16 month PO... Round 2!! Dr. Fisher- Miami, FL

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I been wanting this procedure for as long as I can...

I been wanting this procedure for as long as I can remember.. But due to the cost I have always dream of the day I could get a BBL. that dream is coming true! My bio: I'm 30 and married no kids I have never had a shape but desired a larger BOOTY!! I'm blessed to have a husband who loves me unconditionally even through the weight gain he supports me. I'm basically having this surgery for my self and to look banging in my clothes. So I haven't been on here in months and soon as I visit I see a review about Dr. Fisher by one of his recent patients and she was banging booty and hips .. When I saw the price I had to call myself.. After several days to fully research I have chosen him as my dr. The price is affordable and the results I have seen where amazing.. Haven't confirmed date but hopefully march or April. Monday I will be paying $1000 down payment.. Pray for me barbies and I look forward to doing the same

Deposit paid excited and nervous!!!! Dr. Fisher price increased!!

Hey barbies I'm excited to say that I locked in my deposit today of $1,000 with Dr. Fisher, and Jessica informed me that the memo just came in and prices have increased..... To $8500. Not sure if she was trying to make me feel good when I paid my deposit or its real. I wanted to share it with you to call and check for yourself. So for you ladies considering Dr. Fisher I encourage you to call them get your questions answered to lock in a great rate. I'm nervous but yet excited that I'm finally getting closer to my desired shape. I wish all u ladies a Merry Christmas and will keep u posted as I start working on preparing for this transformation. #Nubootysoon

Wish Pics!!

Okay so I decided to load some wish pics.. Totally want projection hips and a feelingmyself BOOTY!! Lol what you guys think can Dr. Fisher pull it off.. Will load some pre-op pics as well.

Staying Positive on my BBL journey

I have been up like crazy over this last week reading all review on RS.. I began to get discourage reading some of the ladies comments about not getting the results they wanted., after paying my deposit I was considering not doing it.., and then I remembered the reason I wanted it in the first place...So you have to stay positive and not focus on the negative side.. Because what u focus on grows in your Subconscious mind. I believe on this journey you have to set realistic goals and the right expectation for yourself and ask a million question to the doctors and patient coordinator. I called Jessica and stayed on the phone with her asking all the questions my heart desired.. If she said something I wasn't sure I challenged her for the truth. When I was done I felt better I knew I had chosen the right doctor and I'm non longer confused on who is performing my surgery.. It's a lot of great surgeon at Vanity but I believe Dr. Fisher can give me the best results based on my body type. So stay positive stAy focused and don't allow negative distractions to keep I from your goals.. I'm excited about having my surgery at Vanity and my tentative date is April 21, 2014. Thanks to the positive pros that have their banging bodies and still take the time to blog and update us newbies. Be blessed #Nubootycomingsoon

Happy New Year.. Happy New Body

Happy New Year everyone!! I love the holidays but I'm glad it's a new year and I'm closer to one of my many goals. I have been excising to tone up, build strength and my tolerance loss my face, arms and inner thighs. I honesty don't want to loose to much of my weight because I want to have a successful BBL. I have seen so many girls exercise and lose weight before surgery and then don't like the size of their booty. I want it to be right the first time and I pray I don't have booty greed. So I have decided to keep toning, eating healthier, and focusing on healthy habits and then focus on final results after BBL. My hubby is hitting the gym with me daily very supported and excited that I'm doing something that do important to me.. I believe self confidence is very attractive and will improve all relationships in marriage And business.. I hope everyone is staying positive and focused.. Can't wait to seeker pics from Fisher Dolls have sx in January.


Hey ladies, hope all is well. I wanted to take the time to update my blog. A lot goes on as you are preparing for surgery and I want to share as much as possible, because again this is a journey. Well I have been told previously that I was boarder line diabetic and needed to loose some weight. I begin to change my eating habit, kick drinks to the curb and started working out 4 times a week. Within 10 days I lost 5 lbs. So I wanted to call and speak to Jessica about my surgery and my potential problem. She did explain to me that I would have to be cleared from my doctor which I don't think will be a problem considering my hemoglobin A1C was 6.7 and now is a 6.2.. my Dr. said its getting better. As we continued to talk I mentioned to her that my weight was 220 and now I'm 215 and she paused and then told me that Dr. Fisher doesn't work on patients that are over 200 lbs.. really the ideal weight for him is 190 or less. O_o... I was like how did we miss this information in the beginning and she said she thought I told her my weight was 185.. (too many patients I guess) I said no I told you my weight... I carry it well and mostly is my chest but I'm 215. This is why it's important to ask questions, be vocal to your PC assistant and be very direct about your results, in doing this I may have saved my self from hurt later. Needless to say she begins to tell me about Dr. Bass and how he is proficient working with patients my size... I ask for pictures.. she placed in on hold and 5 minutes later she came back to the phone and told me they didn't have consent from any of his patients to release pics. I told her I choose Dr. Fisher because I saw his work from a patient, I have build a rapport with his patients and saw before and after.. If I couldn't see the same for Dr. Bass then it wasn't an option.. So I kinda felt like I was back to square one.. and then I realize I could just lose the weight and stick with Fisher.. and then I realized I'm 215 but I'm top heavy and if I loose to much weight I might not be able to receive the cc's I want to achieve my results. So I requested to speak with Dr. Fisher over the phone and send more pics and a video to him to get HIS feedback of what he thinks I should do. I want to the best results, and I have my heart set on Dr. Fisher.. so as of right now I'm waiting on a call back from Vanity to confirm my appointment with Dr. Fisher. If I have to take a trip to MIA before my surgery to confirm what I want it might be a price that will bring much value to this situation. Congrats to all those BBL sister having surgery this month.. I look forward to being inspired by your Nu Bodies.. Staying positive and will give you guys an update.. #Nubootycomingsoon

Dr. Bass

Ok ladies, so after weeks of trying to figure things out and asking for a phone consult with Dr. Bass I finally was able to get it.. It wasn't easy but necessary because he had NO REVIEWS OR POST OP PICTURES ANYWHERE.. Mind you! So he called me and told me he personally had not seen my photos and ask me to send them to him.. I also sent him my wish pics. He seem to be a very straight to the point doctor wasn't very personable but yet it was over the phone. Today I got a call back from him basically saying that its not in my best interest to want that much fat transfer because it could die?? And also he went on to say the most cc's he has entered it's under 800 cc (0_o)!! He further advised me that even though I was 215 I didn't really have enough fat anyway to get that type of fullness again (O_o) I was considered thick boned and my weight was in my breast.. I kinda agreed with that, however I feel I have more than enough fat to get those results I have seen women with less get more projection and roundness than what he is offering. I asked about hip grating and he basically wasn't sure about doing that as well. So he basically said if given the opportunity he would do his best but he can't promise those results.. He would rather under promise and over deliver.. i get that concept but not with my body. I respect his honesty.. I wish before Vanity books doctors that they really allow the doctors to SEE the pics and make the determination.. I was told Dr. Fisher doesn't do patients at a certain weight.. But just because you are over 200 pounds doesn't mean you have lots of fat. I'm calling back to request a consult with Dr Fisher I need HIM to look at my pics and determine NOT the patient coordinator. OAN: you guys know I been working in loosing wait with Dr Bass observation that might not be best for the fullness I'm seeking that is what I thought in the beginning.. Now I will push to get a consult with Fisher without having to fly to Miami and Im already have to leave for my business for the procedure for 2 weeks. I remembering this is a journey and it will be up and downs but I'm refusing to set back and not ask questions Bd stay on top if this.. It's not a lottery it's our bodies and for most of us one of the most serious things we have ever considered.. its our job to make sure we stay in top of this and get what we are paying for.. I will update post op pics and my wish pics. Happy healing BBL SISTERS.. #nubootycomingsoon

Pre op pic

For those that are following my journey I wanted to at least put up a pre op pic.. This is enough fat for my wish pics.. I feel anyway.. What do you guys think?? Should I still be loosing weight??

Pre op and wish pics sent to dr

This is the wish pics I sent Dr Bass and he basically said he didn't see it happening.. I don't feel he would be the right PS for us girls looking for fullness and volume.. He might do well with lipo but not with given you a nu booty unless you don't want much because under 800 cc would not do much for me. Just my thoughts..not knocking him just stating the facts and sharing my experience with talking to him first hand.

Weight Loss Journey- BBl in April

After weeks of going back and forth and finally having the opportunity to speak with Dr. Bass and knowing that he wasn't my prefered PS. Vanity called me back and confirmed that Dr. Fisher looked at my photos and has agreed to do my surgery. (YES) They also advised me he said to loose 20 pounds in order for him to do the procedure to give me the best results. Jessica advised me that Dr. Fisher DOESN'T take on any patients if he doesn't feel the outcome is not going to be great. So, I'm working extremely hard working out now twice a day, I haven't had a soda in over a month, No bread (unless wheat) no sugar juices, only bake and broiled food and plenty of water and vegetables. Consistency has allowed me to grow and run a successful nationwide business, that's the same work ethnic that is required to lose weight. I'm wishing everyone well wishes, especially My Vanity BBL sister with all the controversy stay positive, and keep on top of it every step of the way.. Double check to double check.. I know I will be! #nubootycomingsoon

Date Changed with Dr. Fisher

hey ladies.. Just wanted to update you guys. I initially choose a date in April to have my surgery. Which gave me time to work on loosing the weight and prepare for the time I will be away from the office. I got a call this morning from Jessica saying that Dr. Fisher is asking that all his out of town patients for April be rescheduled, because his wife is pregnant and he is taking a leave of absence for that entire month of April :/ I'm glad she called when she did because we where in the process of purchasing 2 round trip tickets for April.. So, it seems Vanity-Miami is working on their communication with patients better.. I'm now seriously looking for a close by hotel or condo to accommodate my stay while there, I definitely need a list of what I need to take with me.. I'm going through the list of season BBL sisters and seeing what they really used and what's important. I'm not interested in purchasing a lot of stuff I don't need and have buyers remorse. My weight loss journey is positive and I'm headed toward my goals.. now I have to really step up my effort seeing my surgery is earlier than I anticipated. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that.. all though I should be it brings me closer to my goals. Now tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor.. I'm still waiting on medical clearance to give to my doctor to make sure my health is in tip top shape for sx. I'm hoping I have it by tomorrow. I have seen a recent Fisher doll and she looks really good, he seems to really know his craft and his technique seems to really give you the bum booty. So blessing to all Future Fisher dolls and Happy Healing to those having sx soon. Pray I loose the weight.. because I'm working on it. #nubootycomingsoon

Date changed officially for May 6th

With the recent changes I found a conflict in my schedule preventing the March date, offered to me.. I really wanted it done in April but May it is. I hired a personal trainer I start on tomorrow super excited to get in shape once in for long. I saw a new fisher doll that really looks great.. 3 post op BBL Fisher dolls thus far on RS with pics.. They have made me even more excited about this. Stay positive on this journey talk to you soon!

Time is whining down

Hey RS sisters, I'm super excited as time has been progressing along. I haven't been on RS as much trying to stay focused on my big day and loosing weight. I have done well with the weight loss... anytime you are changing your eating habits, and what you drink it's hard.. yet worth it. I want this surgery to make my exterior look great.. but I have to make my interior better by the choices I make everyday. So many Fisher dolls are looking amazing seeing their transformation has made me even more excited about my sx. I still have to purchase supplies I will need it for 9 days. I want a nice comfy condo.. If anyone knows of a great location please share. I will continue to search as well. Blessing everyone.. Congrats all my Fisher Dolls!!

It's Almost that time

Hey ladies.. it's been awhile however I'm super excited that it's almost time. It still feel unreal that I'm having surgery next month. I pray that everything goes well.. I have requested pre-op instructions and still haven't received them yet...hopefully soon. I didn't lost a whole lot of weight however I do feel great I'm down to 199 from 215.. My goal is to be at 185 by surgery so I still have lots of work to do but 14 pounds is a realistic goal that I'm striving for over the next few weeks. Keep posting Fisher Dolls you guys are giving me inspirations. I pray everyone get the results they want. I plan on taking pictures and verbal requesting my desires to Dr. Fisher. I haven't purchase any supplies yet I'm not sure what exactly I would need and use. I'm going to find a boppy pillow, and other things that would be helpful. If there is anything particular that I should consider please let me know. Will I need foam to take to MIA?? I plan on being in MIA for 9 days hopefully that's long enough. because I'm scared to death of the plane ride.. I just took a trip on a plane and all I could think about is how in the world am I going to get home without seating on my booty. Help sisters..lol
#Nubootycoming soon

My weight seems stuck

It seems that my weight is stuck.. I need something that will allow me to lose 14 pounds quickly. I don't want to change my date.. Any suggestions or cleansers (magic pills) that work is welcomed.. I found a pic that gave me life.. I love her curves.. 2 weeks a pound a day.. I need to be at the gym twice a day everyday to pull this off. Pray with me.

Date Changed for BBL to June 9

I'm still working on loosing the weight, I have made huge improvements just not enough to proceed with surgery. I've seen others in my opinion that seem to be heavier at 200 and had more fat able to proceed but I was told to work on getting to 185.. I do trust that this weight will give me the shape Im desiring. I did receive a call from Vanity 4 days before expected surgery to tell me what I shouldn't do 7 days pre-op.. (They should've been called). I got my medical clearance yay..and now I'm scheduling an appointment to get my tests done to get cleared as well. This has been a roller coaster ride there's been highs and lows.. Peeks and Valleys but still worth it to see my dream body type and the look on my husband face will be priceless. I'm getting this weight off.. I'm committed to Win

Weight Loss- Vanity Update

So I been working out, and really determine to loose this pounds and last night I finally saw the scale move.. not much but it Moved.. lol I'm now 195.. 10 more pounds to go. I have been taking some advice and reducing my calorie intake and exercising daily.. I can't miss a day of exercising and drinking my water. I have my date scheduled for June 9.. Ladies get every confirmation with Vanity by email verbal communication doesn't exist. My last post I was told June 9, and when I called back to confirm something else the new lady who is now been in contact with me name Yisel told me they I wasn't booked for the 9th but the 18th of May?? I immediate got so upset because that's the date she gave me a week prior.? I replayed to her our conversation and she placed me on hold then came back and said she would work something out to get me in?? She later called me back and confirmed so I'm still schedule for the 9th.. I told her to email it to me! I'm not talking anything verbal. She also told me that previous week that my medical clearance was received.., but on these same call told me I need to loose the weight and they need a clearance. I again.. had to remind her they received it and to make sure.. I'm still waiting on an email back confirming if my doctor needs to resend. Head ACHE!! So are the very unorganized hell yeah!! No one.. but ALL. Just my experience.. You just have to be on top of everything because they do talk fast.. It puts you in the mind of being hustled.. I don't think they really mean any harm.. they just cause a lot. So I still need to go and have blood work done.. I haven't purchased any of my items yet will soon. We book our flights flying in 8th leaving 17th/ hotel booked at Residence Inn Miami Airport/ and we find a really great rate for a weekly rental car at EZ rental for $90 for the 8 days plus tax... So I'm determine to lose this pounds to much time and money invested to reschedule again... I'm going to upload pics I took last night trying on clothes.. I have lost so much weight since the beginning of this journey. I pray Fisher puts his magic on this body and congrats to all the Fisher dolls.. Some of you ladies keep me motivated when I see your results. Don't get stingy with giving out hour-shape figures when it's my turn Dr. Fisher!!! Blessing #nubootycomingsoon

Pic with me and my wish pic

Do I really look 195.. Yay or nah? One of the pics I'm showing Fisher. It's seem like a lot of hips but our frames are similar. Heavy chest and big legs I think I can pull it off.

6 days I will e in Miami!!!

Ok so I'm 6 days away from my sx day.. It doesn't feel real... I haven't lost anymore weight don't know how that's gonna turn out.. My height is 5'6 1/2 and my current BMI is 30.5 I had to call vanity several times today to check on my lab work.. Because they claimed they never received them. My sugar was high after I seen the labs and I was panicking and then i got a text from Giselle saying Dr Fisher signed off on them.. (I don't trust them) okay I'm gonna request a picture showing his signature.. I know that's extreme but.. This is Vanity we are are talking about. So I had to call my dr office and request my medical clearance again... Smh... Will call them tomorrow to confirm they have received them. I pray I'm not traveling and my husband s not taking off for nothing.. I know he wanted me at 185.. But it's not happening that fast.. Flights, procedure and everything has been paid for and honestly I'm not that big so I'm praying 10 pounds don't stop me from getting my sx. The purpose of sx is to get help with your problem areas why some dr are more extreme on the BMI when a patient has lost a significant amount of weight and others are not. I understand for health reason and for better results. but I'm praying in person he realizes that I'm in good health and a perfect candidate for sx.. So much stress comes along I pray its worth it. Happy Healing Fisherdolls I'm praying for a happy ending keep u guys posted!!!

4 days until Fisher Doll

Hey ladies I thought I would give those following my journey a little update. Last few days have been crazy.. but I finally got a break through today after several contacts with my dr. office to resend my clearance Vanity finally receive them. I receive a text saying, "everything is Perfect", but I still couldn't get excited. Then, I received 2 phone calls saying Dr. Fisher has approved me for surgery Monday.. Everything looked great and my weight is fine... I know I should be excited, but truthfully I'm still trying to absorb all these emotions. I spoke with Jessica, and we talked about her recent surgery and what to expect.. and then I seen her picture and let me just tell you he did an awesome job. She looks like Jennifer Lopez.. seriously. I'm current getting pics together I can show Dr. Fisher of my goal, but I trust he eye and judgment to sculpt my body and make me look great. We are flying out on Sunday so hoping to have some fun in the sun before Monday. I don't know what time my sx will be hopefully I'll know soon. I have a list of things I'm finally going to purchase, please let me know if I'm leaving anything out:
Baby wipes
Long dresses
Boppy pillow large- where can I can get this from
bringing my neck pillow
thin tank tops
arnica- dark one

In Miami

We made it to Miami.. Our favorite spot each year, however this year a little different Im still in shock having surgery tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers. Promise to keep u guys posted.

Need Massage information

I had Marion information, if someone could please inbox me her information for massages. Thanks

I made it

I made it... Little energy will update tomorrow with pics. Waist looks really small..

Finally a Fisher Doll- Some Pics Updates

Thanks to all the ladies.. This surgery is NO joke.. The pain in my stomach and back has been the most.. I have a lot of fluids in my stomach went to get massages earlier but Marion could drain me because they had me stitched up on Both sides.. Will go back to Vanity tomorrow to get the stitches removed. Still haven't had a BM.. No nausea but just tired, I trying not to judge my shape right now because I'm really swollen. I do see a huge difference.. Like most girls say a lot of fat at the top hopefully it distributes soon. Will update again later

Buyers Remorse or Nall

Hey I went to get massages at 6pm had to go back to Vanity to buy another garment.. The first one was way to tight and unbearable. I drain Alot today even though I literally passed out twice. I had to make myself push through because I'm on my 3 rd massage today. Remember the first day nothing drained, 2nd day I didn't have enough energy and passed out immediately. Today was a better day alot came out I felt so much better. I also had a BM today twice..My only concern is the size of my booty it looks really flat to me, and Im trying not to focus as much on it but Im a bit concerned. Dr. Fisher said he put a lot in and my body may look really bad before really good. I haven't seen anyone profiles that was similar so ai don't know what to expect. I knew it would need time but I was at least looking for Volume. Hopefully in time I see the results I was promised because if now my shape is different but my butt is flat. Everyone is different dint be discouraged just documenting my journey thus far. Blessing dolls

6 days post op

Well yesterday was a better day even though emotionally I have cried everyday since sx. The pain is getting lesser.. That's because the Massages are removing the fluid and allowing the swelling to go down. I walk yesterday and today shopping in the mall. I was tired but it made me feel much better. My stomach has went down dramatically and I'm hoping after tomorrow last appt all the remaining in my pouch will be gone. I will continue to get them once I get back home. The smaller my stomach is looking the bigger my butt appears.. I see a small difference I'm just patiently waiting on her to finish baking.

3 week post op update with pic

This has been a journey.. I'm overall happy that I went through with it. My body is completely different. I have not been an overnight success.. After surgery I was really swollen and the bottom of my stomach had a lot of fluid.. Kinda wish they used drains or at least open both of my incisions for proper drainage. One side of my stomach is bigger however with massages it has went down tremendously. My butt is still trying to round still hard to touch in areas. I wish it was BIGGER, the thought of revision makes me nausea.. but we will see. No meds if you can get through the first week you will do just fine. I'm hoping for a lot more dropping and fluffing.

it's been 16 months- update review Dr. Fusher

Hello all- its been over a year since I shared my review. I first want to say Im so pleased I went through with my sx. However I wasn't an over night success it took 6 months before I could see the fullness in my hips.. and my but to jiggle and not be hard. It took a year before my butt truly showed projection. I honestly think because I gain back the 25 lbs I los bf sx. I'm excited to going back from r2.. because I want more Lipo and little more roundness at the bottom. So join me as I lost 30 lbs in the next 30 days to prepare for rd 2.. here's a pic for now.. be patient I never thought my butt would develop but it did everyone's body is different don't compare! Ladies who are also needing to lose weight before surgery inbox me and I'll share how I'm doing it

16 day po.. 16 months later

These picsrepresent 16 days post op and 16 months give yourself time as your body adjusts.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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