OCTOBER is comING fast

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I have been looking over a year to pick my doctor...

I have been looking over a year to pick my doctor I am confirming that I am picking dr. Fisher I have heard nothing but good stuff about him I'm really excited I just don't know if what a lot of people are saying is true vanity Cosmetics is one of the most unprofessional this place out there I have been emailing my consultant questions about stuff that I want to get answered and it takes her about four days to respond it just sucks I wish they could respond a little faster I have already put my deposit and only own half of it I'm not going to pay the other half until I get all my questions answered can't wait to be a Fisher doll

A couple of days and the dream will come true

Going to see dr. Fisher October 25th I am so excited I have been trying to lose weight just because I don't want a big ol ghetto booty I want more of a natural look but kind of big but I'm mostly focusing on my waist I want my waist as Tiny as it could get I Have Hips and I have a little ass so a little bit more ass won't hurt I will be putting pictures up I just need to cover up my tattoos and I will be putting my pictures up before and after right now of 5/8 + 177 I am trying to get to 167 before my surgery just because I want more ma petite body but kind of big but mostly is my waist I really want my waist to be tiny and my butt to be round I've been seeing girls that weigh more than me and that are shorter than me and they get some big buts I'm trying to go for it more like J-Lo look more natural not like Kim Kardashian so I'm kind of nervous if I have too much fat then he's going to give me a really big but which I know you lose a lot of it after because I would be working out but I just want my tiny waist back how I used to have it and I'm scared because I am not telling any of my family about anything only my immediate family my mom my dad my sisters and my brother I don't want to tell anybody in my in-laws so I'm kind of have to hide it for a while and just say my butt got bigger I'm doing the Brazilian butt lift workouts my in-law family is really judgemental sometimes it touches my heart and I shouldn't even give a f*** because it's my money my body I could do whatever I want but I just rather not go through all that I am super excited I am going to get the cell saver a new Option they have at vanity Cosmetics where they save all your blood so you can have a better recovery has anybody gotten the cell saver or thinking about getting it I didn't really want to get it at first because I feel like it's a waste of money but after I talk to Anna she told me all about it and I'd rather not go to the ER for a blood transfusion so just to be on the safe side I'm going to do it I will let you know how my recovery is and I'm sorry for those pictures I just had to cover the marks I did not want people to see it is really hard for me to be posting these pictures but I'm going to do it to help others and their Journey how others have been helping me

Getting closer

Is any one on here getting the cell saver or has got it
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not meet my doctor yet I am only talking to my surgeon consultant

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