44 Yo. W/ 2 Kids Being Abused by Gravity - Miami, FL

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I am scheduled to have surgery on August 31, 2016...

I am scheduled to have surgery on August 31, 2016 with Dr. Orlando Llorente of New Life Plastic Surgery in Miami. I am from NC, so I will be an out of towner staying at the recovery house for 7 days. Elena has been an angel with scheduling for me. She has answered so many questions about my BBL and lipo. I am looking forward to feeling better about the way look again. I will be shopping for items to take to the RH. Can someone tell me when I should order my second faja. I don't want to get the wrong size because I cant take it back. I have amazon prime so I can order one from the RH and have it in 2 days. Any info that anyone can share with the experience they had with Newlife will be greatly appreciated. I am excited and nervous at the same time if that makes sense.

Proof of the need for lipo and BBL

These are my before pics my BBL and lipo.

Supplies for RH

Good morning beauties. This past weekend I went and purchased a few supplies so that I don't feel the brunt of buying everything all at one time. (I married for love instead of money; funds are tight right now) LOL I purchased 65 pads, band aids, gauze and tape, antibacterial soap, baby wipes, wash clothes, flushable wipes, mederma cream, Neosporin, bio- oil, and vitamin E oil. What else am I missing? I have been taking vitamin C and Iron tablets. However can someone recommend a good iron supplement that doesn't constipate you. I have only been taking them since Friday and my stomach is not liking them at all.

Pre- Op Vitamins

Good morning beauties. Just a little update here. I was given a list from Elena and Jennifer on what vitamins I need to take before my surgery to make sure that my blood iron is good. Welp, my cheap butt looked up the names of the vitamins and decided to go the cheaper route and pay 4.50 instead of 25.00 for regular iron pills. My stomach did back flips, turned upside down and I felt horrible. I got severely constipated which has never been an issue for me. Monday I ran to the vitamin shoppe to get the Floridex for 25.00. It has only been three days of taking it 3x daily 10ml. With a ton of water and I can t tell you how much better I feel. I actually have more energy and I am back to going to the bathroom after every meal. This has proved something to me that this is not the time to be cheap and cut corners on your vitamins. I could have saved myself a week of misery. I am scheduled Monday to get my blood work done from my doctor. Also being that I am over 40 I have to get a chest X-ray done to be on the safe side. Are there any other different vitamins that you all are taking to prepare your body for this surgery?

Arnica tablets

Good morning beauties. I am all set with my supplies. However I purchased the infamous arnica pills but do I start taking them now. My surgery isn't until August 31st. I have been taking my iron, vit. C and folic acid daily. I'm just not sure when to start taking these supplements. I want to prepare my body as best as I can for surgery. Can someone please shine a little light on this for me.

Nervous Excitement

Ok beauties, it has gotten real. All my medical test came back great. My chest xray that had to be done due to my age was great as well. I waited for all these test to come back before I purchased my over priced plane ticket. I am set and ready for my new body. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. I will keep you all updated. 20 days to go.

My supply list

Hello beauties I have purchased all of my supplies. Here is my list:
Chewable pineapple Bromelain and organic pineapple juice (no sugar added), Boppy pillow, Arnica tablets 30X and cream, Mederma scar gel, Band-Aids, silicone strips for any lipo incisions, 68 Large Maxi pads, Chux bed pads, Baby wipes, flushable wipes after going to the bathroom, stool softeners, tank tops to wear under faja, 2 pair compression socks (1 toeless), hand sanitizer, gauze and tape, sterile rubber gloves, PJ's with front buttons, 2 maxi dresses (1 which will be worn there), I also am brining several hospital gowns. if they get messy I can just throw them away without messing up my clothes with blood and body fluids, 2 PEZ funnels to go to the bathroom with. I hope this helps. Let me know if I'm missing anything please.

Being intimate after BBL

Ok beauties,I have been searching for someone to mention this. How long after you get a BBL can you have sex. I don't mean swinging from ceiling fans and all, but I want to prepare myself and also my husband.

Zero gravity chair

Happy Friday beauties. My zero gravity chair just arrived. A hole will be cut out at the butt area. I will not be messing up my BBL. This way I can sleep and relax when being on my stomach gets annoying.

Drainage Massages?

Hello beauties, I cant believe I have just 1 more week left before my surgery. I have been looking at so many YouTube videos and snap chat videos for BBL's I am driving myself up a wall. My question is do you have to stand up or lay down for the massages. I have seen people standing up with a walker looking like they are about to pass out. I think I would rather lay down but is standing the best way to get better results?

Stained teeth from liquid Iron

Good morning beauties. 6 more days and I will be a Llorente Doll. I had been taking Floridex vegan iron supplements for a month now. It is awesome. it doesn't constipate you or cause any type of stomach issues. However, its very dark brown and has caused a little yellowing on my teeth. I have brushed after taking it and it still has stained my teeth a little. I found the cure. I put a tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of medicinal peroxide 3% and made a paste. I brushed my teeth with this for three days twice a day and my teeth are sparkling white again. I cant have a banging body with yellow teeth. Just wanted to put this out there because all doctors seem to be telling people to take iron before their surgery. Have a great day loves!


I am officially pre-op. I am at the airport heading to Miami for Dr. llorente to perform his magic. I am going to kick gravity in the teeth and get my pre 40 body back. I am so excited and ready. I will post pics once I get to the RH. Please pray for me Realselfers.

2 days post op

Hey RS beauties. I am two days post op and feeling pretty good. My back hurts from sleeping on my stomach. That is quite painful. Whereever your most fat is that they are liposculpting is going to be your most sore. Let's get to the first massage. It is like giving birth with no epidermal. You do feel better after but I'm not gonna lie it's very very painful. I am at the clinic now after just getting my second one and it wasn't as bad. I do have to see the doctor for him to reopen one of the drain locations. Oh Joy. Ugh. If you are staying at Anita's RH you only need toiletries. All the chux pads and stuff is not needed she has everything.

Three days post OP

Good afternoon beauties. I am feeling a little sore today. The facility is closed for massages and I can tell the difference. It is super hard taking pics while in the RH. Everyone is recovering and you don't want to be like hey can you take a pic of me. I will post some soon. I am mailing my box of supplies home because they were not needed. I am using the kotex to cover my drains. This works much better than the gauze. You will leak straight through it. However there was a young lady that came and got her BBL done by Dr. llorente and it looked great. RS I cant express enough to give yourself time. Please don't rush back home. Give yourself some cushion. A young lady had to wait two extra days because her blood pressure wouldn't go down but she made sure she said to see the doctor and get cleared to fly home. I cant express this enough don't rush home take a few extra days if you can.

1 week post op

Hi beauties. I know I have been away for awhile. I had to come back home after several attempts to reopen my drain on the right side of my stomach. I had fluid build up. Even though I can see a huge difference that I love, my body is going to have to absorb the rest of the fluid on its own and I will pee it out. I have so many compression foams in the garment to assist with the process. Sleeping has been even more difficult and non existent because of it. Each morning I can see less swelling. Make sure when you have your surgery it's no holidays so you can go see the masseuse daily. I promise I will post pics as soon as I get out of this funk.

First Lymphatic Massage

hey beauties, today I received my first massage from a masseuse in NC. Let me start by saying AHHHHHHH. I have no idea why they call it a lymphatic massage at New Life, it should be called a fluid removal process. I cant express to you how good I feel right now. When she touched a few areas it was a little sore but she rubbed that soreness away. Your nodes are right under your skin so its not a deep pressing at all. She started from my neck all the way down to my ankles, even my arm pits because there are nodes there also. I am going back again on Saturday to get another. I was told by several masseuses that these massages will cut my healing time in half. I think its worth it. Just factor this in with your budget for your BBL. Oh and just a side note this 124.00 BBL pillow I purchased from New Life is hella uncomfortable. I could have rolled up a 7.00 towel and got the same affect and not been as uncomfortable.

Cleaning of the soiled faja

Hi beauties. after my BBL I drained fluid all over my faja and it looked like a crime scene. even though it was washed it still had stains. I purchased a 2.00 bottle of peroxide and soaked it in the sink. I made sure I put it on the most soiled areas and gave it a good rub. After it soaked I took it straight to the washer machine and washed it. Voila it came out clean as brand new. Being that you have to wear this thing for 24 hours a day you want it to look as clean as possible.
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