BBL 12.15.16 W/ A.Hasan

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Preparing to get Snatched....Yasssss! But I'm a...

Preparing to get Snatched....Yasssss! But I'm a little nervous because I don't feel like I'm prepared. What do you ladies recommend I do or things I need to get before the BBL surgery? Any advice? I bringing my BF with me and I booked the Doral Inn and Suites, do anyone have any information on this hotel??

50 Days until the Big Day...But Weight!!!!

Ok, I see most ladies are trying to gain weight for their transfer, but ihave any one who has been to A. Hasan knows how strict he is about weight. I am at 31 BMI, fluctuating from 186 to 190 pounds, the email says that you have to be 30 BMI to have the surgery with him, do anyone have any information on this??? I can lose the weight but GEEZE!!!!!

Lymphatic Massages

Has any one scheduled lymphatic messages after surgery in the area of vanity, if so where and how much was it?

SX Update... 29 days away

Ok so yesterday was contacted by the sx coordinator to give me further instructions on the surgery. I was told that Hassan BMI requirement is 30 and that is firm he actually wants you to be 29.9 when you arrive. They also said there is a $50 drug screening fee when you get there. Labs are encouraged to be done at home so if you don't have insurance to pay for your labs that is another out of pocket fee $150 to $250 dollars. Any unpaid fees has to be paid 2 wks prior to your scheduled surgery. They also require you to get clearance for any medication that you Tell them you are taking.. So with all that being said I am currently 190 and I have to be 185 in less than 30 days without the help of any weight loss supplements because you can't take those either....with me luck!!!

SX Update 23 days now 24 days out...Labs results

So my surgery has been pushed back 1 day because they said that Dr. Hassan will not be in that day, how inconvenient for out of town patients who has purchased flights and hotel rooms, we should be compensated for this. Also do anyone know what your CBC count has to be before SX?

SX Update 16 Days away...

Well, I have submitted almost all of my documents and now I am waiting on one of my labs to come back. I'm pretty sure my Hemo is going to be low but I'm just sitting around waiting on the representatives to contact me with an update. I want to purchase my supplies and pay off my balance but I want to wait until I know everything is good to go. I'm still excited and ready for this transformation to take place. Please feel to give me any information or suggestions that helped you through your journey.

SX Update 14 days away...I Found a Hook up for the labs!!!

So my hemo is low and I have to get it done again, so I looked around and found Walmart Clinic Care. They all the labs for about $100 dollars, but to my advantage they only charge $8 for the CBC...looka there, better find you a Walmart Care Clinic.

Cleared for SX 9 days 10hours and 6min

Well my balance has been paid and my labs are clear now all I have to do is wait. My sx came with a faja, two lipo foams and 2 massages..i ordered my lipo board, chux and arnica tablets from amazon. My friend gave me her boppy(that she didnt use) and her back thing that was made for her BBL. Anything else that I need I plan to get while I'm there....oh the suspension!

7 days pre sx Pics

Sx 1 day post Op

Dollz when i tell you this is pain like you have never seen before..OMG yesterday was the worst day of my life but on the bright side my body is Bangin!!!! I have been very tired and in pain for the most part. Everything is bloody so you will need more than one faja...think dark colored towels blankets and i couldnt stand laying on a pillow. Today is much better than yesterday but still in pain I had to go buy bandages and tape for the bleeding after my 1st massage and new faja..

Post Op sx day 4

So, I'm having a little trouble with seroma liquid filling up my tummy, i have gotten it drain twice and now I'm going back once more this after noon before its time for me to fly home. Take into consideration that Hasan does not use drains and when you leave you have to consult a plastic surgeon to get the liquid removed which is additional cost if you don't live in this area...the liquid is hot and uncomfortable almost like a hot water bed in your can also harden up and require you to have additional surgery if its not removed.

This BURN.....UGH!!! 2wks post

So I'm a little past two weeks and i have lost alot of weight...good, i have the shape of a God....good, but lawd this burn i got on my stomach and the pain I'm still in...reading realself had me thinking i was going to be good in about 7days....dont believe the hype. But this burn lawd this burn...major set splitting open it hurts like Hell and i don't know what to expect afterwards...after getting burned and this pain i would say that the surgery is not worth this much Damn trouble...Hassan snatched the Hell out this waist tho..but this burn!!!!

12.16.16 Post Surgery Review Hasan

Ok, I went in to Palmetto Surgical Center to have my surgery done in which the process happened fairly quick. I did not meet with Hasan prior to the day of surgery or after surgery only the morning of. You are not able to speak with him only the morning of sx. Well, i went in for surgery and I woke up in complete pain on some hard surface...i was barely awake and the nurse assistant was putting my dress on and walking me out the door. No type of correspondance, aftercare Nothing. You have to pick up prescriptions after sx from a local pharmacy, completely bloody and in pain. The first day of sx was a completely horrible and painful experience i would never want to go through that again. I had to purchase an additional garment because mine was not wearable after the first day which was $120. Don't waste your money on the boppy or all that other useless mess..only good for a pillow laying in the back seat. Do get arnica tablets, bio oil, tylenol pm and black blanket, 3 lipo foams and bed pads. Eres staff are a mess. They barely speak English. Some are helpful some are not. I was allowed to bleed on the floor in the lobby after my massage because they will not give you bandages, so bring your own. I was embarrassed and crying and one lady felt sorry and put me in a room to sneak and give me a bandage. I got burned and was instructed to put destin diaper cream on it..i had to find a plastic surgeon at home to treat burn and seroma...and pay for it. They return calls about 2 days later...dont waste your time even calling just Google what you want to know. My body is snatched but I'm still in pain can't wear garment or foams because of burn not sure if it will effect my end results. I wouldnt do it again, save a lil money and go to a better place with better care...or take the chance i did maybe you will be a lil bit more lucky than me. The actually work he does looks good but in my opinion not worth the trouble.
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