5'2 120lbs No Kids BBL+ARMS - Miami, FL

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I'm traveling from NY to Miami for this procedure...

I'm traveling from NY to Miami for this procedure with Dr. Fisher. So far Vanity has been quite helpful and there weren't any problems except one extremely minor mistake my coordinator made, which is no big deal. (It happens.) I have a pretty good idea what to expect after surgery from reading reviews here. All I really want is an hourglass shape and an ASS. LOL I gained about 8lbs for this and I'm wondering maybe I shouldnt have because I dont want to look "big" and I dont want a Kim K booty. IDK...

120-122lbs FML

Here are my pics

3 days until Miami!!

Flying in on the 17th and surgery day is the 19th! I think I have enough fat but I'm a little worried. Literally I feel fat and look fat. My clothes are all so freakishly tight and I don't really like to leave the house at the moment because I feel like a bowling ball. Haven't packed yet... are long sleeves and sweats okay for Florida at this time?? I'm staying 6 days after surgery and plan on using the intevision pillow for the 3 hour flight. How did you fly back (if you came from out of town)??

in Miami!!

Just arrived at the house in Miami... 2 more days until surgery...getting nervous! I don't wanna be THICK...I plan on losing 10lbs after this procedure and just want to have dramatic curves if that makes sense... idk how I'm gonna explain what I want to the doctor I AM SO BAD AT EXPLAINING SHIT.

waiting to get pre-op bloodwork done!!

Surgery is tomorrow nervous as hell. Hope the bloodwork comes out okay~

awesome staff and awesome doctors

The anesthesiologist Gabe was so nice and there was another one don't remember his name =( he was very nice as well. Dr Fisher had the most amazing personality ever. Imagine doing bbls all day you would be cranky However he was so sweet and positive!! He is realistic and and overall great doctor and extremely optimistic.

Now for the surgery...
I was knocked out before I even knew it
I woke up freezing. So cold that it was painful
Now I'm home and I completely underestimated the pain.
The pharmacy told me to pick up the pain relievers at 930 so 30.minutes left. My ass feels like someone beat the shit out of it with bats.

1:06 AM

I'm feeling a little better I've been walking around every 5 minutes or so but kinda nauseous. The bf made me lentil soup, I asked him for cereal cause I didn't think I could eat something heavy, I asked for cookies also LOL Drank Gatorade and pineapple juice all day and water. I'm draining a lot. My butt isn't that big which is fine I had nothing at all before!! I took some pics for those of you who were intetested! I can't wait til the swelling goes down.

3 days post

Woke up stiff and sore... neck is killing me. Finally had the strength to have a BM TODAY. I almost fainted the other day from trying to go number 2.

I still get tired really easily and need to take breaks from walking. I even took a break after showering =( yesterday's massage at Marians was nice. She is so sweet and knows what she's doing. This drain is starting to irritate me. But here's my body right now.

still weak and not myself =(

My butt is super duper firm and I feel it while I'm walking... the swelling in my face and hands have gone down a lot! I don't think I'm swelling up as much cause I drain barely any when I'm getting my massages from Marian... I'm draining almost nothing now in my drains. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Vanity for a follow up before I leave Tuesday. This drain is so annoying cause the skin around it is sore and burning me =( don't think it's infected or anything but we shall see!!

back home!

So good to be home... the bed at the place I was staying in Miami was super uncomfortable I could barely fall asleep but I took a long nap after I got back home with no neck pain!! Woohoo!! I've gained some weight after surgery because I've been eating everything in sight in hopes to not feel so weak after doing the smallest things like cleaning . My body type tends to swell a lot even on normal days so I am very swollen and it is uncomfortable. I measured my butt today and it was a whopping 39.5 inches! Before it was a 36. 3 inches make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. it doesn't seem like it in pictures but my ass is HUGE.

better pic

Sorry for the shitty pics. Here's a better one

angles of the booty

Lol just took some pics while taking a break from that evil triangle it makes my lower back and sides so FREAKING ITCHY UGH!!! I CANNOT WAIT TIL THE 4+ WEEKS GO BY SO I CAN CHUCK THAT THING! Have any of you worn it for less than the 6 weeks they tell you? My lower back is pretty damn flat and idk if it can get any flatter than that...also... did anyone else not have swelling at all at this stage (10 days)?? Besides the first 3 days I've had no swelling whatsoever my stomach, sides, nothing! except my face... maybe I just feel like I'm not swollen? IDK...


I just have a waist cincher on today with foams and ab board. Still look super curvy I think!!

more pix

Just a few more


I have all these hard lumps and bumps on my stomach and uneven areas on my tummy like fat bulges.. (pretty gross looking) and crazy hard sides... is this normal at this time or should I be worried???

3 weeks

I now realize what swelling after lipo is. Lol a few days before I started swelling a lot when I'm out of my garment. I don't look like it but I FEEL IT. My skin gets all tight and uncomfortable. My butt has stayed at the 39 inches. I think my left cheek is dropping a little faster than the right. Right now I weigh 123 =( and I look very stumpy. *sigh* I was told not to diet by one of the girls at Vanity or the fat will die off?? Anyway that made me want to eat everything in sight to "feed" my new ass lol! Who knows maybe it's just a myth but whatever. I did get lipo on my arms and unfortunately..I'm not too happy about them. They look the same. Maybe I have to wait a little longer? My arms have always been big even when I was thinking so I will most likely get them done somewhere else in the future. To any of you getting bbl I suggest you don't waste the extra money on doing arms LOL just my opinion. Idk other girls may have had fantastic results, but me personally I didnt. My tummy is still lumpy and bumpy.. I will probably have to wait a while until they fully go away. Besides ALL that MY SHAPE IS AMAZE-BALLS LMAO. Very curvy without being TOO MUCH!! ( if that makes sense) I wouldn't mind if my waist was a little smaller LOL but overall I love it.


I should've used my phone tripod and the selfie timer! Why didn't I think of this earlier?? LOL

4 weeks

Pre op measurements

Underbust: 30 inches
Waist: 27 inches
Butt/hips: 36 inches

Today's measurements:

Underbust: 29 inches
Waist: 25.5 inches
Hips/butt: 39 inches

Crazy how a few inches Make a huge difference!!

almost 8 weeks

Hey ladies! My swelling has gone down a lot. Butt is normal now lol I wish it were bigger but he made it as big as he could and I'm fine with it!! I still haven't sat or laid on my back yet...I'm freaked out I'll become miss pancake ass again! I wear my waist trainer at night for the swelling and take it off during the day. I've been using fade cream on my scars but the scars are still very much there. I plan on sitting this weekend or maybe next week which will make it 2 months. Idk... I am sick of waking up with lines all over my face from sleeping on my stomach! Overall I am happy with my results. I will lose these last 10 lbs and see what happens to the booty. It should be interesting!!!
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