Asian Mom if Two Kids, Soon to Be a Fisher Doll!

I'm a petite 42 year old, asian mommy of two...

I'm a petite 42 year old, asian mommy of two children (19 and 9 year old). For an asian woman, I do have a some Booty but missing the nice projection and the nice round hips. I'm 5'2" inches currently at 132lbs (since I have been told by Ana, my Vanity medical assistant to stay at a BMI of 25) and have a size 31" waist. I do wear a size 2/4 in pants and small in dresses. I've decided that it is time to do something for myself and made the call to Vanity. I'm scheduled for a 1/26/2017 for a BBL with Dr. Fisher.
I found this site when I was researching plastic surgeons. At the beginning, I had my sights on having the procedure done in Dominican Republic. But like everyone else, I do have some hesitations with going overseas for such a big plastic surgery procedure. So finally decided that Miami will be the place to have this surgery. After all, Miami is the place where most of the BBL are performed. I had friends who recommended Dr. Macadoo however, I wanted someone who is Licesnsed and board Certified specifically in Plastic Surgery. I started with Dr. Miami himself, however due to his busy schedule, i will have to wait for another year. After more research, I found Dr. Fisher. I am about 3 months pre surgery and will document my journey pre and post. I've found that this site is so helpful with all the beautiful ladies sharing their individual journey and stories. So here I am, giving my own journey.

Wish pic!

Wish pics! Round hips and a nice booty

Looking for a surgery buddy for 01/26/2017.I'm thinking Miami Escape for 8 days!

It's 54 days before my surgery and I'm starting to do some extensive research on recovery houses. I will go through the surgery without family due to school schedule conflicts. Any fisher dolls out there that will be using a recovery house for that week? Or has anyone have any great recommendations for a recovery house? Thanks
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