BBL Booked! So Excited and Scared!!! Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

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I have always admired women with beautiful curves....

I have always admired women with beautiful curves. I never thought it would be a possibility for me until now. I have followed so many of your stories and admired your photos and it inspired me to push forward. I am booked with Dr Fisher in January! I'm terrified of the pain and going to Miami alone but I'm all in! So now my journey begins!

Recovery houses?

I'm trying to research the recovery houses in the area for after my surgery. I feel like I will need professional help at least for the first couple of days. I just feel very uneasy about the recovery houses since I've never done this before. Going into a strange home with people you don't know trying to help you. And I want to make sure I get in a very clean one with the certified people to assist. Do any of you have any suggestions of one that you've stayed at and really liked a lot

Fisher Dolls! Please give me ideas for the best recovery houses. I truly appreciate all of your opinions.

Learning more by the day and still so much to learn before surgery to make this journey worth it!

5 months to go! January 16th can't get here fast enough.

Researching all I can to learn how to best prepare my body for surgery and things to do and vitamins etc after for proper healing.

Undecided and scared for my life

I'm rethinking my decision to have the BBL with lipo on January 16 with Dr Fisher at Vanity. Two women have died between May and September of this year having surgery at Vanity/ Encore. Now I'm reading today on my surgery page on Instagram about a surgery dolls death in 2014 two days post-op after a BBL with lipo done by Dr Fisher at Vanity which she shared her journey on this forum up until she was actually rolled in for surgery. I know complications and chances are taken when you elect to have any type of surgery. It is just really unsettling when it is happening where I have scheduled my own surgery. The coordinator will tell you anything to try to keep you from cancelling and requesting a refund. Even promised me everything will be fine because Dr Fisher has never had a patient die......

So torn about picking a Recovery House. Every time I think I have found the right one, I find terrible reviews and drama etc.

I just want a recovery house that I feel safe, comfortable and no drama. Any reviews and suggestions for a good recovery house in Miami would be greatly appreciated

I have not met my dr yet so I can't actually review. I picked him because I admire the gorgeous transformations he has done for so many beautiful women. I pray I have the same results.

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