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Hello, I am 25 years old, no kids but looking to...

I am 25 years old, no kids but looking to get rid of this stomach and add some volume to my butt. About two months ago I weighed 206 and I wanted to lose my stomach so I started going to this workout place and then also going and getting red light photon treatments. At that time my measurements were: chest 38,waist 41,hips/butt 47 and thighs 29/30in. I was losing the weight so quick that before I knew it I was weighing about 185. Normally my weight is between 175-190. I believe I got spoil with the extra volume when a little bigger and want that back and some more, but more defined. Currently I weigh 193 lbs and measurements are as follows: chest 38,belly button 36, waist 38, hips 43, butt 45, and thighs 27in (each). Once I have this surgery I want my butt to measure 50in which I know is massive but hey my legs are big enough to were it should look natural and I've always had some butt just need it've lost some volume in my butt.

aiming to please me

These are my before pictures.....ugh I wish this stomach was gone already!!!!

aiming to please

Wish pics....i hope you ladies don't mind me posting your pics, you all are the reason I want the bbl.....

aiming to please

Before pics

aiming to please

Pics before when I was about 200-206lbs

researching stage

Hey RS ladies...I am so addicted to this website and all the nice asses n projections that have been achieved. I can't wait to have my surgery and when I'm having it idk. I don't even know what doctor I'm going to yet, want to go to hasan but idk now. I'm thinking between hasan, fisher, baez and duran. They all give amazing results and have good prices. You ladies make my day with your stories, encouraging words and outside life....what can I say, I'm hooked!

Happy bday to me!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

Had an awesome day, hope you ladies enjoyed yours as well. The Lord blessed me to see another day and year. I am now 26.

Sx date set, now what??????

I am so excited and confused all in one, I paid my deposit for Hasan this week and now I don't know what to do. I have to come up with the remaining money for sx, and figure out where I will stay after sx. This is my first time doing anything like this and to be honest idk what im doing. I also have to get down to 191 at least, I am currently at 209. I don't believe anyone is coming with me so I'm alone on this......

It's time

I am finally in mia and loving it...thank God for an awesome flight and landing...I am staying at Miami escape and the house looks better than the pictures online. Dani is so nice and funny,and I love her dog. My surgery is tomorrow with Dr. Blinski, I can't wait. A lady name Sara just had a BBC yesterday done by dr. Blinski and her ass looks amazing and waist is ready for it to be tomorrow already .......I have my pre-op today to meet doc and let him know what u want....

Big booty......

So I finally made it to the other side......butt is huge, I'm in pain.

updates on post surgery

I been staying at Miami escape,the staff is so nice and sweet and stomach is super swoll and has fluid in it and measures 34in-will definitely go down bc you all seen post on pics when on table and butt 49.5in.....before butt was 46 in...weighing about 199-200ibs...

Still Super Swollen

I am now 9 days post op and still very swollen....I spoke with Dr. BLINSKI today whom reassured me that my results were amazing and I have nothing to worry about...the pain has gotten better but still not completely gone. My butt is still hard, still measuring 49.5 inch and sides of stomach are puffy and bruised still....this surgery is no walk in the park....I now get to sleep on back since my curve cure mattress came today, I highly recommend to all realself ladies, because on a regular mattress I was hot and cold at same time and waking up every 1-2 hours....I haven't actually tried on any clothing besides maxi dresses and still wearing compression size xl with lipo foam....I also sit on my curve cure bbl pill low or chiseledlux bbl pillow which are both uncomfortable...can't wait until I am able to sit directly on this butt...the doctor truly gave me what I asked for and I definitely had an awesome stay at Miami escape while in Miami. The staff were so caring and down to earth and the house was a beautiful just back in Dallas,TX trying to make the best of recovery......



3 weeks post op, still swollen but still holding down 48.5 inch hips....

Not too much to say.....I'm still healing,stomach and back still very itchy. I am still wearing the same compression garment size,but switched to the new one which is tighter. I still have the foam in the garment as well...I haven't really tried on clothes, but my butt looks very natural but big in photos....I will do my best to take more photos...may need a camera man lol.....

Am I asking for too much????

I am not happy about the measurements of my butt.....before surgery 46 inch and after now 46.5 inches.......yes it looks better but dang I wanted it to be fatter. After surgery when swollen it was 49.5 inches, will it get any bigger,will be 8 weeks on 6/22, dad's bday. .....after 12 weeks supposed to see final results.....

I'm not asking for too much,need more volume

I am not upset about results but know they could've looked better,not like I didn't have any ass prior to surgery but It makes me feel like I had no ass..before surgery 46 in hips and after 46.5 in....I will be 12 weeks on 7/20. I am already thinking bout round 2 specially since Hasan is back. I am trying to get waist to 27.5 inch, waist is 30inch now,still hard and semi swollen.

14 weeks post op

Hello realself self ladies,
I am happy with my results but the booty greed is real,already round 2 set for 10/28/2016,now if I don't get what I want this time will just have to live with it....

Hips and booty-46.5 wish 48-49.5* remember was 49.5 right after surgery
Waist 30-31 wish is 27.5

14 weeks post op

Round 2

I had round 2 with Dr. Blinski on 10/28 and my results are amazing. Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. Before measurements were 46.5 butt,32-33 waist and now measurements are 48.3 butt (roughly) and 30inch waist,this time around I will exercise after 8 weeks because my waist needs to be at 27.5 just hoping ass don't go down....

round 2

5th week post up update (on 12/2/16)

My measurements are now as follows:
butt:47.9 inch

The upper part of my stomach is still a little swollen, but not as much as the first time. I as so excited to finally be able to sit on my butt on next week.

I went to Dr. Blinski

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