47 Yrs Old, I Have the Beauty Now It's Time for the Booty! Mid Life Crisis.

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I'm 5'9 168lbs BMI 24, measurements 38 33 42. My...

I'm 5'9 168lbs BMI 24, measurements 38 33 42. My wish is to obtain the waist to hip ratio with some projection & a small waistline. I've had 4 back surgery an over the years my abdominal area has grown. I've never been over weight but I have some stubborn fat in my abdominal that I just can't seem to get rid of. Lipo & BBL scheduled 03/10/15. I will be staying at New Body Recovery for My aftercare.

My Pre Op Pics

I'm 2 months away from My big day. I'm so excited about doing something for Me.

Do I need to gain weight to obtain My wanted results?

After speaking to a few RS Sisters, I'm beginning to wonder if I have enough fat for the result I'm looking for? It's so frustrating to me that I don't get to meet with Dr. Fisher to address My concerns until a day before surgery. I was told site unseen based on My BMI that I didn't need to loss or gain any weight. I would love to know what my RS sisters think? Also attached is a couple of Wish pics


I called Vanity today to speak with My Cooridinator "Anna" so I can pay My balance in full. I was told she was with a client and that she would return My call. However, they never asked who I was. SMH......So, I called back and said how is she gonna return my call if she don't know whom to call? That has got to be the most unprofessional business I've ever dealt with.

Another Wish Pic!

The prefect size for me. I'm obsess with a nice bootay!

Give Me Bootay!!!

I want the maximum amount of fat transferred that this body of mine can hold. Give me BOOTAY!!!!

Please explain the benefits for a drain as oppose to No drain.

RS Dolls, is it better to have a drain or no drain? What are the Pro's & Con's to having a drain. Does it make the healing process faster?

Does Dr. Fisher do Chin Lipo?

I'm seriously considering having My chin Lipo. Has any of you RS dolls had it done? If so, what was you experience. How long was the healing process & was it worth it?

Added Chin Lipo, Your thoughts, please!!!!

Can someone please share their experience with having Chin Lipo done. Is it worth it? What's the recovery process? Are you happy with your results. What kind of compression garment did you wear & for how long? I need to know what to expect.

What I look like before BBL

Just thought I'll post a few pics of me before my BBL. This is how I look before the surgery. Dr. Fisher make me a #1 STUNNER!!!! I will be forever thankful.

Please Dr. Fisher give this Beauty some much needed Booty!!!

I admit I don't have the worst body but I'm a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. Work your magic Dr. Fisher. Make me a ShowStopper!

Can Fat be transferred to my thighs to give me a natural flow?

I want a nice round Phat A$$ with projection & hips! But, I am afraid of looking unnatural because I have small legs.

Ass Cleavage

Can someone please explain to me what is ass cleavage? Is it a good look? I have my surgery in 10 days & I don't know how to explain what it is I want. I can't find wish pics with Ladies that have small legs like myself. Please help???

Before Pics! RS VETS I need your input, please???

How much booty can I get with these little legs & still look natural? I'm really hoping to significant reduce my waistline, with a nice round full booty with projection. I would love to have my body sculpt in an hour glass shape.

Exactly 10 days before My Big Booty Debut!

I'm finally getting anxious, nervous & EXCITED! Let the count down begin. Heaven Father, please protect me through this procedure & recovery. I'm thankful for the beautiful body you blessed me with, I'm only trying to enhance my body to boost my confidence. I thank you, Jesus in advance for your favor!

Ok, now this is crazy! I have been unable to sleep.

I have so much on my mind. I feel like I'm in overload! My thoughts are everywhere. I can't help but feel all kind of emotions. Anxious, Nervous, overwhelmed with last minute preparations. Exhausted from lack of sleep. I'm questioning my decision about rather I'm making the right decision. Please tell me that this is normal & I'm not losing my mind. I guess this is the mental part of it.


Can you please share your experience with me. Is it worth it? How was the recovery process? What kind of compression garment do I need to purchase? How long before I see results? Are you pleased with your results? Any other info you will like to share would be greatly appreciated! Please & Thank you in advance!!!

Blood work this morning at Vanity!

I pray that all my blood work come back good. RS Dolls, please keep me in prayer. My nerves are getting the best of me. Help me, Jesus!!!


I haven't even had my surgery yet! But, I know I picked the right Doctor for me. I told him amongst all his other professions.....plastic surgeon, artist, king of BBL that I was adding another one. He asked what might that be and I told him a magician and for him to work his magic on me. I also told him to make me someone wish pic. I told him if my ass isn't plastered all over real self as someone wish pic then he didn't do his job. Lol But, I did appreciate his honesty in regards to what he can do. I trust his expertise. I told him he was the man and to make me a #1 Stunner!!!! He told me that he would most definitely enhance my body and that I'll be happy with the results.

Vanity is a madhouse!

Waiting to have an EKG done. This place is a real circus! If I didn't know any better, I would think they were giving away something for free. I wish I lived closer this would be the hangout spot. So far so good!


I would like to personally thank each & everyone of you Ladies for your moral support, without you guys I don't think I would have made it. My big day is here! Your Girl is about to be Bootified!!!! Thanks for all your moral support, Blessings & well wishes. I couldn't have done it without you. I will be forever thankful to each & everyone of the RS Dolls whom supported me on this journey. It's been A roller coaster ride but thank God my wishes are about to become reality. Jesus, I asked that you guide the hands of my surgeon & protect me as I go through this surgery. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. Sending out My Prayers & Blessings to all the Dolls that's about to undergo surgery. I pray that each & everyone of us have a successful surgery & a speedy recovery.

The Power of Prayer!

Prayer is the key!!!

My Surgery started after 6:00 pm I am officially Bootified!

I was originally scheduled for 2:30 but Vanity called and told me to come in at 1:00. I received 5 calls from 5 different people. Check this.....after arriving I sat & waited for 5 hours. My surgery did not start until after 6:00 & I was pissed!!!! I got back to the recovery house after 11:00 pm & I haven't sat/laid down since. I feel good! No real pain just extremely sore & stiff. My drains are filling up quickly. They have already been emptied 3 times. Moni at Newbodyrecovery Services has been a life saver. This Chick has rolled out the red carpet for us. The house is beautiful & clean, the food is off the chain, she's making sure We are well taking care of. Literally all I have to do is breathe. She & her Staff has exceeded my expectations. This chick has rode all over Miami trying to find somewhere to get my script filled. Thank God I was for warned & brought pain meds with me. Besides, where in the hell would you get prescriptions filled this time of the night? The meds are finally starting to kick in so I'll finish this update at a later time along with some better pictures. I'm heavily padded, these pictures doesn't do my Booty any justice.

Never short change your Recovery! It is as important as your surgery.

First, I would like to Thank My Heavenly Father, Jesus! This has truly been a journey of a lifetime. One of the mostly rememberable time of my life since the birth of my children. Ladies, if you can "PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PAIN MEDS" For the last 3 days My Sweet Angel "Moni" at Newbodyrecovery has been to over 10 different pharmacies trying to get my pain meds filled, never once complained. This Chick has truly been my saving grace. Although, we have been unsuccessful at getting it filled. The do diligent won't allow me to complain. Thank God for giving me the strength to deal with this pain. I had my first massage the day after surgery which was a little challenging since I don't have any pain meds. It hurted so good!!!!! So, far I love my results!!! I give "NEWBODYRECOVERY" 5 stars......your recovery process is very important. Ladies, don't short change yourself. I couldn't have ask for a better Recovery stay. Moni & Staff has exceeded any & all of My expectations & more.

Has anyone other than myself got hemorrhoids after the BBL?

Other than getting hemorrhoids My recovery is coming along great. I was 170 pounds on my surgery date. I'm 10 pounds heavier which makes my current weight 180 pounds. My hips are holding at 461/2. My breast are 42. I'm heavily padded so i don't have accurate measurement for my waist. These are my 6 days Post op pictures. I had My Bestie/Caretaker to do I photo shoot of me. Enjoy!!!!

Yay! I'm feeling Myself

This has been a long tough journey, I know I still have a long way to go. I must say this has been the best investment ever. My confidence is back! Goodbye Mid Life Crisis. Hello "Queen G" !!!! I am now looking forward to celebrating My 30th year Class Reunion. I haven't attended any of my class reunions over the past 30 years because I was always skinny with no curves & they use to tease me & call me "Twiggy" & "Sickle Cell #1" Little did they know, it has stuck with me my entire life. Although, I am beautiful inside & out It did something to my self esteem. I gave up on modeling. I always covered up by wearing big clothing, long shirts & sweaters. I never wore short as a child. But those days are long over. This summer I will be in a 2 piece swim suit! It's about to be own & popping! I'm about to give Classy, Sassy & Sexy a whole new meaning.

These are pictures that didn't upload with my last post!

OMG This swelling is harsh on a Sistah!

I'm not sure what it is I'm doing, or not doing but this swelling is NO JOKE! This compression garment is so tight I can hardly breathe. It has my anxiety up! I only take it off to shower, sneak a few pics in, get my massages & to go to the bathroom. The itching gets really bad only a night. Sleeping on my stomach hasn't been as bad as I expected. I have been sleeping with my Boppy pillow under my stomach for support & pressure since my surgery. This has been such a big help.

RS Vets: when should I start waist training? Skeem or Corset? I would like to obtain the best results possible since this is a one time deal for me. My waistline hasn't decreased in size since before surgery. What is it I'm not doing right? Please help me? Thanks, in advance for all your support.

My Hips are uneven & My Booty is gone & I still have a double Chin. I'm so disappointed:(

Someone please tell me that this is not so. I went from being extremely swollen to No Ass at All over night! Jesus, please don't let this all be done in vain. I don't have money to throw away nor did I put my life in jeopardy only to be disappointed!! This whole process has been overwhelming. I can't phantom the thought of me going through this whole procedure for nothing. I'm trying to stay positive. It was always a concern of my that Dr. Jonathan Fisher was getting burnt out. He did my BBL the last week before his vacation. Of course, I never felt comfortable about being the last person or him starting my BBL after 6:30 p.m. I felt that I was a rush job. It has not been 2 weeks since my BBL & I'm almost back down to my original size. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the outcome. RS Vets: your opinions, expertise & thoughts will be greatly appreciated! See attached pictures: extremely swollen the day before! original pre surgery size today.

How long should I wait before seeking medical advice for a seroma?

I love my results but I hate the hard uneven sore lumps & fluids in my stomach. Should I give it more time to see if my body will absorb the seroma or should I be seeking medical attention? I'm still wearing my compression garment around the clock. Up until this weekend I took it off for showers & massages only. I'm in between garment sizes. The XLG doesn't give me enough compression & the LG is extremely tight and gives me really bad ingestion causing a lot of belching and burping. So, I wear the XLG with a squeem for compression. My Ole Man was in town this weekend and My fast ass thought I'll be cute. Needless to say, I didn't last 2 hours without My garment. I never had my garment off long enough to know I had the fluid pockets. I took my measurements, I currently 36 DD 30 waist 45 Hip/Booty. My Ole Man confirmed that my hips were uneven. One is slightly larger than the other. One has more curve than the other. I hope the fat is still trying to settle & it correct itself. One thing I can count on is his brutal honesty. He also said the pictures I sent him didn't do my Booty any justice that it's a lot bigger in person. My mirrors are all distorted too. Baby got back!!!!!!

1 Month update! "Ole Girl" is fine as wine!!!

I'm very pleased with my overall shape! Dr. Fisher worked his magic. Even though I had my ups and downs with this overall process. I'm happy I did it & would do it all over again. This was a great investment!!! I haven't been waist training or wearing my garment as much as I had planned because the areas that were Lipo'ed are much too sensitive and my flesh feels like raw meat and sensitive to the touch.

My stomach and sides are lumpy with indentations in which I hate!!! I'm massaging myself daily and getting lymphatic massage weekly. I was hoping to wear a 2 piece bathing suit this summer but the way my skin looks that won't be happening no time soon. My waistline has increased (30 to 32 inches) because I'm unable to wear compression due to severe skin irritation. I'll start waist training aggressively once the irritation subside. I have been sitting since 3 weeks for short periods at a time. No more swelling. My booty jiggles when I walk. "Ole Girl" get a lot of attention that I wasn't ready for. I had to cancel my 1 month Appt with Dr. Fisher, the flights were just not affordable at this time and taking that drive was NOT an option! My mirrors are all distorted "Ole Girl". Is a lot bigger in person.

Orchard Corset 305 Waist Training 8 Wks Post op!

Hello Dolls, I know I've been MIA, just wanted to give a quick update. Nothing much has changed. I started working out & waist training 2 Wks ago (6 Wks post op). I'm loving the new body Dr. Fisher gave me but I'm hating the unnatural feelings in the Lipo'ed areas. My stomach and sides feels lumpy. Other than that I'm back 100%. Massages hasn't helped this far, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dr. Fisher gave me the hour glass shape I asked for with a nice round booty. My self confidence is off the charts and my love life is off the chain.

Attn: Out of State BBL Sisters!!!!!

Question???? After speaking with other RS sisters that has possibly developed a Seroma, hematoma or fat necrosis. If you live a great distance or out of state from the plastic surgeon who preformed your elective surgery and can't get back for follow up care. Nor can you find a plastic surgeon or Doctor willing to evaluate or treat you what do you do?

4 Months Post Op! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hey Dolls! I'm here to give you guys an update on the good, the bad and the ugly. The good, I'm please with the fat transfer. My Booty looks Juicy!!!! The bad & ugly, I'm dissatisfied that the Lipo left my stomach and sides disfigured with protruding lumps and wrinkle skin. However, I'm still fine as wine. I'll never wear that 2 piece bathing suit I've always dreamed of wearing unless I decide at a later date to do a tummy tuck. I look absolutely great in my clothing. However, I want to look great without the clothing. I had a CT scan done. I have a upcoming appointment to see a surgeon to see what we need to do regarding this mask I have in my stomach/sides because it's painfully from time to time. I'm happy to know it's not a seroma, hematoma or fat necrosis. That was ruled out with the CT scan. I went so far as to purchase an portable ultrasonic ultrasound massager to break up the scar tissue.

The picture of the lump in my stomach/side from Lipo.

This picture didn't upload in previous post.

Trying to update picture to previous post

Stomach/sides lumps from Lipo!

4 Months Post Op update

Updated pictures of my BBL progress.

7 x 5cm Lipoma (Fatty Tumor) from Lipo

I was seem by a Surgeon who confirmed that I have a lipoma on the left side of my stomach that measure out to be 7x5 cm. I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound next week to rule out any other issues. My options are to do nothing and see if it gets bigger or cause me more pain, go see a plastic surgeon and have it Lipo'ed (Not)!!!! That's how I got it in the first place. Or he can surgically remove it, and I will be left with a nasty 3 to 4 inch scar. If I'm gonna have a scar I might consider getting a tummy tuck. I tried to previously upload a picture of the lipoma. I guess this lipoma explains why I didn't lose the inches around my waistline I had expected.

My results from Ultrasound revealed it's a Hematoma NOT Lipoma

I'm a bit confused because he had his nurse to call me early this morning to give me the results of My Ultrasound. Basically, all he said, was "we will repeat another Ultrasound in January 2016". to see if my body obsorpted it. In my opinion he didn't seem to think it was no big deal which make me feel some kind of way. So, I'll just keep wearing my compressions which helps control the swelling.

5 1/2 Months Post Op & Hematoma update!!!!

Well, the Booty is here to stay!!!!! That's the good news. This procedure was a very emotional roller coaster for me. One minute I'm thinking I was losing volume, (Not) the next minute I'm thinking: internally something was wrong.......Questioning myself if I have a seroma, hematoma, fat necrosis, lipoma, etc?! Why is there lumps in my stomach? Why do I feel loose fluids in my stomach? And the list of questions go on & on.

The ultrasound reveals a hematoma, My Surgeon just want to redo another ultrasound in 6 months to see if my body absorb it. I'm not happy with that! I've scheduled an appointment to go back to Miami to see Dr. Fisher I will keep you Beautiful Dolls posted! I pray I don't get all the way to Miami and Dr. Fisher himself don't see me.

Other than the hematoma I'm loving my results. Here are some updated photo's.

Today 1 year ago I had My BBL! Ole Girl is here to stay!!!!!!

So much has happened since my last update. My Mother passed in October.

I'm happy to report my hematoma is gone! My stomach still looks a hot mess.....with lumps. I guess it's scar tissue from the lipo. I suffer with "swell hell" (inflammation) in my abdominal. So, a year after my BBL I'm still wearing compression. I'm so disappointed that my waistline is the same as before surgery.

I have a cyst in my spine. I blew my L4 L5 disc.....not sure if it was from working out or carrying the extra weight in my Booty. I was already top heavy 36DDD. I'm scheduled to have my 5th back surgery on the 21st of this month but I'm torn. I don't want another surgery but some days I don't know if I can live with the pain. I'm going for a second opinion because it seems like every 3 years I'm having spinal surgery. I'm trying to accept the fact that I'm just going to have to live with pain everyday for the rest of my life & that's a scary thought. I don't want the steroids injections because it put weight on me & the surgeries leaves me with scar tissue an with the bone graft my recovery could take up to a year.

I've already paid $1000 down toward my tummy tuck but I'm having to postpone it indefinitely.

This is how I look at 1 year.

*****Robbed without a gun by Dr. Emanuel Mallol******

I will be starting a new review for my Mommy Makeover coming October 2016! I thought I had it all figured out into I paid my deposit of $250, insurance $150 plus taxes= $424.00 to Dr. Emanuel Mallol. To only have My dreams crushed!!!! He confirmed that he received the funds. I later got a email stating that Dr. Mallol will not be in the Country for the date I requested and that I would have to reschedule for 10/14 or 10/18 unacceptable because up into I paid my deposit that date was available. Mind you....My airline ticket is non refundable. So, now I lost all confidence in Dr. Emanuel Mallol and don't trust my life in his hands. Because he cares more about the money and not the patient. He stopped responding to my emails. Not to mention I have been requesting a call from Dr. Mallol since August 29, 2016. He still has not tried to contact me.

By, the way Jose Leon was my 1st choice but it took his assistant to long to get back in touch with me. But, she did send me an email telling that Dr. Jose Leon has been very busy with surgeries and tending to his pre op & post op Patients. Dr. Jose Leon called me personally!!!! Not once but twice, It doesn't get any better than that. He is a Doctor that truly care about his patients. I want to be on his team. Also, Dr. Luis Mejia has been wonderful at responding to my emails. So, I'll start another review for "My Mommy Makeover". Tummy Tuck & Breatlift without the Implants & BBL round 2. #1 Dr. Jose Leon or #2 Dr. Luis Mejia

If I choice Dr. Jose Leon he wants me to stay 15 to 16 days after surgery so I'll have to still repurchase another return airline ticket but that's okay with me because he taking interest in my aftercare. What I don't won't to do is be in the recovery house for 4 prior to surgery. I couldn't handle that!!!!

My Experience in Dominican Republic!!!

Coming soon my detailed experience with Dr. Jose Leon & Dr. Care Recovery Home. I'll start a new Review under Mommy Makeover. I had my surgery 10/12/16. I'm currently 13 post op.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has been a nightmare!!! However, I want Dr. Jonathan Fisher to do My BBL. He is a well renown Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with the world record of successful BBL. I want the best so I got to deal with the mess. The struggle is real.

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