BBL with Dr Fisher 10/13/2016 - Miami, FL

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I'm 36 years old 5'6 189lbs bmi is 30. Ever since...

I'm 36 years old 5'6 189lbs bmi is 30. Ever since I can remember I was never happy with my body. I always would find things to complain about my body. After having 2 pregnancies back to back my body is the worst it's ever been. I gained so much weight during my pregnancies and then lost a lot of weight after labor and breast feeding. But it's not enough. I have a horrible pouch that sags no waist whatsoever and my once young ass doesn't look so hot anymore. I have always contemplated getting plastic but was too scared, nervous and/or broke! Finally! My husband supports my decision in getting the BBL and urges me to go through with it if it will make me happy! I was referred to Dr Fisher at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami by a family member. I filled out my name and contact info on their website and the next thing I know I'm getting a call from my new rep! Regla Gil who has been very nice and quick in returning my calls/ emails. And within 24hours I paid my surgery in full $5500 and secured my date of Oct 13,2016 with Dr Fisher. I was so nervous when I had to send her my ugly body pictures (since I'm from out of town we did consult by phone and email) but she was so nice and assured me I would have a flat tummy!! I am sold! Lol!! I have been doing research and learning everything I can about the Brazilian butt lift. I have joined an anonymous all woman's group on Instagram and have found great support and advice from lots of different women who come in all shapes and sizes. I am getting more and more excited to get this procedure done! I've also done a lot of looking into the recovery houses and have booked 3 nights with Curvy Angels Recovery Care. I chose them for a lot of reasons but mainly because they are associated with Vanity and mybodycontour305. I understand the surgery may not give me immediate results and that massages and wearing your garments are very important for best post sx results, in addition to light exercise. Ive heard a lot of great things about my body contour and wanted to stick with what others were giving great reviews about!


I started taking vitamins a few weeks ago. It's a must to get our bodies prepared before and after surgery. Vitamin C Super B complex Biotin Folic Acid and Iron supplements (not pictured) also Hema Plex

Supplies supplies supplies!

Bought a few supplies from eBay Amazon and Walmart. Most offered free shipping except Amazon but overall was worth it.

Got my bbl pillow!

It's so sleek and discreet. I already love it!

Cell saver

Got an email from the pre op dept about cell saver. Any thoughts or opinions on this?

Medical questionnaire from pre op dept

Got the email from pre op about a week ago. So excited! I thought I would share the email in case anyone wants to see what they ask and what they want to know. I hope the pictures are good enough for you to see the questions.

So nervous

I've been really nervous about the surgery lately. I've been reading about some dolls who past away because of complications and then some girl even went out of her way to contact me aggressively on IG to try and talk me out of going with Dr Fisher. I started second guessing the decision I made but there's no turning back now. My flights are booked I'm taking my toddlers with me and they are staying at my moms while I get the surgery. I have my massages booked and the recovery house booked and it's all non refundable. I can't turn back or change doctors now. I spoke to the owners at mybodycontour and curvy angels and their opinions matter more to me than one girl on Instagram. These professionals see patients all the time and they get a lot of dr fisher dolls and they say mostly ALL the dolls are very satisfied with their surgery.

Lab results haven't cleared yet

I'm so scared! My lab results haven't cleared yet! I'm about 2 weeks away from surgery and Anna from Vanity pre op is so nice but each time she calls me I get so nervous. She sent me back to get my blood work done twice because something came back abnormal and I'm just so nervous! I spent so much money on the surgery flights recovery house and even my massages. I pray everything goes well. I hope to hear something from them soon!

Pre op pics

Truth... my pre op pics. Couldn't hate myself more than I do right now. I hate my body. I really want this surgery more than anything in the whole world right now. Please God let my lab results come back ok

Surgery cancelled

My surgery has been cancelled because of abnormal lab results. My alt enzymes are too high and no doctor can clear me on time for my surgery oct 13. I need more time to be treated etc. I am very upset I took down my pre op photos. Maybe in the future I can try this again but right now I yet have to focus on getting myself better. Good luck to all of you getting surgery. Take care.

Surgery is back on!

I flew down to Ft Lauderdale with my kids as planned even after my surgery was cancelled because I have family here. Anyways thanks to my caring mother she found a local doctor who saw me quickly and we did more blood work and an ultra sound on my liver and everything turned out to be ok!! He cleared me for surgery! I got a new date of October 27th and I rescheduled my recovery house and post op care all with no difficulty whatsoever. Everyone has been super nice! I lost out on my return flights home through spirits airlines but they were cheap anyways and I just booked new flights to go home (ATL) on Nov 8th. So now I'm just waiting patiently for Dr Fisher to clear me on his side! 5 days until surgery! Flat belly and juicy booty here I come!

5 days and counting!

I Feel Transformed!

Finally I got my BBL! I'm recovering slowly and nicely and it was worth every penny. Would I do it again? No way! The pain was definitely the worst I've ever felt even worse than having 2 kids vaginally but only because that pain goes away as soon as the baby is born a couple days later you are discharged and that's that. The pain of the BBL lasts for atleast 3-4 days sometimes more for for others. I can't imagine doing it without any pain medicine.

Let me go back first and say this has been a long journey for me. I flew down with my 2 toddlers ages 2&4 and stayed at my moms house for a few days. I was supposed to have surgery on Oct 10 but my labs came back abnormal and dr Fisher would not clear me so I flew down from ATL anyways and I found a PCP close to my moms house in ft laud and he ran some more tests on me including ultra sound of my liver and everything came back negative and he cleared me for surgery! Well dr Fisher went on vacation for a week and I had to reschedule my sx date for oct 27 but dr Fisher wasn't in town to clear me. I had to wait up until the day before surgery to finally be cleared and I drove straight over to vanity now eres for my pre op appt. it was a bunch of signing papers and I didn't see dr Fisher himself and I was not expecting to either. I read a lot of reviews about Fisher not being available in person too much or at all until day of surgery itself. So I was prepared and knew what to expect. I went to Fisher because he does great work and I knew he would deliver! They gave me a time of 1:30 for surgery on oct 27. I took an uber and got there a little late it they took me back right away to start getting ready for operation. I changed into a gown compression socks covers for my feet and a nice paper hat. A nurse came in and took my nude photos and then I waited. And waited. For what seemed like forever. Finally around 3pm Fisher came inside and he was totally cool and easy going. We spent atleast 30-40min talking and he told me exactly what to expect after surgery. He told me it going to be painful. He told me my neck pains would be worse after surgery and he was right. It was. I asked him a lot of questions about lipo burns and the total amount of fat I wanted taken out. I told him I want the maximum allowed by law all 4000ccs and I showed him a couple wish pics. I told him I like the heart shape booty with a slope and to go as big as he wanted. And he did!! He gave me back 1800ccs on each side!!!! Yes I have a big butt and I cannot lie! Anyways! I went in to sx about 4pm and didn't wake up until about 8:30pm. He told me surgery was about 2 hrs so I imagine I slept for a couple hours. I woke up on my back in the worst pain I ever felt in my entire life. I've never been hit by a bus or beat up by 20 people with a bat but that's what I felt like. I turned myself over slowly on to my stomach and asked the nurse for water. My throats was dry and aching for water and I was hungry! She told me "no not yet mami" and a few minutes later she was rolling me out on a wheelchair to meet my recovery nurse. I never saw dr Fisher again. Not even for post op. So I was greeted by Vanessa at curvy angels recovery care and I don't remember the drive too much except that I laid down in my belly in her back seat and the drive wasn't long. I slowly walked inside the house and was greeted by her staff and a couple other dolls who had not done their sx yet. They immediately welcomed me and my new ass! The staff was amazing!!! They checked up on me throughout the entire night. They gave me antibiotics and pain medicine on time. Gatorade and water constantly were available immediately upon request. 3 meals a day and snacks. They bathed me and washed my hair and helped me urinate when I couldn't do any of it. I'm so grateful to have stayed there and to have had them with me. They took me to all my appointments. I stayed with them for 5 days and I had 9 post op massages booked with my body contour 305. I believe without Fisher and the help of my body contour I could have never achieved my new figure. I am not perfect and I still have my "mommy" scars but I am fine with that! My waist feels snatched and is still getting smaller every day. My hips are beautifully round and my ass is beautiful! I have the hourglass I've always wanted and my belly is almost flat without ever having a tummy tuck. I would say I'm looking pretty good! Way better than before! After a month long stay at my moms we finally flew back and I'm continuing my after care with self massages and compression. I am currently using a tank then compri foam and an ace bandage wrapped around my mid and lower sections. Then I wear my ab board and lumbar molder then my faja. I try to walk around a lot and I'm back to my daily routine cooking and cleaning up after my kids. Oh yea I can't forgot the BBL pillow! I used that a lot to sit down to eat and on the flight back home. I also use it in the car to sit in the passenger side. I'm still not driving and I haven't sat down directly on my butt at all. When I use the bathroom I lean forward on my thighs and that seems to work for me perfectly. Banks for reading my review and my journey xo

Before pics 1 day post and 8 days post

Will try to update more as I progress! Thanks everyone for the love xo

4 weeks post op

Bruising is finally almost completely gone

Before and after

Here's some before and after pics. I can't believe how much has changed! I'm loving my new results! I walk every other day for about 2 miles and I do watch what I eat. More veggies and fruits less carbs. Dr fisher said I should lose some weight and go back for a tummy tuck if I want to have a really flat tummy. I'm ok for now with my stretch marks and some loose skin. I'm really afraid of doing a tummy tuck and I'm trying to avoid that. I do self massages every other day with a wooden roller and collagen cream. I wear my foam with ace bandages and ab boards and faja 24/7 except to shower and wash the faja of course. I know I still have to maintain myself and I plan on it! I didn't spend over $6k to go back to the way I was. I never want to be like that ever again!

Back view before and after photos

I'm now considering doing a TT

I am now starting to consider doing a Tummy Tuck in Mia with Dr. Blinski. It's still in the works but I'm thinking maybe next year 2018...

6mo post bbl update

I'm a little over 6 months post now and I feel good! I work a lot sitting down so that still hurts when I sit for too long periods of time and I try to stand up as much as I can. I also walk as often as possible and going uphill really makes the bottom of the butt sore and it's like a toning kind of soreness so I'm hoping it will make my butt bigger! :-) I have been getting a lot of attention from men and women. Something about that specific body part that both sexes seem to be attracted to! My butt is totally soft now and jiggles like a normal real ass does. At first it was really hard but now it's soft To the touch and sometimes it gets sore on rainy days or if my husband gets too rough with it :-) he can't keep his hands off me!! So the o my thing I'm not happy about is the front of my belly. I still have a lot of sagging skin and now I really want a tt. Dr blinski was so nice and personally responded to my inquiry so quickly that I got excited! I called his office and gave the secretary my information and even my bank card number. She told me that it would not be charged until I received an email containing a packet and cc authorization form and that I Nikita sign and send back. It's been over 2 weeks and I haven't received anything! No email no call and no cc auth form and now I found a local doctor in my area of Columbus GA that does amazing tummy tucks! So I'm having second thoughts on Dr B

Please don't stay with Vanessa at curvy angels recovery house.

I feel so stupid for not doing more research on the recovery house I was staying at. Please don't anyone read my review and think it's a good idea to stay with Vanessa at curvy angels recovery house or any of her affiliated houses in Miami. This was posted by a girl I follow on my IG and she has NO REASON to lie. The full story is posted on her page but I want to keep her privacy intact. If anyone has questions let me know. Basically Vanessa William (if that's even her real name) is NOT. A licensed nurse in the state of Florida neither California where she claims. She is a fraud and running an illegal recovery house. I am sorry this girl had to go through all of this and I just don't want anyone else life to be in any danger. Please be cautious when choosing you're doctors and recovery stays. Good luck and happy healing to everyone.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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