3 1/2 Month Update with Pic-taurs!!!

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Okay I have started this train to rolling now. I...

Okay I have started this train to rolling now. I got a call from Angel. I am feeling pretty good with the amount of tushies that this man has done that mine is not a "wow I have never seen such an old flat tush this bad" kinda tush. Waiting to hear back on the dates they have available. I will fill you all in when I know more. Sooooooo excited!!! Jumping up and down and Angel was very nice on the phone.

I want my Jessica Biel Arse!

Hey everyone! It won't let me put my date on the calendar here at RS. Rats. Okay so I talked with Angel. You may think I am nuts but I didn't do a consultation with the doc on the phone. After looking at his pictures and sending in mine...checking his creds and any lawsuits. Knowing he isn't an asshole per other RS women that have met him....well I don't live in Miami for one reason and the other is if I am going to do this I need to do it before my kids go back to school. I think it would be too hard on my husband. He is a little freaked out about me going down to do this. Which is nice but also annoying too. I had my BA done in 2000 and my lower ab lipo done in 1995. I didn't meet him till after my BA. So he never dealt with my surgery...well except for the c-sections I got for my kids. But I have asked my bf who is a nurse to go for part of the 1st week with me. Not sure what I will do when she leaves though. I have heard that pressure garment is a beeauch to get up by yourself. Lord if anything like putting on spanx...ugh!
Anyway, I am including before pics on here. Doc told Angel that I could gain about 5-10 pounds more. I vary between 134-137 lbs right now. This is the most I have ever weighed so going over the 140 mark will be pretty emotional on me. Well of course I weighed 160 whatever when I was pregnant but that doesn't count as I had a person inside me.
I really love Jessica Biel's butt. I don't think this girl gets enough butt airtime. I can't stand her husband but I have loved her tush for years. ha ha

look at this butt chart I found....which one are you and which do you want?

I think I qualify for spongebob and noassatall but I soooo want the heart shape butt!!! the standard issue one cracks me up. reminds me of what they called our uniforms in the navy "standard issue." damn i must have missed that line when they were handing out asses because I would have taken even a standard issue tush.

found more butt pictures

well I went on a search for brazilian butts and found out there is a competition in brazil called Miss Bumbum. So if you want to check out more butts then go there. So far I still haven't found anyone else's butt I love as much as Jessica. Hmmm....maybe I should write her and ask her for a cast of her butt? ha ha I have vacation coming up and I wish I had my surgery before going but oh well...I have course will not be happy with any of my ocean pics of me in a bikini while on vacation. Since I haven't been trying to loose the fat I do have for the surgery (my surgery will be 1 month after vacation). Whats a girl to do?

arg! don't know if I am getting surgery or not right now.

I am so frustrated right now. Last night we sat down with our couples counselor and we were talking about how we need to get rid of our expensive house to save us money. Then of course he brought up my surgery. Then of course the counselor first said well where are we going to find 7 thousand I needed. Then my husband was going on about numerous reasons why I shouldn't do the procedure. Keep in mind I had my boobs done in 2000 and it was one of the things he really enjoys and attracted him to me (he denies it isn't the only thing). He said he is worried that maybe I am doing this to attract other men. Seriously. I have told him that my waist line and no ass have been a HUGE deal for me since I was a teenager. Seriously had they had this procedure in 2000 I would have rather spent it on a BBL instead of boobs. I just wanted to f'en curves in my boy shaped body. He said that is a risk to it...Yes of course I know there is. I don't like or love or whatever general anesthesia...I was an EMT and also have been a guest to watch various surgeries. I told him that I would loose my 2 grand if I cancelled the surgery. I know I don't need this surgery but I seriously want it. I am not sure if Mendieta's office would even reschedule it for later in the year (which I sooooo don't want to do but better than canceling it). I am just so frustrated. ARG! My husband just bought himself a car that he didn't need...but no one is talking about that! Grrrrrr!!!!

In Spain right now

Hello my lovely RS ladies. I am on vaca right now with my family in Spain. I have been running around in my bathingsuit and wishing I already had my BBL. Butt (yes it needed a pun) no way the 3 flights here would have been good on a healing tush. I bought my iron to take before I got here. I talked to the pharmacist about it. It is a very strong amount of Iron. He told me that it can take 1 month for the Iron to really kick in and work. No wonder Dr. M wants me to take 1 month before surgery. Der. I was low on iron when pregnant and they never told me this info.
Anyhoo, my husband is driving me nuts while we are here. Complaining about everything. I am over it. He doesn't know how to relax. I am pulling out the bitch cards. I made him sleep in with the kids tonight. I am a type A person anyway but on vaca I am type B and need my down time. You know what I am saying? He isn't too happy about this surgery either but for the time being has stopped talking about it so much. He isn't coming with me as we run our own company and he needs to be there. Plus I think he would drive me batty anyway. During the 2nd birth of our child...I made him go home and not stay with me in the hospital. So much more relaxing with just the nurses taking care of me. hee hee

Confused on vitamins and mins

Dr m's office said I should take 325mg of iron. This is rather confusing for me. I have an email in but think I will call them. Pharmacy said that it can take 1 month to get the iron actually absorbed into body. Read this article if you are concerned about iron. http://www.uptodate.com/contents/anemia-caused-by-low-iron-beyond-the-basics?source=outline_link&view=text&anchor=H14#H14
Looks like coated tablets are a no go for iron too...which is what I have been taking. Nice eh? I also just ordered supplements from make me heal. Anyone have any raving reviews?

I paid 45 bucks to have vitamins in 2 days...taking longer

Ugh. I want my vitamins! I ordered them 3 days ago but I guess I cannot complain...I ordered them at 9 pm (EST) and 2 day shipping. Rats. Oh well I guess I will start on them tomorrow which will be 14 days before my surgery!!! Holy shit!!! I cannot believe the time is almost here. I don't have all of my stuff packed yet. I am not sure if I should just wait till I get down there to buy a shower curtain and such. And the chux pads and so on. I know I will have to go to the grocery store and get stuff for myself when I am feeling all nauseated. Hopefully Dr. M will give me something for that. So many things to think about. ack! I still haven't gotten a package in the mail from my doc's office. Not sure if that is normal. I will try and give them a call tomorrow as I haven't heard from them via email. Also not sure about buying a garment ahead of time if I don't even know what size I will be. It sucks that I may have to purchase it from the office as it will cost me more. I am sooooo excited and sooooo nervous!!! So funny right now my kids are ages 5 and 8 and they both love when they see my butt naked and to spank on it. They like to see it wobble. I remember doing the same thing to my mother. I am sure if they come up and try to do that after the bbl I am going to have to restrain myself from screaming at them and from pain. ack. I am so looking forward to having this done now and by next summer I will be back in a 2 piece. I thought it was pretty funny in Spain...well the women over there say "to hell with it I am wearing a 2 piece." The women I saw didn't give a shit they had a pot belly. I think most women (not all) in the US don't go there unless they don't have a protruding budda belly. Anyhoo, we just celebrated my daughter's bday today and I am going to go to bed in a few. Nighty night ladies!

12 days 12 days to gooooooooo!!!!

Okay I am putting stuff in my suitcase and I am thinking I won't have any room for the limited clothes that I will bring.
My clothes list (which I have to buy because I don't own these):
1. Granny panties
2. A wrap around dress (preferable something patterned with red on it so the blood stains won't be obvious) ha ha
3. gorgeous compression hose

Okay I had a total freak out when I called my Dr M's office the other day. Not Angel but Angela (I think) told me (first time I had spoke to her) that I would need to do my pre-op visit 2 weeks prior to surgery. WTF??!!! No one told me this and it isn't in the literature that they sent me via email (got nothing in the mail). Ack! So I called around to walk in clinics to see if they could see me...nope not if I have a regular doctor. What?? Yeah sure you don't say that when I come in for UTI's and such now do ya? Yes you want that money.
But then Angel called me and said that ask that in case my blood tests are off and I can repeat. But she also told me some patients have the tests done 2 days before surgery while they are in town. She told me not to worry about it. She also informed me that she is the person that books me the surgery and not a nurse either. So I have decided to look at this as a bonus (like I need to freak myself out anymore). The bonus is that it will give me a few more days to get my iron levels up. I don't know if they are down but I know I was borderline anemic when pregnant 5 years ago...so to be on the safe side. I will just and see my int med doc this Monday 1 week before surgery.

I also posted over on the TT side. As I am wondering if I need a tummy tuck. I don't have loose skin but my upper abdomen protrudes. I was thinking it was fat but now I am wondering if it is muscle also. I got some good advice from the docs on RS. Besides I wouldn't want to do both the TT and BBL at the same time. It seems they both need healing...one on the belly and the other on the butt. Besides I am not even sure if Dr. M is great at TT and geez that requires me to do another 3 months of research! ha

Okay my measurements 12 days before surgery from top to bottom:
Bra Line (right below): 32"
Waist line (both 1 1/2" above belly button and right at belly button are the same): 34"
Hip bone to hip bone: 36 1/2"
Hips (widest area of butt): 39"
Right thigh (widest area): 21 1/4"
Left thigh (widest area): 21 3/4"

Oh and if I haven't told you ladies that I had recorded a cartoon that was on t.v. about a month or so ago about BBL...I laughed my butt off (which may be why I don't have one) and put it up on you tube. Neve rmind they took it down. rats!

Holy shit Reef Girls have AMAZING asses!

Seriously I really started looking at them. Just google reef girls...Almost every one of them have amazing butts! They have the waist line, projection, roundness, the triangle, some cuff and some without.....beautiful. wonder if any of them had their butts done? So I want to b a reef girl. Think they would take a 45 year old? Ha ha Get outta here grandma!

Had my blood work, chest xray, and ekg done...1 week to go

Ugh I am sure my heart rate was up during the ekg. They had one of those little pigs with wings that is solar in the window. Damn things wings kept flapping and I was trying to breath to get my heart rate down. I was so nervous about it only being a week before my surgery and I am just now getting my stuff done (this is not my fault but the clinic's). So that thing was clicking along fast and driving me nuts. I turned it upside down later...damn little pig.
Okay I had all of my tests done. The best part was my internal medicine doctor. God I seriously love this man. He saved me when I had post partum depression with my son 5 years ago and he didn't even bat an eye or disapprove or anything today. I didn't use the lingo BBL...no way was I going there. I said lipo and a fat transfer to my butt. He said (nurse also) they have never seen anyone go out of the state for plastic surgery. I told him Dr. Mendieta was the doc that teaches all of the other docs how to do this procedure. I bet you 5 bucks he looks him up. haha He said Oh I don't think they do that surgery around here. Errr...nope and I don't plan on letting anyone practice on me for this. He did give me some great advice. I told him I needed to buy those dresses that tie in the front for the surgery and wanted to get something that I won't care if blood gets on it. He told me to go to Goodwill. Damn why didn't I think of that??!?!! So I went and they didn't have anything. I guess they are still so in style that no one has turned any in yet for this year. Oh well it would have been nice to pay 6 bucks for it!! I had Walmart but looks like I might have to go there. At the least I will head to burlington coat factory (which I love) or Tar-shaa.
I think all of the Iron I have been taking has finally kicked in as now my (GET READY FOR TMI) is that dark greenish color or tar color...anyway it doesn't look the same.
love you ladies!!!

Okay trying to find a wrap around Maxi dress...Where did they all go?

Okay I have tried to find a wrap around maxi dress to no avail. Started yesterday at Goodwill...nope. Today I went to Kohl's...nope...then TJMaxx...nope. I went to Steinmart and found a button up dress but it cost me 40. It is cute but I didn't want to pay that much for a dress that will probably get blood on it. Then I ran into Old Navy and they had nothing. The cashier said what about Talbot...yea...don't think so they are even more expensive. Someone needs to make wrap around maxi dresses with various colors on them so it can cover up the blood after surgery. ha I got my husk pillows in today. I can tell my husband is cringing. I am wondering if I just need to mail all of my stuff down.

oh i found a great website for jessica fan's

so many to pick from damn I have to pick them out before I leave!!!


Getting ready

Okay I picked up some Heelbo's that I found mentioned on someone elses page. I have skinny ass not fat elbows and they freaken hurt when I am on them too much. I also bought this little bench thing from REI so when I get back and have to work I can sit on my thighs. And I bought some lotions to help me put my garments on easiers and I also have gloves for them.
Here is what I have bought (links otherwise I will post photos):
-buckwheat pillows 2- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00020NRIK/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Abdominal pads: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DEUFI4/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Plastic Sheeting (seriously reminds me of Dexter and I will be in Miami): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WJVVF2/ref=oh_details_o02_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Magnisium Citrate: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00013Z0ZG/ref=oh_details_o02_s01_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Flip Pillow (think I will take this on the plane with me...it bends...very cool): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CADEVK/ref=oh_details_o04_s01_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-4 way Pillow (I got this but it is so fluffy...I will save and use when I get home. I actually like this better than the "husband" pillow my mother in law got for me years ago...or maybe it is just flat...like my ass?): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004XI3O3U/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Head rest that you can insert into your bed (awesome...found this on another RS BBL): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004GG9ECY/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-Seriously use this Iron..don't buy that sulfate crap if you are even a little worried about your iron level canceling your surgery...this has more elemental iron in it..: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001QKJJE6/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

-So I can pee standing up: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002AA2LD2/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

New Ass, waist line, and belly in 4 days!!!

Today was a little rough. My son got kicked out of his day summer camp basically for hitting kids. Arg! So I had to take him with me to work while I am scrambling to get all of my stuff done. I was so not happy with him. He is still 5...so it was mommy this and mommy that. No no I have to get work done!!!
Okay I am getting clothes washed to pack. I will have to buy some things while I am there. The only other person that knows about this surgery besides my spouse, girlfriend coming with me, 1 sis in law, is another woman that has had other plastic surgery herself. I told her about RS and how great it is to share info and such.
Right now I can feel myself all tensed up...I need to relax!!!
The office called me 2 days ago and said all of my pre-op labs and such are fine. Good good!!! Yesterday they called to confirm my pre-op visit with Dr. M. Today they called me twice wanting me to come in early in the morning on Monday. Nope I can't get there any earlier than my flight bringing me in.

Hey my lovelies! (is that spelled right?)

Hey my friends! Well one day to go and I am going bonkers. Husband and I both want me to spend time with him and the kids but I have so much to do. I must admit I am looking forward to the week alone after my bf leaves and also scared about it. I am not much of a hermit. I enjoy having my couple of days but after that I will get serious cabin fever so I have to make sure I go out and get some sunshine in Miami but I know it is going to be hot as shit (seriously where did that term come from?...who touched it? ack). I am not spending too much time on the clothes I will wear there. I am just wondering if I need to drive my car to the appt after my bf leaves how I will do it. I just really don't want to mess my ass up. I am a bit petrified of the lipo more than anything. Having it done back in 1995 of my lower abs..it freaken hurt and I have an extremely high pain tolerance. Maybe my ass will hurt so much I won't feel my belly??? ha ha
I have never been away from my kids more than a couple of days so this will be a bit weird. I suck as a stay at home mom and I work now...but still this will be hard on them and on me. I have to make sure I take my anxiety meds every day so I don't get all crazy emotional. I am soooo not fun like that...Okay my period started last night which I am glad about. Today and tomorrow should be my heaviest flows...so who knows what Tuesday day of surgery will bring. Good thing I am taking iron or else the blood loss would be greater with period and all of those drain holes. Anyway, I am going to check to see how everyone else is doing and will check in again later tonight or tomorrow.

Past the hump day!

Met Andrea, Angel, Valarie and Dr M on Monday. everyone was so very nice to me. I had to fill out a lot of paper work. My bf came down and the office sent us to the Coconut pharmacy and they were so very nice there.
Anyway I am posting pics up. I am so beat right now...Ugh...percocet. I will post more tomorrow.


Here they are girls. Ii will take a bath tonight before my bf leaves and have her take photos for you. love you!!!

day 1 by myself

okay it is a serious paiin in the ass to type while on my belly. ignore my gramatical errors as I am a bit slw on the pain meds. i have had a lot of drainage come out of these tubes. let the cleaning lady only in 1 time in the week i have been here. ugh yes there is blood on the sheets. feel bad about that. i am just so tired more than anything. thank god for the head massage thing that hooks up to my bed. wonderful with me not being a belly sleeper.
i can't make it though a movie or much of anthing else without a nap. in between naps though i go and get my free breakfast downstairs and stretch and move around. so far no massages withthe docs office. i will see him next on tuesday and he told me i could drive if i use my husk pillws. so not sure what to do....also be aware your face will swell up and your labia too

sorry if tmi but i have yet to have a bowel movement

I have taken laxatives, stool softners and the citrix stuff they make you drink. but nope. it is hard enough to pee for me anyway with the garment on. i have to really concentrate on it. I am going to call the office tomorrow and see about it. I also don't care for the 2nd garment i paid for with them that has hooks all of the way up the front and cause marks in my skin...they had to give me a foam pad for this.
It is hard for me being by myself right now too. my bf left saturday. miss her already. I will survive but typing or even watching a movie on my computer laying on my belly is not relaxing to me so much. i keep waking up every could of hours too and having very weird dreams on these drugs...so that at least is interesting. ha ha
Oh and by the way bring a LONG dress...not to the knee. I only brought one of these and I keep wearing it over and over again. The knee ones don't cover up the tubes of blood you have draining over the week. Plus one of them keeps popping open even while I am in bed. I stuffed it into a zip lock.
love you girls.


The brand is Marena and size M.
First they gave me one with long arms in case they did my arms. They didn't so they said they would give me a discount. So they gave me the short arms but the legs are past the knees. I didn't have anything done on the knees. So that is irritating.
The 2nd one they gave me has the button hooks up the entire front like what you have for your bra. WTF? Well those little hooks were eatinginto my lipo'ed area. The doc wasn't there and I said I would rather the doc let me know if this is okay. Well he approved these....was not an answer to me. Then they gave me a foam to wear. I go back in tomorrow and this is what I am going to bitch about. This 2nd one is a bitch to put on by myself. ARG! So no I am going to try and get something okay with the doc and bullshit if I am going to pay another 260 or whatever for more of these shitty garments that don't fit right.

Okay PO day...errr Day 8 PO

Went in for my check up yesterday. Doc told me I could drive if I use my husk pillows. They don't make it easy and I personally wouldn't drive anywhere over 10 min. using them. But it was nice to run to get more diapers and more antibiotics. So I went in for my appt yesterday. Didn't see doc. Actually not many patients in there. His surgery place is next door so maybe they were all over there. Everyone has been very nice to me here. So I told the tech I hated my garment and she figured out something that seemed to work. Of course mind you it is easier having 2 people do it. ha I also let her know I ran out of diapers and gauze pads (hers are smaller and nicer than the ones I had used up). She showed me how to use the rest of my chux pads and tape for a diaper and also gave me a box of gauze pads. She was so sweet. So she took my stitches out and I had them everywhere. What I found funny was he didn't put on on my tat which is over my really old lipo scar I had. Hopefully these won't scar.
So I have too much fluid still coming out of my damn body for them to take the drains out. Fuck. They don't push for the massages (which are done upstairs) and I am not sure why. Wouldn't that help? I just called them a few minutes ago but they don't do them tomorrow. I leave this Saturday night and cannot stay..I have a flight to catch. So not sure what to do.
Oh for those of you on my poop patrol I finally gave birth! ha ha It was at 1 week. Then I was going every 2 hours or so. Which really grosses me out wearing a garment and all.
Any advice from the ladies on the drainage situation?
I am also feeling very homesick and alone in this damned hotel. I am sure if I was with someone here I would drive them as much nuts as myself. My advice though is to make sure you have someone for more than just a couple of days....it is very very depressing.

Opppssss more pics to update from day 7 post op

I was feeling so gung ho and took a shower and took pics. But when I put on my garment I was exhausted. But here are the pics I took before hand.

Day 9 Post op

okay I didn't sleep at all last night but I caught up on the past season of True Blood....god I love Alex (aka Eric...yummmmm). Okay anyway, here are the latest and greatest. I took a shower at 4 a.m. because I was bored of laying down and took some more photos.

900 CC in each side

Hey ladies. I had my last visit today with Dr. Mendieta today. I realized why there aren't so many before and after pics because I would need to come back 3 months later...after my swelling and such went down. We make it to Miami every other year so I will make it a point to visit him then.
So I had my front drains removed today. It felt very weird. It didn't hurt but felt weird. My back drain is still in and has caused me a diaper rash ha ha. So he told me to get some desitin and put on. I am going to have my bf the rn remove the drain next week.
I just talked to my babies on the phone and am crying. I have never been away from my kids this long before.
I have a bunch of things that I am going to post over on the forum area for anyone that want the things I have left over for free....as long as you can come and pick them up before tomorrow around 6 p.m. here in Miami.
By the way Dr. M was looking mighty fine today and was so concerned for me. I know I looked a sight having no sleep for 2 nights, face a little swollen, and no makeup...but he was looking pretty hot in his suit...a suit I have never seen before...obviously not from the states.

I have stuff left over if anyone wants to pick it up today in Miami

I had posted all of the items on the forum but for some reason it hasn't shown up. Please send me a message. I can probably leave it at the front desk..residence inn in coconut grove. Otherwise it is all going to go to waste and I would rather give it to a BBL sister.
I have chux pads, plastic tarp that I never used and is huge, hibix, etc....so many things. I will show a pic.

Redo 900 cc for both

I think I got that wrong. There is no way it was 900 in each. Okay I am posting my triangle. My bf drove 2 hours up today to pull my back drain. Back to work tomorrow for me.

Something funny happened on the way to the office

Okay ladies today is my first day back at the office. Okay got my garment on and have on bikini underwear over them. So I have on a long dress to try and cover up my triangle think on my back and the foam piece on the front. As I am opening the door I feel a pull around the bottom of my dress. I thought...awww shit the lining came apart on my dress. I look down and raise my dress just a little and I see red underwear!! WTF??!! My underwear is around my ankles!!! This my friend is because I wore bikini underwear that is that stretchy/silky fabric...not granny cotton panties. No one saw and thank god...but I thought it was totally hilarious and wanted to share. Stay away from anything but granny cottons till your garment is over!!! Love you!

Awesome store you have to go shopping in!!!!

While I was in Spain last month my sis in law took me into a Desigual store (the put their S backwards). She is from Germany and said it is very expensive there. Not having my BBL yet I didn't want to buy anything. They had the most amazing cutiest shorts I have ever seen. All of their stuff is FULL of color. Nothing like I have seen here in the states. There 3 stores around Miami and 1 in NY and I think in San Francisco. I promise you that if you go in here you will be blown away...at least I would think they have the same clothes. I was so bummed about not being able to go while I was in Miami since I had no one to drive my ass out there. But if you do..there is one over by Lincoln, one by Dolphin Mall and maybe one by Aventura? This is their website and I bet they have some booty-lious clothes for us BBL girls..

Okay I booked my massage

Okay I got my massage thing set up for this friday. I asked if they could do it while I lay on my side. I am wondering if I have one of those damn squomos squome or whatever they are called where the fluid drains into a pocket. Maybe I should do acuppuncture and see if I spring a leak. I was too scared to do the massage in Miami after they pulled my tubes because I told my husband I would look like a dolphin (blowing water out of its hole).
So far I have noticed that my garment doesn't seem as tight but my measurements are still the same as they were before the surgery. Errr not sure how that is possible. But maybe that means that is just all swelling. I hope so. I really want my waist line...tiny bitty and cute.
Looking at all of the garments I am so confused on what a faja is, a squeem, and everything in between. I am thinking it might be night to get the stage 2 with the butt cut out. Anyone have any knowledge of this?
The search engine on RS really sucks! It just says "Loading" when I try to do searches on garments and foam. I have to go back into google and google garment or foam and real self to try and find any info. Kirsty help! ha ha

Ankles have turned into Kankles at 16 day PO

Oh my...I have not seen my ankles this swollen since I was pregnant with my son and had undiagnosed pre-eclampsia (thats a whole other story). I got some compression hose but I can see they are probably not strong enough. Anyone else had this happen? I do lots of standing and then sitting on my husk pillows on my thighs...maybe that cuts off the blood supply? ugh looking forward to my massage tomorrow...maybe that will help. I wrote my docs office and haven't heard back.

Just realized why I am swelling in my ankles

Okay I am a dork. I went into our local health food store. I asked the woman about a gentle diuretic. She mentioned Uva Ursi. By the way this stuff kicks total ass if you get UTI's. I have never ever had to take a antibiotic for a UTI because of Uva Ursi. Then it hit me...why was I swelling now and not like this before. Because dork..I say to myself...you were drinking a shit load of water the whole time. I haven't been doing that since I have been home. Maybe I drank more at the hotel because I was bored? Not sure but now I knows whats I gotta do! Plus I took some Uva Ursi to help too. From what I know what Uva Ursi does for UTI's is it makes your pee in your bladder extremely acidic and bacteria that is growing in there giving you the UTI cannot survive. This could be total horseshit for all I know but I do know that it works.
Oh and something else the lady reminded me of...take your PRO-BIOTICS TOO!!! Since the antibiotics will kill even the good shit in your body (wait is it good if its shit? ha)....she said take the pro-biotic (50 billion count or so) about 40 min. after the antibiotic. Remember your intestines is your 2nd brain. Of course on men that would be their penis being their 2nd brain.

My first massage after my BBL at 19 days PO

Okay! First off this lady I found in my town was AMAZING!!! She spent over 2 hours with me for $130. More than an hour was finding out about me and educating me on the lymphatic system. I found this VERY interesting because even though I was in the Navy as a hospital corpsmen (basically a cheap nurse)/EMT for 5 years and other medical experience I had never learned about the lymphatic system at all.
1. She highly recommended that you find a lymphatic massage therapist that didn't just do a weekend class. These types usually do de-tox lymphatic massage and not lymphedema massages. She said that you want someone with experience especially after surgery in case the lymphatic system has been damaged by the surgery.
2. The size of the lymph vessel is the size of a hair follicle and located directly under the skin. It also run VERY SLOW and not like the blood vessels.
3. The lymph nodes are basically a cleaning system. There are some proteins that are too big to get through the cleaning process and can pool in an area.
4. Surgery will disrupt the lymph cycle in your body. The garments ARE VERY VERY important she couldn't stress enough. The garments are for the lymph system to keep it running smoothly and not causing pooling/edema and basically says "hey you can't hang out here so keep moving." I thought that make sense.

I realized a couple of things for myself. The hardness in my groin area is because of the opening of the garment. So the lymph system was basically stopping around that area. I am enclosing a picture you can see that the legs and the lower ab both go to the groin area lymph nodes and vessels. So she worked on this with me and gave me a spikey ball that looks like what you give kids with sensory disorders or give your dog to run along my groin area (either above my garment or on skin). I also need to put pressure up against the opening of the garment. So I am doing this with the granny panties, then a thick thick pad, and then regular underwear on top of that. I'll let you know how this works.

So she worked on me and it so wasn't like a massage I have ever had before because it feels so light and like she is just pushing skin horizontally. She said most patients are like..um are you even doing anything? ha I can understand that one!

Now I am wondering if me ordering the butt out on the garments are such a good thing because it will mean that I will have piling of fluid in that area. I also need stronger 15-20 compression hoses too. I hate the ones with the toes in them since I cannot wear sandals but she said the fluid could pool in my toes.

She also stressed as soon as my garment was starting to feel loose then I NEED TO go down to a smaller garment to keep the lymph system flowing smoothly. I did not really have this stressed too much by my docs but have learned this from you lovely ladies here on RS. Thank god for their forums women because otherwise I would be lost!!!

SO DEMAND your massages!!!!

I also got the best damn sleep I have had since the surgery last night too. So that tells me the massage really helped!!!!

Lymphatic Drainage Helpers

Okay here is are the pics. The first is the balls she gave me to use...don't they look like dog toys? So be careful if you have a dog at home...imagine rubbing your labia/groin area and the damn dog runs up and grabs it and runs...or lordy.
The other pics is for skinbrushing. Skinbrushing is also done for kids with sensory disorders...one of my kids has this. You can buy these gloves at any target or drug store. The therapist had different ones. You put them one and for your legs you start at your feet and maybe a few inches at a time rub up towards your groin area. You know it is working if your leg gets cold chills and your hair stands up. It "excites the lymph system" per my therapist. I wonder if it works better if someone else does it...to me its like trying to tickle yourself.
The last photo is some more foam pads I ordered. The wrinkled one is the one I have used since in miami. The thicker one is one that I just got from Amazon. Obviously I ordered the wrong one. Shocker! ha
And please don't be an IDIOT like I was and peel off the sticker and stick it to your skin. Yes it is used for stuff like that with people with casts but not for BBL patients. I know they office thought "okay another idiot patient here overthinking shit." And they gave me a new one. haha

But I think the thicker pads may help till I get my new garments in.

My kids wanted to try all of these on me and my legs...of course they are looking at me like WTH when I start using the hard ball on my groin area. I just wonder once school starts what the hell they are going to tell their teachers. "My mommy uses these hard balls on her vagina."

I know I know be patient...but it's so hard!!!

I am at the smallest hook in the one marena garment I have. Even my massage lady said when you put it on it needs to be a bit uncomfortable like the first garment on the first day..but not enough for you to have trouble breathing. Well it is on the tightest and it isn't uncomfortable to me.
We are headed to NY to visit family this next week. I may just have to go for a drive and find a faja/garment shop somewhere in Long Island.
I got into a pair of my shorts today so that was so nice. I am filling them out.
Okay I took some more pics today and maybe I shouldn't have. It is only 19 days po and the angle of the camera isn't the same since my husband took the first ones and I had my arms held above my head. Anyway...what do you girls think??

ARG! Got my faja's in..one is wrong size

Okay I was so excited and I got my new faja's in. With the butt cut out. I was so excited I came home and put it on and then went to meet the teacher night. But the ass part is soooo not comfie and doesn't open as much as I want it to. Guess my ass will be heading to the alteration place tomorrow. Shit! Sucks. We leave to drive to Long Island on Wednesday. Which means I won't have it. The other one they sent me is a size L and I ordered a M. ARG! And also have others noticed that the part between the butt cheeks is well...really not comfie at all. If I bend to sit on my pillows (ass off the seat) when it feels like it is digging into my tail bone. I AM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED. I feel like if I don't get this shit right then I am going to mess my over 10 grand body up.

Finally something goes right after my FRUSTRATION GARMENT HELL

Okay...feeling so much happier today. Of course I obsessed over this shit last night when I got home. I know my husband is so over me on this board but I will just take care of him and hear no more. ha ha
I had looked up a place in the town I live in (which is no faja/no compression garment city...its like BBL Limbo) and thought okay I will just have to take in the faja that needs the butt adjusted to make it wider. I dont' want to kill any of the fat cells with that damn tight circle.
Then I thought awww shit that means I got to put on my non-tight marena to wear today and g-d knows if the alteration place could do this in 1 day...rememember I am not in Miami...I am in freaken Vagina..I mean Virginia.
But then I thought you know the faja I just got #0529 Salome Powernet extreme-free was MUCH cheaper than the marena garment. So if I am going to destroy one then it might as well be this one. Plus I had already worn it without underwear so there is no way I can return it.
So I took out my itty bitty sharp sissors and I cut the stiching around the ass. I didn't make any new shapes or anything. That piece between the butt cheeks has stitching running vertically so I knew it would not ruin it...well okay maybe I didn't...you know I always want to think I am smarter than I am...ha ha So anyway, I did it and tried it on and (PRETEND TO HEAR ANGELS SINGING AND CLOUDS PARTING AND A RAY OF SUNSHINE ON MY ASS)...it fit and feels GREAT!!
So I am wearing it today and I put my new ab board in which feels very odd but okay. I will try and take a pic later. Funny having my butt out of the faja it totally gives me the projection that I want to stick around. Please please Butt Gods if you can hear me....
2nd, the other faja which actually has more of the powernet in it's ingredients (ha ha) needs to be a M instead of a L. I did try it on though and mother F'er is tight but (again here the angels)..the place I ordered it from The Pink Room is right off of I-95 by Newark airport so my husband says sure we can stop by on our way to NY on Thursday.
I won't know what the hell the women are saying as my year of college Spainish has poured out of my brain but I know those women will set me right!!!

Then i figured that I will take the 2 marena garments and get them altered when I get back to be used as a stage 2 garment.

I told my husband no more money on garments and I didn't know what I didn't know.

Love you gals!!

"Honey your butt looks like you have a shelf on it."

These are the words I hear from my very jewish husband that has never heard of a shelf on a butt before. I said, "what?" Then later in the bathroom I looked as my ass in the mirror and thought holy shit it does with this new faja on. I got some looks from some men and a few women when we went to eat dinner. I am sure they were all thinking "what the hell is that is translucent lady doing with a shelf booty?!?" Of course I could tell them it is another effect of environmental warming. ha ha

Okay I need some advice!!! The piece that goes between your cheeks on the cut out butts...how do you make that comfie? Mine is okay if I am standing but once I sit on my pillows it is like a WEDGIE FROM HELL!!! It hurts my already diaper rash crack and my tailbone. That is the only part causing me problems right now.

I have also learned as of this morning to put my compression stocking on BEFORE putting my faja back on. Imagine if you will...me trying to pull these up on my feet with the stiff faja and my ab board in. I was trying everything and broke a sweat...such tragedy. My husband came up and was laughing at me. So he tried. For the love of g-d I told him he would never be a cross dresser...he was no help and almost strangled my ankles. I had to talk slowly to him...honey it is just like putting on socks but thicker...are you sure you got a degree? oh that is soooo bad.

Stay the hell away from Mineral Oil Fleet enema's!!!

Okay ladies I just hit my 4 weeks yesterday. I also went by the pink room to exchange my faja and I must say that I like the Ann Cherry faja so much. They let me try on the medium. It seems tighter than the other faja I have but it is more comfie if you can believe it. Plus I am cut this one up too since the butt holes are soooooo small. It is like they make it for people with asses that they sharpened in the pencil sharpener. WTH? I don't want any blood supply cut off from my most precious tushy!!!
I worried and worried and worried what the hell was I going to tell my husband's friends and my in laws (3 sep visits) about me and my thick ass pillows. Then again yesterday at work I finally had someone ask me why I was sitting with all of those pillows. All I had to say was "I had out patient surgery on my tushy." So funny as my mother in law automatically thought it was hemorrhoids and started telling me about she needed hers to be taken care of, the guy at work said "oh I don't want to know" and walked off. My father in law thought it was back problems. So just say what I did and then shut your trap. Don't say anything else. Don't keep talking and shit. Because they are going to respond.
Okay for some reason this past week I have been soooo freaken blocked up in me pipes! My husband said he would pick up a fleet enema for me. I have only ever used the gliserine ones made for babies. But this is a no joke..I got big rabbit dry bits coming out of my tortured tush. Poor thing..first diaper rash and now this and to have a faja that goes up the crack of me arse.....ugh!
So he gets this mineral oil fleet for me. Well I put it in and wait for 30 minutes and it doesn't make me have "the urge." ARG. Did my husband buy the wrong kind? So I get ready to go to bed and by the way my period also started...lovely. Gotta love dealing with 2 holes at one time.
The next day we got out for breakfast and it was the first time I was sitting on my pillows. Well golly gee what decides to come out of me??!!! That f*&(*(##ing mineral oil (no poopy but looooorrrrrdddddd it smelled like it). My ass jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Guess I needed some more embarrassing points on my record. My dress was ruined and had to leave without having my breakfast. For the next 3 days that oil was coming out of me. WTF??!!!! Never again never never never!!!

Oh here are some pics....

here are some updated photos from last week and the faja's that I ordered from The Pink Room

5 week blues...should I have went with my other doc choice?

Gotta love when you are on RS and start looking at all of the pics of your 2nd choice doc. Mine is Dr. Ghuani. He doesn't have many on their website but if you look at the ones on RS...I told my husband I may have went to the wrong doc. ACK...someone get me outta my head puuuuullllllease!
Okay things I love about Dr. M:
1. He doesn't give back rolls and if you have them he will take them away. I don't think Dr. Salama is as aggressive on the whole back rolls
2. He used some of my boob fat that was moving under my pits...damn boob pits. I had BA done in 2000 (I started out as a negative A...ha ha I was so flat they were coming out of my back). Him taking some of that boob fat makes me look slimmer.
3. He makes you look natural and works on your body from my boobs to my thighs.

Things I don't care for:
1. Their garments suck and they overcharge for them
2. I don't have the projection I wanted nor the small waist line. I have to wonder though about the waist line if some of this is my body's fault and he wasn't able to make it smaller (I don't feel a lot of extra fat around it)
3. He should be more proactive about the massages of lymph system.

If Dr. M and Dr. S could be blended together I think they would give one killer of an ass!

This girl got the ass I wanted!!! Maybe mine will morph into hers...ha ha

Today I was looking in the mirror at my abs and I am happy to say that I can see a bit of muscle screaming to be worked out again and made into a lovely six pack. My belly hasn't seen the 6 pack since 2003. Everybody say poor belly. ha ha

I must say too that the SQUEEM totally rocks! I wore it yesterday over my old garment from Dr. M (have not had anytime to get the thing resized...problem with having 2 little ones and running your own business). I love the way it makes my waist look. I think WTF (not what by a why the fu-k) has latin women been holding this and the faja out on the rest of us U.S. women? Seriously had I know about both of these (as I am not a huge spanx fan) my ass would have bought these a long time ago!!!
Hell I wore girdles when I was only 100 lbs because I had this pocket of fat on my lower abs would looked great with my boy figure and I was only 13 years old.

I told our counselor today about my surgery. Yea I figured...shit she can't tell anyone...right?! ha ha She said she never looked at my body before because I have such a pretty face and I just light up when I smile. I thought that was so sweet. Then I thought hmmmm...should I bring in my before naked photos and then she can see my flat tush? Nah...

One thing for you ladies that haven't cross the surgery line yet. Keep in mind for 6-8 weeks...mine is for 8 weeks...you will be carrying around 2 pillows with you where ever you go. It cracks me up. I sat on mine during services yesterday and they make me much taller when I sit. Probably didn't make the peeps behind me very happy. I feel like an old lady carrying around these 2 pillows though. Oh and you cannot use the pillows on cushy chairs or couches either..no support. So you have to find hard chairs to sit on with your 2 pillows sitting 2 feet higher than the person next to you. ha

Oh fyi my massage lady gave me these 2 little baggies to put inside my garment. THEY WORK WONDERS!!! If you have any protein hard spots or swelling. Just stick these little guys in and they will soften it up (for the hard protein spots) and move that fluid out of there. Amazing because she made them there and you think damn they are too soft to do anything. But they do! I can take a pic later if anyone wants to see them.


sorry that i had to yell. found out today that my bra was causing fluid to build up through my back because the fluid being pushed up from my faja in the ab area had no where to go but around to my back and up through the lymph area in the arm pits. So either go braless or go to macy's and get the sleep type of bra. You don't want anything blocking your upper ab area. Look at my picture of the lymph drainage.

Here are some more pics

Hey ladies. Last night I took off my garment and my husband was like...Looking good and then told me he want to do blankety blank with my "this body." Whooahhh!!! I haven't heard that in many years. So we did the deed and I felt so damn sexy too. Loved looking at my flat belly and not rolls jiggling around in front of me! Who cares what he looks like...damn I looked good. ha ha
Okay I am adding in a pic of these funny looking little bags that my massage lady made for me. She totally rocks. This is her 2nd career and she is a smart cookie. She took pieces of foam (pretty soft) and cut into 1/2"-1" squares and put them in this little sock thing and tied it off. I put it on the hard parts near my pelvic area. She said it pushes the protein along as protein builds up and is too large for the lymph system to carry it. So it makes it keep moving..."Move it along Protein..nope you can't sleep here...get off the damn bench...get going!" I can hear it waving it little cop stick at the protein.
Also took some 5 week PO pics...I can never get these pics to look what I see though. I am going to blame it on the iPhone.

Hit the 5 week mark...some more pics to make your life easier after BBL

I see that I haven't posted the things I use EVERY day to coddle my tushy...
The 2 pillows ARE THE BOMB! Screw those noodle things for the pool. These pillows will keep your ass up off the seat. No more flat ass for me! They are about 35 bucks a piece. I ordered mine and then my dh bitched about oh you don't need to spend more money on the pillow cover...we got one at the house. Yes honey and why don't you go find it. Who the hell keeps extra circular pillows at their house? No body I know. So that is why one is naked and one has a blue cover on it. Silly silly. They are 100% buckweat hulls and that is what gives them density. So they will hold your azz up! I use them driving in my car and sitting at work. So one pillow under your thighs and the other on your lower back. It feels mighty weird and you will flash everyone getting out of your car like I did...but who doesn't enjoy a good peep show?
The green bag is what I carry them in everywhere I go and I have 3 more weeks to go baby!!! Wooohooo!
Oh by the way if you don't buy a cover for these then this is what is going to happen if you have a young kid. My 5 year old opened it up and dumped out a bunch of the hulls all over the floor. I saw it and though WTF kind of popcorn is this? (we just ate popcorn) Man I was not happy he did that! Grrrrr...So now I use that pillow more for my lower back since it has less hulls in it.
Okay the other is my other seat. I switch back and forth between my 2 pillows and my work seat to the camp seat. I can sit with my boot-tah hanging off of it. I was going to return it since my 2 pillows work well but I find it helps me from my thighs going too numb. So I switch between these 2 and then I will use my husky pillow to put on the floor and kneel on it to at my desk. Seriously if you get these things and you have a desk job...YOU WILL BE SET! Okay now my ass needs to get back to work. This RS site sucks me in!!!

opps pic of the pillows

grabbed wrong one. here is a pic of the pillows!

damn it grabbed wrong pic again

arg...not sure why it is grabbing wrong pic...

ordered my 3rd set of fajas

Okay ladies. I did it. But of course I cut the shit out of one of my faja's at the fabric in the butt cheeks was driving me ass batty crazy. So I ordered a couple of thong faja's off of the healme site. I will let you know how that goes. Maybe I just have a very picky or sensitive ass crack? No photos of that please...I hear ya.

5 1/2 weeks PO Pics

Okay had my husband take these. Funny though because my tush looks bigger to me than in these pics. Maybe because he is taller than I am? Mind you that I have my faja (super strong) and butt cut out which lifts my tush too. So for you newbies this doesn't mean this is my shape. But I can tell you that I LOVE it in this skirt. It is one i bought at Express awhile ago and is a size 10 which is large to me but it is stretchy and fits nicely over the faja and my board too. Funny I have to watch myself with my ab board. I will stand and knock my knuckles against it...because it is fun. ha ha As I was talking to my babysitter I did this but not too loud before I noticed what I was doing and stopped. Because when you knock against it...well it sounds like you are knocking on wood. How the hell would I explain that to someone...sure I have abs of steel...uh wood. Yom Kippur is today.
I will have my husband take naked photos of me possibly tomorrow. I was going to do today but he said not with all of those creases from the garment. ha ha I tell you though ladies that even though he put up a fuss in the beginning and we don't talk about the money...he his totally loving my body. And plus I am soooo glad we kept the liberators ramps because I can lift my ass off the bed while we do it!

Updated Naked pics at 5 weeks 5 days PO

Okay ladies I had my husband take some pics after I woke up this morning. I slept with my larger garment on from dr. m with a squeem over it. I have some marks around my waist from thick foam I am using trying to push out hard fluid from that area.

Comparison from before BBL to 5 weeks 5 days PO

Side view from Pre-Op to 5 weeks 5 days PO

forgive me as I am trying to use Picasa to make the collage and it is kicking my ass. It moves the text around. Bad software..needs a timeout.

Front View

Ankles and feet will look like Fat Elvis without compression hose.

Hey ladies. One thing I forgot to tell you all was about my swollen ankles and feet. Mostly this happens at work when I am sitting (on my pillows...not on my azzzzz). I had ordered the knee high ones but was informed by my massage lady that it has to be 1 joint above where the swelling is. If it were just my feet swelling then I could use the knee high but I have kankles! So one joint up (no not the kind you smoke) is above the knee...hence the thigh highs.
The jobst ones were working. I have 2 pair but I just put my damn finger through one of them. Ugh! There goes 40-50 bucks. Shit. My therapist though gave me a catalog of Ames Walker though and the same damn thigh highs are 17 dollars. WTF??!!! Seriously. So I ordered 2 pair from there 15-20mm Hg with open toes. I can wear them with certain sandals.
Make sure you put them on first thing in the morning too and BEFORE you put on your garment. Otherwise your ass will look like Charley Chaplin falling all over the place, grabbing for the counter and falling and shit.

Got my vedette garment in...too big

Okay I got my new thong garment in. I really like it but the sizing chart is not right. I measured myself and I should be wearing a medium. I wore it today but it is too big. I need a small size one. Make me heal though doesn't allow returns. I wore it today...GOOD NEWS...ready??? I GOT INTO A SMALL SQUEEM!! So I put it over the thong garment. The thong won't keep pressure on your pooky va-ja-ja beaver, box, chi chi, fur burger,snatch, sideways taco, thunder hole, p u s s y , pink eye, wonder world or whatever you call it. by the way I googled those because I am not creative in vagina names. Ha ha
Well my kids babysitter who started 2 weeks ago said that I have the nicest figure. Well then I vomited all of my BBL surgery onto her.

wooohoooo! I am so happy about next week!

Okay my 7th week hits tomorrow. My doc's protocol (believe me I go back and read all of his info for me) is no sitting or exercise for 2 months. Hmmmm wait does that mean when I hit 8 weeks or since I had surgery on Aug 6th it would mean Oct 6th??
Like I need to put more thought into it.
So I got my other thong garment in...I thought I ordered the Ann Chery one but damn one showed up as Ann Michell or something like that. $*%*%*%^!!!!!! ARG! Both companies have the same name of the garment. WTF??!!! Seriously??!!! So I have it on right now because makemeheal won't let me return it. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you only order faja's/garment's from companies that will let you exchange! But I am lucky in that this one actually is good compression.
My "butt out" or "butt hole" garment. ha ha So easily amused I am....well the thin strip that went between my butt cheeks started acting up. It was so....ouch ouch ouch everytime I moved or walked or breathed. I think I had hacked the thing up too much. Well I had it and I cut the damn strip out. Well then of course there was no compression and the back started rolling up. Okay 2nd faja I had cut up and now in the trash. arg. So now I am left with my original 2 too big marena garments from surgery day and 2 thong faja's...1 of them being too big and 2 squeems. So I am not buying jack shit more for my ass! literally!!!
This weekend I went to an octoberfest (why they are having it in september...don't ask me). I went to see my old roommate from years ago. Well I didn't get my pillows out of the car and it was raining and such. I thought for sure they would have picnic tables which would allow me to hang my very expensive ass off of the end. No such luck...damn. They had fold out chairs. Way too upscale. So I sit at the edge holding my ass up in the air....kind of like a plank of wood on a seesaw. I figure I am going to have the strongest thighs after this 2 months.
So I really look forward to this next week of being able to try and sit again!!! I have heard stories about it....burning, stinging, catching fire....anyone want to chime in? Love ya!

Constipation....who's got it?

wanted to add a couple of pics up of things that work for me. I have been using the pedia fleets for years for myself. They don't make adult ones the same way and this will help if you have some doodie that is trying to get squaters rights up in your colon. You can feel it but it just needs something to escort it out! Don't want the old ass hole sphincter getting all stretched and out of control. OUCH!
The Smooth Move tea is used when you don't have one IN THE CHAMBER and you drink it and by around mid morning the next day you would birth something large outta your poop shooter. So keep that in mind with what garment or faja you are wearing!

Damn my waist line--isn't going down!

I am very frustrated right now...arg..as the pirates say. My 8 weeks is tomorrow and fuuucccckkkkkkk my waist line hasn't come in. It looks nice when I wear my squeem (I moved from a Medium to a Small and am on the last eye hook) but not when I don't wear it. I still look f'en straight. This weekend I decided to not wear my squeem or thong faja (which I don't recommend at all)...and to see what I look like...well I measured myself at 32 inches still around the waist. WTF?! I am trying to keep my spirits up by saying it could take 3-6 months...but hell if they are saying at 1 month I should have my shape...I don't get it. So if anyone out there finds my tiny waist line please drop me a line....My squeem makes me look fantastic but hell it would have done that without the over 10 grand and surgery. My office isn't good about getting back to me on emails. Think I will have to call them and become a nag? Ugh!

Garments Garments Garments You Big Pain in the ASS but you make me look so fine...

Alrighty I thought I would add my 2 cents on what I should have done...now that I have thrown out money on
--2 Marena's mid thighs
--3 Ann Chery's (1 butt out, 2 waist cinchers)
--1 Ann Michell (thong)
--1 Salome (butt out)--
--1 Vedette (thong)
--3 Squeems (latex waist cinchers)

First off I had to pretty much buy the marena's from my doc. They worked the first 2 weeks I guess but then they became too loose. When I say "too loose" in garment world that doesn't mean they are falling off of me. Garment world is a whole different world you will see. By god I know there is no way I would have ever in my life figured how to put one of these damn things on before my BBL. I seriously hated spanx but wore them when I had too.

A couple of notes:
1. The words "THONG" and "COMPRESSION" DO NOT GO TOGETHER! Yes I have to yell this out to the world. It may be fine for non-BBL ladies of the world but DO NOT BUY if you have had a BBL. Most of us had drains near our tailbones or incisions trying to heal. Just imagine a BIG TIGHT WEDGIE going between your butt cheeks. It f'en hurts when you sit (on your pillows or whatever) because it stretches it even more. OUCH! I went and bought a bra strap extender to help but because it makes it loose then the waist line will bunch. I purchased 2 thongs from Makemeheal . com but they don't allow exchanges or returns at all. Do not waste your money on these.
2. Do not buy the Butt out unless your are comfortable cutting the butt out even more. My doc didn't do the faja powernet type of garments but a lot of docs do and they cut the butt out more for you. I sliced up my 2 butt out garments and they worked well till they both turned into thongs...see number 1 to read about that....they both ended up in the trash.
3. You will shrink rather fast in a squeem. I highly recommend you get the next size down when you buy your first one.
4. Garments are just for looks. They help your lymphatic system to keep draining all of the crap out. Not only do you need garments for your BBL but you need them on your legs if your feet, kankles, coochie, or whatever swells up. Gravity is a bitch and your legs will demand that they will not be ignored!!! Buy the thigh highs if your ankles swell and buy knee highs if only your feet swell.
5. Stick with the brand you like and then go smaller. If you switch brands then you will get a whole new sizing structure.
6. Remember that latex doesn't breath so DO NOT wear all day every day!
7. Get your lymphatic drainage massages because the garment can only do so much.
8. If you live outside of Miami, Florida, DR, New York then don't expect to have anyone alter your garment...you will be buying a new one.
9. ONLY BUY YOUR GARMENT FROM A PLACE THAT WILL EXCHANGE/REFUND your money after you try it on (with your underwear ladies...gross otherwise)...You will notice that the manufacturers of the faja/garments will not exchange them...so whatever company your order from will end up eating that cost. If they are legit and good they will do it to keep your business.
10. Powernet rules! It doesn't stretch like Latex and it will hold you in.

Here is what I had wished I had done and will now give you the advice. Keep in mind that I didn't have my arms done. I had my upper thighs done some but not much.

Wear the 2 marena garments that the doc gave me for 2 weeks
Purchase and wear 1/2 day Squeem and the other 1/2 day my Ann Cherry Powernet Waist Cincher (#3005 or #1024). Then wear these for the next 3 months every day.

I am now today at 8 WEEKS!! I just ordered my Ann Chery's and if you stick with 1 brand then you will know what size you need next. When you go switching brands then you will end up with the wrong size like I did with one of the thongs and cannot exchange. Waist (get it) of money.

So I am coming off of my period and I get to go have my annual pap smear today. Lucky me. i know i know you wish it were you but I drew the short stick!

Talked to the Nurse

Hey ladies. I talked to Valerie yesterday. I am learning that I need to call them and not wait for more than a week for them to get back with me on email. I personally think email is quicker...but hey if they don't then that is what I will go with. I got it confirmed that they put back in 900cc per cheek and NOT total amount. So that makes me feel a bit better. I asked about my waist line and she said I really need to wait the 3-6 months. What I am impatient???!!! ack...okay well yes that can be true. ha ha I am feeling great today. We had an organizer come to our house. She is going to help de-clutter and stage and get it ready to sell. She said I will probably fall in love with my house again. That is probably true...but we need the money and this house is just TOO TOO much and I am tired of working for the bitch...aka my house and all its upkeep. Mama cleaning house!!

Waist Training or Corset Training...Yep I am jumping on the train

Hey ladies! Good thursday to ya! Well I have been reading a lot of doc advice over on the forum about the whole lipo and waist training and such. I am thinking that I have a skeletal problem besides fluid still built up that will need to decrease in the 3-6 months. But while I wait for that 6 months to hit...4 months to go...then I am totally jumping on the waist training/corset training. I figure what the hell I have already spent a shit load of money....why not just spend more???!!! seriously? Nah what I figure is...we have spent how many weeks, hours, etc in these damn tight ass garments and faja's (non-latex mind you...) that we women are like WONDER WOMAN FAJA/GARMENT WEARERS! Shit if we can wear those damn things then this corset will feel somewhat the same...The only dif I can see is that it will be easier to pull up than the garment/faja but tying it off in the back can't be anymore difficult than learning how to get those damn eye hooks or zippers to close on a faja/garment. Damn does anyone have fake nails after wearing faja/garments? Not me I say! My poor fingers are all banged up and I have crusty elbows from laying on my belly. Hmmmm....Crusty Elbows....nice name for a band. Go ahead and use it if you are looking for a band name.
Okay anyhoo there is this lady named Lucy that I have found on line. She totally kicks corset ass...if corset had an ass I mean.
I have paid her 20 bucks for a consult. I sent in measurements of my bod and she will send me a list of corsets all over the place that would be what I want. Obviously I want one to wear under clothes and to not affect my new azz.
So here is some of her info girls:

Lucy's website: http://lucycorsetry.com/

Here she talks about the Squeem vs Corset...seriously we all knew this...didn't we??? er maybe not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7uyEVry45I

I am attaching the corset I ordered from Amazon. If it doesn't fit I can send it back. But in the meanwhile I will wait for Lucy's to write me back. I gave her a budget of 150-200 for a corset.

Her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bishonenrancher

First Time Sitting in 2 official months!! Aug 6-Oct 6

Okay no one tells you when you haven't sit on your tush that you have to break it back in. Or maybe I just have a very sensitive tush. I am still using my pillows and just sit without them when I am out in public now. My tailbone starts to hurt (just uncomfortable but no pain) and then I am over it. I tried to sleep back on my back the other night. I was ALWAYS a back sleeper till I got pregnant with my first kid and then my 2nd. Then I was on my back and on my side. This stomach sleeping was HELL to get used to. I think I must have hated stomach or tummy time as an infant. It sucks. But after 2 months of doing this...well my tush feels weird and I end up tossing and turning all night. Lawdy...if it ain't one thing it is another.
I also just got my first Corset today. I am going to watch how Lucy's threads her and hopefully wear it tomorrow.
I am thinking of selling some of my stuff also from this surgery.
Love ya ladies!!!

Update and places for newbies to look for a condo to stay

Hey ladies! What's up? My ass..your ass? ha ha
Okay I am looking for a place for my fam to stay next spring break...2 great places on the internet that can help you find near your doc's.
I had to pay 14 bucks but it is a great place for all condo owners to list their condo's for sale or rent and you can go through them. They were also nice enough to even check out someone for me that I found on a different website.
This one doesn't cost anything and I got a 400 dollar a night condo for 187. I worked directly with the owner and he was legit (I admit I was paranoid I would get screwed). I wish I had known about these places before booking my room in miami for BBL.

Okeedokee, so update on me. My husband said he would take some updated pics of me this weekend. Too hard to do myself since the camera angle can make you look like your ass is bigger or smaller.
Sitting again.....errr...it feels very strange.
I am also going to be selling my garments. Not the one I had surgery in but the other ones that I only wore 1 or 2 times.
I am now going to order a real corset. I am wearing the off the rack one I purchased through amazon. I really like it. I sit up straighter and it feels like a garment but the pressure is only in the waist...not the hips or ribs.
The lady Lucy that I purchased info from sent me this for only 20 bucks....holy shit this woman rocks and knows her corsets!!!

Dear Debra,
Thank you for your consultation request! First I'll answer your questions on what to wear underneath: corset liners are traditionally used, although you don't have to go out and buy them necessarily. You can buy thin cotton tank tops or camisoles and wear those under your corset. If you find the whole shirt too cumbersome, then you can cut the top part of the shirt off and just hem around the raw edge, and you're left with what is essentially a tube top but you wear it from your underbust to your hips. I actually find that I feel less sweaty and more comfortable when I wear liners under my corsets, even though it's another layer to wear. This is because they wick away sweat and moisture, and prevent the corset from chafing your skin or making it too clammy.
Microfiber tube tops also work well, although buy the ones that are long enough to extend down your whole torso (not the tiny little bandeau style ones, as it won't be long enough).
I have a video on corset liners and substitutes here:
I also have a tutorial on making your own liners here, if you know how to sew:

I should warn that there's no such thing as a corset that is perfectly smooth underneath clothing - there will be a few bumps here and there if you're wearing it under a thin, tight shirt. However under normal blouses (not skin tight but form-fitting) and such, a smoother corset that does not have embellishment, bright colours or external channels should be alright for you.

Now onto some corset recommendations - if you have any questions about these at all or you need help narrowing them down further, then let me know. :) Remember this is just the initial report - your consult fee also includes answering any and all questions you may have until you're comfortable purchasing your next corset. I'll try to the best of my abilities to answer ALL your questions no matter how many, but since I haven't tried every single cut from every maker, depending on your questions I might recommend contacting a specific maker with certain questions as they know what goes into their products better than anyone else. But rarely are these consults just the one report, it's common to have follow-up questions so don't feel that you're bothering me in any way if you need clarification.

I will start with the OTR pieces, and move on to the custom pieces:

Isabella Corsetry: I've tried three underbusts from Isabella. The most popular piece by far is her Josephine corset, which is advertised as having an underbust about 7" larger than the waist, and hips about 11" larger than the waist. The Josephine measures 10.5 inches from underbust to lap, which is exactly the length of your own torso - but if you are afraid of the Josephine being a touch too long, or if you would like more mobility, then go for the Victorian underbust - it's the same pattern as the Josephine, just cut higher on the hips so you can sit down properly and it will give you more mobility. I measured my own Victorian underbust and it is 9" exactly from the underbust to lap. The picture on the website does NOT do it justice. The corset is much too big for the model, and it looks horribly wrinkly as well! Here is what the Victorian underbust looks like on me, it's curvier and does not have the same wrinkling (this is also standard size, not custom fit): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7EVIxyhDCw
The Victorian underbust is $166, and the Josephine underbust is $150. Whether you order the Josephine or the Victorian, I would recommend the size 24" for you.

MystiC City corsets: This is $80 and all cotton so good for daily wear. If you went with the standard size, I would go with the waist size 24", as it fits your measurements pretty well (it would just be a teeny bit loose in the hips, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you plan to wear this over the waistband of your jeans). This is the only Ebay brand I trust, as I have contacted the company owner (Sylwia) directly, and she drafts the corsets herself by hand. The measurements on the listing says that it's 12" in the center front, but 9" on the side Although, if you are nervous about the fit then you may be able to contact Sylwia about upgrading to custom fit. It's something that she rarely advertises, although four of my friends have had it done. :) Admittedly it is not as smooth as other styles suggested in this report (it is not constructed in the same method so it shows bumps under a thin shirt), but I'm mentioning it here for the price, for the fact that it's all cotton and appropriate for daily wear, and for the possibility of getting it upgraded to custom fit. However it does take quite a long wait, as she's currently in the rush before Halloween.

Many people ask me about Orchard Corset's pieces, so I have resorted to mentioning them by default. While their CS-426 corset would fit your circumferential measurement in a size 26", the length of this corset is very similar to the Josephine underbust in that it's exactly 10.5 inches from underbust to lap, so it is up to you whether you would like to take the chance on it being too long, or limiting your mobility on your hips. They do have several fabric options however - I would choose the cotton finish (which is new as of last week, I believe) if you want something abrasion resistant, hardy and breathable for your skin. If you want something that is sleeker under your clothing and doesn't have a lot of friction, then satin may be better, but it also has a tendency to wrinkle, and doesn't look new for quite as long because the fabric can catch and run in places. I believe they are typically around $75. If you use the code CORSETLUCY15 then you can save an additional 15% on your order (it's a special code just for my viewers).

Now for some custom pieces:

Jupiter Moon 3 corsets is another custom option. Jennifer's underbust corsets are usually in the range of about $160-$180 for standard sizes, and $180-$200 for custom sizes. This is the base price - everything added on (even a busk) will cost more, and those upgrades add up fast. You don't need a busk (and it will actually look smoother under clothing without a busk) but it might get a little annoying to pull the corset over your head every time. A note on the construction of her corsets - they have a strength layer of twill (not coutil), with heavy, thick interfacing. Her standard corsets also don't typically come with a waist tape which is a point of concern for some people, but if you ask her, she will put in a waist tape for you (I'm just not sure if it will require a mockup). She says that she has never had a corset rip or a seam pop from a lack of waist tape, but I thought I would mention it for completion sake.
Of course, she makes the corsets to your liking and she has a huge stock of fashion fabrics - I've seen her work with silk, satin, twill, poplin, novelty fabrics etc. So if you would like something hardy and possibly close to your skin tone, she may be able to do that; and if you would like something prettier and sleeker then she can work with that as well. Her standard corsets tend to be quite dramatic in shape with a conical ribcage, and she hand-bends the bones at the waist line to give a distinct shape. If you find this silhouette not to your liking, she also has another silhouette you can request called "Sloped curve"; you can see what that looks like if you see this page here: http://www.jupitermoon3.com/shape.html
I have just checked her size chart and if you were to get a size that fits your hips, then the underbust would be far too large (conversely, a corset that fits in the ribcage would be too tight on the hips) so I would recommend contacting her about custom sizes. Go for a size 26" if you want a gentle silhouette, or go to size 24" for a more pronounced hourglass.

Another place to check out that is less expensive than Jupiter Moon 3, would be Heavenly Corsets. Her corsets are also made with English coutil, all flat steel bones (not spiral, but these flats are quite flexible) and waist tape - but I have to admit that at this point, I am kind of begrudgingly recommending this brand - she makes one of the most affordable custom-fit corsets I know of, and they are quite strong and functional, although some aspects are a bit annoying.
I bought my wasp waist training corset from her almost 3 years ago and it's survived both myself and another friend, although the lacing system in the back can be a bit annoying. (I ended up adding more grommets in between the pre-existing grommets for better control of lacing, because it was making a () shape in the back instead of staying parallel). If you watch my review, you can also see that the training corsets are not necessarily the prettiest to look at but they are functional and they are pretty smooth under clothes. They also offer corset broche as a fashion fabric at no extra cost, so you can get satin coutil (it's a strong, cotton-backed satin), polka dots, floral/ rosebud, or just plain herringbone coutil as your fashion fabric.
Don't worry, I wouldn't tell you to buy the wasp waist version! The hourglass training corsets are about $230 I believe and are suitable to be worn every day, 23 hours a day. Since that is above your budget, she does make a "non-waist-training" version, which is about $150 and is still quite strong/ made with coutil and double-stitched on the seams, so probably as strong as any other piece mentioned in this report. If you want to see a chart for the differences between her waist training" and "non-waist-training" corsets, I made a table here:
And here is a link to her non-waist training hourglass corsets, she makes them 4" smaller than your natural waist so likely size 26":

One place I would recommend with a grain of salt is Meschantes. Their training corsets tend to be pretty good quality (the one trainer I had from them was fair quality) and their corsets are all hand made in the US. From what I understand, they take graduates fresh out of fashion school so they can gain experience, which helps maintain a certain standard of quality but also keeps prices down since they're essentially interns - this avoids the use of 3rd world sweatshops, however their customer service leaves something to be desired. As there are so many people cycling through, there is no way to guarantee which corsetiere you're going to get - if you order a custom piece from them, there's a possibility that it may show up late, or in rare cases not receive a corset at all. :S
Generally speaking though, if you purchase from their Etsy store, they tend to honour those orders since they get positive/ negative feedback on this site. Their custom corsets tend to range from $100-$200 for underbusts, and if you're interested you can also purchase the $50 markup for the "Tight-Lacer Special". This is not totally necessary (as I know it will put you over budget!), but may help if you plan to use this corset on a daily basis as they include double boning, longer laces, a reinforced busk, and also has two corset liners included in this price. Going with their "waist training" corset might be the most reasonable choice; it's usually plain cotton in black or beige.
Please note that on their Etsy store, buying directly from one of their listings is typically the standard size, which is 5" larger in the ribs and 8" larger in the hips (compared to the waist) which means that you would likely be able to fit their size 26" standard size corset with a 1-2 inch gap in the back. I wouldn't recommend the standard size unless you're in a hurry; I would rather send them a message or email to set up a special order for a custom fit piece.

One last recommendation that I would make for you is Madame Sher. She is a teeny bit out of your budget, with her corsets starting at $220. Her corsets are made with a strength layer of twill (or mesh, for the summer pieces) but otherwise constructed sturdily, with a waist tape, sturdy grommets, and the patterning is quite comfortable in my opinion. Her corsets are made-to-measure and capable of giving large reductions, so you should be able to get a size 24" waist if you wanted. She has the added perk of offering affordable summer corsets - although admittedly, the mesh in these corsets are a little more stretchy than cotton, so it's not something that I would recommend using 23/7. It's not extremely firm, but it will definitely provide some compression. Another caveat is that her wait times are quite long, as she's in high demand.
I have two corsets from her, an overbust and an underbust, and have reviewed the mesh underbust - if you're interested in seeing the silhouette: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMPbDw5xQ9o

These are my top suggestions for you - if you wanted something OTR, then I would recommend Isabella Corsetry - I believe they have the longest track record, and I have been impressed with the quality/ how well the pieces hold up over time. If you were to get a custom-fit corset, I would likely contact Heavenly Corsets first, as they have the highest quality materials... and then Jupiter Moon 3 after that.

I hope these suggestions help to point you in the right direction! And once again, it's normal to have questions, so please don't be afraid to let me know if you have any other assistance at all; I'm here to help. :)
Thank you for using my consultation service!
Best wishes,

Hey ya beauches!! Or however you spell it

Okay so I snuck into the public bathroom at work to take some pictures in the apartment stall (aka handycap...also the size of a NYC apartment). I have sent them off to my doc too. I am really really getting into the corset thing too. I have been wearing this True Corset for about a week. If you like how the garments make you sit up straight but would rather focus on your waist line then you would probably like the corset too.
I have been trying to order a special made one across the pond over in the UK. I am sure at this point these women probably thinks U.S. women are nutty given my responses and questions to them. Thank gawd for Lucy though. That girl rocks. She has been a HUGE help with this whole thing.
I had to break down and ask my husband to help me measure myself....of course he is asking me what am I buying now...I just kept on talking and making sure we didn't go back to that question. The one I am ordering will be a training every day corset so I want to make sure that it is comfie for me.
So anyhoo, these are taken in the stall so it is hard to judge them from the ones I took in my own personal bathroom. I am actually shocked that I hadn't taken any of my butt in quite awhile. I guess that is what happens when you forget about it..since I am able to sit now.
I still haven't gotten back into the gym yet. Dealing with a sinus infection and I will be on a plane to Boston tomorrow.
Love ya girls!

Some advice for newbies looking at all of the pics

I just want to let the new ladies know that when making your decision about which doc to go to:
1. Make sure you are looking at straight on naked pics of asses
2. Taking a picture from under the ass while make it appear more round and full (hence reason to have pic straight looking at front, side, back and a both butt cheeks from a 3/4 turn)
3. Pictures of vets in clothes...Make sure you know if the vet has on a garment. Garments will actually push the ass out more and make it more bubblishious as all of the pressure is not on the ass but around it...pushing it out more. So you may think...oh this docs give nice round butts and projection and blah blah blah and find out...nope he/she doesn't...and that vet had on garments/faja's under their clothes. Personally myself when I would wear my faja then it gave me a shelf arse and in other it just gave me a lot of projection.
This is why I try and take my pictures head on...otherwise I would take sexy booty shots that make me look like the next yummy ass girl..but I am real and why the hell would I want to be fake with the ladies on RS when this is the only place I can talk about my BBL...somebody change the name for the love of gawd!

Happy Halloweenie!

Hey lovely chicas!!! My waist training is coming along fabulously! I really am enjoying wearing this thing. I have one being made for my shaped body and to not affect my BBL work...should be here in another month. It is coming from the UK.
The one great thing about wearing my corset is the fact that I eat less. You don't have a belly that gets to expand out at all. I love the way my body looks in it too. I wore it to work last week over clothes...keep in mind that I work in a professional office. My husband said it was too sexy..or rather he didn't use those words. He said his eyes were drawn to my boobs. He is right...they make the girls stand at attention! And salute! ha ha I am still waiting on the fluffing to start as it hasn't happened to me. Please fluffing gods. I went to the gym for the first time this week since the BBL and gawd knows how long before the BBL..ha Let's get serious please. My ass was not in shape. I was in mommy shape which is the shape you get when picking up 50 lb and 35 lb kids...Not what I used to have when I was a gym whore. One thing I have noticed though since having the BBL is now I have loose skin up above the garment and the corset now. I have Back Boobs. WTF?!! I never had those...Oh wait maybe I did and didn't know it because I wasn't squeezing all of this in? Who knows but I know that I have to do work work work work at the gym and even more important as I have read....your body is 80-90 percent of how it looks depends on the food in your mouth. Halloween is going to kill me.

AMAZING Scar Stuff!!!

Okay ladies! I want to let you in on what I have been using for my scars...and you will have them if you had drains. I must admit though my other non-drain scars are freaken AMAZING thank you Mendieta!!! Okay I have been using this guys products for years on my face but had never used anything on scars before.
First read this about scars: http://scar-reduction.com/
I use his super cop right now for my scars and seriously I see a change every freaken day. Nice!
Okay so I am going to post my pics. I tried to take them with the flash off (since I am in a public bathroom) but nope they were too dark. Hmmm...wonder what the lady taking a shit in the next stall was thinking with light going off. Lightening storm? Maybe I shoulda stuck it up under to take a pic of her....ha ha Just kidding. there wasn't nobody in there. When someone came in I became stealthy and threw myself on the ground like a possum.

okay I'm an idiot and cannot add..the last pics were 3 1/2 months duh!!!

again I am an idiot and ignore the 4 1/2 month pics they are 3 1/2...okay me tired..

2 years after BBL with Dr M

Okay I will have to take pics later. Mind you I don't really exercise right now. I am sure if my ass would get into the gym my ass would be much more bubblier. I feel like yes I have lost volume in the projection. Which makes me said. It looks much better than before though. But I don't have the bubble I wanted. Again it could be my not exercising.
Okay one thing I have learned is when they take the fat around your tummy, back, arms...well expect to have loose skin. Yep I have loose skin. I mean it is not like paper thin but enough to bug me. I also didn't get a nice waistline. Maybe I should have been very vocal on this.
I was doing waist training last year but misplaced my trainer and then got out of the habit. I do like wearing it. It was especially made for me in London.
Love to you all!!! I will take pics later today.

Orlando nurses to rent?

Hey ladies. My friend is having surgery tomorrow. Can you recommend any nurses or techs for her to hire? I can't get down to take care of her. Thanks!!!

Please ladies make sure to check check check your doctors!

Again, I see reports on bad docs that are doing BBL's in the newspapers in the UK...but don't see so much posted here in the US. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3590361/Young-mother-two-dies-cosmetic-surgery-procedure-south-Florida-clinic-remained-open-hours-death.html
Please google your doc, make sure they have an updated license, make sure they are a plastic surgeon and are not in any trouble...and make sure they are affiliated with a hospital. Also, remember you get what you pay for...if it is super cheap then maybe you need to look elsewhere...it will cost you more to try and fix their mistake later and may cost you your health...and possible life.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

First let me tell you that I have over 6 years experience working with surgeons (some in PS but most in a different field) and 6 years attending in the O.R with them. Dr. Mendieta has an AMAZING bedside manner and that is very important to me. I want to know the person putting me under general is a caring person. I have been in when surgeons screw up and he doesn't have a god complex. At least not in the time that I saw him. My bf attended with me and she is an RN and she was very impressed with him too. The staff is amazing to say the least...sometimes it is hard to get them to email you back but if you call then you will hear back within a day. My only problem was the garments I found lacking that they overprice and I found massages not really talked about too much and I have learned since then how important they are. Angel is the first contact person and she sat with me like we were old friends and we got to chat after much contact via email. I totally love her and if you cannot get a hold of anyone else then contact her. Colleen works at the front desk and she is super sweet and very responsive. Adrea was my case worker? Not sure what her exact title is but she was helpful but she is not a nurse. My nurse for my surgery and I got to meet her the day before was Valarie. Valarie is amazing and I adored her! The payment was smooth as I did credit card and they do it while you are in a room and not out in the lobby. I never had to wait in the lobby each time I visited. I am hoping to make it back to Miami in the next year or 2 to get my after pictures. I did not want a large butt and I did not want hips. I wanted a waist line and a butt like Jessica Biel's butt. He removed 4 liters out of me and replaced with 900cc. He said he has 80 percent survival rate of fat cells. I am not sure what the average is. To me he is worth the price...I can't wait for my final results and give myself 3 months although the office said at 1 month I should start to see them. By the way make sure you have checked up on whatever doctor you choose...background and everything. Dr M has had no BBL deaths. There are other clinics that have... UPDATE MAY 2016: I want to say that I did not get the projection that I wanted from Dr. M. If I were to do over again I would pick a different Miami doctor.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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