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Greetings. I have read many of your reviews, been...

Greetings. I have read many of your reviews, been in a few inboxes, and cheered at amazing results. I finally made the decision to invest into me. This has been difficult because i have struggled with what "they may say". Until i realiazed it doesn't matter any more. I have been working on losing weight so far i have lost 35 pounds . I have 30 more to go..not worried because I am determined..also i have my little secret weapon ;)

What has me disturbed is that i have left two messages with vanity for my ps coordinator and have not recieved a call back...not to mention i never recieved the portal link after my deposit..i am scheduled with Dr. Hasan..who is my dream bbl doc. Now with that being said i have called few places in miami doing detective work. Everyone has said the same thing "vanity is not sure if he will be back"...this is stressing me out because i was assured he would be back. I want to pay it in my recovery supplies and be done. My boyfriend has been supportive but has expressed his concern after I told him about hasan emergency leave. He got on my nerves today with the "you don't need to do this talk" i don't plan on discussing it with him anymore. I thought to myself you wont be saying that when i am throwing that booty back and its giggling all over the place..hell i twerk with no cheeks can tell I am going to be too much for him :)

I really don't know if i should just request my money back then try to schedule with duran whose work is great..but not a hasan bubble heart booty which i Loooove.. most of hasan's booties have overall good shape and good amount of booty meat at the bottom :) I would hate to cancel then he returns and I have to pay more and wait longer.... decisions, decisions

Any thoughts are appreciated..also how are you other Hasan dolls coping..April dolls are you hanging in there or not? any back up plans?

Swtiched from HASAN to Cabral

So after many ups and downs during this journey I made my final decision. I feel comfortable with my decision. Lea was my coordinator at vanity. She consistently provided misinformation about Hasan's return. Thanks to my RS dolls I was able to get a refund ...after contacting my CC company to file a dispute.

Next chapter, I have gained all of the weight that i lost back :( So I am back on my journey to losing the weight and making it a lifestyle. Now, I have had my reservations about Cabral as result of the learning about his history of clients dying and being burnt. Therefore, I was team Duran all the way. Until I actually visited Cipla. Yes I decided to do in person visits and consultations. It was a great experience because I was able to see and feel what the office environment was like and I met girls at different stages of their recovery. I also visited a few recovery houses. I have three recovery houses that I am interested in serenity, kindness, and essence recovery homes. I am leaning towards serenity I loved that it was clean, fully staffed, secure, and more of a contemporary style (Condo style high rise). Kindness is more of a traditional (home style) the only thing i didn't like were the flight of stairs to the rooms and AC only in the clients rooms..otherwise it was clean, fully equipped with over sized recliner which most girls mentioned are lifesavers in terms of sleeping/comfort..when you have TT, BBL, and lipo. Not sure if the nurse was on staff but the cook was present. Essence recovery.. one of the Cabral dolls I met stayed there she gave it thumbs up and explained that she did not have to bring any supplies. She also explained that the nurses were experienced in proper after care. Her results were amazing she was 1 week post op at the time which was three weeks ago.

As many have said its important to research doctors that are best for your needs and body type. I am planning to have sx Nov 28 or 29 provided that all goes well. I just got my vitamins today...yay. I have countless pics of me and as the date gets near I will post my befores..and weight loss journey. In my next post I will have pics of my vitamins and a few other products I am using
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