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Hello ladies!! I am SO excited to FINALLY be...

Hello ladies!! I am SO excited to FINALLY be embarking on this new journey and I hope that I help someone else along the way :) I have just recently been researching doctors for the BBL procedure when I came across Dr. Alvarez. I called to get my consultation and was told by the office manager Lena that the procedure will be $4,500, my sx date es January 12, 2017. I will be putting down my deposit of $450 next Friday to lock in the date :) I am SoOOOOooo Excited to be getting this done right before my 25th bbirthday (Jan 22 ;) I've wanted it for quite some time!!! Any other ladies having their sx around or on that date? What are some good recovery houses?? Ill be sure to keep you ladies posted along my jourey xOxOxO :-*

Before Pics

My stats: 169 lbs , 5'2"

Curvy Angels Special thru November 15th!!!

Call Vanessa 2144055496 <3

Just another update:)

So I spoke with Lena again about the actual procedure and she's a sweetheart, very knowledgeable and informative, very realistic!! She told me that the Dr made notes that my BMI es good, I am a good candidate for the BBL/Lipo procedure. She explained that because I have extra "fat" on my abdomen they may not be able to get it super flat but they could get it close...She mentioned them taking fat from my back but that the creases may not go away because of how long they've been there...She asked what my ideal body looked like and I told her a pretty small waist with a nice size butt, she definitely gave me confidence that I am going to enjoy my results :) My date es set for January 12, 3 more months to go ^_^

Dr change......

Soooooooo of course I am still searching for good pics with good results and I came across a doctor located in the Dominican Republic named Dra. Hilario Duran. I called her office this morning and Stephanie sent an email for me to send in my info and pics in order to get a quote and secure a date. She said it could take 3-5 days for the doctor to respond, she also said that they were booked up until MAY!?!!! :-/ But they may be able to get me in for January 25th *fingers crossed* ....I am ready to put down my deposit so hopefully they respond back promptly!! I'll keep you ladies posted: -* xOxO

Made up my mind for good:):)

I've decided to go with my gut & stick with Dr. Alvarez, I feel in my heart that he will be a better choice to perform the procedure. Will be putting down my deposit tomorrow and then the count down really begins :-D

Wish pics

It may take a second procedure, I am a realist ;) BUT I WILL achieve this look!!!
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