BBL and Lipo with Dr. Salzhauer Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates - Miami, FL

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Hello Everyone! I am super xcited since I put...

Hello Everyone!

I am super xcited since I put my deposit don about a week and a half ago. After lots of research on realself, make me heal and other sites I decided on a brazilian butt lift with Dr. Salzhauer with Bal Harbour P.S.A in Miami for various resons which I will list below. A little about me: I am 33, I had Lipo about 6 yrs ago but had a child about 4 yrs ago and gained about 50 lbs. I lost about 40lbs with exercise and dieting (i did Crossfit and believe me it works!) I noticed my boobs were not filling in my old bras (I used to be a 34D and a size 4) and the more I wrked out of course the more I lost. Also, I lost so much fat off my body that I also lost my butt! I didnt want to keep working out like crazy to bulk up my butt because I would lose more breast fat so after lots of research I decided to do a BBL. I researched many drs in and out of the u.s and most said that for the look I wanted I had to gain like 15-20lbs! So here i am gaining all the weight back and not exercising because the muscle makes it harder to get the fat out and its tougher to get it in. I will post pre photos once I get to my goal weight of 165lbs.

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Reasons why I chose Dr. Salzhauer: TECHNIQUE: After lots of consulting (My top 3 were Miendetta, Salama, Campos...I even considered Dr. J in Atlanta but after seeing his shady website I threw that option out the window...presentation and 1st impressions are everything with cosmetic surgery!). I decided on Dr. Salzhauer after I had my first FREE SKYPE consultation. He along with a few surgeons have refined their techniques so that you can maintain as much of the fat graft as possible and not have to use drains which make recovery way more comfortable. That was huge for me because I am coming from cali and i don't want to worry about drains and possible seromas. Dr. Miendetta also has a great technique and also makes incisions withing the "fault Line" resulting in less scars but it has a higher risk of infection. And he quoted me $14,000. vs Dr. S who charged me a special of $7,500.00 and threw in lipo to the thighs and arms! which leads me to reason 2: 2. Price! As I mentioned before I have had Lipo already so most surgeons charged more close to double the price of whatever specials they listed on their websites...not the case with Dr. S! He even threw in arms and thighs which showed me how much he wanted me to acheive the look I desired. 3. Reputation: He was voted best P.S in Miami for a reason and this is Miami we are talking about land of models and beautiful ppl. There are so many great surgeons in this area due to high demand and the fact that he is considered the best speaks volumes!* He also created isurgeon which is a really cool app and he is the creator of the wundertape butt lifting tape. When you book with him he sends you a free sample and I used it right was tricky at first so you hve to use it about 2-3 times to get the hang of it but it is sooo cool! I'll put pics when i get my new set of tapes.* 4. Professionalism: His website is amazinf you can even chat with someone and he has video testimonials and a really great presentation. This is great but anyone can make a great website, right? Well the website was great but what was really great was the followup and communication from his staff. I got an email from Arianny the next day after I made my intial inquiry and she set me up with a skype consult for the following week and answered all my questions leading up to the consult. she told me the price right after I responded to her first email. Once I put my deposit down I was contacted by Ruth my medical clearance coordinator who had great energy and also from Jovanna. I also just received my welcome package which is so professional and personalized with the hard copied of your medical clearnaces forms and Dr.'s letter. *I did have to wait a few days for a response to my last emails but I'm sure if I would've called they would have answered my questions right away. It's a little inconvenient for out of towners to call in though because of the time difference but they evetually respond within a few days)* There were planty of other reasons but these were the main resons for my choice. I can't wait and will keep everyone posted.

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