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Hi guys! im 27yrs old, i have a 3yr old son, im...

Hi guys! im 27yrs old, i have a 3yr old son, im 5'2 and im 108lbs. This is my first cosmetic surgery and im extremely nervous and excited. I never really gave any thought about BBL until a coworker of mine did it. I fell in love with the transformation a BBL had given her, not only physically but her self-esteem was sky high. since then i became obsessed with getting the procedure! im scheduled for feb26! ahhhh soooooo nervous!! all i think about is ass all day lmao. my coworker mentioned salzhauer so he was the first doctor i consulted with and i booked 3 days later with him after i had done all my research and read all the wonderful positive reviews on him! i was preparing to hear that i would need to gain at least 25 pounds but he said i only needed 5 more pounds since i carried all my weight in my tummy already. ive already put on 3 pounds, 2 more to go within one month! i hope to keep all the weight on after my surgery, i would be devastated if my booty shrunk after putting so much work and money into this procedure. i havent seen many pics of girls my size who have done a BBL, so i will be glad to post plenty of before and after pics!

the only wishpic that i liked

Before pics (how I look now)

It took me awhile to get the courage to post pics of how I look now. I used to be 102lbs. I am currently at 110 lbs (which is where my doctor said I needed to be at) since as u can see I carry some of my weight on my belly and love handles. Hopefully they won't be there for much longer! Lol. Anxiously waiting to get those fattys sucked out and into my booty! Tminus 24 days! So to all you small petite girls like me, yes we can get BBL's too!! As long as u have fat to work with. I'm really skinny but I have a tire around my belly so it worked in my favor. Good luck to u all! :)

Wish pics

I am a small girl so I am not looking for a nicki minaj donkey butt. (No offense to her) But I want my results to show also! So I decided to go with the 'upside down heart' shape so it will compliment my body type and not look too over the top. Im keeping my fingers crossed. And btw, I am still eating a lot just to make sure I have enough fat to work with. Hopefully I will be at 115lbs by the day of my surgery!


hi girls.. my surgery is in 3 weeks and so many people have not been very supportive of my decision to go with this surgery. it makes me very sad to know that my friends that i have confided in to tell them i was doing this surgery, isnt even supporting me. everyone thinks i am making a mistake and that i should cancel the surgery... 3 weeks before my surgery!! so stressful and honestly has been putting me down. sometimes i think they are right and sometimes i want to cancel the surgery. instead of being happy and excited, i feel kinda sad and nervous and stressed. i know they just care about me and most people dont support plastic surgery but its my decision and my body. yes, i understand god gave me this body and i should be happy with it, yes i know the risks involved, yes i know all of that, but i made this decision for me and i have my mind set on it. have any of you girls had the same discouragement?

2 weeks to go!

hi girls! my sx is in 2 weeks from today. im beyond excited and anxious! when i first consulted with dr.s in october i weighed 102lbs. i am currently at 112lbs. even though i am so sick of stuffing my face with food, i am determined to get to 115lbs by my sx date. getting medical clearance next week, getting supplies tomorrow. the only thing that has bothered me is that the staff has been a little disappointing once i paid off my balance. my emails barely get responded to, the office is always busy, my coordinator is barely available... i just feel like they are getting in over their heads and neglecting the personal service to the patients they currently have, and focusing so much on their advertisements on the radio, posting pics with celebs and what not on instagram, and gaining new clients. just my 2 cents.. anyway, wish me luck ladies!


getting my medical clearance has been a disaster. my doctors office only had one week ahead of my surgery available to do my medical clearance. so ive been running around trying to get everything done. apparently yesterday my doctors office had scheduled an xray/ekg test for me at another facility today (on a saturday) but when i got there, they said i wasnt in the system and would have to go back on monday!! she also mentioned that it would take 3-5 days to process my results! yet my surgery is on thursday. hoping and praying they can rush it so i can get it by wednesday. i got all my prescriptions, supplies, and bloodwork done. the xray and ekg is the only thing holding me back from getting my medical clearance. grrrrr. im so frustrated at my doctors office for being such a mess and not sending me to do all my testing sooner. if i dont get my clearance by wednesday, i will be sooo devastated if i have to postpone my surgery! =( rs sistas pleaseee pray for me to get my results in time for my surgery!! im in between a panic attack and a nervous breakdown lol 5 more days!!

so excited!!! =)

it was a close call to almost missing my sx date but i got my medical clearance today! 2 days before surgery! i was freaking out but thanks god i got it just in time and everything came back good so im good to go! tmrw i find out what time my sx is for thursday. omgggg so excited! i already requested 10 days off from work. hopefully thats enough. still havent decided on what to do for massages. i heard from a friend that someone paid almost 7000 just in massages. yikes...

So. Much. Pain.

Feeling miserable

This surgery is no joke. I knew it was going to be painful from all the stories I read. But I didn't think it was going to be this bad. I feel miserable. I haven't stopped crying. I've been throwing up everything I eat. I can't keep any food down. My neck hurts. My face is super swollen. And I have a massive headache. Having a horrible recovery so far.


I gave up on sleeping on my tummy. I couldn't do it anymore. So I slept on my back for the first time today but the boppy pillow under my butt and two pillows behind my back and one pillow under my knees. I really don't care for my results anymore. I don't care if I'm squishing my fat cells. I'm sick and tired of this recovery. It's been really rough on me. Maybe because I'm so small it's a lot for my body to handle. But with the garment on, I really like my shape. My waist is super tiny. Just glad I was able to sleep finally even tho I did the big No-No of sleeping on my back. Still feeling nauseous but not throwing up. Massive headache hasn't gone away. I really wish I could post pics but I feel so weak. Hopefully by tmrw I can take some pics. Thanks everyone for all your comments! Xoxo

Thinking things over

Now that I'm a bit more conscious, I was thinking about how my surgery went. And I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. He lipo'd my chest which wasn't part of the plan. We agreed on full back and abdomen only. He had more than enough fat than he needed just from those areas. But when I woke up I saw my chest was black as black from the Lipo. He didn't need to Lipo me there because he didn't even use all the fat he took out but whatever. And when I woke up from the anesthesia, I was sitting in a wheelchair. I thought at least they would lay me down on a BED and let me rest a bit. But no. As soon as I opened my eyes, the nurse pulled out my catheter and was like 'ur all done! Ur good to go!' And bam. Next thing I know, I'm being wheeled to the elevator where there was other ppl in it just staring at me. She wheeled me towards the BACK of the car so I literally had to stand up in all this pain and walk to the front. And then I hear her say to herself 'I should've brought her closer'. No duh. And off I went home (with my friend driving). The next day, yeinly or whatever came to change my garment and she was gone before I got to ask any questions. She said she was in a hurry to get to Naples. Since then I haven't heard from anyone, the doctor hasn't called me, the nurse hasn't called to check on me, I don't know when to go back for my follow up. Nothing. After my surgery I felt like I was thrown out of there like garbage. I haven't seen or spoke to dr.salzhauer since before anesthesia. Maybe because he's too busy being famous on snapchat and instagram. I wonder if anyone else felt this way? He's definitely not getting 5 stars from me. Maybe if he put his phone down and focused on his patients, maybe.


All my postop girls! Please help me find ways to sleep. I found it almost impossible to sleep last night. No matter what position, No matter how many pillows I used or where I put them, I couldn't get comfortable. In one position, my neck would cramp up, in another position, my arms would cramp up, in other positions, it would hurt my butt or tummy. Please let me know how u guys slept comfortably. I'm having such a hard time finding a way to sleep. I need some Zzzzzz's!!

Here's a pic finally

Here is a before and after with my garment on because it hurts like hell to take it on and off again. I have to say that I don't see any booty. It looks nothing like when I came out of surgery. I have no projection. It Actually looks the same as before. But at least I have a tiny waist and some hips. I'm thankful for that. At least I got something out of this surgery lol. Feeling much better today. I've been walking around and laying more on my tummy. I feel like I lost my butt from sleeping on it so much. Now I regret it. But oh well. I got a tiny waist which is what I wanted the most. No more belly and love handles hanging over my pants :) follow up appt is on Friday. I'll post pics without the garment that day. Xoxo

Petites.. They is hope for us all! :)

Sooo...Happy anniversary to my new babies. I went today from my follow up. Marlene checked me out to see if I was healing ok, took out my stitches, took pics and I was done. She's extremely nice and helpful.
I looked at myself naked for the first time. I really love my results! So YES MY SMALL LITTLE FUN FIZED GIRLS! WE CAN DO IT TOO. THERE IS HOPE FOR US ALL :) xoxo

10 days post op

So it's been 10 days. Still loving my new figure even tho my stomach is still really lumpy and numb. Not sure if it's still normal. I feel great. I've gotten used to sleeping on my tummy. I feel great. Mild discomfort. Mainly bored most of the day lol. Dr.salzhauer does great work even tho I didn't get the treatment I expected. Oh well. My results came out great and that's what really matters at the end of the day. Happy Sunday yall :) xoxo

12 days post op

3 weeks postop

hey guys! its been exactly 3 weeks today since my sx. i feel really great, i love my results, but its true what they say, my butt lost some volume but i know its just the swelling going down. but regardless, i love my new body. anything was better than before! lol. some of u have been asking my measurements and here it is.
waist before-33. waist now-25.
hips before-35. hips now-38
i know my hips arent much different in inches but my waist to hips ratio is much better now. so it helps alot in how much bigger my hips/butt looks. my stomach still feels numb and hurts a little when i touch it but i hope it gets better soon. my only complaint is that my skin is super duper dry and flaky. when i called the office to ask about it, they said it was normal and my skin will go back to normal soon. has this happened to any of u?? i feel like a snake shedding skin lmao its so weird and lotion helps but its still soooo dry and flaky. and another thing, i noticed i cant eat like i used to. and i get full faster.

6 weeks postop

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in 2 weeks. I've been very busy with work and recently gotten into a new relationship :) but I finally found some time to post an update. So a lot has changed since I last posted. My butt has definitely lost volume. Not sure if it was because I was used to how it looked while still swollen. Some days it looks very big to me, some days it looks the same as before I had surgery. But I know I've lost volume for sure because now I can fit into some (not all) of my jeans from before. My hips now measure 37 inches :( and I've gone down to 107 lbs. I was at 112 on the day of my surgery. It's defintely harder to eat now which I think is the result of my weight going down again. Sometimes I think I should have just gotten Lipo. I think a BBL for a skinny petite girl like me really is something to reconsider because it has really been a struggle for me to keep the weight on and keep the fat on my butt. Most days I think my butt looks the same as before. I loved it after 3 weeks postop but then it just started shrinking after that. I absolutely love my flat tiny waist though. I get to wear short crop tops without my belly and love handles hanging over my jeans/shorts. My confident has really gone up. I'm more happy with my flat tiny waist than with my BBL :/ I still experience some discomfort in my butt and numbness around my back and belly where I had Lipo. But it gets better everyday. When I get up from bed or stretch for something, I feel a burning sensation where I had Lipo, which scares me sometimes. Not sure what it is. It still hurts to sit sometimes. I still sleep on my belly and I wear my spanx bodysuit at night when I sleep. I got ALOT of compliments on my body up until 2 weeks ago. I guess because my butt isn't as big anymore :/ which sucks. Because sometimes I feel like I wasted 8,000 for a butt that didn't last. But regardless, my body looks so much better than it did before and I get to dress in clothes I've always wanted to wear.

7 week postop

hey guys! just wanted to post an updated pic.

7 week postop pic

10 weeks postop

Hey girls. Tomorrow I will be 10 weeks postop. Just wanted to update my status. The top of my butt is still hard and itchy sometimes. Not sure if it should still have hard spots. My tummy still gets burning sensations. And a lil lumpy. I have not had any massages ever. I still sleep on my tummy because it still hurts to sleep on my back and when I sit for long periods of time. I haven't worked out at all but I am still in love with my butt. I get asked a lot if my butt is fake. I always deny it lol. It's not incredibly big but it is big for my size. This pic is dark but it's the only one I had. Any questions, don't be shy! :)

Brighter pic

I tried to brighten the pic so hopefully this one is better lol. I'll post better pics soon I promise!

10 week postop pics

Happy mothers day

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my rs sisters a happy Mother's Day. Because I had read so many of your guys profiles and seen a lot of you are moms and get bashed for deciding to get surgery and as a mother, I feel like it's not right for others to look down on us for making a decision for ourselves. we are human too and we can make choices for ourselves. It does not mean we are not good mothers and don't care about our kids. It doesn't change the fact that our kids are still number one and will always come first no matter what. So to all my rs mommies, don't let others peoples negativity bring you down and influence your decision to make yourself happy. At the end of the day, it's your body and your life. Your kids will love you no matter what so f-ck what everybody else thinks. I do not regret my surgery at all and I've never been happier with my body. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day either with your kids or with your mom (for those of you with no kids). It's a beautiful day to be happy :) xoxo

12 weeks postop

Hey guys! I am loving my body more and more everyday. Even tho my booty is not as big as I wanted it to be, I am extremely happy with my results. Next week will be my 3 month anniversary haha lol :P

3 months postop

Hey guys. Even tho I wish my butt was bigger, I am very happy with my new shape. I get lots of compliments and asked 'what's your secret?' A lot. To strangers, I just tell them squats. But I do confess to my friends because it's kind of hard to lie when they knew what I looked like before.
Other than that, I still have hard spots on the top of my butt. I have small little balls in random places. Feels like small marbles under my skin. I went for a follow up to have the nurse check it out. She says its normal and to be completey healed, it takes one year. So it will shrink with time. My booty still itches sometimes. But other than the hard spots, my butt is very soft on the bottom. My tummy is a bit lumpy. Can't wait for it to be smooth and look normal.

5 months post op

Hey guys! Sorry I have gotten lost. I am still loving my results. But my right cheek is smaller than my left cheek. It bothers me but I guess only I can notice it. I have these little hard balls on both of my cheeks that itch like crazy. Nurse said it will go away with time. My tummy has a small lump by my belly button. I thought it was swelling but seems like it's not going away. My results aren't perfect. I blame it on him being too distracted by snapchatting and talking. Not really focusing on what he's doing. But I'm glad my results came out decent and safe. I still love my new body :)

6.5 months postop update

Hey guys! Just wanted to say hi and wanted to post a new pic. Sorry if I haven't replied to most of your comments. But since I don't go on here very often anymore, there are sooo many notifications that it's hard to keep up and read them all! :/ hope everyone has been well! On another note, my booty is doing well, I still get a lot of attention but not as much as I did when it was swollen. But it looks great and is proportioned to my skinny legs. My tummy has no lumps at all. I think my booty fluffed. It didn't fluff the way I thought it would but it definitely did, around 5.5 months.

8 months postop

Hey guys. Just wanted to update. Still have small lumps in some areas of my butt. I don't feel like I've lost any more volume. I don't see it as big as I used to but I still get asked almost daily if my butt is fake or how I have a perfectly shaped butt lol I'm sure my skinny legs are what make it so obvious but honestly I really don't care lol I love my butt and have absolutely no regrets!

9 months postop

Hey guys. Just wanted to post an updated picture.

New pic

Hey guys. This will probably be the last pic I will post. I don't think I will be coming back on to this website anymore. Just wanted to show a 9 month post op pic of my booty. Still loving it. I have zero regrets. Very happy that I made the choice to do this surgery even though I had no support from friends/family and a bad experience with the surgery and recovery. So if your thinking of doing this surgery, go for it. This procedure as given me the confidence I never thought I would have. It has changed my life and my self esteem. Don't do it for the attention, do it for yourself if it makes you happy. I know we all weren't born rich but don't sacrifice quality over price. im absolutely obsessed with my butt and the shape and size of it and I wouldn't change my decision for the world. Take care guys and thanks for all the love on here throughout my journey!! Xoxo

2 year anniversary

Hi guys!! It's been so long since I've been back here. Just wanted to give everyone an update since February will be 2 years since I had my bbl done. I am very happy with it. I am obsessed with my new body. It has given me the confidence I have always wanted for myself.
One thing I do regret is not getting massages after I had the surgery. Since it was not recommended by dr salzhaur, I felt like I didn't need to do it. But now that it has been 2 years, I still feel tiny little bumps which was supposed to go away after one year. It doesn't bother me and my boyfriend doesn't feel it but I know it's there. So I do recommend getting massages for anyone interest in the procedure.
Even though my butt is very soft, I get asked in a daily basis if my butt is fake *so annoying* i do feel like it is too big only because my legs are so skinny. I told dr salzhaur I wanted it to be portioned with my legs and more on the natural side, he said yeah yeah yeah and still gave me a huge butt with almost 1200 cc's in each cheek. He reassured me that it was just swelling and would go down, but that didn't happen. Even after the swelling went down, it's still very big (for my body). So when you see my pictures, yes my butt is not gigantic, but it is big for my frame and especially with my chicken legs. I am considering working out but have been too lazy hehe :P
Anyway, so to anyone wanting to get a BbL, I say GO FOR IT :) I have absolutely no regrets!! <3
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