BBL with Dr. Perry **6 weeks update & better pics**

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I am 35 years old, I weigh 135 lbs and 5'3 tall. I...

I am 35 years old, I weigh 135 lbs and 5'3 tall. I had a TT,liposuction and breast augmentation about 6 years ago in Colombia. I have been very happy with the results and I have pretty much stayed in shape. My entire ordeal started because I was having pain in what I thought was my left breast. After having mammograms, MRI's, ultrasounds and visiting several specialists including a breast specialist there was no malignant findings and I was referred to a plastic surgeon to evaluate the implant for a posibility of capsular contracture. I contacted my insurance company and they gave me several referrals of which I contacted at least 3 by email explaning my situation. I received a reply from Dr. Perry within 10 minutes of my email where he asked me to come in the very next day. I am still waiting for a reply from the other two doctors since the first week of May.

Before my appointment I looked up as much information as I could about Dr. Perry and found nothing but positive reviews and noticed that he has a great deal of experience and does great work at enhancing the buttocks so I figured that I would ask him for an evaluation while I was there, back when I did my procedures the fat transfers to the buttocks were not as popular as it is now and I honestly always thought I had a little more than what I really do. It was not until recently that I noticed that all of the pants I wear are not completely filled in the back. I felt very comfortable with Dr.Perry and was happy to know that after so many dr appts, he had been able to diagnose that I had inflammation in my ribcage and that it was unrelated to my breast. During my consultation we also went over what I wanted and he gave me his quote which is above what I could afford but I figured I would apply for credit and was approved so I immediately made my appt for the pre-op testing which is tomorrow 5/22 and scheduled my surgery for June 4th. I'm so excited, I can't wait.

Today I went to do my pre-op bloodwork and EKG at...

Today I went to do my pre-op bloodwork and EKG at the same facility where my PS is at. My opinion has not changed about him, I think he's great and so is his assistant but the girl who drew my blood had no experience and had to call someone else for help. She left my arm bruised, if I would have know I would have just done my blood work elsewhere. I did it because I though it was convenient to have everything done in one place to avoid any delays. I should have my results and clearance by the end of the week latest. I was also given my pre-op instructions , a list of what I need to bring with me on the day of the surgery and my prescriptions for the pain and antibiotic. I got a referral for the lymphatic massages and the lady charges $65/massage and she will come to my house, any other referrals are welcome.

Today I was contacted by the doctor's office and...

Today I was contacted by the doctor's office and my results came back fine, everything is all set. I got another referral for the massages, 6 sessions for $300 and she will come to my house.

Today was my last day at work, I will be taking 2...

Today was my last day at work, I will be taking 2 weeks off to have a little time to recover from my surgery. Monday is the big day so this weekend I will be running errands in order to prepare. I haven't told anyone yet except for my husband and I'm waiting to tell my mother and kids on Sunday because I don't want to stress them out.

Today I'm 3 days post op. My surgery started on...

Today I'm 3 days post op. My surgery started on Monday around 11 am and was done around 3:30 pm. Dr. Perry called my husband himself to let him know that I was done. He has been a wonderful doctor so far he even wheeled me out to my car when my husband came to pick me up. My first night I was in some pain and constant draining I got up quite a few times during the night to pee and I took pain medication just in case. On Tuesday when I got up I felt very dizzy and almost fainted but quickly started eating wheat crackers and drinking water. That day I made it a point to eat every 2 hours, I had lots of soup and I drsnk water like never before. I had my first massage which was very painful and more liquid was drained I almost passed out again but the massage lady quickly gave me water with sugar and slowly I started to feel well again. After the massage I felt relieved and noticed that the swelling went down significantly from one day to the next and also it got a tad bit easier to get around. On Wed 6/6 I took a shower with antibacterial soap and felt a whole lot better. I drove to pick up my son from school by positioning my seat as straight up as possible and then placing a rolled up towel under my thighs, the massage lady showed me this. So your butt is in the air and no pressure is applied to it. This morning when I took off my garment to use the restroom I found it easier to take off and put back on, I still have a long way to go but the swelling has gone done a lot and I was even able to fit into some sweatpants that didn't fit in the day of the surgery. I'm going to request my before/after pictures so that I can share with you.

On day 3 after my surgery I went for my first...

On day 3 after my surgery I went for my first post-op visit with Dr. Perry and he found that the swelling was going down really fast, this was attributed to the fact that I had my first massage the morning after my surgery. I had two more follow up appointments one on the 12th and the other on the 14th. On my last visit my stitches were removed and the doctor found that most of my swelling had gone down already, all of my clothes from before were starting to fit again only this time they fit better thankfully. The only complication I've so far was diarrhea for about 13 days due to the antibiotics but luckily the day before I went back to work it went away. I returned to work on Monday and have been sitting on a pillow but placing most of the pressure on my thighs instead of my butt, I have noticed that my butt had reduced significantly but it is the size that I wanted I'm just hoping it doesn't go down any more. I don't have much pain but I do have a great deal of discomfort on my abdomen I feel it really tight and still have some lumps that I massage daily. In total I had 6 massages and wish I could have done more but it is very difficult now that I'm back at work. I finally got some pictures I can share, the post op pictures are not the best since I've had to take them myself. I am supposed to go back to the doctor when I am 1 month post op and he is going to take my pictures then, I will share as soon as I get them.

I am finally adding my 1 month post op pictures...

I am finally adding my 1 month post op pictures taken by the doctor, I don't have anyone take my pictures so I had to wait. I am feeling great overall but some days are better than others. I still feel some discomfort in the flank area and my waist but have been seeing Dr. Perry every week because I still have some areas that are swollen and may be scarring so he wants to keep seeing me weekly until this is no longer a concern. He massages those areas and breaks up the scarring tissue, it hurts but I feel so relieved afterwards. My measurements are 36-28-40 and I am really happy with my results, I didn't want a huge butt I just wanted a better looking one that looks in proportion with the rest of my body and this is exactly what I got.
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Dr. Perry is a wonderful doctor and true gentleman. He calledy husband himself as soon as my surgery was done and even wheeled me to my car. He took into consideration all of my requests and followed the minor details we discussed on the day of the surgery. I strongly recommend him. I'm having my follow up today so I'll be able to rate that category afterwards. The wait times during my pre-op were pretty lengthy but I guess that's a sign of a good doctor who takes his time with each patient.

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