BBL, a Win Win Situation! Beverly Hills.

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Hi there my dear Dolls! I've been thinking of...

Hi there my dear Dolls!
I've been thinking of getting the BBL for about year and a half. After researching here on real self, I have an idea to go with the experience of the Miami surgeon. Of course I have some fear about the surgery, like: its going to hurt like hell, or something goes wrong ... but for the most part I see that majority of the girls are happy. I want to be one of them too. I think I need a little of advice of what to expect after the procedure. What difference do you see in your life after the surgery besides having a nice round butt? So far I think Dr. Fisher is the one. If any of you had the experience with him please let me know how was your impression. Girls! Looking forward to hear from you, and thank you for your support:)
With love

BBL, a Win Win Surgery!

Hello ALL my lovely Dolls!

The time has come for me to become one of you.  First and foremost, huge thank you to all who have posted their BBL journey experiences. Without you... I would be lost.  I've been researching BBL for about 3 years. Going back and forth with my decision whether do it or not... dealing with opinions, morals and my own esthetics views. How many times I have tried to loose weight ??? (SOUNDS FAMILIAR????) Since I remember, I have always struggled with weight... always that extra 7 pounds. No matter what I would do (SOUNDS FAMILIAR????) I cannot get the results I want. I've always wanted nice butt and since I have this very stubborn old fat.... sooo attached to my body, feeling way tooo comfortable, that I thought that maybe just changing its home address would finally satisfy both ends.  Even that I do not know when I will do the surgery and with whom, I at least know, I want to do it!! .. and I know which detractions to take. After the 3 YEARS of research, I narrowed down the location of the surgery to South California. One of the reasons why I focused of South California doctors is because I live in SF Bay Area and it is more convenient. Another reason is because I like the work of SCali doctors. Miami had been in the consideration but there is only one doctor that I would considerate for BBL ... Dr. Miami but apparently he is so busy that he only takes "walk in consultation" ( to mention: the consultation is not guaranteed.) So... thank you very much Dr. Miami, but I am not going to risk flight across the country and stay in Miami for you to say "sorry I don't have time, come in a week". In South California I have followed Dr. Kenneth B. Hughes. He seems super caring and professional. Unfortunately his butts are not the ones for me. So... I've been left with two doctors in SCali: Dr. Hazani and Dr. Dass. Both create amazing results. Now whats left is to choose the one and only "magic butt maker." I'm attaching my current body pictures and in my next post I will share my experience that I have had with both Dr. Hazani and Dr. Dass through phone consultations. I hope I will contribute to some of you as the prior dolls helped me making my decision. Stay happy and keep dreaming :))))

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