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I have alway had no butt, a lot of hips and no...

I have alway had no butt, a lot of hips and no ass! As i got older i learned about the brzilian butt lift. I have seen a couple of dotors in New York (where im from) but every price that was given was to high 15,000 and up. I found Dr. Simon online late one night, they contacted me later that day. i send in so pics of me got a price of 8,500 for arm, inner thighs, stomach, and upper and lower back. so now im in miami days away waiting for my big day!! a couple of things to plan for i bought a size bigger leggings and big shirts keep in mind you will have a garment on. my sister and i went shopping in a discount store bought shawow pad to lay on top of there just .99c. the dotor and staff tells you you most likey you will bleed though the holes that was lipo noting major. you can't shower the 1st 48-72 hours (2-3 days) ....keep you posted

Hours before my surgry. Im very nervus!! my surgry...

hours before my surgry. Im very nervus!! my surgry will be done at 7am. it seems it came so fast. In the morning i have claming pills the dotor gave me kinda wish i could take it now

Adding the soon to be old me in about 10 hours

adding the soon to be old me in about 10 hours

So I did it OMG.! I went this morning 6:35am. Fill...

So I did it OMG.! I went this morning 6:35am. Fill out somepapers. To be honest thererwas a 50/50 chance of me being pregnant but be4 I could ask the nurse for a preganaies test she came in the room n was like I hand to pee in a cup so I was like thank god! After that I came back in the room take all my clothes off the dr then came in n sltarted drawing on me after a women came explain what they where going to do to me I made my last phone to my bf n hug me sister and when to the operation room. I had to lay down on the aeration bed it was heat with was soon nice since it felt like the hospital was below zero degrees. A nurse was looking on my hand for a vane. When the found it she put a numbing thing on it and to other nurse held my hand down n she sticked it in. It was not the butterfly shoot n it was like a sharp pitch. It like 20 second n I was knocked out n Im for real if felt it 2 mins and the woke me up. When I woke up thou I was shaking im not sure why but I was shaking From head to toe my sister takes me back to the hotel we are staying at a lot of people asked am I ok do I need help. I thou that was pretty nice since not a lot of people in NYC do that. In my hotel room the garment was to much for me to wear I couldn't I had to take it off It was so tight on me. N it was wet so my sister went and washed it around 9ish so I am going to put it back on in the morning. I have stoped leaking heavy by 12:00pm now if I do leak it very light. I was going to put up pics when I got back but I was to tried I was in and out of sleep so tomorrow I will. N sorry for any miss spelling my iPhone correct me in the wrong way sometimes

My results are not what i expected. i wanted my...

my results are not what i expected. i wanted my butt to be more rounder i don't know if when my butt heals more if it would look different, im kinda lost im thinking maybe to get it redone :/

So its been about 5 months and it was worth it!...

So its been about 5 months and it was worth it! FORGET what i write before time shows all!!! I do wish it could have been a little bigger, but the size and flatness my ass is its really a amazing changed. I added a picture of my side where the hole was used for liposuction, its still dark and i have about 8 hole/scares (not sure what to call it) two on my upper back, lower back near the butt 2 on each side of my hips ( where i taked the picture ) and 1 on each arm. The holes/scares are quite small just a bit dark, I'll post a next pic of my butt so you can see the difference. after the surgery i stayed for about two weeks came back to new york and was back to doing everything i use to do, the only down time was in florida. siting and sleeping was just a little hard in the beginning (on a scale from 1-10 like a 3 or 4) it felt almost like you have a pad on ur ass checks lol weird at first but it will pass. After about a month my ass stared to grow and it happen so naturally noone notices.but then i had friends i didn't see in about 6 months and 3 months after the surgery they came over and it was like "OMFG did your ass get bigger" ............. when i went to surgery i remember everything went very fast. i went in with my sister to a private room,i had to unrobe dr. simon came in and drew on my stomach back legs and of course my butt. after him a lady came in she had to make sure i had all my medication (make sure to take all with you) she had my filled out a good amount of paper work. i then had to pee in a cup for pregnancies and 5 mins later i was walking into the operation room, shocking it was very warm for some reason i always thought it would be cold idk why, but i was soon laying on the table they put blankets under and over me i had to open my arms basically like a t. the operation room looked some much like on CSI they had to put the iv in my left hand i think the needle was big i didn't feel pain idk if it was because i was so focus on the room or if they put some kind of numbing cream but i didn't feel no pain but i did feel it going in between the bones if my fingers. two mins later i was out i woke up about 12 and i went in 7am and was on the table at 730 it was about 4 and a half hours but trust me you don't feel it like when the needle goes in, you feel very heavy n drop to sleep and wake up like you just blinked.You must have and i mean MUST a person to take you back to wherever your staying and to get you food and to tell you when to take you meds you will sleep for a good 2-3 days so someone needs to wake you up for meds n food. you will need the pad things for kids who start using the bathroom to catch the pee. it is a must i leaked bloody water from my holes and it looked like a murder seen in my bed. i leaked for about 3-4 days, you need wipes i didn't shower for like 2 days i couldn't walk, if your from a cold place like ny walk around with water!!!!! trust me you don't want to past out in the lobby of the hotel. everyday you could walk a little more far everyday i tried to walk to the bathroom alone and it became easier and easier. i wrote so much because when i was looking for what the recovery was like i counldnt fine it so i hopefully this helps someone else.

2 year update!!! (now mom update)

like I said this is completely worth it, however as of I had my surgery September of 2012 and be came pregnant around October or November of 2012 (couldn't keep my husband off of me). Now I just want to let any women know if you become pregnant after your surgery let your doctor know because I didnt put on a single pound when I was pregnant. I assume it was the lipo was still at work I did not show on till about 6 or 7 months. I had a healthy 5 pound girl. I swear I had the most wonderful pregnancy ever my butt came out of hidding ;). After I gave birth I put on 10 pounds and my stomach do not look as bad as it did but I want to get lipo again and butt isnt flat like it was but it kinda drop and got less plum. And my breast :/ drop, so I am looking for a doctor for lipo and a breast lift. My journey Part2 is about to begin!

add a next pic

I was trying to add a next pic to my last post

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