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Hey guys I'm new to real self, I'm 23 5'2 I weigh...

Hey guys I'm new to real self, I'm 23 5'2 I weigh 165-170 depending on how I feel like eating in the week lol. My body type is curvy thick thighs with a wide butt it's not plump tho. My weigh is also in my arms and back area basically every where. I lost a lot of weigh two years ago and I love my tummy but hated that I lost my thighs and butt. So I always wanted to get a bbl and I found a doctor name dr. Cabral but my mother hated the thought of me going out of state for surgery, so I decided to find a doctor in Miami. I was deciding between Wendell perry or Osak Omulepu. Both of my friends got their surgery with them. The skinny friend went with Wendell and the thick with Osak. I loved how Osak made my friend body look so I put my down payment with him. I'm excited to get the surgery and I realized that I wouldn't be able to do lipo to my arms because a arm lift would be better. I want this surgery because I've always been insecure about my body.. My cousin has the perfect shape small arms/stomach waist and thick thighs with a huge ass and she's pretty. While I'm pretty but my body type isn't how I want it to be so this surgery will make me happy and I will make sure to get a arm lift afterwards because I hate how girls look with a tiny waist and fat arms that's just weird to me.

My wish pictures

I love how small arms look with a bbl. I love my thick thighs but hate my arms. Do you guys know of anyone who got a arm lift in Miami?

Better photo of my Booty

You can see that it's there but it's wide and doesn't have a plump... If I only get lipo only and snatch my waist it would look better but getting a bbl would make it pop and stand out lol I want to feel confident.

5am before I head to work

I've been eating right well sorta and making sure that I don't touch any fried foods. I've been addicted to panera's bread lobster roll combo I've eaten that thing over five times in two months so yummy. I want to go down to a perfect weight for my bbl but still want a lot of fat for my booty. How much weigh do you ladies think I should lose? I haven't signed up for a gym yet but I'm looking around by my job. I could workout everyday after my day is finished. I'm so excited about this surgery finally happening. I plan to get my handsome white boyfriend after I heal up! :)

What are some of you guys goals after you get surgery? New boyfriend new career? I wonder how confident I'll be after surgery since I've always been shy. I wanna feel like a total package. College grad, pretty face, perfect teeth, long natural hair, and now all I'm missing is a banging body. Lol

So ladies give me your opinion on what I should do to prepare for my surgery. I have anemia so I've been taking iron daily with vitamin c. I have to do a cleanse once a week since it leaves me with constipation unless I eat really clean and green.

Having a change of mind.

Hey ladies so I've put down a $1,400 deposit up until now for Osak Omulepu but two days ago I seen my friend that went to dr and had the surgery with Yily. And all I have to say is OMG !!! Her ass looks so perfect, felt soft and her waist was tiny. I feel a bit jealous and I'm having second thought about Osak since I've been reading a few bad reviews & seeing some terrible results. So ladies please help what do you think I should do? My friend said that she paid a total of $5,000 for surgery flight and recovery house!! Yes only five thousand!!! Osak is $4,000 plus recovery house $1,000 flight $600 since I'm doing 1st class. And I was going to stay two 3 extra nights in a hotel. I don't know what I should do honestly. Give me your thoughts. Hopefully they won't give me a problem with refunding the $1,100 since I know they keep the $300 deposit. So ladies let me know :))))


I see that Osak makes his butts really high with no cuff on the bottom and I don't like that. I also hate the fact that he doesn't do arms.

Side view

So I've been thinking about getting my refund and I haven't made up my mind yet. This is a photo of my side view and the other is of a girl I know who got her bbl by Osak. She had the same body type as me so that's why I wanted to toto him since he did his thing with her. I guess I've seen bad reviews of different body types but then again Cabral or yily snatch any body type. Maybe it's because they don't really limit the amount of fat they take out.

So ladies that's the picture and video of a friend I know who went to Osak give me your thoughts.

I'm sad and depressed

I'm sad because I had everything planned out with Osak and now I don't know where to go or which doctor to choose. I'm so sad reading all of these bad reviews I just don't know anymore.

The other day I went out with friends and they took a video of us walking and I snapshot me in it. I look so fat with rolls and my arms are huge.

Switched doctors

Okay guys so I finally said Fu$k it and switched doctors. I didn't like the butts I've been seeing Osak do.... They were all high with no cuffs .. Basically grandma booties! So I switched to Cabral my very first choice. I don't want to have a round two so with Cabral I know that he will make my body A1. I've read up on him so I know his back story... No need to shed light on anything. He does his thing with the bbl!!!! I got back on my diet and I think I'm the perfect size now. I'll be going to Cabral in the beginning of Jan maybe dec 31 for two weeks. So I will be making a new review for Cabral since I can't change the doctor name in the title. I will be staying at a recovery house either Maria or princess I can't wait!!

Oh I forgot

I got the full $1,400 back I called my bank so I'm waiting to see as the months go by if spectrum will take the $300. They called me and I didn't pick up since they took way to long to refund me my money. I got a new card in the mail just in time. I cut up my old one and activated my new card. They won't be able to charge the $300 until they speak with my bank. So let's see ladies


This is how my butt looks from the back can't wait to see Cabral

Update photo

So I've gained a few pounds I can't for my work pants anymore but I started back my diet this week. I scheduled my surgery for April 14th and I'll be heading out on the 12th. I'm super excited about seeing Cabral and I've been taking my iron, vitamin C and I bought B12 and a blood builder so hopefully I can get my hemo up to 13-14.

I'm 178 pounds

I don't know how this is happening. I went from 160 and now I'm 178 in 2-3 months time. I think it's stress I don't know where to start. Do you ladies have any suggestions? I have to lose 20 pounds by April or else I won't get the results I've been dreaming about. What do you guys do to deal with stress? How can I lose this weigh?

Got my results

So I just got back from my doctor appointment and I am healthy, I lost some weight I'm now 172 and my stomach looks so good I don't want to lose to much fat from my stomach so I think that 170-165 is my goal. My hemo is now 12.1 !!! It useto be 11.7 so I only have to get it up to 13 by April. I can't wait guys

New body goals

She's so damn hot, I think that this is how I may look after my sx hopefully lol I love her thick thighs and hips damn. I'm more on the thick side so cross fingers two months away :)

So sad

I'm looking at old photos of myself I was so bad with a nice ass and waist but now I put on so much weight I look crazy. I saw a picture of me in a pink thong a year + ago so I just took a picture in that same thong and all I have to say is wow!! My Stretch marks looks terrible ugh I really hope that all of this is worth it. Ladies should I lose more weight?

I'm so happy that I switched doctors

Dr Osak got his license revoked the stories behind it are crazy.

Just went shopping

I am not playing any games with my hemo I want it to be 14-15 by April. I picked these up at the vitamin shop $60. I'm going to take the blood builder in the morning with the zinc and b-12 and in the afternoon I'll do the hema-plex. Have any ladies done both at the same time of day? I bought a 60 day supply so I'll be good for March and April. I can't wait!!

I also put down my deposit for Maria's recovery house I'll be in d.r on the 13th of April through the 21th, so any ladies that will be in d.r around that time let me know so that we can meet. I am so excited and all I have to do now is buy my supplies, bbl pillow and figure out where I'll get my massages at. Please any suggestion will help I live in Brooklyn but I am open to traveling.

I need help ladies

So I purchased my out bound flight for April 13th a few weeks ago for 7pm-11:50PM from JFK to D.R but my surgery is supposed to be on the 14th so I just changed my flight to 7am - 11am so that I can get to do my LABS the day before surgery instead of being pushed back. Now I am trying to figure out what time I should leave on the 21h of April. Should I get a flight early morning 1AM-6Am or should i do in the day or night? What are your suggestions ladies? Please help, what would you do?

Goals & wish pictures

So I purchased my return flight for 6AM departure in D.R, next step is for me to get my supplies. I payed Maria via western union and they rejected it when she went to pick it up since she had too much money coming in so I had to get a refund & now I'm waiting to send her husband the deposit. I want to bring my laptop with me but I don't know if anyone would try and steal it? I'll cutt a bitch, what are you thoughts? If I bring it then I'll be able to take video & photos for you guys after my sx. My luggage has a combo lock but idk?? Give me feedback lol

Should I?

Maria's recovery house is cool and all but I was checking out hotels in D.R I fell inlove with JW Marriott Hotel & the Sheraton santo domingo. I was thinking about staying there my last day/night to end the trip off relaxing/refreshing. I am great with taking pain and taking care of myself so I am not too worried in regards to doing for me. But what are your thoughts ladies? I will be in D.R a total of 9 DAYS 8 NIGHTS. I am not concerned with the extra cost so I want to make this trip perfect since I love taking photos/videos to look back at my experiences. Feed back would be grateful ladies. I ATTACHED PHOTOS of both hotel rooms with the view.

Recent photo

Me in red, you can see my love handles are crazy lol hopefully Cabral and make my waist tiny. I'm still losing weight but this is an update photo. Can't wait!


My job approved my two weeks leave of absence which took a lot of stress off of me because I didnt think that they would since I was having a hard time when I asked the hiring manager. I told them that I would have to give in my resignation letter hehe well I guess that worked Lmaoo! So I am a month away ladies now all that I have to do is lose ten pounds.

I decided to leave my laptop home for the trip because of the stories I've been hearing. Me personally I would end up in Dominican jail if a bitch took my money or $1700 laptop so I'll do the smart thing and leave it home.

A little update

Hey guys so I've been hearing a lot of bad things about Maria's recovery house. Old food, overbooking the rooms, rude staff, just all around bad and I don't want to see it for myself so I decided that I need a new recovery house, I could careless about the deposit I gave her. Imagine showing up to the recovery house and it's a slumber party with girls sleeping on the couch and taking your bed. I know that I would go crazy and have a melt down, so I just can't do it to myself. It seems like Maria bit off more than she can chew by overbooking in this season being too greedy with those "securing date deposits". But anyways I booked with a new recovery house, I won't be releasing their name until I paid my sx and get settled in. I heard a girl got robbed so I'm being extra careful, and so should you ladies. I'm also going to buy a money belt to keep my money on me and passport.

Began packing

Today I went shopping for supplies for the trip. My suitcase doesn't look like it has anymore space lol. I think that I may need to get a bigger suitcase we will see.

I bought :
Lock for my suitcase
Chuxs (two packs but one can't fit in suitcase)
Pads (48 pack)
Baby wipes
Compression stockings (2pairs 1thigh high 1 knee length)
Tooth brush-floss-mouthwash
Q tips
Lysol wipes
Baby oil - lotion
Arnica gel and tablets
Stool softener
Alcohol pads
Dial soap
Zzz quil
Pill organizer
Vitamin C / iron

What I need to get :

Lipo foam
More Vitamins to bring.
Granny dresses
Flip flops
Tank tops
Travel belt
Big panties since my P dot comes around that time.

Am I overpacking or do I just need a new suitcase? Lol I'm sure that everything will fit since I'm only bringing leggings, flip flops , granny night gowns n tank tops. I'll roll them up cross fingers lol.

What are you guys bringing that I did not mention?

Done vitamin shopping

I picked up everything that I will need for my recovery. And I made sure to get extra blooding builders and hema plex.

I'm sick FML

My tonsils are swollen and I can barely eat, I've been meaning to get them taking out for the past two years since they are annoying. I am going to try warm salt water. I am also taking NyQuil so hopefully I get better since I'm 10 DAYS pre sx day!!!

I've lost five more pounds and I plan on getting the next five off. Can't wait for you guys to see my progress.


Hey guys so I'm down to 170 pounds and I think that this is a good weight for my sx here are my update photos on my stomach and love handles. I no longer look bloated and I can't wait to get snatched. After I get my sx I'll be in the gym and continue to eat how I am eating now, I want to go down 10 pounds more and get toned. I'm also feeling 100% better no more swollen tonsils. 3 days until surgery

Guys i'm getting scared lol

I can't believe that I am about to get this done, I've wanted to get a BBL since I was 18 years old. Guys please help me think positive, I never thought that I would be second guessing this like will I really do this finally? Lmao every kind of thought is happening right now. I just can't wait to have a fatty with a snatched waist.

In D.r

Hey guys so I made it safe to santo Domingo. I got a ├╝ber from my house then I arrived to JFK , the flight was delayed for over an hour and then as I was boarding it was cops there asking people how much money do you have on you, why are you visiting etc. I told them I'm alone and for vacation they singled me out and search through my entire luggage, asking me why I have so many pads and baby wipes, I started getting anxiety and they finally let me go. I was the last one on the plane. The ride was terrible I really regret not doing first class, those JetBlue seats are hard and uncomfortable I couldn't fall asleep.

Anyways I got off the flight and the driver met me, I am staying at SeaLilys recovery house and I'm liking it this far. I will keep you guys updated I should get my labs today.


So I didn't get my labs done on Wednesday because I was jet lagged and my friend told me to not do my labs right after the flight. So today I did everything labs, cardiologists, ekg , x Ray and blood work. My hemo was 14 in nyc and when I got to my recovery house they checked and it was 13. I got cleared for surgery and I should be the first one tomorrow. They gave me a XL faja and arm sleeve which makes no sense. An XL is too big for me so they have to give me either a M or L. I feel annoyed I don't know why.

Sealily recovery house

I am so glad that I switched my recovery house last minute. Sea Lily's is the best, I love the food, they clean 24/7, private gated house, speak some English "the son", and it's really relaxing. This is one of my meals... Chicken and beef soup with white rice and plantains. Beet juice also, so anyone that's in need of a recovery house consider staying at sea Lily's. I'll update you guys after I have surgery. Xoxo

Just took the blue pill

I will be the first surgery, guys wish me luck.

Bad news

I need a blood transfusion my hemoglobin is 5, my face , under eyes and hands are swollen. I just hope that I can get past this. I have a headache too. I will never get plastic surgery again. I thought that I could handle this but no I can't.

Feeling 100% better

I'll do a review on sealily in a few

After photos

Hopefully they upload I'm liking my lipo results my arms are tiny and my waist. I wish that I would of told him to do it fatter,... What do you guys think?

Sealily RH review

Do you guys know the feeling of when you are fresh in a relationship and everything is going well. Then you start realizing things and your eyes open up. Well that is what happened at sea Lilly recovery house. First 2 days was fine, after surgery is where is went down hill. Let's start with the food, the cook was putting sugar in the beet juice, yes you heard that right sugar. I took a sip and I'm like wtf, and got rid of the rest in the toilet. The food didn't taste like good Dominican food it was regular not too good. The refrigerator power was horrible I put a water in the freeze for 5 hours just to come back and find the water just a bit cold. They need to clean that out too. I had a crazy roommate who I think had mental issues and I had to get the hell out of there. The massage lady Christina didn't know what she was doing or was half assing my massage I had so much fluid build up. Whenever I asked for a massage it was later or not right now like wtf you mean not now? The water pressure was terrible and they wanted money to do anything. I picked and choose who I gave a tip to. To conclude if I could do this again I would rent a hotel room and get a nurse the recovery house thing is a scam/ bullshit.


I'm feeling 100% better sometimes I feel sore but the pain is pretty much gone for the most part. I still have a little fluid on my right side of stomach that needs to get drains and my back. I'm going to buy my stage two faja this week. I've been putting small towels and my ab broad and the swelling is going down. I'm in my faja 24/7 unless I'm washing it.

I got a new faja

It's so tight I don't know how I'm going to get out to pee or shower then get back in omg. Feels nice tho


So all the cash that I brought to d.r with me was $6,000. It covered the bbl $3800 $240meds, $120faja, $60Arm compression sleeves; ,$230blood transfusion for low hemoglobin,$800recovery house. I had my cc and bank card with me just in case. Extra cost are, $600 first class, $150 for stage two faja, $600 for massage. Getting ready for the surgery buying supplies was $500-600 and I used everything, except panties(you won't need them you need diapers the first 7 days.)

I Can't wait to begin shopping for some new outfits. It feels great to finally put on anything and look nice in it.

I've been feeling better I no longer take the oxycodone I had so much left but it was getting addicting and it was so relaxing you didn't feel any pain at all. Since I didn't have a refill my sister kept telling me stop taking it it's like heroin and showed me this oxy head on YouTube smoking the pills. So I'm like okay fine, I tried to stop taking it and I could not sleep. My body was aching like my muscles were sore. It took me a whole week of being up late trying to sleep for me to get off of it. Since without oxycodone I feel like shit I'm up until 4 a.m in pain (google all the withdrawal side effects I had almost everyone its crazy) . The last two days I haven't taken any and I'm feeling the actual pain on my sides and my arms hurt, but it's for the good.

I like what Cabral did to my body it's so hot my waist is tiny and I have a nice butt I've been getting a lot of compliments and it's just month one. So ladies I am glad that I did the surgery but It was hell the first day. I was in so much pain and I wanted it to stop but then they kept giving me fluids. My hands and face got swollen and under my eyes looked like someone beat me up. Then my hands were swollen for a good 3-4 days.

I can't wait to start dating and get some D with my new body, I made sure to stay single while doing this whole process, I don't like others opinions and guys be the first ones to tell you not to do it. Plus I wouldn't want anyone to know how I look before while gaining the weight for the surgery(I looked bad my stretch marks are so dark on my love handles, I was insecure). I want to find one and put it on him and have him worship my ass. It's been 5 months without any boyfriend or dating since I cut every guy, except a few that I just keep to the side until I feel like it.

Here are some photos I wear lipo foam on my love handles(since they get dented by the faja and it hurts since its healing). + ab board

Round 2?

I really wish that I told Cabral to do it just like my wish pic cakey and fat so that when you see it from the side you're like damn that's a fat ass. :( But then I think of how my cousins will react when they see me like where that ass come from lmao. At least with the ass I have now I can hide it. I'm contemplating doing a round 2 with my boobs. Hmmm

I'm 160 pounds

Wow I haven't been this small in two years!! I can finally fit in my medium/small tops.


I've been okay ladies, here is an update photo. I still think that I should of got my ass fatter. :(


Short update, I'm 158 pounds now 36' 26' 46' are now my measurements. My butt is the perfect size and if I went bigger than it would of been odd so I won't be getting a round two. I will get my boobs done tho. Ladies the men are on their knees !!!!!! I'm loving how confident I am I can speak my mind and tell a guy off.... Before this surgery I was very very insecure about my body which made me shy and passive but ever since I got this surgery I'm a new women. I'm assertive and I tell it how it is no guy will ever get to use me or make me feel ugly about my insecurities because I'm now a CABRAL BARBE / BAD BITCH!!!!!

Ladies save up and get whatever surgery you fucking want!!!!! It changed my life for the good!!!! I'll post more photos as I continue shopping for new cloths.


Lastnight in my tight dress lol cakey baby I slowed down on wearing my faja at month 3 but I'm going to start back again.

So ladies remember when I said that I can't wait to get new D?? I've been getting d like crazy from my baby. He's white, blonde blue eyes, 27, has deep pockets and makes me squirt. TMI I know ladies but I've never squirted before! Remember ladies I was celibate for over 6-7 months before the surgery because I was so self conscious. My love handles on my sides were overflowing as you can see in my old photos and my stretch marks got darker and more. My arms were also big as hell and I look fat in everything because of that, but now I'm slim baby. All thanks to Cabral !! I made sure to get on birth control so that my boo can't trap me... He's already talking about how our kids will look. Making me have thoughts of girl twins yikes not right now babe!!!! Hahahaha

Hope you ladies have a wonderful surgery experience. Xoxoxo

Til next time :-*

Quick update

Everything is going fine except I've notice that my arms look fuckeed up and I'm going to need to get it fixed. It's fluid on the bottom and when I flex you see my muscle but also a lump. Yikes.

I'm 150 poundd now due to stress from the guy I last told you guys about. But I'm staying strong ladies...

Apart from that I look good and I am happy with my results. I just should of got more massages on my arms don't be like me.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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