5'8 220 Loosing Weight for Bbl - Miami, FL

I'm going with Dr fisher! Just put my deposit down...

I'm going with Dr fisher! Just put my deposit down no problems with vanity so far. Will be in Miami feb 6 the if they don't change the date in me. Any other dolls around the same time let me know! Still haven't decided on recovery house. Keylas or monis sounds good. Definitely not Xanadu unless they did a 180 and everything's comfortable. Oh and I'm trying to get down to 180 I'm 220 ????????

The confirmation

Damn partied the week away and have to get back on my weight loss journey I need to loose 40 damn pounds by February 2017. I was so focused and fell off due to a death in My mans family so I was drinking with him. Going to get back on it but will be partying on Halloween that is mi favorite holiday.

We can turn a man into my wish pics but tell me as a woman that I can't?!

I know I'm over weight right now but I am going to get super snatched by working out, eating healthy and plastic surgery. The doctor who answered my question on here basically said in your dreams but I bet that's what everyone told the tranny I want to look similar too...

Any fisherdolls going to get sx feb 2017? Maybe split hotel and hire a nurse?

Also is the cell saver not giving as good results? They haven't offered it to me yet but I'm sure it's something they will hit me with. I just want everything sucked out and nothing else put in including blood if I'll get extra inches in my stomach. I'd rather take the pain and be super snatched. But if that's foolish you can let me know lol.

Wish pics

I forgot this fisherdolls name but he hooked her up!

Anyone out there? Fisher dolls bbl journey 2017?

Gotta loose this 40lbs any advice?

Weight training is a trip! 227 lbs last week 215 this week

I was so mad that I gained 7 pounds last week and now down 12 lbs this week so I'm at 215lbs. My man tells me that is how weight training is you gain muscle first then your weight will start to drop after a week or so! I am going to get to my damn goal in 4 months, I'm going hard!

Gotta loose 45lbs do goal pre-op 170lbs


Second thoughts on dr.fisher vs docs that don't need drains after

Damn just when you think your set! I've still been researching and saw a comment about how dr.bbl's patients don't have to use drains after and have less bruising. It's like what is the difference in the techniques? Plus the deaths at vanity are freaking me out, having second thoughts.????

Who gets stomach smaller, Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hassan?

Anybody know which doctor gets you more snatched?

So dr Hassan it is! Love shows recovery it is!

Just changed my doctor to Hassan for the simple fact that he gets stomach more snatched. I want to be sucked dry. Just put my deposit in with love shows and will be flying into Miami February 5th.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Changed to Dr.Hassan

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