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I have been researching Dr's for BBL procedure for...

I have been researching Dr's for BBL procedure for about 2 years now. When I first started searching I was completely sold on Dr. Jimerson. But over the past 2 years his prices have increased tremendously! !!! I know you get what you pay for but I've seen great work for almost $3000 cheaper than him. Lately I have been torn between Dr. Salzhauer and Dr. Omulepu in Miami. Dr. Salzhauer reviews and pictures are Amaze balls lol and Dr. Omulepu videos are informational but no pictures on RS of his work. Everyone is booking for March so I think I'll hold out for a while. .. I need to see some work!

So.... I'm back...

I know it has been about a year I've been on real self... But now I'm back!!!! I have just had so much going on that I put myself (as usual) on the back burner... But that has changed! I refuse to continue to put myself last... I've been wanting this surgery since I had my second and is my LAST child 3 years ago. And 2017 will be my year of transformation... I have narrowed my doctors down to Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Blinski. I was will to sacrifice for Dr.Miami but his prices went up a whole $2k from just LAST June!!!! (Too rich for my blood) to pay $9700 for bbl alone... I am sending the pictures I added to Dr.Ghurani and Dr. Blinski and waiting for a response... I do plan to lose about 30lbs by next year so the maximum 4liters will give me optimum results... We I got my fiancé to taking these pictures... Boy was this an eye opener!!!!! I can't believe I allowed myself to get this far gone. The good in it is it made me realize it's no turning back.. I will take my body back by any means necessary!!!!! My fiancé is the sweetest man.. He tells me he loves me whether I'm huge or small... But he will pay for half of my surgery... We pushed our wedding date back to the beginning of 2018 because I decided to have my surgery next year. My job will not approve FMLA for cosmetic surgery so I have to save enough leave.. This is why I have to wait until about May 2017. Once I get my quotes I will be paying my $500 deposit. I want a BBL with a breast lift and fat transfer to breast... I decided this instead of implants because hey you already are sucking out the fat just stick it in my butt,hips, and boobs and call it a day!(lol) on my way!! It's finally going to be my time.

Becoming impatient

So a week ago I sent requests to Dr Blinski and Dr Ghurani. I heard from Stephanie @ Dr Ghurani office (Spectrum) with a quote of $5800 bbl... I responded with photos and requested a quote with breastlift and implants mommy makeover. I am waiting for the updated quote. I sent the SAME inquiry to Dr. Blinski office and I've heard *crickets* NOTHING! I really want Dr Blinski but dang I need to make my decision...

Implants or fat transfer.. That is the question

I would prefer to do the fat transfer to the breast.. Dr Blinski pictures look so natural. His office is just taking forever to respond. I have not seen any fat transfer to breast from Dr Ghurani .

News from Dr. Blinski himself

So talked to Dr. Blinski today! Yes!! It is a Sunday and he is working and following up with future patients. I'm a little down though... I am currently 171lbs and he told me I have to get to 150ish for the surgery. He also told me I will have a little excess skin issue after but would not consider having a TT... I'm a little confused.. Why not just do the TT so I can have my dream body.. So now I'm determined to lose these 20lbs with diet and exercise and a lot of different skin firming lotions and creams to try to keep the skin from sagging... I'm just a little down b/c I know how I visioned my body to look and extra skin was NOT part of it..

Wish Pics

Just a few wish pictures

Look at me!! Changing doctors...

So I really understand why the ladies on RS seem a little all over the place!!! I am now!!! So.. Spectrum never sent me my other quote! (Their loss) I did get a response from Dr Blinski but he says I would need a two operations...full bbl first then TT... He says it's due to FL clinic laws. I want a one time healing process... So I have decided to go to the DR... I'm scared shitless at the idea... But my mind is made up... I got a quote from Dr Cabral... Full body lipo, arm lipo, bbl, TT, and fat transfer to labias $5500! I know of previous issues but it is my body, my life, my choice! I know ppl personally who have gone to him. They a snatched!!!!!! I will be calling first thing to get a sx date for May 2017...

Its offical.... May 25th 2017!!

So Its been a little bit since I posted anything. I have an official date with the King of Barbies 5.25.17! I have to call at the beginning of the year to reconfirm my date... So I had a talk with my fiance and I was very nervous of telling him I was considering going out of the country for surgery... But to my surprise he was okay with it. Thats why I love him so much... He always says it does not bother him I've gained weight but your wife having a big juiicy booty wont hurt nobody LOL!!! That was a large weight lifted off my shoulders. I am so relieved. So I was talking to a cousin and to my surprise she is planning to go to the DR to but to Duran! Small small world i guess. She insists she MUST go in the winter so she can be fine for the summer but I have to wait to accumulate enough leave at work. I have a government job and I still have bills so I cant lose my J-O-B.
Dr. Darryl Blinski

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