so far my coordinator has been great. I'm able to call her and she always picks up her cell phone. If for any reason she can't talk at the moment she always calls me back. I talked to her about surgery and what to expect after. She mentioned that for a $100 dollars you can have one of the nurses come to the RH to the the post op appointment. I really liked that and paying 100 dollars for them to come to me instead of me going over there in pain is all worth it. I will be seeing Dr. Fisher the day before I come back home to get drains removed. I pray to God all goes well.
Being such a planner that I am I decided to start planning for my surgery.
So I just booked my flights :) It may be early but I figured I would get a good deal If I buy them now. I will be staying in Miami from Feb 9th to Feb 15th God willing everything goes well. I will also be staying at Vanity's Recovery House. I don't mind it being a barn house lol I know how recovery is and I don't care to be around too many people. As long as I have my nurse I can be secluded :)
Oh and before I forget I have started buying a few supplies online. I ordered two Fajas on ebay and 2 lipo foams.
This is so exciting. Just hope that my family survives without me for a week.
Well thats all for now. Gob bless all you ladies!

How much cc's of fat can Dr. Fisher give you?

I was told that the max fat that Dr. Fisher can take out is 1 Lt. Sooooo does that mean that he can only inject 500 cc's of fat in each butt chick, given that there is 1,000 cc's in a Lt?? I don't think 500 cc's is much. Oh boy :( Does anybody know about this?

Date is getting closer...

I have 4 more weeks to go and it feels so unreal. I'm so nervous and excited.
. My first coordinator was Isa but she no longer works there. Now I'm dealing with Anna and let me tell you I miss Isa!!
So my new coordinator is Anna. I first spoke to her on Dec 24th and they were having a promotion so I added 3 more areas of lipo (chin, back of thighs and arms) for $1,000 dollars more. I just don't think I may have enough fat and those are my problem areas.
I will no longer be staying at Vanity RH. My significant other will be coming with me and I just don't see the need plus too many negative reviews. We are going to be staying at the Marriott near the airport. I had originally put down 500.00 dollars toward Vanity RH so when I first requested my refund via email, my new coordinator (Anna) tried to tell me that the $500 dollars would go towards other expenses like lipo foam, faja, ab board and massages. I replied back to her letting her know that I have purchased all my supplies and that I will be going somewhere else for my massages. I never heard back from her so I waited two days and still no response. So I emailed her once again asking her when should I expect my refund and that I did expected it as quick as it took her to process my payment. Once again I didn't get a response but the next morning I received my full refund but until no she has not tried to contact me.
Anyways I will be going to get my labs this week and hopefully I won't have any issues with Vanity getting my results.
I have also started packing lol and I'm just waiting on my buddy pillow and my back scratcher to come in the mail.
Well thats all I have for now. I will keep you ladies posted. :)

Blood work

I had my blood work done today. The nurse said they should have my results by Tuesday.
This is the blood work that was ordered CBC, CMP, PT/PTT/INR, HCG and HIV.
I have been eating a lot of green vegetables, specially spinach. I have also been taking iron vitamins just in case. I had blood work done back in August and my hemoglobin was at 12.3 and from what I've been reading, it seems that Dr. Fisher won't do surgery on you if your hemoglobin is less than 12. to keep things safe I added the iron vitamins. I should know by this time next week what the results are. will keep you girls posted.

Blood Work

I just got a call from my doctor's office letting me know that all my blood work came back normal and that i'm clear for surgery. I have since emailed Anna to confirm that she got the results. I'm waiting to hear back from her. I did asked what my hemoglobin level was and the nurse told it was at 13.8 which makes me very happy. :) Oh yeah, and my mom is thinking of getting a bbl done too. If she does I have told I will be caring for her so she doesn't need to worry about after care. I'm not a nurse but I did worked as a medical assistant for years so I know a thing or two :) This is so exciting!

Some pics

I have two more weeks two go and I'm so nervous. I'm in the east coast and one of my fears is how the weather is going to be. We tend to get a lot of snow during Feb. I'm hoping mother nature will work on my favor. I'm also still waiting for Yiselle to call me regarding my labs. I've been cleared by my doctor but I just need Vanity to confirm that labs are good. This feels so unreal as the day approaches but everything is booked.
I'm posting a pic of me completing two rounds of insanity (before my weight gain) and two pics I took today.


I just spoke to Giselle on the phone and she got my labs and everything looks good. so I'm clear for surgery. She also asked me a few medical questions, height and weight, how many surgeries have i had, how many kids, how many pregnancies and what meds i'm on or have taken in the past month or so. After we spoke about my medical history, I asked her to go through everything that was included on my price. She confirm all in list was accurate.

The total is $5,000 this includes the following:
1. Liposuction and LIpo-sculpture of your whole abdomen.
2. Liposuction and Lipo-sculpture of your sides
3. Liposcution and Lipo-sculpture of your flanks
4. Liposuction and Lipo-sculpture of your entire back
5. Liposcution and Lipo-sculpture of your bran line
6. fat graphing to your butt and hips
7. Full panel blood work
8. Consultation
9. Follow up visits
10. Surgery complements
11. All taxes
I added arms, chin and back of thighs for $1,000 more
I also asked her what determined my surgery time and she said Dr. Fisher picks out the time for each patient and it depends on your age, weight, medical history and/or current medical conditions. She did say she would put in a request so that I can be one of his first patients but he makes the final decision. She was very nice on the phone also told me that If I have any more questions or concerns to feel free to contact her.
Thats all for now. I will keep you dolls updated.

Vedette 929 Medium size 36

This garment is so hard to put on! its so effin tight. I don't know if I'm going to need a bigger one after surgery with all that swelling or if I'm going to need a smaller one after all the lipo lol. Either way I bought a med, small and x small just in case.

The Booty Buddy

I was packing last night and decided to test out the Booty Buddy. So far it seems as if it'll do the trick. Its like a thick block of foam. I like it because its not too big and I'm definitely bringing it specially for my flight home. I paid $69 dollars ( before taxes and shipping) back in December. I will write a review after surgery to let you dolls know if its worth it.

In miami :)

In vanity having my pre-op today. I'm also staying win Moni from New Body Recovery House. At the last minute hubby couldn't make it. I'm truly blessed and thankful to have been able to book with Moni. She is so nice and very informative.
I will update in more details later.

Surgery day!!

In vanity about to have surgery. Met Peter the anesthesiologist :) he is something else ain't he lol.
Waiting for Dr. Fisher and off I go

I'm a Fisher doll

I'm in a lot of pain but made it. will update later. But I must say I wouldn't have been able to do this without Moni. I'm serious guys this surgery is not easy please have some to care for you after your surgery. You will not be able to do this alone. Moni has arcomar es me like no other and I'm very picky but she's angel! She has been monitoring me none stop. When she has to pick up things for us, not once did she leave us alone . She had an aid stay with us which was so caring and attentive. I feel like I'm in a homey hospital. Staying here was the best decision. Ok back to bed I go.
P.s. I know yall want to see some pics :) here they are

1 day post-op

Feeling very stiff. The pain is tolerable. I can no longer take the perquecets every time I took it it would make me sick. I'm just taking Tylenol and I'm able to eat with it.

Pics at vanity

pics from vanity

Post op day 2

Post op day 3

Feeling better today. I was able to use the bathroom finally!
im also able to put on and take off my faja on my own. It's hard but manageable.
I am really hoping for this butt to go down. It's huge! I saw Dr. Fisher
Yesterday and he said he was actually surprised to have found the fat that he did. He didn't have my chart with him to tell me how much he put in but he said it was about 1,000 cc's of fat in each butt chic. Lol I'm happy about that but geez I really want this bootey to go down. I also know it's too early but we will see. Im also very happy with the lipo on my tommy. I did have a tummy tuck back in 2006 which has helped. Dr. Fisher was impressed wih my TT and wanted to know who had done. He said I scar well because you can't even see the TT inscision. I do have stretch marks on my belly from my last pregnancy ( 1 yr ago) and I didn't want to post pics but i will post pictures of my belly. Girls don't get scare wih what you are about to see :)

Post op day 4

Feeling so so Today. Lots of drama going on back home and I just really can't deal with that.
Besides that I had No fever today. I went to vanity and got drain and stitches removed. It wasn't painful. I've been having Moni do my massages and boy is she great. I was told no massages for ten days after getting my drain removed. I feel so good is out lol just hoping i didn't take it out too soon but I'm going back home so I had to. Hubby is coming tonight and we will be staying at the trump hotel in doral. I'm sad to leave the girls here ( hourglassdiva and maryvetteortis) . We have helped and supported each other which makes recovery much easier he bond has been great ;) and Moni is angel she has taken care of us like no one ever has at least for me she's been there round the clock making sure we have everything we need. Also has a lady that helps out and let me tell she cooks amaizing! Everything we have ate has been healthy and that is key for me. I couldn't tell you enough. I can go on and on about how caring she is but That would take forever. :) here are some pics from earlier this morning.

I'm home :)

Day 5 was a little better. Left rh a day early, hubby came for me.
Day 6, yesterday i got home. My flight was a success. I requested a wheel chair so I had no problems getting round. Miami international is a big a airport, no way I was walking. I used my booty buddy pillow on the wheel chair and it worked great. My butt never touched a thing. It was flowing up on the air. I also went and got something to eat before we boarded and used it on a regular chair and no problems there. We did get firat class tickets and it worked great for us. We told the flight attendant that I just had surgery and would be standing when sit belt sign was off. They were very accommodating and attentive the entire flight. I used 3 pillows total. Here are some pics. Some are unclear but again my butt never touched the seat.

1 week post op

Feeling much better today. I'm no longer draining. My tummy is so flat and I don't feel any lumps. I started putting a little marble ball in my belly button because it was disappearing lolmy sides have began to form better. I taped two foams to cover my entire torso area since day one so I think it has worked beautifully. I also made a triangle out of foam to go on top of the one I got at vanity. It's working great specially now that the faja is a bit loose around my lower ab. The pain on my ribs is gone. My Inscions were hidden on my breast lift scar which I'm thankful for. Also he put my drain right on my TT scar, more credit for the Bbl King. My back is getting thinner and thinner day by day along with my arms. My chin and my face are thinking out too and I'm not as bruised on my neck as I was before. Now my butt is still hard lol but I'm in love! Yes girls I'm in love with my butt. :) I know there's lots of swelling but this is the shape I wanted. I believe dr. Fisher has delivered however, gotta be realistic and I know I'm still recovering and this are not the final results, until then I can't really say much about my surgeon. But so far everything looks better than I expected. :)

Post op day 8

Woke up stiff. Decided to take an early shower to see if it helps with soreness. here are some pics. its hard to take pictures. Dr. Fisher lipoed the heck out of my torso. He even lipoed around the bottom of my breast area, giving my boobs a lift. I don't know exactly what he did but Im happy he did because they are so perky now. I was considering a touch up on my breast lift but not anymore. Now i'm so happy with my boobs too :)

This is for Wanna_big_booty and all other messages I've received about surgery day-

Hi sweetie. My scheduled surgery was at 6:00 am and when I first got there nobody was there yet but we only had to wait 5 mins and then the or nurse came and opened the door. Because it was so early the staff hadn't gotten there yet so the nurse just took me back. I didn't have to wait at all. When I was taken back I was given a cup to pee in, change of clothe ( compression socks, rob and a hair cover up) and also a bag for my belongings. Once I changed nurse came back to take pictures, lots of them. Right afte photos Peter, the anesthisiologyst came in and talked to me about the surgery and also asked medical questions. He is very flirtations but respectful. Once he had finished asking me questions dr. Fisher came in. He first said " ok you are 31 but look 16 and asked I f I had Botox done lol then we talked about my body and expectations. He said he didn't think I had enough fat and he would normally tell me to go home and gain 20 pounds but because I had a nice frame to work with and I did have some butt that I would be please with my results. He also took a lot of pictures. Once he was done we went through my wish pics. He likes wish pics try to print them out and bring them with you. I forgot my folder with my photos but I also had them in my phone and was able to show him what I wanted. He was very honest. I first I felt him a bit arrogant because of the way he said he would send me home cause I didn't have enough fat but them as I spoke to him a bit more he was very nice and honest. Before I could point out the things I needed he was on top of it. He is an artist and new exactly what I needed. I know a lot of girls think he doesn't cover dents but that's the first thing he marked when he got to my butt lol I have also heard he does many surgery a day but I was told he is only to do 3 bbls a day so wether that is true or not ONLY HE and STAFF know that. Ok so back to right before surgery, so after him marking me I was taken to the OR which was freezing by the way. They had me lay on the table and last thing I remember was Peter injecting something on my iv. When I woke up I was on my butt!! I immediately told them to get me off my butt now! Lol I was not a nice person when waking up from surgery (sorry nurses) anyhow I passed out right after my demand and when I woke up again I had my faja on and I was in my tummy. I was so cd I started screaming at the nurse for my socks and blanket again I'm sorry nurses. I remember she put on two blankets on top of me and a tube blowing warm air but when another patient came out they took the top blanket from me to use on the patient hat had just come out of surgery. I was furious lol and hen I started getting sick smh like exorcist sick beware girls it happens. I also realize I didn't have my chin strap on and when I asked they said I never paid for it which was correct but I told them I needed my chin strap asap! or they needed to call dr. Fisher that needed to speak to him. Like really?im not going to pay you when I have to be coming in for follow ups? Anyways and then there was the part were the nurse tried to put my arm garment on and it was so damn tight. She tried to put it on anyways and got blood on it. I told her to go get me a larger size, Because I refused to wear the one she tried to force me into and she did. I also remember them calling Moni to come get me lol nurses really wanted me out of there. When Moni came in she had my chin strap. I also made sure to pee pee before leaving lol I didn't want to be miserable on our way home. The ride to Moni's was pleasant. She made us lunch bags with goodies for right after surgery and she was very careful driving. She has a van and a mattress where we laid on comfortably.
The following day I had to go in and didn't see dr. Fisher. I think we waited less than 5 mins before we got called. His nurse (not Juliet) checked my vitals and before she tried to get my faja down I stopped her :) I told her I would do it. I know how much pain I can tolerate and I wasn't going to let anyone hurt me lol she laughed and agreed. I got my faja down and she looked at it and that was pretty much it. I also asked her to change my pain meds to Tylenol 3 and she did.
Thursday that week I went in to see Dr. Fiaher because he wasn't going to be there that Friday. Now this was the worse for me. I was told to be there before 5 that he would have to see me in between surgeries. So I got here at 4:45 and he was still in surgery. Long story short I waited until 6:15! Around 5:30 I told the nurse I was going to faint and they immediately put me in a room. The nurse was very attentive and was so sweet. Asked if I needed anything to please let her know. She also made sure that as soon as dr. Fisher was done that I would be the first one to be seen. So when I heard dr. Fisher going down the hall after surgery I didn't hesitate to get off the table and chase him down the hall lol he said I'm coming, I know you see there. As nice and comic he was I wasn't having it. I had waited a long time and I was not a happy camper. He kept apologizing for making me wait so long and said he's trying to make his post op appointments work better. That's when he said he was surprise on the amount of fat I had. He said he didn't know exactly how much he put but it wasn't any less than 1000 cc on each side, he also went over the dos and don'ts . He asked me to come in in sat to get drain removed and off I went. Sat came and I didn't have to wait long, I saw Juliet, she removed drain and stitches and off I went. By the way I just had to ask when she was going to get her butt done specially being dr. Fishers assistant I would have expected her to have a nice booty and Plus I didnt like her. She shouldn't be in the medical field. She belongs in the military. She has no bedside manners and I don't care for people like her. Of course I asked her this after she removed everything :) I know she's a rough beotch.
So, yes vanity staff suck, not all them but some are just careless. Would I pick dr. Fisher again to do my surgery? YES YES YES dealing with vanity is worth my results. I've been to doctors in Maryland that are just simply the most professional and have the sweetest staff but that doesnt mean anything of the work ain't done the way I want. I believe dr. Fisher is the youngest of all the doctors in vanity and he is upbeat and passionate. I believe his at his prime and has the energy to do what he does. He may not be the best on post op but to me he has given me more than expected. I knew I was going to have to deal with vanity unprofessionalism but Im all about RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS and to me dr. Fisher is a true artist.
Hope this helps. I apologize for any grammar errors. I'm still on my pain killers and I'm tired.

more pics!

so here i am about to take a shower. I'm still feeling sore and stiff but much better than yesterday. My arms are much smaller but they are very bruise and swollen still. My chin is thinning out day by day. also, around my chin area it feels like little balls. Dr. Fisher said it was normal and to just massage area. Oh! and I've been trying to get the ink marks off but nothing works for me, not even alcohol wipes plus its hard to reach back there lol. the ink marks you see are the dents he marked to fill in :)

more pics

so i'm feeling way better today. Night times are not so great. The most I sleep is 4 hours and then my body just needs to change position. I also have to be stretching out my arms, they tend to fall asleep. I don't know if its just me but I think my butt has shrink a little lol my 14 year old son doesn't know about my bbl, i only told him I got back lipo. so the day after I got home he said to me, " mom all that lipo on your back has really done something to your butt because its kinda poking out a little and it looks a lot bigger" Oh lawd!! in my head i was like earth swallow me now! lol my poor baby, didn't want to lie to him but I just had to agree with him at the moment. So today I asked him if he though it still looked big and he said, nah not as big as when you got here :-/ lol i know i shouldn't be asking him but you see I know my son and who better to give me an honest answer. but now i'm like oh no my butt is gone? shat!! but I know its still there lol. Theres no way I'm doing round 3 lol I guess I'm just going to have to be patient and see what happens. Happy sunday girls

Vanity follow up call

Priscilla from Vanity just called to check up on me. She was very nice on the phone. She also took down questions I had for Dr. Fisher. She sounds very professional and is fluent in English. I was a bit surprised but I'm glad she called. I've read a few reviews about patients not being able to get in touch with the clinic after having surgery and for me has been the opposite. I requested my medical records and Maria from that department has been prompt and very helpful. I've been able to get in touch with her each time Ive called. For those of you requesting medical records, vanity charges 1 dollar per the first 25 pages and then 25-35 cents for every other. They also charge 5 dollars per photos. They will email you the info. I was given this information on the phone. I'm waiting for an email confirming all this. Once I receive it I will confirm the fees. Oh! and If you just need to know how many cc's you got than there is no charge just one week of wait time, they will email you the info.

Massage tomorrow!

So I found a lady near my house that does lymphatic massages. Apparently she is very aware of people going to Miami for surgery. She was very nice and informative on the phone. She said she will need about 90 minutes for the first massage and then go from there. I'm so happy I can't sleep lol. My body needs this. As sore as I felt when I got my massages, it is so rewarding afterwards. At least for me, I felt great, less bloating and super relaxed its hard to explain because at first its anything but pain lol anyway those of you that have gotten them done know what i'm talking about :) I will post and let you girls know how it goes. Took some pictures earlier today for those who have asked me to post more. :) xoxo!


So I did have the hubby try to massage me but unfortunately his massage was turning tantric lol so I had to find a professional lady to do them for me. I had my appointment this morning :) yay! it was wonderful I feel like I can conquer the world now lol the lady was so good. she was gentle and explained that there are 3 techniques used for lymphatic massages. She said there is no reason why the massage should hurt. She said lymph notes are right below our skin and if you massage too deep you are massage the muscle. She also said 90% of her patients have gone to Miami to get work done and many of them are men lol I was a bit surprised on that one! She was also very impressed with my results. She said she can tell that my surgeon is excellent based on my scaring and the amount of swelling I have. She did point out a hard spot on my tummy that I really hadn't paid attention to, she massaged it and it actually feels softer. I was also concern about having any seromas and not being able to see them specially on my back, she assure me I didn't have any. Right after she was done off to the potty I went lol Oh, and she did advice to take the arnica vitamins. Anyway the massage was for 75 minutes and I paid 95$ dollars for it. I'm in love with the place. I'm glad I found it so close to my house, about 5 mins away in car. I just don't know how many more massages I should get or how often I should get them. Any advice would be greatly appreciate it!
Quick thing about appetite... Because of all the crap we have to wear under the garment I can only eat very little but I'm eating every 2 hours! I don't know about other ladies after surgery but I'm just freaking really hungry all the time lol. I didn't want to stress myself on eating super healthy after surgery because I believe sometimes we crave food that our bodies need. Being latin a crave home made spanish dishes lol and they are high in carbs, yes I know its not the healthiest but I decided that I will eat whatever I want the first 3 weeks after surgery regardless lol :) then back to eating healthier. :P

This is for Cassaundra and anybody wondering about supplies :)

OK well this is what I would recommend having and I have also listed a few things that I took with me.

2 garments ( I took 3 only used only 2)

at least 2 pairs of compression socks and 4 pair of regular one. I wore my regular socks on top of my compression socks, compression socks are thin so this way I kept my feet warm. Vanity wants to charge 40 dollars for compression socks- ripoff! You will be given a free pair on surgery day but they will get iodine and blood stains all over them. I'm thankful that one of my roomies, a Hasan doll, Ms. MaryvetteOrtiz was kind enough to give me a pair :)

foam I bought on ebay, Epi-foam - Liposuction Compression Foam - Liposuction Recovery - 1 Wrap this foam is bit pricey but it wraps all around my torso, I even cup it to fit my breast and my butt (looks like a foam corset) it also has a sticky side that sticks to your garment.

Also bought the foam sheets which I had to tape with medical tape to make the best use of it. It kept coming off so it didn't last long for me.

ab board, I have two, one shaped like a kidney and another one that is round and black.

white tank tops.( for under foam) try to get 100% cotton, your skin will be irritated. also get the ones with less stitching, prevents from getting more marks on your body. If you are getting arm lipo try to find shirts with long sleeves ( garment for arms ends right on elbow and can cause skin burns.

Maxi dresses, depending how long you'll stay. I would recommend at least 4

Xl pants, I took 2 flannel pj pants. My temperature fluctuated from cold to hot.

Robe and slippers, I used my Ugg's sleepers which I also traveled with.

a pair of flip flops. I didn't use them much, hard to use with compression socks.

Urinal- it will help the first 3 days

Pillows. I tools the buddy booty pillow, a boopy pillow, neck pillow and a toddler foam pillow. You will need them if you are traveling.

Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher- Ms. Hourglassdiva, a Hasan doll, recommended this and it was very useful. You can pick up things and reach things with it. you will be on your belly so the first couple of days are hard to move around. This was very helpful.

Reusable Underpad Machine Washable Dryable Waterproof Extra-absorbent this was soft and great for the first week when you are draining. I also had the blue disposable ones but they are hard to sleep on.

Vitamins, Bromeline ( courtesy of Ms. Hourglassdiva ) took 1 a day , iron is a must (took 2 a day) Arnica vitamins ( I didn't have them but I heard they work wonders)
laxative, prume juice and Miralax ( again, curtesy of Ms. Hourglassdiva) I didn't take any of this but should have.
Meds, tylenol extra strength ( no Ibuprofen) Sometime you won't get your prescription until day of surgery so if you have any pain meds bring them just in case. Dr. Fisher prescribes Percocets for his patients ( too strong for me ) He was able to give me a prescription for Tylenol 3. Pain meds are to be taken as needed, I took them every 4 hours just for the first week and then I've had to take a pill before going bed. Helps me sleep better.

I also took aquaphor, arnica gel, and coco butter. You will find that your skin will get extra dry so any moisturizer will be soothing just had to make sure not to get any on my in scissions.

Toilettes, dial antibacterial soap ( orange one) was the only soap I used, baby wipes, Olay makeup remover wipes ( didn't use much make up but it helps with keeping face fresh and clean :) *electronic tooth brush was great ( specially if you are getting arms lipo) I also took some argan oil and boisilk oil for my hair ( if you are getting your chin done this will prevent from getting your hair knotted on the chin strap. I also have to keep my hair on ponytail because of the chin strap so bring hair ties.
Gauzes and medical tape. I would also take a thermometer to check temp every so often for the first couple of days.
If you are flying in and checkin in your bags, I would take scissors too ( can't bring them on carry-on). I used them a lot to cut foam and such.

I also traveled to and back with sweat pants and a hoody. I really didn't want to take much. Everybody has different needs and wants. This is just what worked for me.

Hope this helps!

P.s. I'm posting pics of booty pillow. It has a zipper so I was able to open up and see what its made of. I'm also including two pics of the foam I cut up to fit my body.

17 days post-op

Hi girls! went out last night to a bar for just 2 hours. It was fun but I'm not ready for that yet. Anyway I just had to get out of the house. I was able to wear a dress with my garment underneath but no foam, ab board or compression socks. Gladly I didn't notice any swelling when I got home. Ended up wearing the burgundy dress, nothing else fits.

1 month post-op tomorrow.

Hi girls :)
I'm doing much better. the soreness and stiffness gets better everyday. I am now able to sleep better at nights too.
I have also been getting massages twice a week and they have helped so much. I'm still swollen though specially on my upper back. Dr. Fisher said the upper back takes longer to heal and takes longer for the swelling to go down.
I haven't gone out again and I'm still not sitting lol, even though I was told by Dr. Fisher I could after 2 weeks post-op. I'm also still wearing the foams and garment, Vanity said I could stop 1 month post-op but I'm going to go as long as I can :)
My appetite has decreased. I'm not dieting or plan to but I have started eating smaller portions and much more veggies.
My measurements as in today are 27 and 42 1/2 The butt is huge lol The pictures don't really show what it is. Here are some pics :)

6 week post op

Hi girls. I know I've been mia... I'm back working and have been busy. I'm just trying to get back to routine.
I'm feeling almost 100% myself. I'm still swollen but not as much, some days more than others. I'm still using my garment at all times. I started using my waist cincher because my garment is loose now but i don't sleep on it. I have also started sitting for a few minutes per day lol I still don't want to sit. Other than that things are going great! Oh yes, the attention you get after surgery is unbelievable :)

Took some pics today.

Before pics- Yikes! lol

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