Turned my winter gut into a summer butt-bbl journey

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I guess it is time to pay it forward and start...

I guess it is time to pay it forward and start documenting my bbl journey. This web site has been essential to all my decisions and led me to Dr. Hassan at Vanity. From what I have read Dr. Hassan is amazing but the facility needs to tighten up. So far I have not had any communication problems and {Ana} has even been texting me which I love. Initially I was interested in dr. mel ortega, I reached out to both coral gables and spectrum anesthetics by phone and through email but neither facility got back to me. cg confirmed they got my emails and would call me back but they never did. so I moved on. so far vanity is on point. I put down my deposit of 1000 for my bbl. That secures the price of 3800. Next I will ask my boss for 2 weeks off at the end of April which ana said was open 17 for consult, 18 for surgery , you pay half of the over all procedure to lock in your date. so my next step is talking to my boss... after I get the green light I will buy the air line tickets for me and my man, then start looking for a hotel. The recovery house that they offer is not an option for me because I will be with my man and he is a pot head lol.. but for those traveling alone that is where you might want to stay...so telly it is for us.

so abit about me!!!!! 31 year old brooklynite, mother of 2 girls 10 and 6, both born through C-section. fortunately I have no stretch marks or loose skin. just a lil baby gut and narrow hips that I want filled out. I got a 'nice body' but I want an AMAZING body. I want to look so good dudes wana smack they momma!! lol... Im 5 ft 4 150 lbs, which im comfortable with, I just want it more in my bottom portions. so that's where im at right now. I will continue stalking this site and keep updating. pix coming soon :} lata rs dolls. :}

dr. hassan is not board certified :(

Mind blown. I dont know why I just assumed he was. That was dum. If a dr. Is board certified they make it very known. Its part of their title!!!! If a doc is not board certified it means he either FAILED THE TEST OR DIDNT BOTHER TAKING IT. Im very disappointed and have alot to think about. Ima get a quote for fisher tomorrow and see if he will be available the end of april. Goodnight ladies

Got alot accomplished today!!

hey lovelies!! so I spoke to my boss today and we agreed on me taking 2 weeks off in the beginning of may. He said 'we usually only take one week at a time' I just stood staring at him blankly.. he said 'where are you going?' I said 'Miami' he said 'your going to Miami for 2 weeks?' I go 'no 7 days, but I wanted some elbow room....' he pulled up the calendar and we picked may 1-15. I knew I was pushing it. I have a lot of responsibility at my office. I even feel guilty for those who are going to have to cover for me. The one coworker that knows what I'm going to do joked 'once he sees you come back with ALL THAT ASS hes gana send you on vacation every month' its actually the truth because the next "vacation" I take I'm going to leave a b cup coming back a double d!!!! hehehe...
How do you ladies feel about that? Taking time off work then coming back STACKED. awkward right??? Those who have done it, how did you go about it? I feel really self conscious about coming back with a donk...
Anyway.. I locked in my sx date with ana by paying half of the 3800 {1900} May 2nd. consult on the 1st, sx on the 2nd. I also bought my plane tickets for me and my boo. I'm flying American air lines, 554 round trip for 2 ppl. Im departing new York at 6am landing in Miami at around 9. That should give me more than enough time to get to vanity for my consult. Ladies get your air line tickets sooner than later. The closer you get to your date the more expensive they get. I also booked 7 nights at the ramada, for bbl you have to stay out there 7 days, the room came out to 405 and its about 18 minute drive from vanity. I DID GOOD RIGHT?!?!

TOTAL COST TO DATE 3800+554+405= 4,759 =}
now ill start buying supplies..

Finally a rs sister hmu and told me Hassan is board certified in COSMETIC surgery. she took a pic of the framed certification while in his office. so IM GOOD. as of right now everything is a go. feels surreal, like Im just going through the motions. I guess it wont feel really real until im getting wheeled into the or "} goodnight and as promised pix coming soon...

smoking and surgery

So im a smoker. Ive been smoking since I was 12 (so sad) and im now pushing 32. That's 20 years.. omg that's crazy.. n I would say I've been smoking a pack a day for about 10 years. I never knew that most cosmetic sx require you to quit smoking. I had a ba consultation a few weeks ago and I was so disappointed when the doc said I had to quit smoking for 6 weeks before the sx. It was a huge set back for me. She made it seem so casual as if I could stop on the spot. I left defeated like if something I wanted for years was slipping through my fingers. So fast fwd a few weeks n I set a date for sx for bbl at vanity but im still smoking. But I no longer feel defeated. I feel very confident in myself. I dont only want to quit for my sx but for my health, my looks, my children, and just to be rid of the filthy habit. So tomorrow im going to have my pcp prescribe me chantix when I go get my blood work done. The reviews are really reassuring. Someone called it a miracle pill after quitting and being a 2 pack a day smoker for over 30 years.
Ive read alot of detailed reviews here, but not any documenting the struggle of becoming smoke free for sx. My mother, who passed away a few years back, never got the chance to get a face lift she wanted because she couldn't quit smoking. I refuse to let cigarettes hold me back any longer. Wish me luck


I dont know where to start! Alot of the items I see are simple enough but I get overwhelmed when I start looking at fajas and foam boards. Should I get flexible or non flexible? Disposable ones or non disposable? How would I know what size fajas I will be after sx?? Any advice will be helpful thanx :)


i need curves!!

I bought my 1st supplies-5 weeks to sx

So I didn't buy much. I was in my local dollar store so I picked up a few things


My poor Boo

I invision my honey gazing out the window at palm trees and girls frolicking in bikinis while I groan from the shadows "honey I think I soiled my Faja" or "baby time to change my bloody chux" poor kid
seriously were going to be in miami and hes going to play nurse the entire time. I feel sort of guilty.... but then I think about whos going to reek the benefits of my new found bootay n suddenly I dont feel so bad ;)

MORE SUPPLIES from rite aid

ARNICARE CREAM 11.29 (similar to arnica gel)
NON-STICK PADS 4.49 (I thought these would be useful for incisions that are draining to prevent blood/fluids from sticking to pads/gauze. Ill update if they
were useful or not)


I prefer simulating results on myself to predict what my results might look like using the plastic surgery app rather than using wish pics. Dr. Hassan does not view wish pics because he does believe
they are realistic and I agree. I might put up some asses that I admire, but I not that I am aiming to achieve. Everyone's body is different and even with the same doctor and similar build no 2 results will be identical. Not to offend anyone who displays wish pix. By all means, Wish away!!!!!

somebody pls give her dr. Hassan's # lol

My bun care regimen

I get tiny hair bumps on my thighs along with the occasional break out on my cheeks which have left marks. I want my buns clean and clear for bbl so I've implemented my buns into my skin care regimen. I exfoliate in the shower with a shower brush I got from target along with nuetrogena clean and clear body wash. When I get out, after thoroughly drying off, I wipe my thighs and cheeks diwn with a stridex pad. After that dries I apply palmers skin therapy that I also got from target for 12 bucks and some change. I really like this product. Ive noticed marks lightening up and its a good consistency to work over entire. A little runny but I dont mind too much. I plan on using it after sx as well.

Also my sx is in just over a month but I try not to think about it too much anymore. I was way too obsessed with this site and bbl. I was literally thinking of it every minute of the day and dreaming of it EVERY SINGLE. I really need to focus on the here and now like my family. So thats all for now. Later ladies

In regards to the woman who died

I want to thank the sisters who have made me aware of the woman who passed away at vanity. Its tragic. Unfortunately its a risk we all take when deciding to get a procedure. Complications are a risk of sx. May my angels be watching over me.

out of town prices in new york!!

So maybe I can stay in ny when I get my boobs done !!!

pcp appt went well

Although I have not gotten my labs back yet my pcp is confident I will be cleared. She is supportive and appeared to be interested in the procedure herself! Lmao.. so I did my ekg which was fine and she asked if I wanted to do a chest xray as an added precaution so I figured why not and she gave me a referral.
Also she prescribed me the chantix and I plan to start taking it very very soon.

I have a cpl more supplies I need to pick up but besides that im just patiently waiting on my date which is less than 3 weeks away. Im just in chill mode :)


Is a quit smoking aid for those who dont know..

I have a boil on my back

Im really upset that I have what seems to be a boil on my upper back close to my shoulder. A boil is a form of infection and 2 weeks before sx is the worst timing. I dont know why I got it and its so painful :( . My skin is really thick n I dont think it'll come to a head on its own. I might have to get it lanced at the hospital. I should be preparing myself for sx not suffering through this ish!! Bummed n in pain...

my labs came back notmal

Except im low in vitamin d. I asked anna if that was an issue and she said "no girl you just need some sun" lol I said "we cant all live in the sunshine state" so some good news today.

Normal not Notmal lol

Sheesh Rs Please add an edit option...


Ive read quite a few woman complaining of boils after having sx so I wanted to tell ya about this salve called prid's drawing salve. Im not particularly prone to boils, this is the 2nd one ive gotten. The first
one was about 6 years ago between the vajayjay lip n thigh. It was horrible. I
couldn't walk for days and ultimately had to go to the e.r. to get it lanced,an
incision is made on the boil and the puss
is pushed out. The boil is stuffed with
quaze to prevent puss accumulating again. I was cursing and punching the
wall screaming at the top of my lungs. Plus theres still a scar/hole..Needless to
say I didn't want to go through that
again. This boil was on my upper back,
shoulder area n I think I got it from
smacking too much baccitration on a
new tattoo. Got a lace bow on the back
of my neck. The tat is beautiful. The boil
next to it not so much :( anyway it was
HUUGE and extremely painful. I did alot of research again and again read about prids or ichthammol ointment. IT WORKS. it draws the puss through the skin without breaking it. Its taking a few days but its dam near flat and not hurting anymore. Its really hard to find so if you suspect your getting a boil order it online asap. I went through hell finding it in my area...

I want to do my arms :(

I have a sleeve tattoo on my right arm that I got because I love sleeves on woman. . After I got my arm done I realized I love sleeves on very skinny arms. Not big ole dezle arms like mine!
The only thing holding me back is
recovery will be hard enough, and I will be spending most of my time on my belly holding myself up with my ARMS! Uuugghhh what should I do????


I cant wait to fill out clothes the way I use to. I useto have a really nice ass when I was alot slimmer but as my waist expanded my booty did not. I look like an arrow in this dress. I would of never wore this with my current shape. What excites me the most about bbl is walking into a store buying what I LIKE AND WANT instead of what works for my body. That's no way for a fashionista like myself to live!!


I think I have a staph infection. After I got that boil and cured with prids I got 3 more small ones in the same area. I spotted them early on and started the prids before they got too big and crazy but im really terrified of getting more and that I have a staph infection. I do accupunture and recently got tattooed, both ways for staph bacteria to get into the skin. My sx is scheduled for friday and im going to see if my dr. Will allow me to walk in and see whats going on with me. I might benefit from antibiotics. Im really upset and depressed over this. I hope I can get this cleared up asap.

Saw my wonderful pcp

She's not sure if its staph but prescribed me some strong antibiotics that cover staph and other skin conditions that cause people to get boil like Mrsa. I guess I would prefer it to be staph because mrsa causes boils to be reoccurring and it is very hard to treat from what I have read. I really hope I can this to clear up before my sx date on Friday!!! PRAY FOR ME SISTAS!!

Everything seems to be a GO

Im leaving at 3:00 am to make my 6:00 am flight should land in miami at 9. Will pick up my rental (I paid just over 200 to have the rental all week) so then ill shoot over to my hotel (if I have enough time) then vanity.
Another expense that I should mention is paying my cousin 200 to watch my kids in my house... although this chick just said so what are you doing with them for the weekend? o_O I should of known better to assume a party animal like her would sacrifice her weekend so ill make other arrangements.
Anyway my back is clearing up. Currently no new boils. Just one that's healing so I pray no new ones occur. I guess ill update what I packed later on. Im tired as hell. Its been raining all freaking week out here and I had mad last minute running around to do. Im going to wash my hair, blow it out then try to rest up before my travels. 2 days til sx.

Some Pix

I really want to give a long detailed review but its been a whirlwind of a day. Im running off 3 hrs of sleep and surgery is scheduled for 9am. He only has 2 surgeries tomorrow so hopefully the wait wont be long. Thanks for all the well wishes :)

next stop.....


My last post tho

I had just got up and was still loopy from anesthesia lol everything went well and I promise a detailed review as soon as I feel up to it including details about the hotel.

more pix

Pix of vanity and my hotel

Holy itching

Its 4am, morning of day 3 and the itching is intense. The frustrating part is how numb my skin is so scratching is useless... I was hoping I would be one of the lucky ones with a breezy recovery but ive been going through it!! Shout out to the females who go through this alone. I dont know how I would of coped with my man aka nurse aka slave boy! Anyway I pulled down my faja which brought some relief instantly. Doing research helps so much because I was prepared for the itching! I brought cortisone cream and some anti itching pills that my dr prescribed me a few months back because I was breaking out in hives. Diphenhydramine. They also make me drowsy and aid my sleep.
When im walking around or pacing in my room I feel pretty good but laying down I feel like a fucking paraplegic! Once I lay down its very difficult to move.
Also I got my 1st massage today which wasn't so painful but I didn't drain much. It didn't really bring any relief either. Hopefully Mondays massage is more effective.
Pictures right now would be very misleading cuz im sooooo swollen so ima wait abit to post pix.
Btw dr. Hassan is amazing. I promise details about him, vanity, and my hotel soon.

pool/lounge area

Now this is what I call recovery mode

vanity and Dr Hassan.

I would like to start off saying dr. Hassan is AMAZING. nothing short. MY MAN THINKS I GOT A CRUSH ON HIM. lol. But its just admiration. Hes funny, charismatic, distinguished, down to earth and blunt without affending you. Quite dapper as well when I saw him out of his scrubs :) plus he's a dr. Point blank. Its unfortunate that he has had his previous issues. I hope they dont plague him forever. When I mentioned rs he said "not you to? Your hassanafied?" I said "no not yet but I will be" so the day of my follow up when he was walking out he said "youve been hassanafied" AND POPPED MY IMAGINARY COLLAR. lol I also see he takes alot of pride in his work. I showed him my Hassan doll album and he was Thrilled! He said " you got more of my work than me you should send me that" :) he did his best to give me the cheeky look I wanted and came to see me right after I woke up from sx to assure me of that. He also said he got my waist smaller than he thought possible cus I have an athletic build. He told my man to have his baseball bat ready :) Dr. Hassan does aggressive lipo and said "ill leave you with this much fat" and pinched the skin on his wrist. Lol. OH DO NOT BRING DR. HASSAN WISH PICS. HE FINDS THEM STUPID. HE SAID HE TELLS SOME WOMAN WHO COME IN WITH THESE UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS "it ain't happening honey" LMFAO!!!!!!
In regards to vanity ive had zero issues with them. They've exceeded my expectations. All the staff is really sweet. Ive only waited once, an hour before sx. Im sorry for those who had better than wonderful experience with vanity or dr. Hassan.

my current situation

Its bigger in person. I keep bumping it into things.

more pix

My pics dont all post at once! So ill post them in segments..

waking up from sx

Well ive had quite a few sx in the past so I know already that I dont react badly to anesthesia. Actually I like it. Lol. I woke up disoriented and weak. Foggy but no Nassau or dizziness. My mouth was really dry. I kept crying for water and the nurse made me promise I wouldnt guzzle it and get nassaus so I just drank enough to wet my mouth. My voice was horse and cracking. Dr.Hassan came to see me and I
was trying so hard to register what he was telling me, which was I had alot of muscle tissue in my butt so it was being resistant to that fat but that he feels he got alot of fat in anyway. I really appreciated him coming to see me after sx. They make you get up to get dressed and then lay you back down. At this point I really wanted to leave so I kept focus and GET IT TOGETHER. the nurse said if I felt dizzy when I stood up I would have to stay longer so even tho I did feel abit dizzy at this point I fought real hard to pretend I was good as she walked me to the car which was out back instead of the front entrance. Also I did not pee excessively. No major pain just sooo sore. I couldn't move my body an inch in I needed to while laying on my stomach. Everyone reacts different to sx and anesthesia. It definitely helps if youve had sx in the past to know how you'll react.


Today was my last massage. I got the package at vanity because I didn't want to take any chances of going back home with fluid. I had 2 sessions left and im leaving very early tomorrow morning so i
did my 2 remaining sessions back to
back which was critical!! Today's was the
most painful and she was very aggressive. Probably cus she wouldn't
have another session with me and
wanted to get out as much as she could.
I paid 350 for 5 massages. Yes they are painful but I kinda grinned and bared it. She recommended 5 more when I got back home for best results.

Home sweet Home

Im hooome and I ran straight to my closet :) My flight went well. LADIES call your airline let them know you just had sx and request a wheelchair. THEY PUSH YOU THROUGH THE AIRPORT AND JUMP YOU IN LINE!!!! And I told them I got a bbl. IDGAF lol I had to stay seated most of flight but I sat on my yoga mat and had a pillow that made me more comfortable. I also was ganna pay 30.00 a seat to upgrade for more leg room on the way back but they waved the fee cuz the seats were available so hey it doesn' hurt to call and try :) some pix but my boo has to approve the rest before I post them:)

real quick

Before I have to take them down!! Lol


I had gotten so good at shopping for my body that people thought I actually had one!! Even had myself fooled because this pic shocked me. I would of never wore this dress with my former body type... CONFESSION I SLEPT WITHOUT MY FAJA LAST NIGHT. I thought I would of woke up the size of blow fish but I didn't :) best dam sleep ive had all week, especially since it was my 1st night back home on my 1500 mattress... anyway I want more massages. My stomach is getting lumpy so im looking places up. Also I need comfy garment so ima go to this spot around my way. I go back to work thursday (dreading) so im focused on getting better asap. Lata dolls

after sx

These didnt upload. ..


So with Im feeling alot better. Being home in my comfort zone makes a big difference. I bought a squeem yesterday. The salesgirl convinced me to get a small even though I was telling her I think I needed a medium she kept persisting I get a small. Since I had been out my faja since the night before I wore it out the store. A few minutes later I noticed my breath becoming shallow, which is one reason drs. Are against waist cinchers. Then I started getting light headed, then I got nassaus and my man had to pull over so I coukd vomit. CLEAR INDICATION THAT IT WAS TOO FREAKING SMALL. LOL. I took it back for a medium and even though its alot more comfortable I still ended taking it off through out the night and put it back on when I woke up. I know I need to be more determined to keep on..although it does not have bones in it has these seams that are leaving alot of creases in my skin and im not sure that's a good thing. So here are my CURRENT COMPLAINTS: skin is very sensitive to touch. I walked around naked thus morning because everything, even my silk robe bothered me...
Also vanity or dr. hassan never mentioned I had stitches and sent me home with them. I thought they were dissolvable when I realized they were there but I found out from another rs sister that they are not. Its disappointing after all the great reviews I gave them because that's pretty negligent and im not the only one so make sure they remove your stitches before you leave. You'll have them where fat was injected, not auctioned out. Those are left open.
Another thing that's bothering me is as i lose volume im disappointed that hips still have dents in the sides that I asked for him to fill in. I had fat left over fat because my butt muscles were being resistant to the fat so why couldn't he just fill those areas in??? I never wanted a huge ass but i hated my narrow hips im still left with that issue. Actually I find thedents even more apparent ninow because the way my waist is sculpted then it dips in. :( if your very animent about hips dr. Hassan isn't the dr. For you.
But here are some pros. My stomach is sooo flat. I went to buy an outfit to return to work in, and I cried knowing I can buy ANYTHING I WANTED. and not what worked or flattered my body type. Shopping with restrictions for so long is frustrating. I walked in like I owned that store!!! Its extremely liberating. So here are one week post op pics. If I lose anymore volume im going to be bummed...anyway Later chikas!!

these didnt post

My back to work outfit...

these sweats tho

I woke up down and then threw on these sweats and a fitted tee..

10 days post op

Im not wearing any compression garment. Even the lightest of compression makes my sick. I think im allergic to fajas. Lol but fareal.. as soon as I put ANYTHING on I start itching then swelling, then getting sick, light headed dizzy n nassuas. Im not really trying to drop any more money on garments but I might look for a cheap one that provides some type of support when I go for a walk later. I wanted to make sure im not doing myself serious damage so ive done research about the need for fajas and from what I read I dont think my final result will suffer. Here's what a faja is intended for:
Compression to keep down swelling
compression to prevent fluid build up
to help skin retract
well the fajas are CAUSING swelling so that's counter productive.. i do have fluid building but massages can help more with that than a faja, and finally my skin has already retracted very nicely. From what I read the faja DOES NOT help sculpt you, that's done by the surgeon during sx.
I have foams, a board,1faja and 1 waist cincher. Hopefully I can start making use of them because i do believe they are beneficial, just not if they are making me sick.
Anyway I have been thigh strapping to help create the crease and I cant find much information about this practice but I do like the concept and it looks sexy lol.I cut my daughters stockings and tie those around my thighs, u can also use knee high socks.
I go back to work wed. And im really dreading it but hey I have to finance a new wardrobe for my new body!
As far as my results ive lost alot of volume as tge swelling goes down. Yes its disappointing but i knew it would happen. Again dr. Hassan did not use all my fat because of the muscle tone in my butt but that's cool. Im still happy with my results. My main goal was to get rid of my gut and injecting the fat in my butt was an added bonus. My butt is rounder and fuller than before and has already started to soften and jiggle. My stomach is still work hard and very sensitive to touch. I will add a seperate updat on total cost in a lil while. Also im going to be removing alot of pictures soon because im not so comfortable having them up on the world wide web! Ill leave some up and dont mind sending them privately. So here's a few more for those who have been following my journey. Future followers you can inbox me ")


Day 9 post op pix


11 days post op and I feel great. My clothes fit like POW :) IVE BEEN WEARING MY SQUEEM ALL DAY. Earlier I had it on with my foams and a tank top over but I came out to run some errands and foams make me look to bulky but ill put them back on later. Yesterday I paid 20.00 for this nylon tank, the ones with the breast cut low and I thought it would of been great but I started getting sick 5 minutes after putting it on. I took it off and it took me an hour to recover. Weird right?? But this morning I woke up with alot of fluid so something gata give!! Thankfully ive been wearing my squeem comfortably today. Except I swelled after putting it on but ill just have to deal with that.
I NEED MASSAGES!! Finding affordable lymphatic massages in the nyc area is a BIATCH. if anyone has a hook up please let me know. I got in touch with ONE SPOT and the package is 85 an hour or 280 for 4. Im still looking for something more reasonable but I might have to bite the bullet and go with them if I dont find another place soon.
For those who asked about thigh strapping, I cant tell you much because I only came across one sister that mentioned it and I liked the concept. I think strippers do it to in order to make the crease of your cheek more pronounced. I tried googling it to see if before and after photos surfaced but nothing much came up. Ill take pictures and try document if I see any changes. I think ill be animent about tieong the stockings around my thighs because its not uncomfortable and looks hot lol... so no changes in my booty since yesterday. Same nice heart.
I wanted to tell ya about my man. He whipped out his weights and is "pumping iron" insecure much?? LMAOOO hes tripping cus hes already Sexy but I think the boos definitely feel a certain type of way. Thats all for now. Lata dolls :)

back to work

Fortunately my job moves me from different offices through out the day so im in my car right now on my yoga mat. I don't stay in one place long enough to sit much.
I found a cheap lymphatic massage therapist in the nyc queens area so anyone looking can inbox me. Its a guy tho. But he was recommended for litje 40.00 for the hour. Ill update how it went with him after my appt.
Sidenote: I got a "OH MY GOD" and a "DAM GIRL YOU GOT A BODY ON YOU" a little while ago. Lol...

16 days post op

I love my body. It really is worth it. Although im not as BOOTYLICIOUS as some other hassan dolls, my body is beautiful. My waist is tiny and my stomach is flatter than its ever been. EVER. and my friends think im crazy when I say my butts not that big. Booty greed is real! I cant wait til start working out and toning up my legs and arms and trying to get a six pack. Plus some squats since dr. Hassan said I had a muscular butt :)
Ladies please get your massages. They make a big difference. If you cant get them done by a professional, massage yourself! Or have your boo do it. I like to massage myself in the shower while im soapy and slick :) Just be firm even if it hurts! It really helps smooth things over. My massage therapist is great. His name is Carlos and hes in jackson heights. My only complaint is that meters are only for an hour max and you wont be able to run back out in the middle of your massage, which is an hour and I caught a ticket, so im going to have to figure something out to prevent that from happening again. The massage therapist is a man and I thought I would feel awkward but im pretty sure hes gay and that immidiatley put me at ease about having a man rub his hands all over me while I was half naked! And if hes not gay he's very feminine. So anyway he has 2 packages, 5 massages for 200 or 10 for 395. Hes located in a physical therapy office. The hour includes ultrasound cavitation and infrared light treatment. I would definitely recommend him. He was very friendly and chatted with me the entire session. He was also very aggressive. He was rubbing my stomach hard and I thought I would fart right
there!!! Good thing I didnt tho!! Anyway my waist was TINY TINY TINY after. But its inflamed and swollen so I cant wait for my next session tomorrow.
I guess that's its for now. Some pix for ya :)


Belly before sx

Sorry that I only have this one but i would delete anything unflattering

memorial weekend

Flossing the new body :)


Whoop whoop!!
I still love my results (for the most part) and recovery is coming along. No major changes. I find it odd that other bbl dolls seem to transform from week to week after sx, I feel that I have looked very similiar since the swelling has gone down after week one. Maybe its in my head.
I have some complaints though. First off
I wonder if dr. Hassan was rushing
through my sx when he was working on
the right side of my body. Every single
scar on the right side is alot bigger than
the scars on the left side of my body. Also they are not perfectly circular like
the scars on the left or simatrical. Also
my upper back looks exactly the same to me. I feel like I have scars up there for nothing because it really does not appear like any fat was removed and
now I cant wear tank tops because of the scar placement. Bums me out abit. Also hips were big for me and I do get very upset that at certain angles the dents in my sides look very prominent :( fisher does hips. I wish I would have known that before.
Besides that I feel pretty good. The only thing that still really bothers is skin sensitivity around my waist. Clothes irritate it even more so I spend alot of time naked at home. My sides and tummy are getting softer along with my booty. I still have alot of swelling in my lower back. I did not waist train or even wear my faja after week one. Believe me I tried. I had no tolerance for them. So I guess im fortunate to look as good as I do considering. Thats all for now :)

oh one more thing

My right butt cheek is slightly smaller than the left and not as rounded. Another reason why I believe my right side didnt get the same TLC as the left...


Those are the scars by my shoulder


HEEEEY 3 1/2 months

What's ladies. I've been meaning to update for awhile but didn't really have much. I can't believe its only been just over 3 months since my sx. Feels like a lifetime ago. I've been feeling like myself since about a month after sx. My only current complaints would be occasionally I still itch. The itch sort of stabs me in my sides. Its a weird sensation. Besides that I would say I'm fine. When I first started sitting it felt like a lot of pressure on my cheeks. I started sitting without support at about 5 weeks. I stopped wearing my garment after 2 weeks. I'm not recommending this. I'm sure my results suffered. My sides are still hard and my tummy seems slightly uneven. I just couldn't do it. I tried several fajas and they all made me physically sick. Intense itching followed by being light headed then naussaus. Even with light compression. I did do some massages here in new York. My butt cheeks have evened out, must have been swelling. I covered my upper back scars with tats. I'm already heavily tatted so its no nothing lol. I could now wear tanks???? I'll cover the ones around my waist next. They are really dark n hideous. Well that's all lovelies. BTW my summer has been amazing ????


I Still wish I went to fisher There is no fullness to my hips. Just being honest..

1 year 8 months post op

Yes ladies the fat is still there. My stomach is still relatively flat, although bad eating habits and not working out does take its toll ???? I get tons of attention from both men and woman and I'm always asked if I'm a dancer lol. I still have the scars which I hate but that's the combination of being a smoker and my skin just scarring badly. I still have scrapes on my knees from 25 years ago so I knew I wouldn't heal that well. Anyway happy new year every one. Here are some updated pics. Stay tuned for my ba journey. I'm aiming for either dr. Hunter or there is a clinic here in New York that charges 3900. Dr. Hunters, in Miami, last quote was 2300!!! My friend did them here and loves her results. Stay blessed ladies

2 and a half years

This is still one if the best decisions I ever made. Shopping for clothes is so fun knowing you can wear whatever you want. Everyone tells me not to do my breast, but I know it'll make me as happy as my butt so I'm going through with it within the next 3 months. I've been doing some tattoo modeling and boobs will be the real oomph I need. I hope you gals benefitted from my review and everyone is well.


Rs crop option sucks so i deleted them and here they are again..

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