BBL with Dr. Alvarez Miami Dec 2016

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Not sure what day in December yet. Will have to be...

Not sure what day in December yet. Will have to be during the winter break. I will be traveling by myself and will probably stay at one of the centers since I need nurse care other than that I wouldn't waste the money on that, but I've wanted for a while now a more ejecting booty & smaller waist

BBL in December

So happy first of the month! Excited to be two months away from my SX with Dr. Alvarez. Just found out my winter break dates 12/8-1/3. So now I can lock the date in. First thing Monday calling my coordinator, Liz to confirm hopefully the director is available

December 20 BBL with Dr. Alvarez Miami

So it's officially the countdown begins can't wait

Recovery House - Miami, Florida

Can anyone recommend a recovery house or perhaps a private in home (outcall) nurse if I just book an Airbnb for my stay. Preferably affordable (less than $1000). I will be landing in Miami, December 19th & my surgery is December 20th + no longer than 5 days

More wish pics

Alvarez or Ghurani

Decisions decisions... I haven't seen much of Sergio Alvarez BBL work. I hear he is great...I've seen a lot of reviews & work Ghurani has done...I have close to about a month left until my Sx to decide

Sergio Alvarez

I think I will just go on ahead with the Doctor I originally planned on having my BBL done by. He is awesome! I've heard great, real testimonies from his patients on Instagram. Whom I've discreetly and respectfully asked their opinion of this doctor and what could be some helpful tips moving forward Dr. Alvarez

Travel Buddy?

Anyone going to spectrum aesthetics December 20th? ????

Miami, Recovery House?

So it's like I will be recovering & relaxing in Miami for Christmas, but the person whom is a nurse won't be able to come w me. Therefore, I will be traveling alone & not trying to spend $1000 on a recovery house. Does anyone know of any cheaper ones for the duration that I have to stay in the area (5 days minimum) or an in home nurse. I wouldn't mind getting an AIRBNB & just pay someone to take care of me.

Pet Peeve

One thing I do not like while people are getting surgeries. Overly obese arms. Snatched waist big ole ass & fat ass arms. I will be getting my arms done or the non invasive fat lipo. After a year of depo (birth control) shots I've gained 20 lbs (in a good way though). Never realized how small I was until looking at photos. I am very big on arms for some odd reason. It just throws me off & it is not an appealing look at all. Sorry, not sorry

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