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My goals and price include obtaining a feminine...

My goals and price include obtaining a feminine figure and correcting my deviated septum! I've talked to Ari in the office to schedule my appointment and she was very nice and accommodating! I have waited over a year and a half so far and the thought of having my surgery in less than two months is really exciting!

Countdown Begins

46 Days until my surgery and I'm pumped! Talked to Dr. Salz on the phone yesterday for my Phone Consult and he told me I'd be an excellent candidate for BBL. I'm so happy he doesn't think I need to gain extra weight!! He only received the profile picture I sent of my nose so he is unsure still about the crookedness of my nose. He says he will just wait to examine in person. My nose is what I'm most nervous about since it's my face and all... To be continued. I receive the routine emails and keep myself up daily with Dr.Miami's snapchat so I'm staying excited and optimistic!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not yet had my phone interview but I will November 9th! :)

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