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Hi ladies...well im back at it again. This time...

Hi ladies...well im back at it again. This time around im getting a bbl. If you would like..u can check out my mommy makeover review. Im sticking with Fisher to do my bbl. The first time around I didnt have any complants about him...he did a great job. Im hoping this time will be a success as well. Im going back to Miami for this procedure in March. I made a deposit and will pay the rest soon. Im super excited and cant wait for the new sculpted backside. Dont get me working with a lil something to start with so it shouldnt take to much work for him to get me right. Im looking for him to round me out amd fill in some indentations that I feel I have on the sides of my butt and give me some hips. I will attach pics of me now.

My date is locked in. sx date is 3/18/14. I will arrive on 3/17. I havent experienced a problem with Vanity yet. Im also with the same patient coordinator that I had the 1st time. Booking my flight this week. Im getting closer to my new booty and im excited. Im not sure how many weeks I may need off. How many did you guys take off before going back to work?

Flight booked!!! flight is booked. Im so ready to get this done. Im three weeks away from my SX. I haven't finish ordering supplies yet. I will try to get as much done as possible because time is flying by. I want to try the noodles and foam for when it's time to sit. Some people have liked it...some didn't... So I will see. Im also ordering a seat that was on another Fisher dolls page. She said it was very helpful after sx. I think it was from Dr. Pazimo in Miami. I gained about 5 pounds so far.

2 weeks pre op and counting down

Well im two weeks pre op. I got a call from Vanity today confirming date of arrival for lab test. I also ordered my peez funnel. It should be here by the end of the week. I ordered my foam board as well. Vanity will not charge me 20.00 for each no I dont think so. Im just waiting on time...I need to get my chux and adult diapers just in case I have a hard time getting to the restroom. Im almost ready to go.

Only a few more days before SX

So...I have sx on next Tuesday. I cant believe im going under the knife again. Im hoping this is the last time. Im starting to get so anxious. Im hoping for a speedy recovery and less pain as possible. I have this weekend only to get last minute supplies. I fly out to Miami on Monday 3/17. I hoping to link up with some of my RS fam while there. I hope I have enough fat to get the desired look I want. Im not looking for a huge butt. I want something that fits my frame. I already have a nice butt for my size...I just need it sculpted and rounded out...I have faith in Fisher...if he did me good confident that he will do an even better job this time. I will try to add pic of my butt now.

pre op photos

Cancelled flight....but finally made it to Miami

Finally made it to Miami. My flight was cancelled today. When I arrived to the airport they said my flight had been cancelled and they were able to put me on a later flight out to Miami. So this meant that I couldnt get my labs done today. I will go to the clinic tomorrow morning and have this done. I will be the last sx of the so not looking forward to being the last person and waiting all day urghhhh!!! Anyways im still excited about my sx and looking forward to tomorrow.

My Big SX Day!!! 03/18/14

I arrived at the clinic at 9:00 Am. Basically I signed all paper work and I also did my labs. I knew the wait would be long so I had already mentally prepared my mind and my bag for this. I just lounges around watched TV had a Cole laughs and conversations with girls...going into sx. I also caught up on rest. I didn't have SX until 9pm last night. Dr. Fisher stated he saved the best for a joking way...that guy has.a great sense of humor. I was so deRN hungry. I hadn't ate sense


8:00pm the night before. So I hadn't eaten in 24+ hours. Waking up from the anesthsia wasn't to bad...I was just cold. Getting up walking around hasn't been painful as of yet. Putting on the faja was a little uncomfortable. I'm not really feeling pain just uncomfortable. I have my 1st massage tomorrow...I will have Someone to take pics.

excuse typos...on narcotics...

I meant to say couple laughs...etc

1st Massage today

So I had my 1st massage today. Yes... it was painful for me. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 8. I did feel better afterwards. I have been feeling nauseated as well. I am attaching a few pics after massage. Ttyl.

1 week post op

Hi ladies so im 1 week post op. Im feeling 80% back to normal. I think Dr. Fisher did a great job...he did what I asked him to do with my body. My waist right now is everything. I had no problems with Vanity...well no problems that couldnt be worked out. I ran into a few ladies from RS at Vanity as well. Im ready to see myself 2 months from now. I left Miami 2 days im home relaxing getting much needed rest. Im going to attach a few pics...ttyl

2 weeks post op

So im two weeks post OP and im back at work. I have been using my...pillow to drive and sit while at work. So to young ladies asked hey you look like you added something back there while on vacation. I didn't agree or disagree. I will let them think whatever they want. My butt is dropping and filling in nicely. I don't regret my so happy I did it. Dr. Fisher is the best. I will tell anyone to go to him. I have been using Bio-Oil on my butt...due to the stretch looks like they got worst back there sense the procedure. The incisions are healing up nicely as well. I am attaching some 2wk post OP pics


Hi ladies....its been a minute. I have been enjoying life and my new curves....I have had people to approach and and ask me about my butt...The attention from men has increased...sometimes I try to hide it with clothes that dont fit so can get annoying. I love my results...I have a couple hard spots from the lipo...but I get them massaged as often as possible. I have gained like 5 pounds so I gotta cut back and start working out consistently. I have been working long hours lately and stuffing my face at my desk. My B-Day is in a month in that my motivation to get right. I just wanted to update RS on my status.


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very good Dr. Answered all my questions. Very funny and will make you feel comfortable. Informative about the procedures you will have.

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