Aspiring BBL with Vanity Cosmetics|| Will be Hasanified - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone. I've been on this site looking at...

Hello everyone. I've been on this site looking at BBL reviews for a few months now and finally decided to tell my story.
About Me: I'm 23, no kids, college graduate thats always had somewhat of a shape. My hips are pretty wide and it gives an illusion that i have a big ol bubble booty, but I don't :( . Even though I have somewhat of a booty at the bottom, I don't have the infamous booty cuff, and overall it just needs to be filled out. The illusion has fooled many guys when I'm in a nice fitting dress or some high waisted jeans. But when all of that comes off, you can tell that my booty is wide and flat lmao. I've always had an hourglass figure too, but my lower stomach has always been pudgy and i've never seen it all the way flat no matter how much exercising and dieting I do. At first I just wanted to get lipo, but now I've decided to do a BBL. The way I see it, why no do something with all that fat, kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Initially I was looking at Dr. Shayine (sp) in New York that does the surgery while you're awake, but the price is a bit too much for my pockets. So after looking at review after review about Dr. Hasan and Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami, I've decided to go with one of them. Their results are more on the awesome side, and their prices aren't too bad. I want to go with August 7-9, one of those days, and I plan on making my deposit tomorrow so I can get the date. As for which doctor, I'm leaning towards Dr. Hasan because I've seen more hourglass figures with him, but I did see a girl with a booty similar to mines that just needed to be filled out with projection and booty cuff that went with Dr. Fisher. So if anyone could be of any help with this decision I would greatly appreciate it lol.

Funny, no so funny thing that happened to me

I got scammed yesterday smh. It was the vanilla reload card scam where a person promises to flip the money u load on the card, but actually steals it :( I feel so stupid. Good thing it wasn't my surgery money or I would have lost my mind!

So Much Has Happened

Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while and I know a few of the ladies I've been following has had their surgeries so I'm going to go check out some awesome post ops in a few. A lot has been going on in my life recently and a lot of changes for the better. So many doors have been opening for me and I feel like the universe is just showering me with love right now. I'm still excited for my surgery, as of now still scheduled with Hasan at Vanity for 08/09/2014. I will be calling them soon to pay for the recovery house that I was able to get discounted, but since my friend won't be able to get her surgery I'm still looking for a buddy so we can get $500 off so if you're going around that time and staying at the recovery house message me so we can buddy up!
I told vanity I would be getting my own garment and other stuff that was included in the RH price so with that being said I need you guys to tell me what size and type garment I need and where to get it from. I also got some Iron pills and I need to know when I need to start taking them to make sure my hemoglobin is in the right range.
And if any of you hasanified or fisher dolls have any other advice for me please don't hesitate to fill me in lol. That's all for now ;)

Flight Booked

Hey guys. Just paid $1000 to vanity and booked my flight. Was able to get first class coming back, was told if it was a longer flight i could have had the lay out seat that turns into a bed :( Oh well, hopefully its comfortable enough for me since I'm stayin in miami for 7 days anyway. Still can't believe this is actually happening! Wanted this surgery for so long now and I just always knew I would never have the money to spend on it, but I received so many blessings this year that enabled me to do this so I'll be praying surgery goes well and its well worth it! I still haven't found a RH buddy so hit me up if your surgery is around Aug 8th and ur staying at the RH so we can get the discount. Alex told me to start taking my Iron pills so I'll start next week. I'm going out the country next month and I have to get immunized for that so hopefully it won't interfere with anything. I wish u guys would help out and let me know what else I need to be ordering that would make post op a little less stressful. I know I need the Arnica gell and pills, and I heard about the make me heal vitamins. What else is it that I need?

SN: I contemplated posting pics because I don't want this to come back and bite me in my future, didn't tell too many ppl about it. But i decided i'll just post some soon without any identifying tats or my face :)

I am so ready

Hey guys. I'm now an month and a week away from my surgery and I am honestly ready to get this over with! I have never had a flat stomach, even in my fitter days, and really thats what I'm looking forward to the most, that and a 26 in waist :) ... To be able to wear a maxi or a bikini and not feel self conscious about my stomach it one of my smaller dreams lol. My ass just needs to be filled out so I hope Hasan can pull it off. Its real easy for me to look like I have an ass with clothes on, but clothes off its a different story. I need the back scooped and the ass inflated a little more and I so desperately want the booty cuffs. Bria myles, the girl in my avi, has the best booty cuffs in the game lol. Booty cuffs makes the booty look so much better, and I will explain to Hasan how important these booty cuffs are for me and hopefully he can deliver. Anywho, I have a busy month this month, traveling to Senegal and brazil. Feeling like the 8th of Aug is going to creep up so fast. Will start taking my iron pills today and start ordering all of my necessities for the surgery.

B4 Pics

Here's some pics. As u can see I have a curvy shape already as well as hips. Just need this waist snatched and flattened.
Pre op measurements : 34-32-46
Wishful post op measurements : 34-26-48

Side view

I need it pumped up like an inflatable moonwalk lol..come on with the back scoop too Dr Hasan!

Wish pics

Curvy shape like Bernice Burgos and a big stupid booty cuff like Bria Myles

Surgery App

Attempting to get Labs done

So I opted to get my labs done elsewhere so that I can be cleared before surgery and not be sleepless leading up to surgery scared I won't be cleared. Well I went to LabCorp since I don't have health insurance and they quoted me $300+ for about 5 tests!! I was like oh hell nawl!! I called vanity to speak with my coordinator Alex and the receptionist told me she wasn't there. So I asked would it be ok for me to get my labs added back to my price and that I would get them there. The girl tells me "The labs are still included in your price". So now I'm wondering why the hell they didn't remove the price of the labs from my price when I initially told them I was getting them elsewhere? Anyway I went ahead and went to my family doctor to get them and they ended up still being cheaper. So I will call Alex when she gets back to talk about this. Less than 4 weeks left til surgery and I'm honestly more excited than anything. Like I said, the main thing I was is a flat stomach with banging curves. My ass, if filled out to the T, will be perfect along with my wish shape. Can't wait to be able to take bikini pics and I'm praying that surgery goes well with no complications. Will update once I'm cleared medically because that will be the beginning stages of "shit finna get real"????????????

Paid in FULL

So I am completely paid in full, surgery including recovery house altogether was $5500, not bad at all for the results Hasan gives. I am 3 weeks shy of surgery and I keep forgetting to take my Iron pills so from here on out its 2 a day and half a gallon of water. Lab work is sent off and I'm just waiting on results. I'm going to go ahead and call Marian to set up my massages, but on what day post op did u vets get ur first massage? If my surgery is on friday do I get my first massage on saturday or sunday? I still haven't ordered anything but I might go ahead and ordered some lipo foams I found online, and maybe those make me heal vitamins and the arnica gel/pills.

Recovery House Flooded!!

So I just got an email from Nubia saying that the recovery house has flooded. She also sent a pic which looks like the living room and it does indeed look like flood damage. She said that all patients booked for the recovery house will be staying at the extended stay and has been booked already. Is the extended stay ok? Wifi? Breakfast? Tv with good channels? My surgery isn't until Aug 8th so I would think they would have it fixed by then if they get on it. Otherwise hopefully this turns out better, since I was hearing the recovery house isn't all that anyway. Who else got this email?

Down to 2 Weeks

So the day is fast approaching and I'm getting even more excited as the days pass. I was overseas this past week and I get back and see that y'all are showing out with these post ops!! HasanDoll2014, honey your body is the SHIT. If Dr. Hasan works my body like he did yours I'll be one happy ass chick. I mean the hips and the hoursglass and the ass everywhere, smh. LeLe2ready, baby fisher broke the mold on that ass. I mean that thang is POKIN. Y'all are just showin TF out on here honey I can't deal with all these banging ass bodies lol.
Anyway, I got my labs back from my doc and he cleared me for surgery. So now I'll just have to hope it remains good enough for vanity. I will call them tomorrow and request a refund for the recovery house because I do not want to stay at the extended stay, I'd rather stay at Marian's recovery house for a lot less.
Lastly, I got 2 weeks to lose 10 lbs, I've gained weight in the past 3 months that I do not want with me after surgery, so I decided to do the Hcg diet. Wish me luck!

Thinkin about lipo'ing my thighs

Has anyone ever have their thighs lipo'd? Mines are so thick and are the last to shrink when I lose weight. What do u guys think?

So I'm ordering all my essentials

On Amazon as we speak ordering stuff. What do I need for the plane ride back? I saw some of you used yoga mats and some used boppy pillows. What is the most comfortable? I already hate flying so I need to be as comfortable as possible lol. And what are all my garments? Stage 1, vedettes, squeems? What all garments do I need? Someone please help lol

My target areas/Goals for surgery

Ok so now that I have all this time on my hands, I sat down and actually thought about my goals for this surgery and what I really wanted out of it. My main goal as I've said time and time again, is getting a flat stomach. It would be the first time in my life I've seen my stomach flat, so I'm praying doctor hasan can suck it all out and make my dreams come true. Accompanied with an hourglass, since I've had one naturally under all this fat anyway. I want my ass filled out and fluffed, with a nice back scoop. And my last concern was I noticed I have dents in my hips where it's a fat pocket right above them but not in between. I've added photos to show u what I mean. I played around with the surgery app to see what it looked like to either A. Have the fat pocket sucked out it B. Have the middle filled in, leaving the fat pocket there. I don't like how full B. looks so I think I'm going to go with A. and hopefully Dr. Hasan will see and understand what I'm asking for, but I know not to get my hopes too high. Let me know what u guys think.

Last pre op photos

Just sharing more pre ops. These will be the last of this body, my dream body is somewhere under here lol

Lipo Foams

So how many sheets of lipo foams do I need? And chux?

So Vanity is starting to act out

So upon requesting a refund for the recovery house, Alex tells me it may take up to 6 weeks. No Hell. I told her that is unacceptable because it didn't take 6 weeks for my payment to them to go through. I spoke with another young lady before her and she told me it would take up to 72 hours. So which is it? I'm waiting on the office manager to call me back now and if she tries to tell me 6 weeks I will let her know that that won't be happening. I decided to stay at a nicer hotel thanks to soontobesexy, which is reaaaally nice, and will use Marian's transportation services to take me to vanity, pick me up from surgery and take me to my hotel. All I need vanity to do is provide Dr. Hasan with good, clean O2 so that he can go to work on my body to the best of his ability. DASSIT!
SN: Can someone please help me with the number of lipo foams and Chux I need..trying to order them asap.


So now that Vanity processed my refund for the Recovery House (will NOT be taking no damn 6 weeks) I am faced with a Dilemma of where I should stay. SoonToBeSexy let me in on the hotel she's staying at and it is really nice and looks so comfortable. But Marian has a recovery house package as well for $70 a day which will add up to $490 for 7 days plus $150 for massages and transportation services to vanity and wherever else. Still cheaper than Vanity's recovery house. The only issue is that its a small apartment with a twin bed that I would have to share with another patient with one bathroom to share with her as well. Big problem for me because I'm a neat freak and I like my personal space. So I was thinking of just getting the hotel, which has shuttle bus services from the airpot to the hotel and back, and in which marian said that she would be able to pick me up and take me to my massage appointments and back to the hotel for $350 instead of $150. The hotel is $600 for 6 nights. And i'll have to hire chauffeur services the day of my surgery for $72. So it would be cheaper and a little easier to sacrifice my sanity and comfort to stay with marian, but I do want to be as comfortable as possible and this hotel looks really promising. Any advice?

All Things Squared Away!

Seven days pre op and I must say everything has been smooth sailing. Not the least bit nervous and hope it stays this way. Still excitement instead. Today I managed to find an affordable CNA caregiver that will take me to vanity for labs and pre consult, and will take me to surgery and wait for me to get finished to take me back to my hotel. She will then stay with me for the rest of the day and night for post operative care. That service was only $140 and for $.57 a mile she can take me wherever I needed to go. Googled mapped the possibilities and everything I need is within a 10 mile radius of my hotel, including Vanity. The entire cost for that and my hotel was $860! Still came out cheaper than the Recovery House at Vanity!! Look. At. God. Mercedes at Vanity told me that my refund will be back in my account on Aug 7th, which works out because if its not I will be there in their office demanding my money lol. I'm going to try to finish ordering everything by today as far as my essentials and will be packed and ready by next Monday lol. All I can ask for now is a very successful surgery with results I couldn't even dream of. Let's goooooooo!!

Time's A TICKIN!

Well guys this is my week. Friday I will be joint you vets on the other side as a Hasanified doll!! Today I finished ordering my essentials and here is my list:
First aid kit
Lipo Foams
Arnica Gel
Compression socks (Got some pink cute ones off amazon!)
Female urinal
Baby wipes
Summer's Eve feminine wipes
This is all for now, as I will be getting everything else in miami (Garment, ab board, yoga mat, etc.)
I was going to start packing today and I'm wondering should I pack a few outfits just in case the Healing Gods have me feeling back to normal after a few days. I remember after my breast reduction I wasn't myself til after about a week and I'm hoping this won't be as bad and I can heal faster. Getting to miami thursday, surgery is on Friday, I'm leaving miami on Wednesday. So Idk how i'll be feeling and if I'll want to get out and sight see or sum on sunday or monday. Maybe I'll pack a few short dresses.
Im waiting on the caregiver services to get back with me about my CNA. I have to make sure she knows to be at my hotel soon as my flight lands to take me to vanity for my pre ops.
OAN, Still can't believe this is actually about to happen. About to get rid of this gawd awful gut that has plagued me all of my natural born life, and enhance this booty of mines so that I can LOVE what I see when I'm naked lol. Or in a bikini. Or a form fitting dress. God I'm so ready! Keep me in your prayers for a successful surgery my fellow hasan and fisher dolls! I will be reporting back to you on Thursday as I land in miami..See ya then!

Made it!!

Hey guys so I made it to miami safely. I am currently at my hotel waiting on either a can or my caregiver, whichever comes first. I am trying my best not to be upset that the caregiver was not here promptly at 11 as I asked. Will be talking to someone soon as I leave vanity about that. I was told to be at vanity before 12 and it is currently 11:35. I've been waiting 35 minutes on this caregiver and she still isn't here. Starting off on the wrong foot and so not recommending them to nobody at this point. Hopefully I can make it to vanity on time :/

Here at Vanity

So the caregiver finally made it to the hotel. She hardly speaks English and I specifically asked for someone who speaks fluent English. I'm not going to worry about it though, she had a hard time finding the hotel so I won't take it out on her but I will be asking for a discount for being so late. It's so many people in her and I'm like 16 in line or some. Can somebody tell me where the faja store is? Somebody said it was next to vanity but I don't see it. I'll go buy them once I'm done with labs and all cleared for surgery.

All Cleared!

Just left from talking to Dr. Hasan and I am his first patient tomorrow. He told me he only does two patients a day because he feels it's necessary to be able to put his all into it and performing more than 2 would not be fair to the latter patients. I agree lol. He told me he would remove all the fat in my stomach and back, and I asked about the dents in my hips and he understood what I was saying and said that he would remove them free of charge. I am praying everything goes well, and I wake up to the body of my dreams! I will post my post ops as soon as I can! Thanks to all you vets for your wonderful help!

This is NO joke!

Hey surgery was at 5:30 this morning and I'm just now getting the strength to use my fone. My people were calling me all day but I lacked the strength to answer :( gettin in and out of the bed is the hardest part. I peed twice now and my urinal sucks ass cuz I still end up peeing on myself. Anyway I'll post a detailed review when I feel better. I'll leave u with a few pics for now.
SN: when will I be able to shower? Tomorrow or Sunday? I forgot what they told me
OSN: I'm bleeding EVERYWHERE

Follow up

Pics taken at my follow up.

Getting so frustrated! So over this!

So as u guys know, this isn't my first surgery under general anesthesia. I've had a breast reduction and teeth pulled under general anesthesia. After surgery my throat was sore and I expected that, buy I also had a feeling of swallowing something else everytime I swallowed spit. This morning I looked at the back of my mouth and noticed some white stuff on the little thingy in the back. I called my cousin, who's a doctor, and she told me it might me thrush or a fungal infection and that I needed to call dr hasan ASAP for some medication for it. I called vanity asking for dr Hasan's number, and they tell me no. I explain to them what's going on, and they tried to tell me what it could be and the fact that general anesthesia causes sore throat. Ummm, no shit shirlock!!! She then tells me she's not a doctor so she doesn't know what could be going on. Ummm again, NO SHIT SHIRLOCK so get me in touch with a doctor so that he can prescribe me some medicine!! She tells me she can't give his number but will call and ask that he calls me..NO NO NO! This is VERY unethical. When I had my breast reduction, the surgeon gave me his personal number and told me to call whenever I had any worries or u mean to tell me even though I'm calling u with a concern of an infection I cannot personally call and talk with the doctor?!?! I thank God that I woke up from this surgery because I'm starting to realize I could've very well didn't.
I haven't eaten anything today. I want to shower and put on clothes but I'm scared I may not be able to get my garment back on by myself if I take it off. Should have hired the nurse for an extra day or 2.
I just want to make it out of this ok and not be worried because my only support right now is my cousin back at home and lilmissvanity..this makes me want to cry

Dr. Hasan Called

So after I went off on whoever was on the fone at vanity, dr hasan called. He basically told me that he couldn't diagnose nothing and to come see him tomorrow. Frustrated, I googled travel doctors and found a company and hired a physician to come give me a checkup. My temperature was 99 degrees, so I had a fever. He gave me a shot for the fever and for any infection that may have been brewing. He also gave me stronger antibiotics for my throat. Cost was $500 total. I also went ahead and hired another nurse for 4 hours to help me shower and clean my garment. We are about to take the hotel's shuttle to winn dixie to get me some pineapple juice and soup and fruits and veggies. So everything has turned around for me and hopefully its uphill from here on out.
SN: The staff at the Element miami hotel is truly AMAZING. I've called them so many times for help picking up stuff off the floor, to bringing me water, to just checkin up on me. And they were delighted to help me any way that they could. I know this isn't a hospital but it sure felt like it. Will compensate them for being a helping hand for me and making this process much easier.

Snapping pics

So I've been draining a lot on it's own and even though I'm still very much swollen, I do see an hourglass shape under there which has me excited! I bout his club dress just to try on to see the me, it looked nothing like this before!


I left miami today and had to go straight to the hospital..I was havin headaches all week, especially after the fever..but today it got I went to the er and turns out, I was dehydrated..which is most likely my fault because I wasn't drinking enough fluids and I know it..but it was like all I could do was sleep most of the days so I hardly had time to eat or drink so that was my mistake..the er doctor asked me how many cc's of fat the doctor took out, insinuating that he was partial the blame too..I told her the legal limit was 4000 cc's in FL and that's how much he took..I really didn't like that she was challenging him but maybe she was right idk..I know I said i would write a detailed review but I really don't have anything nice to say about vanity so I'll pass..dr hasan, fisher and salama seriously needs to fire everybody in their and start over..
Here's some pics I took after I got home from the ER. Still swollen, little bit of fluid at the bottom..when do I need to get my ab board and squeem? 2 weeks post or now? Someone pls answer cuz I refuse to call vanity ever again.
S/o to Soontobesexy and lilmissvanity for their amazing results though

Bikini pic ;)

I also bought my bikini to see how I would look..I've NEVER wore a bikini before so I cannot wait til I'm healed enough to go to a beach :)))




So I measured my stomach with foams today and it's 33 was 30 without the doesn't look as if it's shrinking..I need it down to atleast 28 inches..what am I doing wrong? Am I not taking care of the swelling properly? I tried to put my cincher on but my is stomach too sore for it to snap. Help. A lot of vets haven't really responded to me lately but I guess I'll figure to out.

Thanks to Sexeeangel

She helped me SOOO much! I'm honestly disappointed in some of you Hasan vets who helped all the way up to time for my surgery..Some of them haven't said a word to me since BEFORE my surgery. And I know they got the "...updated their review" emails just like I got of theirs.. But it's all good..nice to know there are others out here that are more than willing to help. Thanks again to Sexeeangel and fingerscrossed02 for summoning her lol..I feel much better today..had to ditch my antibiotics because they were giving me 'drug fever'. Tempt kept getting up to 100.
Cousin prescribed me some percocets so the pain is now at a minimum.
Won't update again til 2 weeks

Know I said 2 weeks but..

I'm here to report a major loss in my hips and ass..stomach ain't losing no volume tho..ain't that some shit..can't wait til I can start waist training..will be doing it faithfully..might even get me a steel bone corset..

Not liking results anymore

I'm just here to report that my body has changed a lot for the worst. My stomach no longer looks like the bikini pic, it looks like my before pic again..but measuring in at 29.5 ass looks nothing like the follow up still has a shape and looks better than my before pic but not drastically enough to make all this pain, money, trouble worth it..waist to hip ratio looks nothing like bikini pic like what the hell happened? I took that pic on day 4..surely it's not because swelling hadn't kicked in..did I lose my body that damn fast?!? This is so frustrating

Booty is no longer pokin

Idk what I did wrong but I am starting to become so depressed..idk if it was because I put the arnica gel on it (stupid me) or if my body rejected the fat..but to lose that much volume within 2's crazy..I said I would never consider a 2nd round, but I'm not happy with my results at all..I've never seen any hasan dolls lose their projection the way I did in such a short amount of time..and what does fluffing do again? If it's not inflating the booty back then it won't do nuthin for me. Post surgical depression in full affect. Then I got to thinking about the whole waist training thing, defeats the purpose of lipo. If I gotta waist train to get my hourglass back I had 4 days after surgery then what was the point of surgery?!? No pictures, but I'm telling u all, I look nothing like my follow up, my bikini pic, my club dress pic, the mirror's almost unbelievable how much it looks like my body just said "Fuck yo surgery ima go back to lookin like I did before it!"

Actually here's some pics

To show y'all I'm not going crazy

I has to threaten to sue Vanity

I can't even fathom the unprofessionalism that place has and the fact that I trusted them with my life. My mother was right, this was the dumbest thing I have done so far. Even after reading about some of the shit Vanity does, i still went ahead and chose them for this surgery. It's been a month since my refund has been issued for the recovery house and i still don't have it. While at vanity, I had to get cut out of the garment i bought somewhere else during my followup, so i had to buy one from vanity. Then, on my way out, i bought another one a size smaller. All in all i bought 2 garments from vanity.
I called mercedes for the millionth time to get my $1500 back for the recovery house and told her that my lawyer asked me to call them once more before he goes forward with legal action. I told her that I would record the conversation for legal reasons. You know what she did? She got rude and told me that since i wanted to bring up my lawyer that she can't talk to me about anything. And put me on hold.
I hung up and called back to speak to a coordinator who tried to deescalate the situation, only to tell me I'm only getting $1100 back because I bought 3 garments. I told her I didn't buy 3 garments from them. She's talking over me telling me they have signatures from the 3 times i bought the garments, which means someone must be in there forging signatures because not once did i sign anything for any garment i did buy.
All in all, this was the worst decision i made in my life.
Anyone reading my review, I DO NOT RECOMMEND VANITY PERIOD.
Dr. Hasan is a great doctor for what he does, but his office isn't. Starting my report to the better business bureau asap.

Almost 3 weeks

So I've calm down with my frustration with vanity, gathered my senses and went to my bank to file a dispute for the charges for the recovery house. No, I still have not received my refund from them. I had their receipts, my hotel receipts, emails and more on them. The banker is confident that the dispute department will reimburse me my money. So I'm hoping and praying that comes through just to show them heifers I will find a way to get shit handled regardless.
Anyway, I deleted all my pics because I just didn't want to support vanity by showing their results. But it's not far to dr hasan but then again he is responsible for his staff. I decided to show pics of my recovery before and after for the ladies who were reading my review. My results are great and I'm now recovering fine. Thank God for doctors like the one who did my breast reduction. He drained the fluid in my stomach for me and had me followup today to make sure it was all gone and told me if I needed anything else to give him a call. Such a great doctor.

One month anniversary!! Officially a veteran

So it's my one month anniversary and I'm excited to share this updat with those of you that care to know lol. So I've been really defiant, not wearing my compression garment sometimes, and idk if it had affected anything. I know the first time I did that I felt so swollen the next day. But now I do it often and just put a tank on and put my cincher over with my ab board. I hate the fact that I have to sit so much, catching flights and stuff so I hope it's not affecting my booty. It no longer feels airy when I sit now so maybe it's just healed. I'm going to continue waist training, I actually feel more comfortable in it than I do without some fluid on my back that I need to get removed, stomach fluid is gone. Stomach still a little hard, I've have 2 massages since leaving miami so hopefully that's going to heal all the way. Stomach looked a lil big yesterday and it shocked me..never seen it as big since surgery so I was a little worried..then I thought that it may be my eating habits that I need to address..that lil fold has returned and it's so disappointing. Here are pics. Any advice?

Sorry pics didn't load

One more

Few More Pics In Lieu of My One Month Anniversary

Also realize my stomach looked that big because I was swollen from not wearing my cincher and ab board. My garment is too lose for my stomach so my only compression comes from my cincher and guess who likes to be free from it sometimes?? Lol me!! Even though it's comfortable, I don't like wearing it 24/ it's going to start being a nightly thing and not a daily thing.

Stomach Swelling

Well I finally got my period yesterday after missing it the week after my surgery, but it came right on time as if I actually had it for the month of August. So funny how our bodies can do stuff like that. But any who, I'm bloated because of this :(( I also noticed that if I'm out of my waist cincher for more that half a day my stomach starts back swelling. I hate that..some days I just can't wear with the outfit for that day and sometimes I just don't feel like wearing it. So my question is how much longer does this cat and mouse swelling stage lasts? Where if I don't have the compression from my cincher my stomach swells? I'm over it already..When I take it and he av board off from wearing it all day my stomach is super flat though..but I want it to stay like that
Went to a club last night and all the guys were literally all over me. I wore a bodycon skirt and it was boo still hasn't seen me in person since surgery and I cannot wait to see his reaction..he's gonna know something is up because guys have been asking me have I had any work done and he's a smart guy so lol

Wanted to show my stomach

Wanted u guys to see how my stomach is coming along. The before pic is like 4 months pre and the after pic is right when I took off my cincher and ab board

More pics

I was just snapping pics and I realized one hip is higher than the other..I don't care tho because my naked self looks damn good if I do say myself. Oh and I have to fill y'all in on another post about Vanity and my money >:(

I think I'm fluffing

I feel like my booty is dropping something serious and giving me deep booty cuffs lol. Maybe I'm trippin but I took pics so y'all can see. I'm tired of my stomach swelling already :/ I just want it to stay flat without me having to wear this cincher constantly. Back still tender and numb in certain spots. Had a massage last week, might get one this week idk yet tho.

So much attention.....

Ok so i know this is pretty crazy making this an update but......i feel its necessary to say that the attention i've been getting has been beyond crazy. From men AND women though! And I'm hetero but the women have been on my jock too!! Its crazy because while i do see a difference in my ass, i didnt think it was very noticeable. I thought i could hide it. But boy was I wrong. And to think I was upset that the swelling went down. If it didnt i don't think i could've hid this surgery from the world. My mom eventually caught on. This guy i had been talking to finally seen me since surgery and was like "What u did to your ass? Its gotten bigger". I lied and told him nothing. I went to a bar the other night in atlanta and the men were drooling. I think it makes it even worse that my hips and waist ratio is like a 8 to 1 now, it used to be like a 3 to 1. I'll upload some pics but can't u guys believe its almost been 2 months?! I'm really a vet. Hasan is the Picasso of BBL's, hands down. Stomach is getting better, not swelling as much as it used to whenever I was out my garment for more than a day. It still feels swollen but doesnt look swollen if that makes sense. Ass has been fluffing more and more and if it gets any bigger Idk if i'll be able to keep the men off me. Even WHITE men have been flocking to me lmfao. Knowing good and well they can't handle all this ass. Also, my back has this burning sensation whenever i move at night in bed. Almost like how my stomach felt when i had fluid in it. So idk what to do about that because i had my back checked by the same plastic surgeon who did my BR and he said it wasn't any there.
Some people been asking me about massages. I've had 6 or 7 in total and they really helped. I also self messaged and it helped too. Sides and stomach are getting softer and softer and will eventually be back to normal. So u newbies if ur stomach and sides is hard right now, it'll get better. It takes time but it'll get better. Thats all for now. Wont update again til 2 month anniversary. Which is next week lol

As promised, here's pics


2 Month Anniversay

Well guys I made it to 2 months!! Time has really flown by. My stomach is ok. Didn't turnout as flat as I would have liked it to. I'm thinkin if I want to do a round two with just lipo and not a transfer because I want it flat as a board. Then my stomach is darker than my pelvis and I hate it. Also, I think I have fluid in my back and sides because I have this burning sensation everytime I wake up in the morning and get out the bed. Or at night when I move around. But last time I had it checked the dr said I didn't have any. So idk but it needs to stop. My booty is doing fine but I think it's gotten smaller. My friends insists I'm trippin but I think so. I wish it was rounded but hey, beggars can't be choosers I guess. Anywho, here's some pics. Enjoy :)
PS I'm deleting everything in the near future lol
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