After a Long Time Searching for a Doctor I'm Going with Dr.Fisher - Miami, FL

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Well hello ladies. I've been stalking this site...

Well hello ladies. I've been stalking this site for along time now. Ok I got a quote from vanity for 5500( bbl) but I see alot of other ladies payed 4500. But w.e. Hopefully I will be a fisher doll soon. May I'm crossing my fingers. So I was reading someone's post and they said that they had to get there birth control out is that true?

My problem areas

Need a recovery house to stay at

I need a recovery house to stay at. Or should I get myself a hotel/condo with a nurse idk.

Change of doctor

I think I want to change my doctor. Help me please. Who ever went to Dominican republic for there bbl, how was it idk what to do. I love Dr yily work and I love dr.fisher work to.

Dr Duran

Dr Duran I love her work. But scared to travel alone.

Dominican republic

Dominican republic it is. My bff is going to sooo happy. August can't wait

Deposit today

Making my deposit today. Im getting closer to my dream body.


I put my deposit down. I'm going to D.R, Dr.lima can't wait 9.17.2016.

7 weeks

7 more weeks to go. Can't wait

4 more

4 more days yayyy can't wait I'll be a lima doll. Everything payed for my bags are packed. I'm ready


I don't get no love on realself I thougt this is a place for help.

It's done

It's done I did it I made it to the flat side.
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