Soon to be Blinskified!

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No booty or hips.


My stats

So initially I was 137 lbs, but I gained weight for this surgery (about 17 lbs) and I'm hoping this is enough because I'm hating how I look. I'm now 154 lbs and I'm actually 5'6 1/2.

Me in jeans

Need my new booty asap!

Been gone but I'm back

Hello ladies! I see that I've missed a lot. Much needed update about Vanity is needed from you ladies. I'm hoping to get my surgery with Dr. Fisher asap.

Question For Fisher Dolls & Those Who Used Vanity.

Ladies I've been hearing many negative things about the coordinators at Vanity and need to know who the best coordinators are to work with there. I need someone that won't take my money then stop answering my questions because they have made their commission off of me. 

*Can someone share with me a coordinator they have worked with and had a positive experience???

Switched over to Dr. Blinski's Team

So ladies, I apologize for just now updating my profile, but I am no longer going to Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher has great work, but I'm going to Dr. Blinski. Dr. Blinski makes himself available and answers any questions or concerns which I can truly appreciate because most Physicians won't do this. My surgery is February 2017 and I'm so ready for it to get here. Does anyone know how I can update my physician's name?

Does anyone know of a really good caregiver I can use?

Ladies, I'd love to pay for a caregiver for the first night or 2 after my surgery, but all I seem to find are recovery homes which I'm not interested in. Does anyone know where or who I can contact to arrange this?

Sx Weight Gain Weigh In

Ok ladies, my sx is February 15th and I'm now 165 lbs. I truly hope this is enough to get me exactly what I want. I'm 5'6 1/2 in height.

Personal Nurses/Caregivers for hire in Miami?

Hello all, I'm seeking personal nurses or CNA's for my sx in February. Does anyone recommend anyone? I was going to stay at Miami Escape, but my husband will be with me.

I'm down to 1 month left ladies

Ok so I have 1 month left and I'm super ready to get this done. All I have left to do is book my massages and buy a self massager for home. Blinski get ready for me!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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