5'8 190 Pounds.. 2 Kids READY FOR BBL! - Miami, FL

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So I've been stalkin this site for a while just...

So I've been stalkin this site for a while just like everyone else. I paid my deposit about a month ago. Chose a date 10-25-16. Currently 5'8 190 pounds. Coordinator says this is fine, but I'm thinking about losing more for better results. Maybe 170? Anyway, im nervous yet excited! Will upload my before pics later after I take some. Anybody else going to Dr. Fisher close to Oct. 25??

Weight loss tips?

Just had a baby two months ago so I've been dieting like crazy. Weight while pregnant (227 pounds) ???? I've never weighed that much in my life so I got my doc to prescribe me some Adipex. I like it because it has helped me lose weight without working out (I only walk a mile a day) no workouts and I'm down to 190. I also wrap my stomach with albolene cream and a waist trainer & it makes me sweat like crazy. Really wanna lose like 15 or 20 more pounds before surgery, and like my doc said I can't stay on Adipex forever. So do you ladies have any weight loss tips? Healthy food ideas?

Wish pics

Guess I'll upload some like everybody else lol. Hope these are achievable for me. I love Maliah, Amber Rose & Jessica Dime's shapes. ????

Big debate

Arm lipo vs chin lipo. I want one done with my sx, but maybe not both bc only 10 liters of fat can be taken out in total and I want all of my stomach gone. Right now I'm leaning towards arms...


Follow me on IG. @FabFisherDoll2016.. IG has been hogging all my time and it's soooo helpful. So many girls with sx pages on there. Anyway here are my befores. No hips no ass lol & my shoulders are pretty broad so hopefully fisher can give me alotta hips to even things out ;) 5'8 190


Saw a Blinski doll post these first 2 pics on IG.. She used these for healing so she didn't have to lay on her stomach 24/7. She said they helped. I am going to purchase the donut but the small pink chair.. I'll pass it's $125. I found one kinda sorta (not really) similar one on eBay.. The blue chair & I think I'll try this.


So ladies I'm no longer going with Dr. Fisher. I'm going with dr. Hasan bc he seems more aggressive with his lipo. My date is 10-19. Follow me on IG.. I post more on there. @Cake_byHasan

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