Round 2 Bbl Back to Spectrum - Miami, FL

So I'm back at it again. Booty greed is what they...

So I'm back at it again. Booty greed is what they call it. I originally had my first surgery last december with dr.omulepu at spectrum. He did a phenomenal job. But I want more.... so I'm hustling these haircuts putting in 45 to 50 hours a week again. I scheduled for end of January to leave myself some wiggle room. Counting down the days again. Sigh super excited to see the new results. After my first sx I gained ALOT of weight in my legs so now I want to balance out my butt a little more. It really was a huge confidence booster and it's great being able to wear jeans and make joggers look cute. I hope this dr.Alvarez is everything fr. Cuz omulepu hooked my isht up so I'm expecting big things for my second go round. With the weight gain my ass is getting bigger lol so I should be good. I know so much more going in like supplies and how to heal faster.

My surgeon is gone?

I am so mfing stressed out. I got a call from spectrum telling me that dr.Alvarez no longer works there? 39 days before my surgery. So I've been offered dr. Ortega or Gurami. I sent new pics and haven't heard back. I've booked my trip and paid for it already. I'm livid....ugh....

Round 2 Spectrum Again

So I had to make a new profile as I was unable to change name of my surgeon. I will be in the hands of Dr. Ortega this go round. I went thru spectrum last year and everything ran smooth as silk. I've decided to give them another whirl as I'm greedy and want more. I was with Dr.Omulepu last time. There's been a couple kinks this go round,but hopefully the worst is over. I'm ready,trips paid for,I've finally gained weight in my stomach again to transfer. Omulepu literally snatched my waist so I gain weight everywhere but there. Lol but I guess that's what I wanted. I'm hopeful that Dr.Ortega is EVERYTHING! !

Labs look good

I did some preliminary labs to make sure everything was ok. I did blood work and uti test. I'm always afraid of finding out somethings wrong at last minute so I go prior to going to labs they send me to. My Dr says they couldn't tell if I had a uti so I asked for antibiotics just in case. It's starting to feel real. I'm nervous tho as I haven't seen much of Ortegas work..the time is starting to really fly by now.

30 days to go

So I'm ready to get this flab off again alredy. After my first sx I just don't gain weight in my stomach like I used to. My legs,arms,face, different story. So just to have adequate fat to transfer I've had to gain substantial weight. Of course my ass grew right along with everything else. Sigh,I'm tired,stuffed,overwhelmed....

Labs done

So I got my labs done today, ekg scheduled for tomorrow. I did blood work with my Dr 2 weeks ago and everything was good then so not too worried now. I'm super excited.

Labs labs labs

Patiently impatiently waiting.... I did my ekg and general exam yesterday and my blood work on tuesday. My exam yesterday went well and I'm not too worried about bloodwork. But still waiting for the final go ahead. 24 days to go. I'm nervous/excited..

Still not cleared

I did my labs Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. I'm still waiting to find out if everything went ok. Sigh. This is where I say you get the service you paid for.

I feel like I should cancel

I'm sorry but I feel like I'm getting the typical experience thathe a lot of ppl from spectrum got. Surgeon gone, hard to get ahold of anyone,. I still haven't gotten surgical clearance not because of anything I've done, I went same day for blood work and next day for ekg. But I've been waiting to tell my job I'm 4sure needing the time off until I get that email so I get paid vacation and sick days. I had a good experience with spectrum in the past,but this time is completely different. On top of that I've had so many girls pm me and tell me Ortega is a waste on a bbl. I almost want to cancel and go elsewhere. I mean what's another grand price wise at this point? I like things to run smoothly and so far this has been a disaster.

Spectrum is stressing me out

Never again. If I hadn't booked my trip already I'd cancel. This time has been run around after run around. I'm super organized and handled things on my end . I can't get ahold of anybody there. No one. Not even on main line. Lol this is fuked up. Now I get a text informing me that I need to pay for half when I haven't even been cleared. Wtf? Really? My Dr faxed over info weeks ago,but they of course don't have it. I'm literally so stressed out I haven't eaten in 2 days. I will never be cheap with this kind of thing again and will go with a more reputable company next time. This is more stress than I could ever imagine. Ugh. I'm less than 2 weeks away.

Finally cleared...

So I'm less than 2 weeks away now. I leave in like 11 days. I was super excited last time, this time I'm not and I'm not sure why. I know that I'm going with a board certified surgeon this time where last time I had omulepu and not sure if he was. But he did a great job on my body. It just wasn't enough. I feel personally for what most ppl want and that's a big bangin booty you almost always have to do a round 2. But I saw a lot of before and afters for omulepu,but very few for Ortega. Despite all the ppl telling me not to go with him I have total confidence in his ability. Also given that I already have ass it shouldn't be too complicated. We shall see.

Time is dragging

So I'm getting everything handled on my end. I feel like an asshole as the lab situation was the fault of my Dr and not spectrum. I guess he didn't fax them to the right number. Any who it's like less than 2 weeks away now. I've decided to bring my baby chihuahua with us this time. He needs a vacate.
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