Soon to be a Llorente Doll - Miami, FL

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I don't see much of Alvarez work and hoping that I...

I don't see much of Alvarez work and hoping that I can get some dolls to respond that's gotten work done by him. Seems like they get they work done post pictures 1- 5 day post and disappear. However, Ghurani work is all over Instagram he's just a bit pricey. I guess I'm kind of answering my own question but I would still like to see more of Alvarez work being that he don't use drains and he's less expensive.

The naked truth!!! I'm choosing Ghurani!!

With this shape of mine I feel he is the one who can deliver the shape that I need!!! I gained over 40bs in pregnancy and here it is 6 years later I still have a muffin top, back fat and a hanging belly ugghhhh. I can't wait to get this body together! In the process of losing another 10lbs and working out to help my results. 4 months and some change until my SX!

Wish pic! Plastic Surgery App

What better way to create a wish pic than on your own body!!!????


I will be staying at Claudia's recovery home but would like to have my massages done at Medical Massage Professional with Mariam. Did anyone have to get alternate transportation or did Claudia provide the transportation?

Is anyone staying at Claudias RH and getting a massage somewhere else?

Trying to see how far Medical Massage Professionals (Mariam) is from Claudia's Recovery home.

Wish pics!!!

I don't feel like I'm asking for too much. I just want a heart shaped ass!! So natural and sexy!!

Life changing experience!

I've never had hips and it's about that time to get some. I'm shaped exactly like my mom and grandmother. Love them but that's a no go for me. I'm just over not being able to wear tube dresses, fitted shirts, jeggings with the shirt tucked in etc! When i tell you it's HARD for me to shop, it is! I'm just ready for a change. I'm 161lbs and 5'4" and in the process of losing another 10 and hoping to gain that back in muscle. I'm nervous of course and going to set appointment with Pulmonologist and Cardiologist to make sure my lungs and heart is functioning properly. Taking my One A Day vitamins Vitamin D and C and Iron at this present moment. Until my day come, I will continue to watch all these new transformations on Real self!

82 Day Countdown!!! Any suggestions on a booty pillow for the flight?

Welp its getting close. The days are flying by and I am nervous and excited at the same time!! Checked my blood work that I had done 12/2015 and my hemo was at a 12.4 then and im hoping its the same or even higher. My weight so far has not changed Im still at 160 and Im 5'4". Plan on booking my flight on next week to get that out the way and ordering all the necessities. Im praying all goes well cause Lord knows this spongebob shape of mine is not going to get it!!! I need suggestions on booty pillows and fajas. Even though Spectrum provides one, I would like to get another one but before i leave home.

Switching Doctors!!

Well I've switched to doctor Llorente! Personal reasons only. Not because of anything bad about Dr. Ghurani at all. He's still the bomb! It was a decision based off other issues. Same date though!! That's a plus. The countdown is real and I'm nervous as shit but I'm ready though!

Flight booked already! Starting my Hemoplex and...

Flight booked already! Starting my Hemoplex and Vitamins. This is starting to get really real! I've read so many reviews and seen so many pictures that my eyes are tired. One thing I can say is... COME ON JANUARY! Ready to be 2 months post op lol. Suggestions or helpful comments are needed please and thank you!

COUNTDOWN!! Anybody SX date 1/3/17??

I'm coming to Miami alone now. I had a buddy but her SX date was pushed back. Anybody staying at Anita's Recovery house from Jan 2 through Jan 9?

Wow!!! How time fly's! I'm super excited!!

Waiting on my prescription to get my labs and EKG done. Almost done packing. Booked flight ticket already and now I am patiently waiting on the big day!!


Getting everything lined up. Only thing left is medical clearance. Getting labs done on January 10th.

Dr. Orlando Llorente will be performing my BBL!!!!

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