45 Year Old, 5'6 1/2, 188 Lbs - Miami, FL

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To date, my experience with Vanity Cosmestic's has...

To date, my experience with Vanity Cosmestic's has been pleasurable. The coordinators are very quick to respond and seem readily available at all times to answer any questions. I've recently submitted photos and within minutes the office contacted me with inquiries relative to an old scar. I must admit, this made me feel confident with the decision I made to move toward with Dr. Jonathan Fisher performing the BBL surgery. Although my journey is just beginning, I anxiously await the best outcome with regard to the success of the surgery. Meaning, minimal health related obstacles, and the best results possible in terms of what my mind envisions and the reality of it all. My ask from this procedure is to be able to walk away with feeling confident with the works that's been done, and instructions to maintain it.

Current Body Measurements

It was Excruciatingly Painful taking current Body Measurements this morning. However, due to this site being the uninhibited truth, I wanted to release my insecurities by taking the first step. So, here we go!!! Bust: 42, Waist: 37.5, Hip: 47, Right Thigh: 27, Left Thigh:28

20 Days in Counting

To be quite honest, there are range of mixed emotions that have taken over me. I lie awake during early morning hours just thinking of all sorts of things; mainly questions. For example:
1). How many cc's should I have injected during BBL procedure for my body type and frame that would allow me NOT to look like a stripper but, would make the surgery worth while.
2). Due to my square shape, shouldn't I be more focused on my waist to hip ratio and then, the booty?
3). How and the world do I drop about 5 - 7lbs between now and 8/11? I am active everyday and have taken a healthy approach in food choices but, the fat isn't shedding like it use to.
4). What members of the Cosmetic Community have gone to the Assistance For Life Recovery House? What's been your experience?
That's all for now, I suppose I will try to go back to sleep!

Considering Having Thighs Lipo'ed

Has anyone had their thighs lipo'd during the BBL surgery, and loved the results? What was the outcome (I.e good, bad). Any recommendations? I am thinking about it but, haven't seen many discussions around this topic.

Waist to Hip to Butt Ratio

'IT' Just Got Real!!!!

Confused About Your Body Shape Even After Looking at Pictures

Copy and Paste Website into the URL:
I just learned that I was Banana Shaped--still LMAO
Banana, or straight (rectangular)
Banana-shaped women's waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.

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