Getting a BBL, Upper and Lower Body Lift, and Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

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I just placed my down payment for my procedures....

I just placed my down payment for my procedures. I'm very concerned, anxious and nervous. I lost over 100 pounds and have excess skin that won't go away no matter how much I exercise.
My main concern is which procedure to have first. The coordinator, Liz, said the doctor said after looking at my pictures that I sent in, it's best to do the BBL first because if they do the body lift first, I won't have any fat to transfer to my butt. But my concern is my butt was big before I lost weight. I do NOT want fat to fill it back up. If they don't fill it up, then I'll have a lop sided but with sagging skin. I'm disgusted with the thought of it. I'm distraught thinking about having to walk around with a big butt I'm not happy with and don't want. Dr. Fisher's office said they would fix it six weeks later when I have the body lift.
The doctor's reasoning is that I would need gain weight if he did the body lift first, so I have enough fat for my BBL. But having had weight loss surgery, gaining weight is not an option for me.

I'm having the BBL as one procedure, my first procedure.
And my body lift with a breast augmentation with lift will all be done in my second procedure January 17.

Any suggestions, advice to help me feel assured that this is the right path to take.

I want a full c cup, saline for my beast augmentation. I don't know about augmentation entry in regards to underarm?

Thank you.

Wish Pics

I've been scouring the site trying to find places to find wish pics? Any ideas on where to find them? I found a few, I want a full c cup, and a butt like Beyonce.

Still Nervous

My dates changed. I put my deposit down a day later and when I called to follow up, I was told I lost my dates. So, my dates are now in January and February. I was told to text my coordinator everyday to check for cancellations. I really don't want to wait until next year. Dr. Fisher goes on vacation December 10th until first week in January. So bummed right now. Thinking of looking elsewhere. Plus, I feel like I need to vet more doctors and not choose the first one I find.

In the meantime, I am concentrating on making sure my vitamin levels are high enough so I don't have any complications.

Would love to talk to other Fisher girls or pts scheduled for upcoming surgery. I'm ready for this surgery and just want my 2nd new body. I got my first new body when I lost weight and now I'm ready for a new transformation. I'm not at all excited about the bbl. I'm just telling myself it's part of my journey to the final look that I hope I'm satisfied with.

Til next time. Toodles!

Travel and Lodging Update

Looking into where to stay has caused sleepless nights. I'm less than 30 days away from my surgery and I need to solidify my lodging.

Since my husband is traveling with me, we've decided staying at a hotel is more feasible; economically and privacy wise.

After researching Recovery Houses, the average was $150 a day, plus an additional $100 for any guest. The $150 is very reasonable for patients going it alone, but $250 a night for 7 nights isn't.

Solution: hire a private nurse for three days. Have my husband care for me the last four.

We were going to drive, but it's nine hours from Atlanta to Miami and I don't know if I want to lie on my stomach that long.

So, purchased plane tickets for $85 round trip; per person. It's a 2 hour flight. I will sit for take off and landing and stand the rest of the flight. Hubby is terrified I won't be able to stand 2 hours. I wish there were others who stood and what their experience was like.

Any suggestions for private nurse, tips for standing on the airplane and helpful tips for hubby taking care of me for four days would be greatly appreciated. And a hotel to stay at. I prefer a hotel with kitchenette and a separate bedroom so I can have privacy and get some sleep while hubby watches tv. And so the nurse can sleep on the pull out sofa if necessary.

Also, a surgery buddy would be great. I hadn't found many commenters with help so far, hopefully that will change soon.

Until next time.

All the negative reviews are making me nervous about Dr. Fisher.

I am due to pay my balance Friday for my BBL, but I've been reading reviews on Yelp and I'm petrified, especially the reviews on Yelp at the bottom that say not recommended that have all the negative reviews. It's frightening. I'm afraid of paying my balance, then booking my flight and then they try and reschedule or get to Miami and they tell me Dr. Fisher had an emergency. Those horror stories are making me hesitate. Plus, I'm not a cut and dry patient. I'm having multiple procedures months apart, and I don't see any pics of body lifts that Dr. Fisher has done. Has he done body lifts before? How many? These are questions I didn't even bother to ask. If my BBL goes well, I'll consider Dr. Fisher for my body lift and breast augmentation, but I'm definitely looking at other options.

Did the reviews scare you?

Date Change

So, I had to push my September date because of a conflict. Dr. Fisher is on vacation starting December 5th. I'm now scheduled for January for BBL and February for lower and upper body lift with breast aug. I'm a little hesitant now. An upper & lower body lift w/breast aug requires 6 hours or more of surgery. If I have my bbl first and 4 weeks later have the rest of my surgery, I'm wondering if it will kill my fat deposits from the BBL, not to mention I have to lie on my butt/back for another month because of the recovery from the body lift and breast aug.

Talking to the rep from Dr. Fisher causes me to pause. I don't know if this is normal and I hate to plan for a body lift procedure just to have it rescheduled. I also don't want to destroy my BBL fat deposits.

I am not looking forward to the BBL because with all the loose skin on my buttock, I feel like they'd have to fill it with a lot of fat to fill it out and make it look decent, but I don't want a big butt. I was told they'd reshape it during the body lift, but that means I'm walking around with this unwanted booty in the meantime.

Just not feeling comfortable. My questions and fears are not answered thoroughly enough for my comfort. Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

No Support

For whatever reason, there doesn't seem to be a lot of support on RealSelf. I don't know if my journaling is just uninteresting, or perhaps Dolls and Barbies can't find it, or what.

But one commenter did suggest I go to Instagram. There is more support there, questions get answers, wish pics are plentiful and it's fun. I created an IG page for my surgery journaling only. Basically, I just added an account. Put details in bio and boom, just start following others dolls by utilizing hashtags.

I'll still journal here, but I'm finding myself on IG most of the time. Until next time. ~ Fisherdoll722
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