Bbl 12/6/16 33 Years Old Mother of 4. 5'2 133lbs I'm Done Having Children & Now I'm Ready to Do Something for Myself - Miami, FL

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I'm hoping for a natural booty that fits my frame....

I'm hoping for a natural booty that fits my frame. I definitely want the hour glass shape. I want bigger hips to give me that hour glass look but I don't want to look fake. Or like kim k lol. I'm not going to this with unrealistic expectations. I just hope my booty coomes out proportion I've seen too many women with the booty looks only rounded on top and the bottom is flat.

I am exactly one week one day away from my bbl surgery!!

Omg I can't believe my bbl is around the corner!! Excited and anxious lol


Ready for a big curve back there

Before pic

Wish pictures

Gained 4lbs

So I've managed to gain a few pounds! Lol 137! Hopefully it's not just bloat because unfortunately it's almost that time of the month. I'll just be getting off of it the day of surgery. And I usually gain 2lbs before and lose it after my af. They say to be 10lbs from goal weight and mine is 130.

Packing up

Getting ready and packed

New surgery date!

So I got a phone call yesterday the nurse asking me if I would like to schedule my appointment one day earlier which would be December 5 instead of December 6 and I took it so I literally have 3 days including today until my surgery! December 5th meanwhile I'm trying not get sick.

Getting nervous

Flying out tomorrow morning! From California to Miami arriving at 8:45pm

I'm scheduled at 6:30am

I'm in Miami

I have arrived Miami airport getting our baggage then heading to the resort. I have to be at the clinic at 6:30 am !!!

Sx day

On my way to get my bbl

Got my bbl

First day not much pain but i was throwing up a lot nauseous :( i was walking around fine. Grogginess and throat was hurting a lil bit.

Second day of bbl

I was sore . I expected Pain but I'm doing ok without medication except my Arnica!! I got a massage from spectrum aesthetic it was ok i drained a little. Then I went to my appointment for a massage at medical professional omg what a difference! They were so good! Drained and felt good. I got to take a shower and change my faja.

Bbl day 2

I'm very swollen I've retained so much fluids my face and hand swelled up too. This picture doesn't do justice I'm just not in the mood for taking pictures. Sorry

Feeling good

Got my appetite back and I got some sleep. I hadn't been able to sleep for the past days which was exhausting me. Got the chills last night but im better today. Im walking around with no problem. I guess I tolerate pain well since I also haven't been taken my pain medication.

Back home

The 6 hour flight was the worst! So uncomfortable. My butt was numbing got cramps, it was an exhausting experience for sure.

Healing fast

My updates... before and after pictures i like my results. Natural looking not over the top.

10 day post up

Update pictures

Waist trainer

So my doctor and other doctors don't recommend this till 3 months post up but i tried it anyways. It wasn't a good experience for me. I felt the swelling by the end of the day. Im going to wait.

Even though i read this i still did it lol but for me i wont chance it. I need a smaller faja

2weeks 6 days post up

I have a slight bigger hip the other

One thing I have been noticing is that dr Alvarez leaves one side rounder or more hip than the other . I'm I knew two dolls now
It's three with me. I'm so disappointed i hate to go in for a revision. He has quite a few it should have been my heads up.

Made to 3weeks!! Doctor said I can sit now I don't know how that feels anymore lol

I'm sad he didn't give me a small waist... or added bigger hips. I wanted an hour glass shape i guess time well tell after all the swelling goes away and if not the gym will help! Which I can't wait to start working out

Tips for all you future dolls

Being informative beside just the wish pics. the most Important thing about bbls is post up recovery !

There's so much recovery to bbl's

We are all different and our bodies handle the reactions to surgery different. I'm tired of being swollen but i guess it could be worse

One month sx

I started sitting on my butt this week. It feels so weird. My nalgas (butt cheeks) have this tingle at times and my side feel numb?

Sitting down doesn't feel the same

My back and stomach has numbness. I can't sit for too long before the tingles starts




My 6 month post
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Haven't done it yet. I've seen dr alvarez reviews and he did my friends bbl and did a great job on her. Now I'm going for a bbl and she's going back for a bA

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