49 Year Old BBL Looking to Gain Back Some Curves - Miami, FL

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Starting my journey to a BBL. Have not confirmed...

Starting my journey to a BBL. Have not confirmed Dr Salzhauer but he is my front runner as of now. I am stalking a few of his patients to see how they feel about their experience this month but I hope to book my appointment by the end of this month. Dr Salzhauer and his staff seem to have fabulous reviews and professionalism . Looking forward to your feedback or just discussing the process. I have 2 questions that I haven't seen answers too yet. (1) how long do doctors recommend you stay in Miami before your fly home? I was planning on 10 days, I have a 3 1/2 hour flight back
(2) I have seen everyone talk about the urinals to use but how do you sit for a bowel movement? Thanks for your input

Dr Salzahuer is booked until June 2017 and prices are now $7,900 for those who are considering him

Well I want to get my BBL this year and so I was very dissapointed when I called Salzahuers office to find out he is booked for the next year and a half. :(...Starting over from scratch. I want a board certified PS who has lots of experience with BBL in Miami. There are lots of doctors in CA that I love but I cant fly that far. Price isnt so much a factor as the quality of their work. I live in Richmond VA and BBL's ar starting to take off her but I dont feel that the PS here have experience yet that I am looking for. Any suggestion on doctors is appreciated

Interested in Dr Salama and Dr Perez- Gurri for BBL anyone have feedback?

I'm still on the search for a BBL board certified doctor. I am ready to book an appointment for Dec 28 but since Dr Salzhauer is available till June I am still Lon the hunt for a doctor. dr Salama and Perez-Gurri seem to have the kind of work I want looking at their before and after photos. I read that Salama staff didn't get fabulous reviews verses Perez- Gurri. Hoping to get some feedback from previous clients
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